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  1. KirillK

    Model Y on the track

    I couldn't find a thread about track time and racing in general on Model Y. Is anyone else using Model Y Performance for autocross or lapping? On our local autocross events there are multiple Model 3s - one is always 1st/2nd, another two are usually in top 10 (out of 80 cars). I don't feel...
  2. tmruwart

    Racing a bunch of FSD cars on a track

    I would love to see a bunch of FSD cars racing on a track. But I have questions: 1. How would they behave? 2. Could they "learn" track etiquette? 3. How fast would/could they go? 4. Could they eventually be able to drive a track better/faster than a human driver? 5. How many accidents would...
  3. B

    FS: (4) 19" Advan Racing GT Beyond wheels w/tires and TPMS (SF Bay Area)

    Originally bought these to use as a second, track-focused wheel setup for my 2021 M3P but I'm moving up to Central Oregon soon and will have more use for a winter-focused second set, so I'm selling them. These wheels only have about 100 miles on them with zero track use, so they're essentially...
  4. J

    Plaid roll racing

    I see a bunch of threads on drag racing the plaid, but I want to know what is the best setting for roll racing in it. Back when I had the model 3, I would use track mode, and put it in rear wheel drive. For some reason the RWD track mode on that car was faster for me than AWD so I’m wondering if...
  5. R

    Racing Brake XT910 Brake Pad Upgrade For M3P

    Well here goes my first ever post, so go easy on me 😅. I just swapped out the stock P3D pads for the Racing Brake XT910 pads, and I cant believe I didn't do it sooner. Living in Ontario, Canada, one of my worries was how they would perform in the cold weather, but so far there are no downsides...
  6. MichaelP90DL

    Tips on drag racing your Model S Plaid...on the track.

    For those who have not yet experienced what it’s like to be on a drag strip with your MS Plaid, this post is for you. Most big US drag strips operate under rules of the National Hot Rod Association, which is fine unless you drive a really quick, unmodified (stock) electric car. The Plaid can...
  7. MichaelP90DL

    2020 Model S Raven Performance for sale, $89,000

    2020 Tesla Model S Raven Performance 9,626 miles Outstanding condition 0-60, 2.3 seconds Quarter mile, 10.45 seconds, 126.25 mph Top speed, 163 mph 920 pound-feet torque Range, about 340 miles All-wheel drive Tinted windows Eight-year ceramic coating applied in July to protect the...
  8. Zextraterrestrial

    NHA (Northwest Hillclimb Association)

    🥰 With Pike's peak going on currently I'm getting pretty excited for next weekend's hill climb! Will be my 4th hill ( I've raced just over 40 miles of hills in 3 events) Cascade lakes last weekend was canceled (low #'s), Bible creek is canceled(construction) and Hoopa is too ( CV-19? /...
  9. skylarracing

    Taller Diameter Wheel or Smaller Diameter Wheel?

    Without overcomplicating this thread, I've heard Tesla's "like" a taller diameter wheel, they would rather a 20" or 19" then a 18" or 17". I know with regular ICE vehicles the size of the wheel can affect gearing, since we don't have gears how does it work for us? To set the line I use my Tesla...
  10. D

    Model 3 in 1 Lap Of America - team PGR!

    My Tesla buddies are flexing a Model 3 in the 1 Lap Of America, 'charge them up' with some support on their social media! ;-) team PGR - Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuSfUFJFjP7dyJC06F5OOMA team PGR - Insta https://www.instagram.com/teampgr1/
  11. fastp3d

    Tesla Podium at Global Time Attack *Video*

    Happy to report my 2nd place podium at Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow. I competed in Enthusiast class which limited my setup but was still a great challenge. My tires were one of the biggest limiting factors. I was restricted to 255 with a minimum 220 tread wear. I also needed to include all...
  12. fastp3d

