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Request - Rear window seal

Hi Everyone,

Could someone please post a pic of their rear window seal, the seal thats on the window that seals between rear of boot and rear window?

As per the pic attached, mine has been trimmed on both sides by varying amounts, on one side theres no seal and I can see the boot strut through the gap. Pictured is the better side.

Much appreciated


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Three Year Lookback - Model 3 LR 2021

An EV newbie in 2021, it is time to reflect on my 35 months with an M3 LR 2021 (June) with 18-in aeros sold this week. Our M3 Highland chapter starts with delivery on 5th June when we go again!
  • Total mileage 32,985 miles included 7 trips to southern France (also taking in Corsica and the Pyrenees), and trips to Norway, Amsterdam, Cornwall and Northumberland! The ABRP app proved invaluable for scenario planning.

  • Lifetime total energy on touchscreen 7,916 kWh, lifetime efficiency 240 Wh/mile. My separate charging record indicates 9,321 kWh delivered to the car taking into account charging losses, losses when parked, rounding up on billing, etc. Total cost GBP 2,380.

  • Charging included 120 supercharger sessions in 8 countries delivering 4,130 kWh in total, of which 92 sessions outside the UK with 72 in France. We experienced only 1 faulty stall (in France) and only had to queue once (in Gateshead!).

  • ChargeMap app/card was used for public chargers off piste in France (most villages have 22 kW connectors delivering at 11.5kW to an M3). Electroverse card was useful in the UK and gives discounts on the Instavolt tariff.

  • Battery normally kept within range 85% to 15% SoC on trips, 70% to 30% SoC at home. We were not aware of significant battery degradation though I did not try to monitor it. The touchscreen showed 314 miles range at 98% SoC when I parted with the car.

  • We had a great example of the benefits of regen. In Norway we descended the 16km from the Dalsnibba viewing point at 1500m to Geiranger at sea level barely using the brakes. SoC increased from 63% to 71% (approx. 6kWh added) as predicted in the trip planner.

  • Tyres were the original Michelin Pilot Sport 4s throughout with approx 4mm tread remaining. We had no punctures, though we always travelled with an air compressor and repair kit in case.

  • We suffered a major issue at 18,000 miles needing warranty replacement of the steering rack and front harness. Luckily the issue occurred near the Service Centre at Aix-en-Provence who took us in hand, gave us an M3 loaner and we were able to extend our stay at low cost. Tesla France really delivered for us to fix our rhd car within 10 days in the post-Brexit era!

  • Other warranty repairs were a replaced rear light cluster (condensation) and a replaced charge port door (not opening when pressed) fixed by mobile service at home.

  • Regular servicing comprised a 2-year service at Reading SC and two separate tyre rotations. This was to maintain a full service record rather than being necessary, as tyre wear was pretty even. Total cost GBP 295.
This was a positive EV transition for us. We managed to navigate the wafer-thin Tesla customer service with support from YouTube videos and contributors to this forum. We also enjoyed many conversations with the international community of Tesla owners!


Finally got my FSD trial - Major school zone issue

So, I FINALLY got my free FSD trial on my 2022 Model X Plaid. I used it this morning extensively and it's working amazing EXCEPT school zones. It completely ignores the flashing light with the school zone speed limits. Happened twice, on the way to my daughter's school an on the way back. 2 different school zones on my way home and it would not slow down to the school zone speed limit. FSD did see the flashing light but didn't associate it with the speed limit below the flashing light.

Hoofdlijnen regeerakkoord mei 2024

Even wat punten inzake elektrisch rijden:

Verduurzaming van het wagenpark blijft gestimuleerd worden. De elektrische rijder gaat eerlijk bijdragen, om de opbrengsten op de lange termijn houdbaar te houden.

De aanschaf van elektrische voertuigen blijft ondersteund worden, waarbij ook oog gehouden wordt voor de ‘fossiele rijders’ en een eerlijke verdeling van de kosten tussen beide groepen. De subsidies stoppen allemaal per 2025, de MRB gewichtscorrectie (fiscaal) blijft bestaan. Bezien wordt op welke manier het instellen van zero-emissiezones kan worden uitgesteld, onder andere om uitzonderingen voor bijvoorbeeld ondernemers landelijk te kunnen regelen (standaardiseren). De instelling van zero-emissiezones blijft een gemeentelijk besluit.

Voor de liefhebber: Hoofdlijnenakkoord tussen de fracties van PVV, VVD, NSC en BBB
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Crack on the glass roof - not repairable

We were driving on the highway and never saw anything but heard a loud thump and noticed two decent sized cracks on my tinted glass roof.

Not covered under my Progressive windshield insurance coverage (from my understanding at least), and only place that apparently carries these glass roofs in stock around here is Tesla apparently. Unfortunately they don't have an available appointment for almost 3 weeks.

I'm sure the safest answer here is to leave it unused, but given the appointment isn't right around the corner, any thoughts on driving it in it's current state?

The cracks happened 2 days ago, and they have not spread as of now. I'm sure that might change with weather/temp

Anything special about the roof glass? Any chance it's like two separate layers of glass and this exterior crack isn't/won't affect an interior layer? Or is this just a bad idea and just be patient car-less for a few weeks?



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Model Y door de ogen van een S rijder

Alhoewel ik maar weinig km's er mee heb gemaakt (leenauto, werkafspraken) vind het toch leuk om mijn korte ervaring als MS rijder (dec 2017, FSD) te delen.

