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  1. J

    Tesla Model S Main Screen Keeps Turning On & Off

    Has anybody else on here experienced there main car screen keep on glitching and turning on and off for about 5 seconds? Mine used to do this on the odd occasion, but as of the last week it has been doing this every day every few minutes. Has anybody else experienced this?
  2. Z

    Screen Not Flush

    I just took delivery of my second 2023 Model S (We got one for my wife then I fell in love with it) I noticed that on mine, the center display does not sit into the dash as deep and my OCD is kicking in a little bit. Is this worth taking to the service department and getting them to fix? I...
  3. B

    Tesla s U-shaped screen

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Teslas. Just bought Model S 2013. There's a weird thing on the screen. Could you please see a picture? Is it a protective film or what is it? I can't find the way to take it off. Thank you!
  4. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (8).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (8).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  5. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (4).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (4).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  6. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (2).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (2).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  7. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (1).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (1).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  8. RNHurt

    ScreenKlean is great for the display!

    I was gifted a couple of ScreenKlean units several months ago and I didn't really think much of it. However, it turns out that they can be used to clean the center display without enabling "Cleaning" mode. Just pop off the top and start cleaning! I'm guessing the pad is so wide that it...
  9. V

    Change Screen to see speedometer

    New to Tesla and looking at changing to this picture. How do you do this please? Thanks
  10. S

    Model S manually tilted screen - fixed

    I've just finished tilting the screen on my 2021 MS longrange manually. A few pictures are attached and when I have more time I'll write up some step by step directions how do go about this. It took me about two hours to figure this out but I guess it would only take about 45 minutes now to...
  11. S

    Model X OEM Swiveling Screen Thread

    Moderator note: Changed the thread title to reflect the new Model S/X screen feature is actually for swiveling, not tilting. Now that it's confirmed that the tilted screens for S/X are real, and we have deliveries happening, I thought it might be useful to collect data in one place. Hopefully...
  12. S

    Repeatedly frozen Model Y screen linked to lumber support?

    I'm new to Tesla having only owned my Model Y for two weeks now, but it has a fault that I want to see if anyone else is experiencing. Every time I get in to the car after having been away from it long enough for it go to sleep, the screen becomes unresponsive and you can't interact with it...
  13. Guacahummus

    FS: Model 3/Y Dash Display (Steering Wheel Screen)

    Planning on selling my car soon so no longer have plans to install this display. Many of the displays out there are ~10 inches, this one is closer to ~9 inches. Can get more pictures if asked but not sure what else to show. Located in DFW. Asking $325 shipped
  14. L

    MCU2 yellow edges and faded maps

    Just took delivery of a MS 100D from Tesla. It has just over 20K miles and looks fabulous. I sold my M3 the same day. Both cars made in May of 2018. The MS has the newer MCU. When I pointed out the yellow halo on the MCU, the Tesla CSR said that the yellow did not interfere with the operation...
  15. B

    Question for those who’ve fitted a tilt screen!

    Hey all. I bought a tilt screen kit, similar to this, from AliExpress which all seems decent and good quality. Fitted it today, but I am left with a gap between the new plastic piece/sleeve and the wooden part of my dash and whatever I do, I couldn’t get it to fit well so it didn’t leave a...
  16. LeeStafford11

    Speaking of Santa and Tesla. . .

    (Warning, you might not be able to un-see this after looking for it...) Has anyone with a MY noticed that the top down picture of the car in the lower left of the screen has a Santa face in it? My wife was the first to notice it and now I cannot un-see it. LOL. 🎅
  17. mrfra62

    Clear cache

    Vorig jaar waren wij met de Tesla op vakantie naar Italië. Op de terugweg gebeurde het een aantal keer dat beide screens vast liepen een spontaan gingen reboten. Best eng als je op de Duitse autobaan rond de 130 rijdt. De navigatie stond aan natuurlijk en we luisterden naar Spotify. Het euvel...
  18. D

    Afterburner image on screen [sentry mode]

    Does anyone know the significance of this image? It looks like an afterburner with a vertical line through the center.
  19. PoitNarf

    Model 3 Screen Corners Fading

    The screen on my Model 3 has developed some slight fading at the top corners of the screen. Just curious if anyone else has seen this. Wondering if this is similar to the screen yellowing I’ve read about on older Model S cars.
  20. Crafty flower

    Left side of screen split

    Left side ⬆️ of my screen is split from the very top.. is anyone else experiencing this? Woke up to this yesterday morning..
  21. Rshephorse


    Average age in the US = 38. Average age of Tesla owner = 54; Average age of onset of presbyopia = 45. What this means is that the vast majority of Tesla drivers are 'farsighted', including me. You get old, your eye's lenses get stiff.... So this means that there is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge market...
  22. fasteddie7

    Backup camera cracked or peeling from the inside?