    Unplugged P3D vs GT3 RS

    Given that I do have a heavily modded P3D with Unplugged suspension, BFB brake kit, track wheels with 315's, etc.. ). I think I could hang with a GT3 RS. I have found myself tracking with these guys on multiple occasions. Turns seem to be no issue and I can actually put pressure on them. The...
  13. Mash

    Brainstorming of race seat build for Model 3

    I was recently actively defending that for dual-use purpose Model 3 doesn't need more than Schroth Quick Fit 4 point harness. While it tremendously better keeps your ass and allows you to turn a wheel instead of holding to it, it's not really helping you to properly feel what happens with a car...
  14. Zextraterrestrial

    2020 Bible Creek Hill Climb King P3-

    This happened yesterday! :p King Me! ... I want Tesla sponsorship for a cage o_O sry- loud music in car while driving! 10% range / run 2.2 miles Subaru that was saving some for Sunday blew up and I just beat his Saturday time! a few of the cars in this clip that should have beat me...
  15. DanCar

    Passing Porsche and Lambo at Laguna Seca

    At 3:40 and 5 time respectively. Not performance. Marc's Blog: cars - 4 laps with my Model 3 at Laguna Seca, 2 1.55 laps with toasted brakes
  16. Brando

    RIMAC Tajima eRunner

    Perhaps the best Pike's Peak driver is from Japan. Why/how can Honda/Toyota/Mazda/ and all the others be so behind in electrics?? note: 2017 Rimac youtube channel: YouTube
  17. F

    racing(getting on a track) a model 3 standard plus stock tires.

    Hi. I am really interested in getting into racing and was wondering if there was any track that allowed a beginner in a stock car to go on the track and race.(beginner 17 years old.) I know its definitely not the best idea in a stock car that isn't as fast as the rest of the lineup, but do you...
  18. Brando

    Racing stopped improving road cars how & when? F1 history

    Racing and Road Cars and Air Craft Many don't realize when auto racing rules stopped technology improvements. You'll find interesting. Quick history of how engineers are inspired to solve problems in these 3 slightly different applications of technologies.
  19. CA_Car_Guy

    1/2 Mile Runs

    Took my 19 M3 AWD LR to a half mile shoot out. Ran against a few different cars. Here is a half mile pull against my friends Audi R8 v10 performance plus. ~4 sec to 60 topping out at 130mph. My car was at a 35% SOC. He was behind be up to 100mph (he had a bad launch). Didn't know I was going...
  20. Zcd1

    I hit the drag strip again last night - new personal best!

    I decided on the spur of the moment to head out to the strip to see what effects the warmer weather and lighter wheels might have compared to when I ran in March. It was a typical "Test 'n Tune", and pretty busy overall considering that it was mid-week. Lots of "Murrican" muscle, both old and...
  21. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Visits Laguna Seca and Has a Record-Setting Party

    Hey TMC! We took a few days to collect our thoughts, shake off the jet lag and post some photos and videos for you all to see. Participating in Tesla Corsa 4 and Refuel at Laguna Seca was some of the best times we've had behind the wheel. We had a ton of fun and got to meet many of our...
  22. Zerosport

    Model 3 Tearing it Up at the Track

    I'm building a Model 3 race car. Full build. Stripped down, roll cage, wing, etc... no holds barred. And I'm taking it into real competition. My passion is motorsport. I've been racing competitively for eight years and as soon as I drove a Tesla I knew the future would be electric. The general...
  23. UnpluggedP

    Vendor (Video) Tesla Track Mode Consultant Randy Pobst Tests Unplugged Performance Upgrades on Track at Tes

    Unplugged Performance has partnered with Randy Pobst as a strategic advisor and test driver for our Tesla performance upgrades. Randy's experience in developing Track Mode for Tesla provides us with a great baseline and solid guidance for our performance products which are developed to surpass...
  24. Roys3

    Should Tesla Enter Formula E ?

