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Vendor GiroDisc 370mm Rotors for GM Brembo 6-Pot Calipers


It takes a village to raise a kit. This one is TMC's very own. @Lukez pioneered the 6-piston CTS-V DIY for the Model S. Then @jesse_le prototyped a rotor with GiroDisc for the Model 3 and Y. These full-floating slotted GiroDisc rotors for the Model 3 and Y come in at 370mm x 34mm. This mirrors the rotor size on the Cadillac CTS-V, Corvette C7 Z06, and other GM performance vehicles allowing fitment of massive GM 6-piston Brembos. For comparison, the OEM Model 3 Performance 2-piece rotor measures in at 355mm x 25mm while the OEM 1-piece "Base" Rotor measures a paltry 320mm x 25mm.

The GiroDisc rotors differentiate themselves from other manufacturers with U.S. sourced iron and beautifully anodized U.S.-sourced 6061-T6 aluminum rotor hats. The hat is also 4mm thicker than OEM which helps clear the unique stepped hub of the Model 3 Performance and obfuscates the need for small wheel spacers. The GiroDisc is also a true 2-piece rotor allowing you to replace the rings without need to replace the hats.

OEM GM Brembo 6-piston Calipers​

The GiroDisc rotors allow you to mount OEM GM Brembos from a number of GM performance vehicles including the ATS-V, CTS-V, and C7 Corvette Z06. These are lightweight 6-piston monoblock aluminum calipers that are optimized for cooling, specified as "low drag", and are designed to fit under 18" wheels. They mount up to the OEM Tesla front knuckle by either drilling out your caliper mounting holes to accept M14 caliper bolts or re-threading the caliper to accept the OEM Tesla M12 hardware. The latter allows you to return the vehicle completely to stock.


Another benefit of the GM 6-piston Brembos is a wide assortment of available brake pads. If you have ever searched for brake pads for the stock Model 3 Performance calipers you know that the selection for this seemingly proprietary caliper can be somewhat limited. The GM calipers feature a standard FMSI D1405 pad shape which opens up pad options from $64 Centric OE replacement street pads up to $700+ Ferodo DSUNO race pads.


As these are a relatively new offering, GiroDisc requires a minimum of 5 rotor pairs to make a production batch. Pricing is $1,200 per pair with free shipping to the continental U.S. There is an approximate 4 to 6 week lead time from the batch order for fulfillment. There is already some interest in the next batch and my hope is that the demand is strong enough for these to become regular stock at Emotive Engineering.

... and introducing... The EmotiVetted GM 6-Pot Bolt-on BBK​


This is a full bolt-on affair which allows you to reuse your factory caliper mounting bolts (brake dust shield removal required).

Street Kit - $2,649
  • CTS-V Calipers - Silver (or optional Yellow) - re-threaded to accept factory Tesla caliper bolts
  • GiroDisc 370mm 2-Piece Rotors
  • DBA SP500 Street Performance Pads - copper-free ceramic pads, low-noise, and low-dust. Everything an OE+ street pad should be.
  • Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • OE GM Caliper Hardware
Track Kit - $2,899
  • C7 Corvette Z06 Calipers - Red - re-threaded to accept factory Tesla caliper bolts
  • GiroDisc 370mm 2-Piece Rotors
  • G-LOC R12 Track Pads - amazing pedal modulation, rotor friendly, at the expense of some noise and dust.
  • Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • OE GM Caliper Hardware

Not ready to go full on BBK? Emotive Engineering is an authorized GiroDisc dealer offering a full line of OE-replacement 2-piece rotors for your Tesla Model 3 or Y.
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I need to know if someone has tried the sleeves to put in the bolts to convert from 14mm to 12mm and where they are available. That will let me know if I should just buy the rotors and then I'll buy the calipers by myself.
I’ve done it and like emotive said, I posted about the experience above. I also have one extra yellow CTS caliper that’s already done if you end up deciding to buy them. Feel free to PM me with questions if you want.
Following up after about 50 total laps on this 1.7-mile course with 14 turns. Admittedly, the lower-speed course and this particular event style (about 12-15 minutes on the track and back to the pits for 10-15 minutes to swap instructors and debrief) were not terribly hard on brakes.

