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  1. Cascadian

    Available 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition

    For sale 2015 Model S 85D -- Executive Edition

    2015 Model S 85D with the rare Rear Executive Seating for sale as soon as we receive the just-ordered 2023 Model S Plaid -- presumably sometime in December. The Pearl White exterior got a full clear body wrap on Day One and the car has always been garaged. Only about 86K miles. Pretty much fully...
    or best offer
  3. L

    BMS/Drivetrain modification on 85D to enable Insane/Ludicrous?

    Hello all, I have questions about the 85D drivetrain&battery pack. It is currently under warranty, so I plan on not touching it until it expires, but I might tinker around when it is out of warranty and on the edge of replacing it to a M3. As far as I know, the drivetrain is not the same as the...
  4. EstebanP212

    Just bought a 2015 85d w/180k miles

    You guys think this have a original battery on it with this miles here’s some screens from scan my tesla the cells balance seems really
  5. N

    Oily-liquid dripping from front center part of large battery pack under Tesla Model S

    Hi, I have a 2015 Tesla Model S and recently found this liquid to be dripping (quite significantly) from the front and center part of the battery pack. It was after a long drive so very possible something flew up and hit something on the freeway. I have attached images of the oily like...
  6. I

    WTB: 19” Rim for 2015 Model S

    My wife hit a doozy of a pothole here in MA and severely bent one of the rims on my 2015 Model S 85D. I attached a picture of it (not sure the style name of this). Anyone willing to sell just one rim to MA? Many thanks!
  7. L

    Tesla Model S 85D 2015

    Selling my 2015 85D with 53500 miles on it, free supercharging and premium connectivity for life. Cold weather package, tech package, premium sound and interior, sunroof, Autopilot 1 activated, clean title, unlimited miles warranty on battery and drive units, extended warranty bumper to bumper...
  8. G

    2015 Model S 85D for sale

    I’m selling my 2015 Model S 85D. As of 8/30, it has 90,500 miles on it. I’m in the NYC metro area (Westchester County). Tires are less than a year old. Silver exterior. 19” wheels, unlimited, free supercharging, premium, free and unlimited connectivity. No accidents. Heated seats and steering...
  9. antdun

    Review Of My 2015 Model S 85D at 100,000 Miles

    This week we've now had our Tesla Model S for 2 years! We purchased it as a used CPO vehicle from Tesla and we've driven 36,204 miles in that time mostly on road trips many of which are documented on my YouTube channel. I made a video outlining all the repairs our Model S has undergone in it's...
  10. 9

    2016 85D Supercharging Confusion

    Hello I recently just bought my first Tesla today a secondhand 2016 85D (UK). On my way home i conducted my first charge at a super charging station and it was slow (30KW) The information i saw whilst charging was as follows: Charging Current: Appeared Maxed 16A i could not put it higher Max...
  11. antdun

    The Best Charging Adapters To Have

    Over many road trips I've assembled a flexible solution to charging my Tesla from varied electrical sources up to 50 feet away (15 meters) and I created a video outlining my solution which you can watch below. It's liberating for me knowing I can charge from varied sources of electricity...
  12. antdun

    Logistics of Charging a Nissan LEAF and Model S in One Garage

    I own both a Nissan LEAF and a Tesla Model S. The LEAF's included charger is only for a standard 15 amp 120 volt outlet, so I wanted a level 2 charger in my garage that could charge the LEAF faster AND also be able to charge my Tesla as quickly as possible within reason. The solution I purchased...
  13. BoldSharpe

    2015 Midnight Silver Model S 85D For Sale - 55,000 Miles

    Single Owner, Garage Kept. Excellent condition. I still love this car but it's time to move on after 5 years. Asking $42,000. A few notes: - Clean CarFax (I have a copy if you want it) - 50% ceramic tinted windows - Full front XPEL wrap. Still in near perfect condition. - Winter tires are...
  14. antdun

    1 Year In Review | Actual Costs + Our Experience: Used CPO Tesla Model S 85D As A Primary Family Car

    It's hard to believe we've lived through a full year already since we purchased our Tesla! The time has flown by super fast partially because we've been so busy going on awesome road trips and other regional adventures in it! I've created a video reviewing our first year of ownership covering...
  15. antdun

