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  1. C

    Corrupted sentry cam footage

    So last night my neighbor destroyed my anger management neighbor destroyed my window. The problem is proving it was him For some reason all the footage from my Tesla cam is corrupted and the sizes of each file is about 535 bytes. Highly confusing on why it’s doing that. I’ve tried plenty of...
  2. A

    Rear right side window is damaged.

    So I let my wife take my car out for groceries. She went to the right back seat to get something and when she closed to door she heard some glass break or shatter. She couldn't find where it came from but the window is now down and won't go up. So I assume the window is now a goner. If I can get...
  3. G

    Window rolls up when door open

    I recently got my windows tinted and the windows were working fine for about a week. Now driver side window rolls all the way up after opening door. Normally they roll down a little bit after doors open. Passenger side door does not do this. I read somewhere else on this forum that if the puddle...
  4. D

    Model 3 Window Malfunction

    Alright my model 3 driver side window keeps rolling down all the way when opening the door. Then will roll about halfway up after closing. Super annoying as I have to close the window from the passenger side. Tried the hard reset, recalibration and all that but still nothing. I’ve got a service...
  5. Sanderpman12

    2013 p85 camera calibration?

    Hi all, getting my windshield replaced due to stress crack. It’s getting done by safelite. Anyone know if 2013 p85 needs camera calibration after if it does not have autopilot?
  6. S

    Driver’s window not working right after rear harness recall fix

    So my 2019 Model 3 had the rear harness recall issue. My back camera intermittently would stop working. Mobile service came out and fixed it just a couple days ago, with no charge. Unfortunately when I went to the car I immediately noticed the driver’s side window wasn’t opening as normal...
  7. J

    Window motor noise when window shuts

    J on TikTok When I close the window of my tesla model 3, it makes this robotic noise after the window shuts completely. Has anyone experienced this or know if it’s normal? It only happens with this one window. I uploaded the video onto tiktok lol cause that was the easiest way to share it -...
  8. O

    Beeping noise when rolling window up

    When I roll up the window on my new model 3, the window makes a robotic beep noise when it reaches the top. Basically when it pushes closed it makes the sound only on one window. Is this a known problem? Is it a big enough problem to schedule a mobile service appointment?
  9. drupe14

    Rain Guard for Model 3 Windows?

    Anyone know of any good products for the Tesla Model 3 that protects from rain spilling in from the windows? I'm looking for all black or matte black color. https://www.weathertech.com/tesla/2021/model-3/side-window-deflectors/
  10. J

    Model 3 Rear Door Window Removal Fail / Warning

    Long story short: I broke the "regulator isolator clamp" (part number 1101952-00) on my Model 3 while trying to remove the bolt that holds the window inside the rear passenger door. So I wanted to post about this (A) as a warning to others who might make the same mistake and (B) see if anyone...
  11. Kee_Chain

    Mind of it Owns Windows

    Hello, I have noticed a weird glitch in the past month of December 2021. Sometimes when I close my MY's front driver's side door, the other 3 door windows will retract about 4 inches on their own. Then I have to roll them back up. I am not sure what would be causing this issue at all. Anyone...
  12. K

    Got a bad tint job. Not sure what I should do.

    Had my new M3 tinted last week. I picked it up when it was still drying so didn't think much of it. This is the first time I got a car tinted, so from the outside things looked good. The next day, I started noticing bubbles, this wrinkle in the back, the alignment issue, and even a scratch on...
  13. S

    Keeping power on

    Hey I’m wondering if there is any options to keep the power on in the car as I’m parked up so I can roll my windows down (with the key fob inside). I noticed after I park few seconds later the car will turn off and I won’t be able to put the windows down until I hit the brake. Is there any way...
  14. T

    MX Window locked annoyance

    Somewhere before 2021.24.4 Tesla changed the Window behavior on my X. Really frustrating. While my X is unlocked, I would always be able to put Windows up or down from the driver and passenger Window door buttons. The new behavior locks out ALL windows about 20 seconds after exiting the...
  15. C

    Lets talk about laminated glass retrofit for 2020 Model Y (all you need to know)

    For those that dont want the details. Can you do the retrofit? Yes. Should you? Probably not. Now for the details: Here is the laminated (2 sheets of glass that are installed on 2021 and newer model Y's in the front) on the bottom and the tempered glass on top of it - Yes, the shape is a...
  16. P

    Model 3 passenger window glitching

    Not a typical problem and could not find this all over the forum. My front passenger window starts working intermittently. Sometimes it would stop responding to switches all the way both from drivers side or from the passenger side. Tried reboot, tried calibration with no luck. It seems like...
  17. P

