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  1. S

    Expired Powerwall Installation in Austin TX [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Powerwall Installation in Austin TX. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. maxshuty

    Towbar installation on 2016 X

    Hi all, I have a 2016 X that does not have the towing package. I purchased a towbar and hitch assembly and it’s been a struggle to get in with the only person in my area that installs them. Looking at this picture: It doesn’t look hard to install it, just pull that rear fascia off and bolt it...
  3. MrNik

    Thoughts about Charger installation quote

    Attached a rough sketch of my house plan with the Consumer Unit and charger location. It has go from the CU which is on the ground floor to the detached garage. I already have a connection going from the CU to the garage but that is a 3 x 2.5 (3 copper cores of 2.5mm diameter) connection and...
  4. N

    Ideas for concealing backboard / panel / meter / electrical boxes for parking lot EV chargers at condo.

    Hey all, I joined my condos BOD for pretty much the sole purpose of completing an EV charging project. The project was finally approved and the install started today. We pulled out a new electrical service, so needed a backboard, electrical panels, and meter. I might be overly paranoid here...
  5. N

    Powerwall installation location advice for hot climate

    Hello all. Need some advice. We live in Los Angeles county and need to decide about placement for. Powerwall. Garage isn’t an option for logistic reasons. Options, to get around the extremely onerous 5ft code rule would be either: - Same side of the home as the panel, approx 30ft away. But the...
  6. J

    Brisbane Charger Installer

    Hi I just wanted to give a recommendation to my electrician who installed my Gen3 charger. I found his price to be fair and the workmanship excellent. It cost me $600 for a Three Phase install If it helps anyone else his contact details are [email protected] +61 433 209 393...
  7. Padelford

    Rear Camber Adjust Link DIY Possible, But Requires More Work Than It Appears On Paper

    I just finished installing Unplugged Performance rear adjustable camber links on my MX, and it ended up as a multi-day effort with more work involved than I anticipated from the “instructions” available. I thought I’d document what happened so that others interested in doing the same job can be...
  8. n.one.one

    North Carolina Tesla Energy Installations (by Tesla)

    I believe that Tesla Energy has either started or is planning on doing energy installations in North Carolina. I'm starting this thread for two primary reasons: I hope this thread will be an ongoing discussion for folks in North Carolina with helpful input from those in other regions who have...
  9. J

    Any updated recommended electricians in Oahu? Specifically NEMA 14-50

    Hello all! New to the island and to the forum. Any updated recommendation for electricians who can install nema 14-50 on the island? Secondly, anyone live in a house with detached garage out back with the breaker box front of the house who can give me an estimate of what was paid and how it...
  10. J

    Wall Connector - max run for 6/2 Romex on 50A breaker

    What is the maximum length of 6/2 romex for a wall connector on a 50A breaker? Is there a chart or reference I could use? I'm installing a Tesla Wall Connector (3rd Gen) in preparation for my Model Y delivery in a couple weeks. I bought a 125 ft. 6/2 Stranded Romex , and the run is about...
  11. C

    Setting up a Charger on Off-Street Parking?

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a home (in Seattle, WA, if it matters) and a couple of place I've been interested in, it's been the following situation: A townhouse with no HOA and just an old, generic "Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions" (CCR). Off-street parking available where you have an...
  12. MountainPower

    Tesla Solar Install Timeline + Question

    Hi all, I wanted to share my timeline for my Tesla Solar install, as I'm seeing a number of horror stories on here, and ask a quick question. Overall I've been blown away by Tesla Solar, with one exception - how they communicate. The following is an example of my experience in the Denver metro...
  13. Aganan

    Question about Tesla Wall Connector

    Hi everyone, I've purchased a 2nd hand Model S. Just waiting to take delivery later this month. Exciting times! Tesla Japan quoted me a rough ballpark estimate to install the Wall Connector for about 30,0000 to 40,0000yen which I thought was pretty ridiculous and put me on the search for...
  14. P

    Tesla Wall Connector - installation approach

    I have a 2020 Model 3, and a Gen 3 Wall Connector. I will have a 60 Amp / 240 breaker installed. 6/3 wire will be used from the breaker up and inside the wall, into the attic and over about 9 ft horizontal, down inside the wall to the location of the Wall Connector. From the electricians I spoke...
  15. N

    Is stringing important with optimizers?

    Here is my layout, except the installer says they cannot fit all of the panels shown on the south side so they will move one to the east side. What is the best string for the east and west panels? I think without optimizer, the correct approach is to string 12 in the south together and then...
  16. N

    Advise for installation day?

