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Give ONE reason why you purchased a Tesla

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Please give ONE main reason why you purchased a Tesla and what model.

For us:
Model 3 LR AWD
It was the only viable fully electric vehicle whose range and charging infrastructure should allow us to cover 99.9% of our driving needs. Which is about the same as our existing vehicle.
Model 3 LR AWD (details in sig).

To give me back my freedom after 3 and a half years with my Leaf. I can now do everything I used to do in my Prius, including two week camping holidays (with the kitchen sink). The Leaf was great for 95% of my driving, but the limited range did stop me from travelling further afield as often as I would have liked.

Now I can drive to three gigs in four days, round trips of over 200 miles each (including two on back-to-back days) with no major planning. Compare this with the three charging stops each way it took me to do a 160 mile trip in the Leaf.
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Used pre-AP MS85 (to supplement my family's two i-MiEVs) as the only viable long-distance BEV, replacing our Gen1 Honda Insight (77mpg lifetime). Used exclusively for long trips and almost never driven locally. Since purchase, criss-crossed the US and Canada from the SF Bay Area (Key West, Nova Scotia, etc.), putting on almost 60,000 miles in two years.
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Totally agree with Gordon87. I bough a new inventory MS 100D at end of March 19 for a great price in UK. Best car ever for comfort, smoothness of drive, upgrades, and zero emissions too. No petrol/gas stations for 5 months now. Build quality on my car is excellent!
Here’s 10
1. To support Elon’s vision of an electric future.
2. Best looking ev in my opinion.wife refused to have a leaf or a bmw i3 on the driveway..
3.free public charging in scotland .
4.£35000 interest free loan over 6 years helped.
5.performance 0-60 in 4.2secs.definitely helped.
6.free supercharging as long as I own the car.
7.over the air updates which keep me interested.
9.coolest brand on the planet.
10.zero fuel cost in 12000 miles.
My reason is the brand Tesla and it’s vision.

They are the only mainstream car manufacturer at the moment who specialises in only makes EVs so you feel that they are taking the whole thing super seriously.

All the other big brands are doing it half heartedly just to tick a box because Tesla is twisting their arm. And if they happen to make an EV, they don’t want to sell It to you because they won’t make money from servicing it like they do with an ICE car. Nissan for example never got back to us for test drive their Leaf. Then we contacted another branch where we finally managed to do a test drive, but he wasn’t really interested in selling it to us.

Then you get car companies like Lexus and Toyota who have come up with their lazy version “self charging” cars so they trick you into buying what looks like a clean EV but when in actual fact it’s powered by 100% fossil fuel. Their idea is keep you coming back to them to have it serviced to milk your wallet.
It’s all a con.

I have no faith in big ICE car companies anymore.
It was time to change my car and I wanted something that was on par (in power at least) with a BMW 335. I was contemplating a BMW 140 but decided electric may be worthwhile due to my usually short trips. I expect on 90% of my trips my catalytic converter barely warms up. I will probably do ~130 mile trips every 2 weeks and ~230 miles a few times a year so a Model 3 seemed to fit my requirements.
I turned 80 this past May and decided that time was not on my side to wait for the quintessential EV. I purchased a 2015 S 85D with the trade of my Buick 2.4 wannabe hybrid. I'm a follower of what Elon espouses and kudos for his forward view of tomorrows wold.
This car is a big learning curve for my generation, I thought my Jaguar S type was the be all end all. My only dismay is that with all these technological advances that we are still relying on antiquated mirrors, both rearview and side, when these could easily be improve by camera and interactive screen. My current rearview vision is hampered greatly by rear seat head rests and restricted window size.
Come On! Tesla. I hear Cadillac installed them this year.
There are obviously many. You asked for one but I'll give two.

One of the reasons for going EV is that we want to set the right example for our kids. We go 'green' as far as we can.

The other reason for me is quite a particular one. I have a neurological condition where I get severe migraines from aromatic hydrocarbons (petrol/diesel) and other irritants like smoke. So for me filling up our petrol car has a quite strong risk that it will set up a few days of migraines. I've been taking the train for a few years now and unfortunately the train's diesel fumes will often trigger my migraines. Worse than that both Scotrail and Edinburgh Trams are incredibly bad at patrolling people smoking on the platform. There is a good chance I'll stand next to someone in the morning that has lit up or that I might sit next to someone who has been smoking before. Bang. Migraine. The alternative for me is taking some extremely strong and extremely affecting brain changing type medication which I'd rather avoid.

So, all in all for me a major motivator is moving to a world where I can avoid more pollutants and have far less migraines. Tesla has a good reputation with their air filters etc.