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nema 14-50

  1. Cruz84

    FS: Corded Mobile Connector, SAE J1772 Charging Adapter, and Gen 1 NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Corded Mobile Connector, SAE J1772 Charging Adapter, and Gen 1 NEMA 14-50 Adapter. All three $500 shipped PayPal plus fees mobile connector used a few times before getting a wall connector
  2. K

    NEMA 6-50 and 14-50 adapters are labeled 30A

    I recently bought a NEMA Adapter Bundle from Tesla. All the adapters look good except for the NEMA 6-50 and 14-50 ones. They are both labeled as rated for 30A continuous on the adapter. The Gen 2 Mobile Connector is able to output 32A max, so shouldn't these two connectors be rated for 32A...
  3. M

    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    Just ordered Model 3 standard range plus (263 miles), my garage has no 240V I believe, and not sure it's 100A or 60A. I have no knowledge of electrical stuff, so will hire an electrician to do things right. I read many posts and still am a bit confused. It seems this is what I need to do/make...
  4. G

    NEMA 14 - 50 or Wall charger

    I got a MX and now trying to figure out the home charging. I am using MX for regular commute. Currently with Covid, my usage is minimal. I am trying to decide between getting a NEMA 14 - 50 outlet and using the mobile charger vs having a wall charger (Gen 3). Talking with the electrician, he...
  5. R

    Charging Adaptos

    Can we use a NEMA 14-50 on a 240v 30A outlet? Or should we buy a 14-30 adaptor?
  6. T

    Local Part/Accessory Swap (Selling Nema 14-50 in the Bay Area)

    Hello TMC Community, I have a brand Nema 14-50 adapter that I'd like to sell locally, is anyone in the bay area interested? I ordered this a month ago before receiving my car, but decided to go with the Tesla Wall Connector because I will be mounting outdoors and the Nema 14-50 charger is more...
  7. antdun

    The Best Charging Adapters To Have

    Over many road trips I've assembled a flexible solution to charging my Tesla from varied electrical sources up to 50 feet away (15 meters) and I created a video outlining my solution which you can watch below. It's liberating for me knowing I can charge from varied sources of electricity...
  8. P

    Wall connector and nema 14-50. Overkill?

    I know this question had been beaten to death and I know the difference of using nema 14-50 vs wall changer but my question was more if I install both the nema 14-50 inside my garage for use in winter when I put the car in the garage and the wall charger outside for use well when the car is...
  9. R

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    Hey guys new sr+ owner here pick up tomorrow been waiting long time for this. My question is I know the on board charger for my car is less then long range. So is it ok to still use a 50amp breaker on the 14-50 plug? I have friends who have Tesla’s and would like to have that option for them...
  10. B

    NEMA 14-30 VS NEMA 14-50 charging speed for Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    The max current draw of NEMA 14-30 is 30A, and 50A for NEMA 14-50. However, the max Level 2 charging current of Model 3 Standard Range is limited to 32A. So I assume that there will not be noticeable difference between charging using NEMA 14-30 and NEMA 14-50, because the current draw will be...
  11. suegie

    WTB: HPWC Gen 1 or Signature Gen 2 or Gen 3

    Looking for a replacement HPWC. Need the 80amp charge, not the 48amp. Also need the portable charging cable Gen 1 and NEMA 1450 adapter.
  12. M

    *FOR SALE* (1) Corded Mobile Connector Set [included with my 2020 Model S Purchase]

    *FOR SALE* (1) Corded Mobile Connector Set [included with my 2020 Model S Purchase] I purchased a new 2020 Model S and have no need for this Corded Mobile Connector. It is BRAND NEW and still UNOPENED in ORIGINAL Storage Bag. I am located in Chicago and willing to drive some distance to meet...
  13. dc121gw

    NEMA 14-50 to extension cord to NEMA 10-30 charging?

    I am taking a road trip over the holidays and my host has a standard 5-15 120V outlet and a 3-prong 10-30 dryer outlet. I have the 14-50 Tesla charging adapter. Rather than buy the 10-30 charging adapter from Tesla, I got a 14-50 to 10-30 adapter. So I would use the 14-50 on the Telsa mobile...
  14. The Hindenburg

    2020 MY and NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Question for those who have taken delivery of a 2020 MY Model 3. Did it come with the NEMA 14-50 adapter?
  15. T

    WTB: NEMA 14-50 Adapter for Gen 2 Mobile Charger - Montreal

    Just picked up our model 3 and the 14-50 adapters are out of stock online. Is there anyone in Montreal who would like to sell me theirs?
  16. evM3Sekar

    Wall Connector with NEMA 14-50

    Is available (just now ordered one). FYI, Tesla says on shop.tesla.com: "Note: Limited inventory available. Once current stock is sold, this product will no longer be available."
  17. D

    208v panel to nema 14-50 not charging my Model 3 in Arizona

    My electrician has hooked up a nema 14-50 outlet 3 feet from my panel at work; which is a 208v system in the USA. When I plug in the $520 Tesla corded mobile connector (14-50 head), the light on cord turn red, and the car does not charge. My electrician has checked the voltage at the 14-50...
  18. G

    Slow charging on NEMA 14-50: any advantages?