Allereerst: wat een waar voor je geld! Voor de prijs van een MS krijg je twee MY! Geen wonder dat deze auto zo populair is, begrijp het helemaal.

Positieve verschillen:
- het kunnen gebruiken van je telefoon als sleutel:
- veel beter visualisaties:
- nog minder minder knoppen/stalks;
- ingebouwde wireless charging voor twee telefoons;
- lijkt strakker te rijden op FSD;
- hoge instap;
- scherm horizontaal, beter voor films.

- andere bediening

Negatieve verschillen
- deur portieren;
- geen dashboard, tenzij goede after market oplossing is dit misschien dealbreaker;
- te klein scherm.
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Monolithic versus Compound AI System

MobilEye is not a believer in pure e2e. I think they argue their position quite well.

Back in November 2022, the release of ChatGPT garnered widespread attention, not only for its versatility but also for its end-to-end design. This design involved a single foundational component, the GPT 3.5 large language model, which was enhanced through both supervised learning and reinforcement learning from human feedback to support conversational tasks. This holistic approach to AI was highlighted again with the launch of Tesla’s latest FSD system, described as an end-to-end neural network that processes visual data directly “from photons to driving control decisions," without intermediary steps or “glue code."

While AI models continue to evolve, the latest generation of ChatGPT has moved away from the monolithic E2E approach.

Energy Bar - where's it gone?

I've only just noticed - The energy bar that was above the graphic of the car on screen - the one that changed from black - consumption to green - recovery has disappeared. 14.6 downloaded and installed today - has it gone with that or have i just not noticed until today? I did quite like that feature.

14.6 also indicated In autopilot settings there is an option to select USS or vision for parking - even for the older Intel MCU - but I haven't got that option.

LDU revisie/vervangen, waar?

Dag allen,

De LDU van mijn '15 MS heeft het helaas begeven. Ik weet de precieze oorzaak niet (is door SeC Groningen vastgesteld), maar ik vermoed de welbekende keerring lekkage.
Ik ga er dus vanuit dat de volledige LDU vervangen moet worden (en niet alleen gereviseerd kan worden). Wat Tesla hiervoor vraagt is mij te gortig (ook omdat het me 2 maanden buiten de garantie gebeurt).

Weet iemand wie dit in Nederland of omstreken uit kan voeren? Ik ben wel in contact geweest met EV Clinic en Kroatie dit dit kan doen, maar dat is nogal een ritje met de MS achterop een autoambulance.

This day in 2020 (15th May)

My iPad popped up a photo reminder this morning.

It was the first day since the car arrived on day one of lockdown one that we were able to venture out further afield
We had a celebratory picnic at Elveden supercharger in the sunshine with our less than two month old car with 293 miles on the clock. (112 of those were delivery mileage!)

Unlike today, it was also warm and sunny… 😂

Buying a Model 3 prioritise age or mileage?

I'm thinking of buying a used model 3 but can't decide which year and mileage to go for.
As I understand it, 2018-20 had chrome and no heat pump, both of which put me off, so am thinking 2021 (or late 2020 refresh) onwards.
Also, as far as I can tell, the most noticeable difference between a 2021 and a 2022 is the switch to Ryzen processors and the removal of sensors, but perhaps there is something else I am missing that makes a 2022 more attractive?

So my main question is this:
Am I better off with a lower mileage (say, 35k) 2021 M3 or a higher (but by no means astronomical) mileage (around 45-50k) 2022?
As far as I can tell from A Better Route Planner, the range and charging speed improvements of a 2022 M3 make all of 3 mins difference on a theoretical drive from Exeter to Edinburgh.
Also, I think I'm right in saying at 50k a car will be out of the comprehensive warranty?

Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!
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Advies lease MY LR of SR?

Ik sta op het punt een MY te bestellen (lease). Ik rij nu een oude (2019) M3.
Ik rijdt dagelijks korte stukjes en in de weekenden soms wat verder (200-300km). Ik heb thuis geen eigen laadplek en laad dus op publieke laadplekken of werk.
ik had eigenlijk de intentie om de MY LR RWD te bestellen, met het idee zo min mogelijk vaak te hoeven laden, maar begrijp dat de MY LR RWD een 2170 accu heeft en dus bij dagelijks gebruik het advies heeft tot 80% te laden.
De MY SR RWD heeft een LFP welke wel dagelijks tot 100% kan.
Heeft een Long Range dan nog echt veel toegevoegde waarde voor dagelijks gebruik?
De winst van de LR heb ik dan alleen incidenteel als ik echt ver weg moet en dan een keer naar 100% kan laden.

Prijsverschil is 4K en is toch wel aanzienlijk.
Tips of mis ik nog iets in mijn redenatie?
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FSDs is dangerous

I mean it. FSDs is very dangerous. Just 2 weeks ago I was in a rental car and almost drove through a red traffic light. I am so accustomed to the car stopping by itself that I had to implement disengagement procedures at the last second.

Life is getting terrible with the advancement of technology.

I am seriously thinking of starting a campaign to shut down FSDs before humanity forgets how to drive safely.

Continental Tire Cut < 45 Days(1600 Miles)

Hello All,

I found a small tire cut on my Tesla MYLR(attached Pictures) which i bought in March and when I checked with tesla they denied to cover for replacement and were estimating 430$ for replacement. I haven't hit a pot hole or a curb and its not so deep but i notice its kinda spreading. I checked with continental and they asked to inspect with Tire discounters(Authorized Dealer). Did any one had a similar situation and what did you guys do?



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