    I think it would be a great if Tesla entered a car: Formula E’s wild new racecar makes electric racing look cool
  25. MountainPass

    Vendor Buttonwillow CW13 Track Guide

    Hey Guys, With Tesla Corsa coming up this weekend I thought it would be helpful to post a Model 3 specific track guide for Buttonwillow CW13. I hope those of you planning to attend that track find it useful! For the best formatting and full-size data images you can visit the original article...
  26. MountainPass

    Vendor Track Day Guide for Beginner and Experienced Model 3 Owners

    Track Day Guide With our years of building, racing and driving in top level sports car racing series in North America, we’ve learned a lot – and we can help give you the simple, useful information you need to make your track day a success. I love the fact that an article like this is not only...
  27. Arpe

    MotorTrend is back with P3D - Track mode and Randy Pobst

    MotorTrend once again tested out the Tesla Model 3 with Track mode (released publicly today) and Randy Pobst behind the wheel. Quick info - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is no longer Sport sedan record holder at "Willow Springs". Enjoy...
  28. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP At Global Time Attack Superlap With A P3D! Nov 8/9

    Hey everyone. Excited to announce that we are heading down to California again, this time to compete in the premiere Time Attack event in North America - Global Time Attack. We thought those of you interested in the performance potential of the P3D would be excited to follow along with the...
  29. C

    Tesla to go racing with GT championship!

    Check out this video, "Electric GT" have completed the conversion of a Model S P100DL into a fully FIA approved race car, complete with roll cage, racing slicks, and a big wing on the trunk! It's driven round a track in Spain by Tiff Needell, a guy that used to present British Top Gear for...
  30. nico180

    Day of light - electicGT racing

    in het weekend van 18 november is er de 'electic' GT series introductie event: day of light. de electric GT’s specially developed EGT P100 2.0 racing car. een model S in raceoutfit, een 100 kW pack. Extra earodynamica dus extra downforce door de voor en achtervleugel. Electric GT - Summary...
  31. Oricle

    SS Roadster AutoX Setup

    I've been co-driving and working on setup in a Roadster for 3 seasons now and I feel like I'm finally getting to the point where the car is quick and playful around the cones, so I thought id share my setup and hopefully start a serious discussion about autox setup and driving technique for this...
  32. H

    "new" member from Germany...

    Hi Folks, I just want to say hello from Germany and introduce myself ... I am 53 years old and a real petrolhead UNTIL the first Tesla was presented - after that only E-Vehicels matters ... ;) The Model S was my sneaking desire since the first time it was presented on the market - over all it...
  33. Cloxxki

    Panoz BEV entry for 2018 LeMans 24h

    Panoz unveils all-electric GT project for Le Mans I love this to bits. I've been advocating dual battery chemistry setups for performance and economy gains for a while. Until a chemistry hits the market that gets bot great density and really high charge rate (for regenerative braking), it's the...
  34. Reeler

    Tesla - NEW Silver Model X 22" OEM Turbine Wheels, Tires, TPMS | Set of 4 | $4,000 Installed

    I won these for my Model X, but already have a set of rims. These are a $5.5K upgrade over the standard wheels and $6.8K when bought on the Tesla Gear site. Keep your 20" stock rims for the winter and use these in the summer or just to look good all year long. These are waiting to be installed...
  35. J

    Model S on Track at Road America!

    Very cool to see a Model S out on the racetrack!
  36. S

    Red Bull Global Rallycross to Add Electric Series for 2018 Season

    Red Bull Global Rallycross to Add Electric Series for 2018 Season
  37. B

    HELP!! Model S P90DL and Co-Driver Needed for One Week

    Beginning this Friday can you (or someone you know) free yourself up for 9 days and put your Model S to the ultimate driving dynamics test by competing in the 33rd Brock Yates' One Lap of America? I'm in a bind to say the least. I have an entry in this years' One Lap of America for a Model S...
  38. B

    HELP!! Model S P90DL and Co-Driver Needed for One Week

    Beginning this Friday can you (or someone you know) free yourself up for 9 days and put your Model S to the ultimate driving dynamics test by competing in the 33rd Brock Yates' One Lap of America? I'm in a bind to say the least. I have an entry in this years' One Lap of America for a Model S...
  39. omgwtfbyobbq

    Model 3 in motorsports?