    Power Consumption of Camp Mode

    I just wanted to briefly share a couple experiences I've had camping in my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. Back in February 2020 I went out into the mountains with my 5 year old daughter to test it out on the coldest night in the 10 day forecast. We drove until the road hadn't had the snow plowed off...
  16. carter_seattle

    FS: 2015 S85D - AP, Pano, Subzero, Air Suspension, Eco Hitch & Roof Rack

    We purchased this car Feb 2017 as a CPO and it has been an amazing car for our family of 4. It has been the perfect vehicle for going on road trips and camping trips, and the receiver (for bikes racks, etc) and the roof rack (for carrier cases, etc) will come with the car. We’ve used the car...
  17. carter_seattle

    Tesla 2015 Model S 85D / 55k miles / Seattle, WA

    Our Model Y is on its way, so it's time to part with our family's wonderful Model S. Color - Midnight Silver Mileage - 56,979 miles Features - Tech Package with AP1, Pano Roof, Smart Air Suspension, Subzero Weather package Range at 100% SOC - 260 miles Additions - Eco Hitch, Model S Roof...
  18. antdun

    Family of 5 Trip Report | 5,883 Mile Adventure From Utah to Florida in a 2015 S85D

    My family of 5 went on an epic road trip in our Tesla over the Christmas break and I got a lot of questions from friends and family about it because there are some elements that are a significant paradigm shift from driving a gasoline vehicle. The #1 question I get asked is “How long does it...
  19. jjvan

    WTB Model S 85D or 90D

    Hello. I'm looking for a 2015 or 2016 Model S 85D or 90D or better. My only hard requirements are: -must have a pano sunroof (to accept a roof rack) -have AWD My budget is $41k max. I'm on the lookout on the Tesla used site as well. I know Tesla has sold 41 used 85D/90D cars with warranty...
  20. SpeedRacerM5

    FS 2015 Tesla Model S 85D, AP1, Midnight Silver, 61k Miles, Warranty 2022 / 96k Miles

    Hi everyone, My wife and I have decided to sell our Model S to upgrade to a family sized Model X SUV. Since we plan to road trip with two growing kiddos, it seems the natural choice. I've been driving a few different Model S since early 2016. The sleek look, low ride-height, and performance...
  21. I

    Feeler - 2015 Model S 85D Pearl White, 30k miles

    Thinking of upgrading to a performance model. Car is in great shape - hand washed only and garaged. Low miles. Can take better images if anyone is interested. Car is located north of Boston, MA. ** 85D ** Pearl White Multi-coat Paint ** All Glass Panorama roof ** Black leather seats ** Black...
  22. W

    2015 Model S 85D

    Trying to find a good home for my first Tesla. I don't want to sell but I guess I'm too old to have S,3,X....only S,3 or 3,X :-) 2015 Model S 85D, 49k miles - Free Supercharging (which I really don't want to give up) Options: Midnight Silver, Black interior, Carbon Fiber Trim, Next Gen...
  23. P

    Wtb: 2015-2016 Black Model S 75d/85d/90d/70d With Sas.

    As the title says. I'm looking to buy a 2015-2016 Black Model S 75D/85D/90D/70D with Smart Air Suspension. I like both pre- and post-facelift cars. Interior doesn't matter too much, as 90% of the interior configurations are pretty sweet. I'm slightly less interested in the 70D than the other...
  24. E

    2015 85D For Sale - Still under warranty (barely)

    I had posted this on Craigslist and a forum member suggested that I post it here as well. Thanks to him for the suggestion! My 85D is in good condition and still under factory warranty. The warranty is extendable with Tesla for another 48k miles. The entire battery sled has already been...
  25. G

    S75D better than 85D for road trips?