    Window in closed position after opening passenger door

    Hi, Hoping someone can blow me with my problem. When I open my door (rear passenger side) the window slides down - as it should. However I soon as I let the handle go (outside) or the button inside the window slides back up. If I press the button again (inside), as long as I hold it the window...
  18. M

    2020 Model Y Upgrade

    Good morning. Has anyone upgraded a pre-2021 model Y with the following features? If so, pls let me know if this was thru the Tesla Service centre or with any other Auto shop or DIY. 1. Laminated windows 2. Glovebox USB port 3. Auto dimming side mirrors
  19. E

    Bay Area tint recommendation

    Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive yet quality tint in the Bay Area? I have a m3 and only want to do all 4 side windows, not the sunroof. If you could provide an estimate cost you were quoted/paid, I’d appreciate that! Also, any recommendations for %s or photos of your tints? I...
  20. BennyMountfort

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    How many of you have accidentally done something stupid to your pride and joy? Would love to see to make me feel better. Today I 'bumped' my laptop on the glass near the boot and because this glass is so stressed I now have to replace the whole panel! Anyway show me yours!! IMG_5869 by...
  21. P

    Passenger door window not functional

    I'm driving 2019 Model X with 11,000 miles. My passenger door window will not go all the way down, and when raising the window it goes to top, than backs down half way. No history of damage. I suspect the auto door closure is too hard and it derailed the window. I have appt with service to...
  22. Z

    How flush is everyones rear hatch glass?

    Just curious to see how flush other peoples rear hatch glass is to the top roof glass.
  23. D

    Window tinting - LA area

    Hey everyone, doing some research on the best place to tint my model 3 in Los Angeles, and would appreciate if you could share your experiences (good and bad) with local vendors. If you could also say how much you've paid and what exact tint you've used, that would be a great help! Thank you!
  24. TM3Newbie

    Group Offer: The Windows Tinting - Orange County, CA

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to reach out and provide you with an offer from the guys at The Windows Tinting in Santa Ana, CA 2100 E McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Look them up on Google or Yelp and you will see the flawless work they do on Model 3's ALL SERVICES ARE 15% OFF WITH MY...
  25. B

    Window Creaking

    Hi All I have window tint put on my M3 side windows and since then I have noticed a strange creaking noise coming from the window when I go over bumps. to me, it seems like the window (with tint film) moves a tiny bit over the rubber seal at the top of the window and makes the creaking noise...
  26. V

    The window doesn't close completely

    Please help. The driver's window stopped working. When trying to close the window completely, it opens back slightly, as if it sees an obstacle. Also, when opening the door, does not pass the glass. How do I fix it? Restarts didn't help.
  27. rogerbohl

    Strange window behavior

    May be new "feature"??? A couple of days ago, after getting into my sun-heated car, I rolled down the front windows to circulate outside air quickly. Then, when I went to close them, the passenger window moved to the top and immediately rolled down!!??? I found that, after I stopped the car...
  28. Riguy

    Few maint issues

    Hi everyone. Just curious if anyone else is having these issues. None are a big deal and I’ll get handled at a service appointment down the road. Just curious... 1. Drivers side front door window. When it’s down all the way, it moves around in the door. Just closing the door you’ll hear...
  29. S

    New Stiffer Window Seals on 2020 Model 3?

    I looked at a new one the other day in a show room, and the seals around the windows looks thicker and stiffer than my 2019. Can someone upload side-by-side pics or confirm? Also wondering if Tesla will do a retrofit if I pay. Heard this helps with noise.
  30. K

    Seeking recommendations for window tint shops in Orange County area

    Hi everyone! Just got my M3 on Saturday evening. I’m super stoked but now I need to get my windows tinted. Can anyone recommend a great tint shop in Orange County and if possible give me an estimate of what you paid for your M3?
  31. D

    Rear window does not stay fully up, causing wind noise

    I took delivery of my SR+ last week and love many aspects of the car, but I'm having a few frustrations. Top of the list for me is that I get a lot of wind noise from the driver's side rear seat window, which will not remain in its fully extended position. The window will extend to its highest...
  32. A

    Window won't stay up

    Just received my SR+ on Thursday. Everything is great except that when I try to roll my driver's side window up, it immediately goes back down 5-6 inches once it reaches the top. The only way that I can get it to stay up is to roll up the last 5-6 inches inch by inch. I tried "calibrating" it...
  33. S

    Window tinting in northern NJ recs

    I want to get windows tinted for my White M3P. I know it's not so legal to get front driver/ passenger windows tinted in NJ, but I've had tinted windows on my Audi coupe (lighter on the front two and darker on the back three) with no probs for the past 8 years. Does anyone rec a place to get...
  34. M