    Would there be any benefits to charging slow (lowering the Amps in the car) on a NEMA 14-50 capable of drawing 32 Amps? My commute is very predictable every day and charging my M3 LR AWD takes about 2-3 hours to reach 80% SOC. I tried 2 other approaches while charging with NEMA 14-50 at 32...
  19. B

    Simplified solar charging for Model 3

    I am planning on keeping my Model 3 at a second home where I only drive it on alternating weekends. The home is a condo with a long (200 feet+) run from my meter to my carport. Including permits, I estimate that the cost of running power conduit and placing a 120V outlet at my carport would be...
  20. P

    Tesla Online Shop Order Fulfillments

    Hello , this is my first entry in this forum and my very first EV! Took delivery of Model 3 couple weeks back. I wasn't aware it didn't come with Nema 14-50 anymore so ordered one ahead of time. I have been waiting 2 weeks and havent gotten it yet, although I received a tracking number for FexEx...
  21. J

    Model 3 SR+ Included Charger Adaptors

    Hi, I've been combing through the posts on this forums and others and I've been seeing mixed messages on what various people are getting when they take delivery of their M3s. I need a nema 14-50 charge adaptor to charge for sure as there is no way I'm gonna wait days to charge the car using the...
  22. G

    Req. recommendation: Electrician in Novi/Canton Michigan area

    Hello All, I am looking for an Electrician recommendation in the Novi/Canton Michigan area. I am in the market to buy a Model 3 LR. If anyone has idea on expected cost of installation for a standard 240V, NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage with the following conditions, please let me know: 1...
  23. D

    Recommend electrical for garage to enable ultimate EV flexibility

    My brother is going to get his first EV within the next 12 months. Likely a Tesla (he likes mine) but perhaps he will buy something else. He's looking to wire his garage ahead of time--getting the permitting and electrical work that he has to deal with out of the way now. What electrical...
  24. A

    Overnight microcharges

    I have a long range dual motor (august 2018 delivery date) and am noticing that I’m getting a bunch of <1 minute microcharges from and to essentially the same state of charge overnight (192 miles) from a nema 14-50 charger. It has already happened twice tonight. This only started happening after...
  25. T

    Poll: What garage charging solution did you choose?

    I'm curious what other Model 3 owners have decided for their garage charging needs. It seems my installer and Tesla themselves are pushing me to get a HWPC, but I am leaning toward just a NEMA 14-50 @ 60 amps and taking the mobile connector with me when I travel and/or relying on Super Charging...
  26. Sg911

    Q: Do Tesla’s come with Nema 14-50 adapter?

    Picking up my model 3 next week and wondering if the adapter comes with car kit?!
  27. M

    New Jersey NEMA 14-50 Verification

    I'm having a NEMA 14-50 plug installed in my garage today. Since there is no ETA on my replacement VIN (long story for a different thread), and the contractor has this weird 30-day worry-free clause, I'd like to have someone swing by and test out my plug sooner rather than later. I'm in East...
  28. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...
  29. B

    Need advice about installation NEMA 14-50

    While I am waiting for Tesla email (sep18-Nov18 delivery) I am thinking about installation of NEMA 14-50 in my garage. Generally it should not be complicated as I am an engineer electrician myself, but in USA I work as a programmer and not familiar with codes. I see some complications in my...
  30. ctn531

    Which AWG Wire? Someday want to upgrade 14-50 NEMA (50A breaker) to wall charger (90A breaker)

    I'm 4-6 weeks out from getting my MX (100D). For now I plan to wire a 14-50 receptacle (50 Amp breaker) because it is cheap (relative) and easy. At some point down the road I'm hoping to score a referral and get a free wall charger (or maybe find one on Craigslist or ebay - anybody out there...
  31. S

    Model 3 Charger not turning on with 50 amp plug

    I had my electrician install a nema 14-50 plug to use with the included adapter that came with the model 3. He used a 50 amp breaker and 6/3 wire. After the install, he used a voltage meter on the plug and both sides were reading 120V, so 240V total. It clearly has enough power. However, when I...
  32. TSAccessorize

    New Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) Charger Gen 1 with Adapters

    its Brand New Price: $360 Shipped Includes: 1 x Tesla carrying case 1 x mobile connector main unit (with 20 ft cable) 1 x NEMA 14-50 adapter (high output outlet, 240v / 50 amp) - Level 2 1 x NEMA 5-15 adapter (standard house outlet, 120v / 15a) - Level 1
  33. Y

    NEMA 14-50 Installation in Vancouver

    Hi Everyone, I'm sure I'm eagerly waiting for my Model 3, like many of you. While I wait, I am trying to plan out charging for the car but I have some challenges. I live in an apartment building downtown and dealing with strata will likely be a little bit of a hassle. There is a public...
  34. L

    Nema 14-50 on 20A Breaker?