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a used Tesla mainly looking at S75D/85D/90D w AP1 as that most fits my budget. Performance-wise I understand all 3 are about the same with range being the only difference. My daily commute is 40 miles each way with charging at work so even in the worst conditions I'm...
  26. J

    Model S 85D 2015

    Best car I have ever owned. Going to upgrade to latest model once sold as long as I get average KBB value. Tesla offered me 42K trade-in. KBB Private sale $46,655 +/- 3k. I will sell for $46,500. Not interested in selling for less as it is too good a car and just put on brand new tires last...
  27. C

    Long time reader, Just picked up "Used" 2015 85D through Tesla

    First off, this forum has so much valuable information. I decided to finally put a deposit down on the Tesla site for a 2015 85D on 4/1. Overall the experience was great, contrary to some of the horror stories I have read about buying used from Tesla. Just want to inform some readers and members...
  28. Ostrichsak

    Is There a Difference Between Early 2015 and Late 2015 85D?

    We currently have a 2015 70D and at the time of shopping for it I thought that ALL 2015's were devoid of the previously defunct "Tech Package". I'm now seeing 2015's (which I assume are earlier model year versions) which indeed have Tech Package. Is there a significant difference from a 2015...
  29. cpobuyer

    CPO buyers with > 40k miles, any concerns?

    Tempted to go for a P85D which has ~44k miles on it. However, I am concerned with high miles that the car has. Interested to hear thought form people who also bought CPO at similar miles.
  30. cpobuyer

    Upgrade sound or suspension - if you have to choose one?

    About to order a 2015 85D from Tesla used inventory. Super confused with the upgrades. Not willing to compromise on color (Red it is), and the options I see in CPO has either sound upgrade or suspension upgrade. Not upgrading any of those and use that extra money on great detailing...
  31. cpobuyer

    Difference between 2015 85D vs 90D

    Hello everyone, I am looking at CPO model S in Tesla website and not able to find any difference between 85D and 90D for 2015 build. Could someone clarify if there is any difference in terms of EPA and 0-60 times? Thanks
  32. G

    FS: Late 2015 Midnight Silver Model S 85D (70k miles)

    Hello, I am selling my fairly loaded one-owner accident-free 2015 Model S 85D with 70k miles in the Northern Virginia area. A very large majority of these miles have been highway due to work. Aside from 21” rims, air suspension, and rear-facing seats this car has every option offered at the...
  33. M

    Parting a late 2015 Model S 85D [Europe]

    Hi everyone, As stated above, I’m parting a late 2015 85D wreck with pretty bad front and topside damage. It a euro spec with slightly under 70000 km. Battery has been sold and most of the interior has been used for an interior swap with a late 2014 car. It’s a non dualcharger with air...
  34. A

    2015 Model S 85D - Blue - Roseville, CA $57,500

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D 85kWh Battery, 270 miles of rated range FREE SUPERCHARGING at the Tesla network FOR LIFE Dual motor, all wheel drive Autopilot features Deep blue metallic paint All-glass panoramic roof Premium interior leather and lighting Tires are less than 2 months old Ultra high...
  35. asianxtreme

    WTB: 85D w/ AP1 + Pano + ESA

    Looking for my ideal car...Probably be searching for awhile. Criteria: Exterior color: Red, White, or Blue >85kWh Dual Motor AP1 Panoramic Sunroof (great to have but not an absolute must) Extended 50k/4yr warranty (at least be eligible for purchase) Budget: $55-57k (including warranty)...
  36. S

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D Red 22k Miles $65K

    I have ordered another Tesla. I just received this car back from the body shop on 7/20/17. She was in perfect shape and then I was rear-ended on 6/2/17. Repairs were done at Tesla Approved Hollis Auto Body in Ashland. Repairs totaled over $42K and she is just like new again. I am planning on...
  37. ForeverFree

    Trying to Convince Myself to Upgrade from 85D to 100D ...

