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  1. dlorenz786

    Trouble Replying on a Supercharger Thread

    When I tried to reply to a post on a particular thread (Franklin, NC), I was not able to do so. I pressed "Log In" and then properly logged in. I could see my user ID displayed on the top line, verifying I am now logged in. Upon normally returning (i.e. not using the browser's back arrow) to...
  2. rpo

    An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.

    I have been getting this error quite a bit since Tuesday on this site. I did not see anyone else mention it, so I wanted to bring it to your attention. It was not accessible for the past hour until just now. "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."
  3. R

    Acronym listing needed

    I'm a new user (impatiently waiting for my Model 3) and I am puzzled by some of the acronyms everybody but me seems to know e.g. AP, TACC, TMC (Tesla Motors Club - I got that one).
  4. S

    Not getting all Alerts/Notifications

    Have been noticing this for some time and wasn't 100% sure. But just now I got no alert for a post in the iPace thread even thought I'm watching it. Overall it seems pretty random which ones I get and which ones don't show up...
  5. A

    Tesla model 3 test drive

    Dear Tesla drivers, I am planning on visiting the Tesla factory in Fremont on the 19th of March. There will be plenty Model 3 onsite, I hope to get the chance to drive one. My father owns a Model S that I have driven many times but I would like it very much to test the new model as I am...
  6. GaryREM

    Site ads killing performance

    Wow. I guess one way to get people to subscribe is to have poor performance with ads ;-) Turn on ad blocker and site is lightning fast. Turn off blocker and site is almost unusable. Article links don't become active for several seconds. Been this way just recently. Did you change the way...
  7. M

    Rating of posts from members you ignore

    This is sparked from the conversation ongoing in this thread: Remove the 'Dislike' Button? I think that if you choose to ignore a members posts that you should lose the privilege of rating their posts. And to prevent "gaming" of the system, un-ignore/rate/re-ignore, I think that anytime you...
  8. ExecCat1

    How to customize profile footer?

    Hello, most people have a (very) detailed description of their vehicles that shows up in the framed footer underneath each post. Where do I go to edit that field i.e. add my own custom text so it shows up underneath each of my posts? I've gone to "your profile page" and "personal details" but...
  9. F

    Where to find Demo Cars preferably Model S

    I am definitely thinking of purchasing a Model S and take advantage of the tax credit while I can. I then realized If I can find a demo car for a relatively cheaper price and take advantage of the tax credit at the same time that would be great. Does anyone have any recommendations or websites...
  10. EinSV

    Option to Remove Vote on a Poll

    Is there an option to set up polls to allow members to remove their votes in case circumstances change or they just make a mistake? If not, there should be since it is not always enough to have the option to just change your vote since sometimes there is no voting option that really fits or if...
  11. Tech_Guy

    Issue uploading images to post, "Security error"

    Figured id leave this here, I'm trying to upload a jpg image to a post and/or add a jpg image to my gallery and I get this error. I was able to upload a PNG screenshot of the error below. I did try restarting my computer just to make sure i had nothing funky going on that was causing this...
  12. Roadster

    Marketplace "for Sale" Listings by Model

    @danny, @doug, @TMC_admin, @TMC Staff, I know this has been discussed before but is there any way to separate and categorize the Marketplace > Tesla for Sale and Marketplace > Tesla Parts for Sale by their respective models? Roadster for Sale Roadster Parts for Sale Roadster 2020 for Sale...
  13. anticitizen13.7

    Hidden profiles should be disallowed

    Sometimes I browse a user's profile when they have posted something unusual or rated my post negatively without explanation. On some occasions, I get this message: "Tesla Motors Club - Error This member limits who may view their full profile." This prevents forum members from seeing what kind...
  14. M

    Referral warning banner problem

    A page loads and then the referral box object loads near the top of the page. This causes the page to drop down. On a tablet which is slower than a PC, if you touch on the screen too soon, you select the wrong item. Would it be possible to move the referral banner to the bottom or put a...
  15. tezco

    Log-in Difficulties

    Having trouble today staying logged in. Everytime I move to a new thread or try to post I'm logged out for some reason.
  16. Beta V

    TMC Browser Application

    I'm retired from the computer industry and I've built my share of websites but I notice that when I get an email encouraging me to read one of the articles, if I navigate to the article and scroll down, the website resets to the top of the page at random times (it seems to be as the ads...
  17. ohmman

    Click to view most recent conversation message

    When participating in a PM/Conversation, I find that clicking on the conversation will take me to the latest page of the conversation (if pagination has occurred) but will not snap to the latest reply. I would expect the latter behavior. This occurs on mobile (iOS) and on desktop (OS X).
  18. C

