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No need for tire rotations with dual motor?

So, during my last annual checkup the service guy advised me that Tesla engineering feels that the dual motor Tesla MS & MX don't need to get a tire rotation... at all. Anybody believe this? I am continuing to do so for now every 10,000 just to be on safe side. My last set lasted 48,000 and I probably could have gotten 5,000 more.

So their theory is that the dual motor Tesla automatically prevents uneven stress and wear on each wheel. I want to believe but.. seriously? Anybody try to not rotate tires in a D model?


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May 2, 2014
I had my S 75D serviced 2-3 weeks ago, I didn't ask them to rotate the tires, but they did it anyway.
According to their report, the tread depth on all 4 was identical (Inner/Center & Outer), so I guess it wouldn't really have mattered either way.
Exactly my experience. 20,000 miles at time of annual service, and they rotated even though all tread depths were reported as identical.

I thought it was odd that they did both rotation and alignment when the wear was even. I guess they felt they needed to do a little to justify the charge.


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Mar 25, 2014
Wow, 48k miles! I have almost 12k miles on my MS and starting to think about new tires. There seems to be no way I am getting more than 20k out of my OEM tires, GY Touring. Maybe with no rain or snow it would be OK but any rain and I start to oversteer in corners. My car is dual motor.
My 19" Michelin tires only last 12000 miles. You need to rotate the tires for the warranty.


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My 19" Michelin tires only last 12000 miles. You need to rotate the tires for the warranty.
You do not need to rotate tires "for the warranty" as far as I know. Source?

Only 12,000 miles? I got 40K out of my first set of Michelin Primacy and now have 22K on my second set and they have some tread life left. NOTE: I do not have a Dual Motor car.


Apr 8, 2015
I have a 70D, no air, 19" tires. I rotated them once, because I just felt like I had to.

Throughout their 42k miles (so far), the tire wear has been VERY even (i.e. all 4 tires, inner/middle/outer were always either the same or within 1/32s).

Right now, they're all (all 12 locations) between 4-32 and 3/32.

During the first part of their life, we did a lot of long distance road trips, so the tires seemed like they were going to last forever. The last 20k have been mostly city driving, so then the tires seemed like they were going to wear out prematurely. But overall, I'm happy with their tread life. Getting the exact same Michelin tires.

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