    In my opinion, it''ll be a few years before Tesla can focus on anything besides the Gigafactory and 3, but a certain poster got me thinking about EVs and motorsports. I think the Model S is a a little on the heavy side for competition, but I can see a stripped down Al/Carbon fiber "Model 3"...
  40. mgemmell


    Hi fellow Tesla enthusiasts, I wanted to communicate this to you guys before things get released to the press as I value TMC and thought you might like to hear it first. For about a year now some motorsport friends and I have been putting together what is going to be the ElectricGT world...
  41. tkizzy

    Don't you think Tesla Motors should have a Formula-E team?!

    I don't know if any of you have seen this, but it's pretty sweet. All aspects of the race are incredibly tech-ed out. There's a ton of footage on the site. The season appears to have just ended on the 27th - 2 of the events took place in the United States. Just like all the big manufacturers...
  42. Electric700

    Electric Racing Car Technology: 0-60 MPH in 2.9 Seconds

    I found this interesting video where a UK racing group has been able to create an 850 HP 100% electric racing car that can go 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds (statistics after 12:50 in the video): 850hp Electric Racing Car: Driving the Drayson B12/69EV -- /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube May be Tesla...
  43. Robecology

    Let's do the HOMESTEAD-MIAMI SPEEDWAY! See the link;

    Have talked to club organizer Larry Chanin (President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts) about the possibility of getting a club event at Homestead-Miami speedway in Homestead, Fl. I live a couple miles away, and could host a party on any day we plan a get together. The two closest days the track is...
  44. B

    Pikes Peak Hillclimb Rally June 29 2014 Who's Going?!

    Is anyone in CO (or anyone from out of state) going to be attending this years hillclimb event? Would anyone be interested in meeting up for Fan Fest and possibly do a group photo shoot? More info on the event: http://www.ppihc.com/ Let me know if you're going and I'll start a roll call! Tim
  45. mnx

    Is anyone interested in charging at CTMP (formerly Mosport)?

    So I've been thinking CTMP could use some charging facilities. I have a friend who is planning to participate in the CASC Time Attack Series there next summer and he suggested that I contact them. Apparently they've been pouring a lot of money into the facility so they may be open to...
  46. Zextraterrestrial

    Model S - Hillclimb

    I did a hill climb this last weekend. pretty fun. It was like trying to drive part of the uphill teslive drive as fast as you can, although that road might have been more fun at speed? Hoopa Hillclimb The hill is Pine creek road in Hoopa, CA 1160 vertical feet 2.2 miles here are results by...
  47. T

    Lighthouse Charter school EV conversion project sparks new initiatve

    Yesterday was pretty exciting! & I want to keep the momentum going.. I KNOW this is unplug day & I KNOW this project seems a bit off-topic, but its a think globally, act locally thing.. yesterday Cleantechnica put this out EV Conversion Project For High Schoolers -- Help A Brother Out...
  48. D

    F1 inspired parts anyone?

    Hello Everyone form the UK & in the heart of Motorsport design & Production - Oxford. We brought a Tesla as a company R&D machine.We design F1, sports & super-cars (www.dash-cae.co.uk) The Tesla Roadster we have embraces our values for lightweight powerful vehicles. We have our own F1 inspired...
  49. Zextraterrestrial

    Zextraterrestials S (tory)

    So. My Tesla story starts around March 2010 when I was given around the cost of a deposit of a Model S Growing up in Los Altos I was pretty familiar with all of the stuff going on around the area and liked the idea of electric cars. The Factory tour last October and Test ride was pretty sweet...

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