    Ban Transparency and Policies

    As this is a community forum, it is necessary to establish transparent and clear rules AND enforcement of those rules. We have rules for the fora posted here but the enforcement of those rules sometimes is not transparent. To remedy that issues, I believe there should be a thread called...
  19. T34ME

    Modification and Customizing Forum

    With respect, I would like to suggest a new forum for those of us who choose to modify or customize our Tesla cars. With soon to be 500K Model 3's on the road, I guarantee their will be a huge number of these cars that will be modified in one way or another, especially in California, In my...
  20. ohmman

    Subscription trigger with voting button

    Currently, posting in a thread subscribes a member to the thread. I was curious about whether we could add voting as a subscription trigger as well. If I "like" a post in a thread that I'm reading, it's quite possible I'll want to return to that thread as it interested me. Potentially there...
  21. ggr

    subforum for generic car issues?

    I keep seeing threads in the Model S area that are really somewhat generic about Tesla vehicles. For example, there's Tesla Moments (which I think should be in the Tesla Motors, but anyway...), and recently one about hill hold turning off after you leave the vehicle. I don't read the X or 3...
  22. David29

    Are there more than one page of Wiki posts?

    I have been looking for a Wiki I vaguely recall. I tried scanning the list of Wikis under the menu item "Wikiposts." there is only one page of them, which surprised me. I wonder if there is a problem with the navigation on this page -- should there be the page numbers at the bottom as on...
  23. M

    Problem navigating site on iOS

    I'm having a problem navigating this site on my iPhone 6S (iOS 10.3.3). It has to do with the pull down menu in the below screenshot: When I try to tap "new posts", the Safari navigation controls pop up. This is standard behavior on iOS, but normally, the web page scrolls up so the spot the...
  24. HankLloydRight

    Viewing all user images uploaded

    In vBulletin 4.x, there was a way to view all attachments I uploaded/posted. Is there any way to do that with Xenforo? There's nothing under 'albums' or 'content' I'm trying to find an image I posted years ago, but have no idea what month, thread, or forum I posted it in. If I could...
  25. ggr

    Refreshing ads make blog posts unreadable

    Maybe it's my combination of Macbook/Chrome, but any time I want to read a blog post, I get served up ads with some kind of auto-refresh or something, and when I try to scroll down to read the rest of the posting I get dragged back up to the top again. As a supporter I didn't think I had to see...
  26. AEdennis

    How about an easier way to embed a Twitter post in a thread?

    i seem to always have to figure out how to insert a tweet I've seen, from screenshots, etc... Other fora support this function in the Media URL function. Tesla and Elon communicates to the community via Twitter a lot and it would be helpful to be able to embed tweets easily in TMC.
  27. HankLloydRight

    Can not turn off email notifications..

    Minor problem -- in this thread: Tesla owner configurations begin Whenever I am 'watching' the thread, and selecting 'without receiving email notifications', I'm still getting email notifications on every new post. I've tried to 'unwatch' and re-'watch' the thread several times, never...
  28. thegruf


    Hopefully not going to get a bunch of disagrees for this, so just raising as a discussion point :) What do folks think about "Disagrees"? The particular point being those members who rarely if ever post, or who havent posted their view in a thread, yet litter disagrees all over the place...
  29. Lee_B

    Rant Post: Teslas for Sale

    This isn't probably the best forum for this but here goes anyway. Why is it next to impossible to advertise a Tesla vehicle for sale on a site with Tesla enthusiasts? It's not just me but almost every thread in the Tesla for Sale forum gets highjacked by people attacking you personally, your...
  30. D

    VIN history section

    Telsa is a pain about vehicle history. Perhaps if we had a way for members to register their VIN (all opt-in and voluntary of course), it would help new potential owners conduct proper research on their vehicle. I am aware this idea is littered with all kinds of holes and exceptions... but...
  31. Blu Ludicrous

    Profile pic

    Sorry if this is already posted, but how do I change my profile pic?
  32. Ulmo

    Firefox constantly "loading" page

    Firefox constantly shows that it is loading the page on TeslaMotorsClub.Com, without end. The circle of the page tab circles continously; it is way too distracting. Is there a way to stop it? It only happens on TeslaMotorsClub.Com. Is there some sort of filter I can apply to cease that...
  33. 100%power

    Front bottom clearance problems

    Does anyone have or know of a possible way to avoid scraping bottom or hitting bottom of front end underneath due to sensors not being able to detect some of tire cement barriers when parking, due to sensors only seeing biggest Obstacles in front of you such as another car .that are seen on...
  34. HankLloydRight

    Digital Point Spy forum plug-in

    I saw this plugin on another Xenforo forum, and it's pretty cool! It's kind of a real-time feed of new posts and new threads. It's fun to watch. See: Digital Point Spy (the example on that page isn't very good because it's full of spam, but on other active forums, it really works well)...
  35. M

    "Transferring data from syndication.twitter.com..."