    Tesla called to offer install on Monday. This is in PG&E territory. I would appreciate any advise for what to expect or if there are any choices I need to make. I still wonder if the inverter should be in the garage or outdoors. I see both options in my neighborhood and I wonder if those inside...
  17. C

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation in Ontario Condos

    Are you looking to have an electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed in your condominium parking space? Let me tell you it is definitely a long process but the result is well worth it! I have created this document to help other people like myself who are keen to have an EV but are not...
  18. B

    Help with finding an Electrician NYC

    Looking for an assist. We're planning to purchase a model Y but having some trouble finding an electrician in Queens, NY to do an instal for us. It's a simple job--drop is about 35 feet from the panel. Building is brand new and nothing needs to be done other than running the wire and installing...
  19. N

    Tesla Solar and Water Leakage

    Every solar company - except Tesla - explained that the best way to install panels (for a customer who also wants to install a new flat roof) is to first tear off the old roof, then install the solar supports, then lastly install the new roof around the supports. Tesla explained they do not...
  20. P

    Best rim installation vendor

    Hey everyone, I'm likely buying rims 3rd party and will need installation in the coming weeks and was wondering if a certain vendor (Tesla Service, Discount Tire, Tire Barn, etc) has the best value for this simple service. I know some places probably mark-up for Tesla vehicles and was...
  21. Keithmt

    Charger Install : Thanks EV Domestic

    Although I live in a fairly new house, I knew the cable routing for the charger was going to be an issue as my power distribution box is almost central in the house and the garage where I wanted the charger was well away from this. My concern was that if I just booked an install and a guy...
  22. S

    Finding the YT DAErik videos really great to see the process (Solar/PowerWall)

    We're signing up for Tesla Solar Panels and PowerWalls and have had many questions understanding the process. Lots of great feedback from owners on here (thanks!) and our Tesla Energy contact has been super. This morning had our 2nd conference call with him (yes, even though he had the day off...
  23. C

    Tesla charger install

    Just something else i forgot to post when i got my car in September when getting the charger installed there was a burning egg smell coming from where the junction box was installed when the car was charging, noticed it within the first 20 mins, so called the installers back, they replaced some...
  24. schrodarkian

    Questions on contract and install mishaps

    All, Just had my new 7.56 kW system with 2 Powerwalls installed in Central California. The process actually went pretty quickly all things considered. I intended to go with a certified installer but they were so disorganized they missed 2 home inspection meetings in a row... and this before I...
  25. L

    Reviews and recommendations for electrician in Adelaide Australia

    Hi, 1st time poster. Would like to hear about price and experience, good and bad, with electricians doing the Wall Connector installation for Model 3 in Adelaide Australia.
  26. MightyHawk

    Boston area installer recommendations for coilovers?

    I just received my MPP coilovers and camber arms. But now I need to get them on the vehicle, dfwatt had a recommended installer in New Hampshire. They work on weekends, but for this they only do weekdays. Since I work in Boston that would mean a full day off from work to install. Can anyone...
  27. K

    Ev charging station for block of flats

    Hi all, I am wondering if someone has experience in installing an ev charging station for designated parking spot in block of flats? I have received commercial quote from one of the ev charger suppliers quoting £10k+ for installation and ev charging software for communal use.
  28. ElectricTravel

    Detailed How-To: Install a Valentine One radar detector behind the nosecone of a Model S

    This is a good solution for those who can't mount their Valentine One radar detector behind the windshield because the metal film in the windshield blocks the radar signals. Thanks to @CHG-ON for the idea. When I read about that setup, it was obvious that it was the best solution for this...
  29. J

    Electrician for HPWC install in LA

    So I just had my Wall Charger installed in my building (multi unit). I got quotes from several electricians including those on the Tesla referral page and finally found an honest electrician. I say this because I was an electrical apprentice when I was a teenager and have a good understanding...
  30. R

    Blackvue DR900s-2 Ch Installation Recommendations in Northern VA or DC Region

    Friends, I am trying to see if anybody here did professional installation. I am perfect up to 98% of my DIY stuff, and I do not want to take chances by breaking anything. Hence, I am lookin to install DR900S 2-Cameras in my Model S with professionals. If you come across anyone or used it...
  31. D

    New Miami PW Installation (questions)

    I got my 2 PWs installed yesterday. The installation took one day by mostly one person (the second came in the afternoon to help for 2-3 hours). They said that they received a shipment of 60 powerwalls recently and are installing them every day. Questions: 1. How do people contact PW tech...
  32. P

    Dashcam installation recommendations in Sacramento

    I've found a lot of installation recommendations for the bay area, does anyone have good experience with an installer that is more local to the Sacramento area? Looking to install a 2CH BlackVue for a 2018 Model S. Thank you! P
  33. AutoTalent

    Vendor Introduction

    Note from TMC Staff: This Vendor used TMC for advertising purposes, but did not fulfill agreed upon financial obligations to TMC. As such we do not wish to have their name associated with TMC and do not recommend other users deal with them.
  34. E

    HPWC installation question - humming noise coming from conduit. Is this normal?

