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Hi all

Newbie here. I'm considering a model 3, and took one for a test drive today.

Overall, my impressions were really positive. Drivability, comfort, and acceleration were everything I expected and more.

However, there was one thing which bugged me: the cruise control on autopilot was rather jerky. It seems to decide to go up and down about 2mph, rather harshly.

I use the motorway a lot and am used to dumb cruise control on my 2010 A3. I didn't expect the Tesla to feel so jerky.

So, is this something others have experienced? Is there any way to alter this behaviour through settings?

Thanks in advance :)
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I suggest you set CHILL mode when you use TACC. It makes TACC pretty smooth and it behaves more like a human driver. (You can also use Chill mode for normal driving, but it does take the fun away because you loose that instant acceleration that an electric motor can give, and it behaves more like an ICE car).
Chill mode doesn't appear to help lessen the jerky acceleration on my AP3 M3 when accelerating up to my speed setpoint. To make matters worse after slamming on the accelerator to get up to my set speed it doesn't tend to see the car farther ahead especially if it's slowing down till too late then slams on the decelerator/full regen.
+1 for chill mode while using TACC or AP. Also set the follow distance to the max distance (7). When set to 7 the vehicle slows down sooner and less severely than when set to a shorter distance.

Interesting - I'll try it, and yes, the cruise isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be.

However, in Chicago traffic, even Follow Distance 1 isn't close enough to stop others from cutting in front of you...