    Just about every time I've clicked on a thread today, the page get stuck loading with the above message in the status bar. While the page looks like it's completely loaded when this occurs, it seems to prevent the browser from going to the first unread post, and instead it just stays at the top...
  36. K

    Recent pop up ads

    Late one night the other day the website was down, now every day or so, on mobile, I get pop up full screen ads on the forums. Is this something new? Is an ad company injecting ads that are a little more aggressive over ads that have normally been placed onto the forum? I don't mind ads...
  37. r6bruin

    Any ways for OP to delete thread?

    Not sure if this is brought up before but from time to time there are threads that worth deleting by admin or OP, either it is getting off-topic, offensive, duplicate, or simply scam. Is there any way for OP to do that? Please advise, thanks!
  38. chojn1

    New club logo?

    Thanks for all the hard work in setting up and maintaining this club and site. My wife is getting worried that I am spending way too much time on here while waiting for my car. The one suggestion I have is that you need to improve your logo. Here is what I drew up this morning on my...
  39. r6bruin

    Capability to update thread title

    Not sure if this has been discussed before but is there a way for a member or OP to update the thread title? This feature is particularly useful for sub-forum like classified, where sold item can have title updated as [SOLD]. Thanks in advance.
  40. DrComputer

    Floating navigation bar

    In this new version of the site the floating navigation bar that was always on the top of the screen is now gone. I can't seem to find an option in the menu to turn it back on. Since I view this site on a vertical monitor the normal menu gets compressed to a box on the left of the screen so...
  41. G

    Down for Maintenance Sign

    @doug or @danny Can you put the "Down for maintenance sign" somewhere besides the lower right hand corner of the screen? It perfectly blocks the up/down red arrow button to navigate. Maybe the left lower corner? There's nothing there... Thanks!
  42. bucksport


    What happened to this feature at the top of the home page?? I for one really liked to see what was recently posted on TMC. Is it located somewhere else??
  43. A

    Suggestion: Welcome courtesy rule with new members

    As we've just had the umpteenth thread of a new member being welcomed my posts questioning their motives, may I suggest a discussion about making it simply against the rules. Call it welcome courtesy. My suggestion would be to make a welcome courtesy rule. You know the drill: small replies...
  44. Troy

    Tesla store and service center reviews could be more organized using an add-on

    Hi. I think Tesla store and service center reviews could be more organized using an add-on that allows 5-star ratings and sorting by rating. I want to show how this could work. The following screenshot is from a website that uses a xenforo add-on. The list on the top right could be the names of...
  45. Ulmo

    New forums coming? Tesla Semi; Tesla Model Y; others

    Do we have new forums coming? Admins must be excited to bring them about: For sure Tesla will have these products: Tesla Semi: is this going to have an official spot? Is it going to be clear where to post about this? Tesla Model Y Tesla Roof Tesla Solar Panel Tesla PowerWall and PowerPack...
  46. boaterva

    "OP Indicator"

    Many sites like this one (MacRumors, for one) have an indicator in a thread that the author of a post is the thread starter/OP/whatever you want to call them. I was wondering if there's a reason that's not available/enabled in this software. I often in a long thread find myself wondering who...
  47. B

    Thankfully this forum is not censored.

    I post on both this forum and the Tesla.com M3 forum. The Tesla.com forum is ridiculously censored. Take a look at my latest post that got censored: "The S and X use the older battery; which probably costs more/kwh (also they are "luxury" cars, the M3 is the "affordable" mass-market car). The...
  48. C

    Oktane got banned - what did I miss?

    Okey dokey smokey - wake up this morning and see that somebody dropped the ban hammer on @oktane. Did I miss some delicious cat fight in the night? As much as I disagreed with him, there is definitely somebody on this forum who deserved the hit quite a bit more.
  49. bonnie

    Feature Request: Transparency for members on Ignore

    Right now when I put a member on ignore (ahhhhh, heaven), there is no way for that person to know that anyone is ignoring him/her. While it would be great to be able to see how many people were ignoring a specific member (gives a heads up to others), I'm suggesting that at least the member...
  50. R

    Suggestion thread

    Hello everybody, I'm new here on this forum and I was wondering, is there any place where I can drop suggestions for Tesla's? For example, I'd like to design my own screen behind the steering wheel and would like to see a platform where other Tesla owners can share their own designs. This...