    New Tesla owner here. I recently had a HPWC installed in my garage. Concern is a subtle humming noise from conduit while charging at 48 amps. Is this normal?? Details: Dedicated 60 AMP circuit running from my panel approx 100 feet to attached garage. 3 Wires (l1, l2, ground) are #6 copper...
  35. plasmo

    Has anyone tapped a BlackVue to the domelight to get constant 12V for always on power?

    I saw this video, and was wondering if anyone has been able to successfully hook up a dashcam (i.e. BlackVue) to tap into the yellow domelight wire to get constant 12v power.... and confirm that this will not hurt the battery?
  36. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...
  37. 1.21GW

    60A Breaker -> 4 gage or 6 gage wire?

    I have received a few quotes to install my Tesla Wall Connector for my model 3. The biggest difference between the quotes is wire size. All electricians have their reasons, i’d like to know what you think My setup: 60A circuit breaker 48A max charging amps (wall connector setting #9) 35 ft...
  38. C

    Model S rear cup holder installation (pre-refresh)

    Hello all, I am getting OEM rear cup-holders for my 2016 Model S (before refreshj). However, it doesn't come with instructions. Could someone point me to where I can find instructions? Thanks a bunch!
  39. N

    Model 3 Charging: Quick question about electrician installing HPWC

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this is a silly question as I'm not an electrician, but I have an electrician coming out to 'install' my HPWC into my garage on Monday. Unfortunately, my shipping got delayed on the actual HPWC and won't arrive on time/by Monday. As of now, he is still coming out...
  40. Akrion

    Model S Grocery Hooks DIY

    For those of you who like me like to have things organized and tidy @ the trunk I recently figured out a way to get VM/Audi grocery hooks (which I always loved in my Audi's) attached to the rear trunk "cover". The best part is that the total cost for the parts needed is less than $30! Here is...
  41. DIL

    Friday the 13th: Scary HPWC Install Estimates?

    I'm having three different electricians (overkill?) come out to my house on Friday the 13th to provide estimates for HPWC installation. Anything I should know? Or ask? I'll let you know how it goes...
  42. T

    Installation of BlackVue DR650S-2CH into a 2017 MS w/Glass Roof

    Was looking into getting a Dash Cam for my MS. I see a lot of people go with the BlackVue option however I can not find anyone that has installed this cam system inside a MS with the Glass Roof. Therefore, I'm thinking about just getting the single channel DR650S instead of the 2CH one cause I...
  43. IGotEastBay

    Electrician in Bay Area - East Bay

    Hi all, Does anyone have a recommendation for an electrician to install the 240 volt outlet in the Bay Area, specifically the East Bay? What are people in the area paying for the install? Thanks.
  44. L

    House Breaker Box Maxed Out

    On Saturday, my wife is going to test drive a Model X. This will be for her car and not mine as I already have a reservation in for the Model 3. This will be our first time ever in a Tesla actually. Depending on how it goes, we might be placing an order for one. Though, who am I kidding... I...
  45. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Blackvue dashcam installations on Model S and Model X in Atlanta

    Have you considered having a Blackvue dashcam installed in your Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X but are unsure of where to have it installed? We are happy to share that Detailed Designs Auto Spa has been installing Blackvue dashcams in Atlanta since 2015, have many Tesla installations under our...
  46. E

    Read threads but still have seat cover installation inquiry......

    Hello! I'm new to the Tesla Family and this forum. Taking delivery of my Model S at the end of September. I purchased seat covers for the front and rear from Evannex. I finally opened the box today and see that the covers are by Wet Okole. I have them, now what? I am located in MD and want...
  47. T

    Vous connaissez un électricien dans le 22 ?

    J'essaie de trouver un électricien près de St Brieuc pour installer une prise bleue à 32A pour ma Tesla, mais j'ai vraiment du mal ! Quand le service "Trouver un électricien" de Tesla ne trouvait personne dans le 22, quelqu'un chez [email protected] m'a envoyé les coordonnées...
  48. S

    Review of Prodashcam.com's Blackvue Install in SoCal

    Here's a quick recap of my experience with Prodashcam.com: Ordering, Scheduling, and Costs Super easy. I called and reached Aaron (the proprietor of Prodashcam.com) right away. I explained what I needed, negotiated some discounts for two cars and cash payment, and scheduled a time for the...
  49. fasteddie7

    Will this 14-50 work?

    I'm still trying to decide if I should buy a HPWC or just install a NEMA 14-50, I stopped at the local hardware store and picked up on 14-50 outlet, it is different than the others i've seen and it doesn't say NEMA anywhere on it. I attached pictures and was wondering will this work if I got...
  50. fallen888

    Help me convince my company to install some chargers

    So I'm about to reach out to my company's facilities manager to request/suggest/beg for installation of some electric car chargers. :cool: So far I have the following arguments for this initiative: Much like the complimentary car wash service, this would be an overall morale booster for the...