Still, I could definitely smell my brakes after a 2nd consecutive hard lap, and the rotors were always some shade of blue after each run. Zero fade, and the instructor who was admittedly least open to liking the car (who ultimately said it was one of the funnest cars they had ever driven on that track, and grinned for several minutes after) remarked that the pedal feel was great.

So, at least we have one semi-professional anecdote that Brembos+Stainless Lines+MPP cylinder brace is a good combo!

@Snelson3 has a DIY earlier in the thread.

Tools: Time-Sert 1217
M12x1.75x24mm Inserts: Time-Sert 12173

Available from Time-Sert directly, various tool suppliers, or on Amazon.
I was asking just for a tube spacer and not a Time-Sert , just to fill the 14mm opening gap. someone mentioned an aluminum 14mmod 12mm id which would make this plug-and-play. So my question is will it work?
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Hah, the guy that started this venture is one the last ones of the initial group to get it installed.
Hahaha! I was dreading installing them because it’s the last mod to the car.

It’s been super nice to see everyone come together to make this happen and share their experience and knowledge. Glad those with the setup are enjoying them!
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How would that work? The M14 part has to pass through the M12 hole to get to the M14 threads in the caliper.
I think he means drill the hub for the M14 bolt, and in the off-chance you need to reinstall the OE calipers, use an M12 bolt with about a 12mm section of 14mm-diameter shoulder so it fills the drilled hub holes.
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I searched 14mm OD 12mm ID aluminum tubing and bought this one to have on standby should I ever go back to stock.

uxcell 6063 Aluminum Round Tube, 300mm Length 14mm OD 12mm Inner Dia Seamless Aluminum Straight Tubing 2 Pcs

Now I get it, so you drilled the tesla stock part. My question is, did you measure to see if it would work? This seems to be the easier option
I need to head in to the shop for more photos this weekend, but ready to offer this up as a kit for those who do not want to fill their garage with metal shavings while re-threading the calipers or shopping around for parts. Still working on a more elegant bracket solution for the Spiegler lines. Having these ready to accept the factory M12 caliper bolts makes install a breeze. As we have already had photos confirm, there is plenty of room under 18" wheels - APEX EC-7 pictured.

View attachment 858741
View attachment 858742

Street Kit - $2,649
CTS-V Calipers - Silver (or optional Yellow)
DBA SP500 Street Performance Pads - copper-free ceramic pads, low-noise, and low-dust. Every thing an OE+ street pad should be.

Track Kit - $2,899
C7 Corvette Z06 Calipers - Red
G-LOC R12 Track Pads - amazing pedal modulation, rotor friendly, at the expense of some noise and dust.

Product pages will be up on the site next week. All kits will include re-threaded calipers to accept your factory caliper bolts. The hardest part will be removing your dust shields, which require just a couple of cuts with tin snips and a little muscle. Also included are the all important GiroDisc 370mm rotors, Spiegler stainless steel brake lines, and all caliper hardware. The default Track and Street Kits are for those who just want to hit the easy button. If you want to source specific calipers/caliper colors, pads, or brake line colors just reach out. Custom color powdercoating is an additional $500 - hope to have an example soon.

The longest lead time right now is another rotor production run. Expect 4 to 6 weeks after that production order is made at which point I will keep some rotors and kits in stock.
Do you have the link to order the rotors? I'm ready
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Quick question, Will the Mountain pass performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines for Tesla Model 3 (Page Mill ) work on these calipers?​

They will, but any stock-length lines are about an inch too short to use with a factory-location retaining bracket on the knuckle. That said, there are other solutions to retaining the line. I have about 2k miles and 50 laps on a road course and my zip ties are still holding up fine. I intend to eventually switch to bailing wire, but eh.

Circled in green is my solution. In orange is an opportunity to space the hardline away from the body to also make up the difference with stock-length lines.

All that said, unless you already have the MPP lines (as was my case), I’d just source a purpose-built line set from @emotiveeng .
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