    Hi guys, Need some help. I've gotten two quotes on a NEMA 14-50 install that appear to conflict with each other. One electrician is saying that I can put a 40Amp 14-50 outlet without any upgrades to my panel, the other is saying I can only do 20A with the current load. I have an existing 120V...
  35. mwu

    Potentially getting solar panels -- NEMA 14-50 vs inverter charger

    I started talking to a company about solar panels on the house and they have put together a proposal (I haven't seen yet -- meeting is set for tomorrow) that includes an EV charger with the inverter. Some basic info for the inverter's charger (more details in the link above): 240V at 40amps...
  36. Derek Kessler

    Suspended UMC setup

    My garage is in the basement and if I'm not good about cleaning up the leaves in my trenched driveway then then can clog up the storm drain if it rains hard. Once a year or so I end up with some water in my garage — never fun. After several months of charging via 120V on an extension cord, I...
  37. noahsw

    Available capacity with 125amp breaker at home

    I've had two electricians come to scope out work on my townhome installation. The first claimed I only had 20amps available but the other claimed I had 50. My heating and stove are gas-powered. How do I know which to trust? If I use the UMC with a NEMA 14-50, will the car automatically use...
  38. BruceR61

    Reduced Amperage Setting for Charger

    I've had my MS 75 since March 18. I have a NEMA 14-50 with the charger that came with the car. It has always used 40A. I noticed yesterday it took a longer time to charge overnight. This morning I noticed that the setting or my charger at been reduced from 40A To 30A. Curious if the last...
  39. A

    How hard is it to install NEMA 14-50 by myself?

    How hard is it to install nema 14-50 by myself? And also, what things should I prepare for it? The panel are inside the house, but there are already hole on the wall, just wonder how hard is it to do it myself as no experience in those kind of electricity work. But I am a engineer major. I...
  40. tpham07

    Nema 5-20 outlet installations

    So my house was built about one year ago so i'm assuming all the wiring is up to code etc. Anyways i was planning on installing my nema 14-50 outlet and i saw in my subpanel that the entire house is basically on 20A circuits, but every outlet in my house is a nema 5-15 outlet. Since they're...
  41. P

    Range to Huntsville Supercharger

    My wife is about to take our first long trip in the Tesla to go to a meeting in Houston. Return trip is not an issue since she has plenty of places to stop off if it range gets hairy (spring, huntsville, corsicana). But on the trip down she would like to minimize supercharger to arrive...
  42. GlmnAlyAirCar

    Adding a subpanel - load calculations

    I recently decided it's time to update my current setup in the garage. I currently have a NEMA 14-50R installed, wired directly to my main panel in the basement, into which I plug my UMC. Additionally, my garage has a single 120V outlet and two single light bulbs on the ceiling. Since these are...
  43. KBurbridge14

    Extension Cord For 14-50 Charging

    I'm preparing to embark on a road trip from California to the Northwest. Undoubtedly, I'll be using the Washer/Dryer 14-50 outlets of friends to charge my X. Keeping in mind that I have the High Amperage Upgraded Charging capability, what extension cord would you recommend? Any trial-and-error...
  44. 787steve

    Did you use Tesla installer for NEMA?

    Seems like a pretty simple job for qualified electrician to do. Our box has room for new wiring, so I am wondering why I should pay 30% more to use the recommended installer. Anyone "go rogue" and regret it? As always thanks in advance to this responsive community.
  45. fallen888

    Is this outlet correct?

    My electrician just arrived at my house to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage. I took a peek at the outlet he brought and wanted to make sure this is a good/right/legit one. Can anyone here confirm please? It's a Leviton NEMA 14-50R, and looks just like this...
  46. Mknac

    Tesla standard Nema 14-50 Question

    I have the standard charging kit that came with my car. Right now it is plugged into my Nema 14-50 plug. I didn't drive my MS today so it is sitting at 80% battery charge. Should I plug I tonight before I go to bed, even though it won't charge? The green light on the unit is on. Is this...
  47. SSD420

    Difference between a regular plug and a NEMA 14-50 plug

    I just wanted to share my findings with this picture. From 4+ days to a bit more than 4+ hours. I just had a NEMA 14-50 plug installed outside of my cottage.
  48. C

    Hello from Chris in Orlando - could use an electrician recommendation pls

    Hi all! Getting our 60S in August! Looking for a reputable electrician in the Orlando area for a NEMA 14-50 install. Got one estimate for 1k from one of the Tesla recommended electrician. Got a bit turned off when they said the price is higher for Tesla vs a different EV. Would appreciate a...
  49. volkerbradley

    Rate of charge at using a NEMA 14-50 outlet

    I've made arrangements to charge my P90D at a campground in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They have NEMA 14-50 plug. If my battery is at 20% when I start charging and I plug in at my Tesla 80 AMP home charger, the display states that the charging rate is about 41 miles/hr. If the car battery...
  50. Jumper

    New Refreshed S, New HPWC's, New Decisions?

    Hi folks, The good news: I'm one of the lucky ducks who ordered their Model S prior to the refresh, but will end up getting a post-refresh vehicle. (I'm very grateful, and am trying not to rub it in, promise!) The tricky bit: In a Model S carrying a single 40A charger, I was leaning towards...

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