    ... but have failed so far. Extra 65 miles of range actually would help. Drive LA (SFV) --> Mammoth (300 mi), LA <--> Palm Desert (280 mi one-day R/T). In winter, drive to Mammoth is affected by uphill (7000 ft, incl 4000 ft after final Supercharger) and cold. In summer, affected by uphill...
  38. T

    Buying a Model S in Western Australia

    Hi all, I'm seriously looking at buying a 2015 Model S 85D in the next couple of weeks from a private seller, is there anyone that can help with: 1) What support there is in Perth from Tesla. 2) A good insurance company that doesn't charge an absolute fortune. 3) What warranty I should make...
  39. D

    2016 Model S 85D with 6,500 Miles for Sale

    Tesla for sale : Model S 85D , 2016 Silver Metallic with Auto Pilot, Black Leather seats with light headliner, Autonomic Suspension, 6500 Miles- sell price $80,000 or nearest offer. Port Washington NY
  40. P

    WTB: Model S 85/85D/90/90D

    Hey everyone - I am looking to get my first Tesla and would like one 2014 or newer with Autopilot, leather, pano, and PUP if possible. Looking in the $55-65k range. I have a few good options already, but want to see what else is out there. If anyone has an S that they are selling or are about...
  41. Maximilien

    Range of New 75D vs Classic 85

    Curious about the range. The old 85 or 85D, I remember the range was like 265 miles from EPA in the old tesla homepage. The 75D shows, 259 miles from EPA. The difference of 10kwh is for only 6 miles. That seems so little difference for 10kwh.
  42. B

    WTB: 85D or 90D White with Tan Interior loaded

    Hello, We are looking for an 85D or 90D white or pearl white with tan interior. Would like to have it almost fully loaded. We are in the San Diego area so nothing too crazy far. Looking for a good deal, if you're interested in selling your car FAST then please let me know. Have to have a car...
  43. A

    2016 Obsidian Black 85D AP Cold Weather Premium Interior

    I have for sale an Obsidian Black Metallic, Tesla Model S 85D with 17k miles. This vehicle was purchased new on 3/14/2016. The car has been well taken care of and is super clean. No one has ever smoked inside nor have there ever been animals inside. Specifications 85 kWh Model S Dual Motor...
  44. pox

    For Sale 2015 85D $78,000.00 OBO

    Dual Motor with Autopilot Price is negotiable. 58k miles VIN 5YJSA1H29FFP78258 Kept in garage and well taken care of. I'll be posting more pictures this afternoon. 2015 Black 85D Tech with Autopilot Smart Air Suspension Dual Chargers PanoRoof Ultra High Fidelity Sound Sub Zero Weather Rear...
  45. G

    2015 Model S 85D Lease Transfer

    Love my 2015 Model S 85D, but need to get out of the lease. Offering $1,000 cash to anyone who will take over the lease, and I'll cover any transfer fees. You get 20 months of the 85D with nothing down. $1455 monthly (including taxes) with 12,000 annual mileage allowance. Currently has 15,200...
  46. P

    WTB 2014 or newer Tesla

    So I am looking to buy a Tesla . I want one that is at least 2014 with autopilot and probably 85 or higher for the extra range. My budget is around $50k for a Model S or $60k for a Model X. I am looking to pay that amount in cash and the rest in digital advertising services and consulting...
  47. Y

    BUYOUT YOUR LEASE - Model S P85D or 85D, 18-24 Months Remaining Ideal

    I'm looking to buyout a P85D Lease with 18-24 months remaining. Open to slightly different timelines, but targeting somewhere around my delivery of Model 3 so you can see it is a moving target. I'm in the Southeast, but willing to talk to anyone in the United States about a lease takeover and...
  48. ibeugene

    Is Tesla S 85D for $78 a good deal?

    i found a Tesla 85D for $78k with panarama roof, air suspension, autopilot. It has 8k miles. I am trying to get one for arround 70k. Any thoughts?
  49. A

    6 Month New 85D Already Have a Battery Issue

    I took delivery of my brand new model S 85D in October 2015. Living in NYC, we are weekend drivers so I only have about 4k miles on it (remote access is off so can't check for sure). All have been fine until about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday. The car suddenly showed me a warning that said something...
  50. E

    85D 0-60 faster than expected

    I've been thinking nonstop about how I should've gotten the P90D instead of 85D to feel the acceleration and power, but it seems like they're more similar than I once though. 85D 0-60 has been seen to be sometimes as low as 3.85, average around 4.0. This is without rollout P90D is 3.1 with...