    Front Window Moulding

    Has anyone had an issue with front window moulding/trim/seal tearing? Is this normal? The car is only 3 months old and wasn’t sure if this is normal or not.
  35. E

    Broken back window

    I know there's more than a few posts on this but none of them fully addressed my issue. The back window on my 3, which has 826 miles on it cracked last weekend. It's the inner laminate layer is what cracked and the outside and inside of the window are perfectly smooth. It appears the...
  36. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  37. S

    Are Window Seal Gaps an Issue? (Not regular condensation in glass)

    I noticed that on my driver side, the seal that's between the back seat window and the little window has some gaps on the top and the side (little window side). The passenger side is perfect and tight. I don't expect this to really be an issue, but I'm wondering what would happen if a little...
  38. NorthEastUk

    Burying our head in the sand?

    Hey I was trying to be a little creative in the title, not very good I know. sorry I own a 2016 Model S, I've raised issues with all my windows having many (15-20) etched in vertical lines. This really annoys me! The first time I raised this as part of another thread (i hijacked) everyone...
  39. E

    Tint 3M Color Stable vs Ceramic Series vs Crystalline

    A local installer with a good reputation is willing to do the following options on all windows minus the roof and the windshield: All have a lifetime warranty Option #1 : 3M Color Stable Option #2 : 3M Ceramic - 10% more $ than #1 , reflects 12% less heat than #3 Option #3 : 3M Crystalline -...
  40. S

    Model 3 - window plastic seal issue

    Got my car 1.5 months ago, I just noticed today the window plastic seals on both the front and back passenger sides are forming some little bumps, anyone has the same experience? I live in Oakland, so it’s not really hot, so heat doesn’t seem to justify the reasoning.
  41. R

    Model 3 Delivery and Break in (Same Day)

    Well, i joined both clubs on the same day, Tesla Owner and Tesla owners whose rear quarter window in broken all happened less than 24 hours of delivery. I am from Socal CA . Anyone with similar experience in this area, please provide any information that would be useful to fix it faster.The next...
  42. F

    Window Tinting in Atlanta

    Hey folks! Love this community and this is my first post. I’m considering getting a tinting job on my M3 SR+ but am concerned with quality places in Atlanta and don’t want to run into any issues given how sensitive the doors are in the M3. I’m not on Facebook, so would love any recommendations...
  43. T

    "hissing sound" from driver window

    I have had my Model 3 LR AWD for a month now. It is amazing and I love it, but I have been hearing a hissing sound (as if a window is open a tiny bit). The sound is not consistent and sometimes it is very evident while sometimes not really there. I had to take the car to the service twice now...
  44. D

    Passenger window rolls down when driver door is opened

    It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough for me to rule out accidental pressing of some buttons. Both passenger windows (front and rear) have done it, but not at the same time. When I open the driver door (whether from the outside to get in, or from the inside to get out) one of the...
  45. C

    Water inside door after rain or car wash

    So I noticed that there's water inside the door after it rains or I go through a car wash even after a day or so. I noticed that because the windows roll down a bit, and when they roll up they're wet. If I roll the whole window down, it comes up all wet even a day after it rained. Is this...
  46. Dhesi7

    Windows struggle to operate?

    hey all, I am noticing the windows struggling to go up. They come down fine... Just took delivery of my model x on sept. 21. White, 100D, 6 seat coding, black interior and carbon Fiber. Within hours of owning it I went and got the front driver and passenger windows tinted. I had not tested...
  47. P

    Model X - Window vapor after rain

    I've had my model X for a couple wks now and just went through a big rain. I noticed that parts of the window where the glass has rubber backing has vapor built up. I've attached a picture but it may be a little hard to see but hopefully everyone gets the gist! Is this something I should ask...
  48. tangent

    Tesla App Feature Wish - Crack the Window Open

    Warmer weather is finally here, as a first-year owner of Model X, I quickly notices the cabinet temperature heats up pretty quickly even when the outside temperature is just a tad north of 70 degrees. Wouldn't that be nice to have this feature in a mobile app that I could use to crack all...
  49. aesculus

    Drivers Window Leak

    Since day one I have complained about a leak at the back corner of my drivers window. When at cruising speeds you can hear air noises and also when you wash the car or are in heavy rain driven from the left rear, water enters the cabin. It's not much and after taking it to Tesla a number of...
  50. Krash

    Quarter End Purchasing Advice

    I thought I would add my experience to the collective knowledge. I put a deposit on an S 60D right before the announced discontinuation. During the window to change configurations Tesla announced the price change on the 75D and the included glass roof. But they also discontinued the Air...