    Put my car in reverse today and noticed the backup camera screen was blurry and unusable. Upon inspection it looks like it’s cracked. What’s odd is it doesn’t feel rough or jagged, almost like the issue is from the inside. I assumed a rock or something flew up from the road (winter conditions...
  23. J

    Help! My M3 won't turn off!!

    I've been fighting this issue for over 2 weeks now. I have a 2020 M3 Dual Motor with just over 15,000 miles. Christmas Eve was my 1 year anniversary as I got my car on 12/24/2019. No problems with my car until two weeks ago when I was traveling out of town. I left work and drove to my hotel and...
  24. J

    Interesting and unique tech accessory

    Hope it's ok to start a thread about this...I figured it's a one of a kind setup and is worth sharing. Anyways, working in IT, I'm always used to having lots of monitors around me, so I used two of these clamps: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GVF445X To attach this monitor...
  25. C

    Screen Flickering and driver side cluster problems

    I had what I thought was the MCU replaced in June for a huge bubble in the screen. The screen started flickering this week. I contacted Tesla as my Driver side cluster is also taking forever to turn on. I am told the MCU needs to be replaced and infotainment upgraded. When the screen was fixed...
  26. M

    Gen 2 Model S or X IC for Sale!

    Hello everyone!! I am seeing a lot of you guys are having problems with leaking IC/MCU screens and this seems to be a common issue especially if you live in hot climates. My brother recently upgraded his MCU and IC to the new updated versions ("MCU2") that recently came out and I have IC cluster...
  27. Lx2m3

    Blank Screen - Model 3

    Moderator comment - threads merged and renamed Entering the car this morning was faced with a blank screen, had this before but just for a few seconds, assuming wake up time delay. On this occasion however the screen remained black. There was no change after waiting patiently for a few minutes...
  28. MrTemple

    Swivel Screen Mount Kit: Any Reviews/Impressions?

    Holy this thing looks cool. I love the idea of the swivel version coming out that lets you adjust it back to neutral. Just seems to make sense when I'm the only one in the car to have it pointed at me. And I like the idea of it reducing glare without needing a matte screen protector. Here's a...
  29. Gwgan

    NHTSA asks about MCU memory screen failures

    US Agency Probes Touch-Screen Failures in Tesla Model S
  30. T

    Other cars swerving in visualization

    Hey everyone! Long-time reader, first-time poster here. It bugs me that other cars being rendered in the visualization swerve as they pass me or I pass them, and I'm curious if that's normal or if it might be a sign that the side sonar sensors aren't calibrated correctly. Up until now I've...
  31. A

    Schade door kapot scherm en slechte service

    Goedendag, ik ben op zoek naar mensen die, net als ik, slechte ervaringen hebben met Tesla's Service Center. Na 3 maanden ellende met het (toch wel als vitaal onderdeel aan te merken) scherm, 3 bezoeken aan het Service Center en een fikse deuk in die dure wagen, ben ik er wel klaar mee. Wat is...
  32. mrfra62

    Schermen lopen vast gevolgd door spontane reboot

    Toen ik van wintersport terugkwam deed zich het volgende voor. Terwijl ik ca 130 reed op de Duitse autobahn zijn op verschillende tijdstippen beide schermen vastgelopen (geen reactie meer op aanraken touchscreen en screen voor bestuurder geen veranderende snelheid of lijnen van autopilot die in...
  33. M

    Screen flicker and switching off

    Hi Just taken delivery of a model 3 performance about 10 days ago. Loving it so far but my screen keeps flashing black and occasionally switches off whilst driving. Recently upgraded to V10 software but hasn't solved the issue. Have tried a reset by holding both steering buttons and the...
  34. wolfwill23

    Screen flashes to black and phone disconnects upon door close

    Hello, I've had my MR3 for about 5 months now. The past 2.5 weeks, the car has been at Tesla to work on a broken door handle and the screen flashing to black upon door close. They replaced parts on the door handle but not the screen. For the screen (which I provided about a dozen time...
  35. mrfra62

    Gekleurde (gele) rand om scherm

    Sinds kort heb ik een gekleurde rand op het scherm (touchscreen). Foto is bijgevoegd. Iemand die weet wat het is? Hoort het of is het een defect? Ik merk ook dat het touch screen minder gevoelig is. Als ik de app aanraak het internet, dan reageert hij niet direct, moet een paar keer aanraken...
  36. SilverSp33d3r

    Screen bubbles - not center touchscreen

    This afternoon I got into my car to find this gem. Bubbles in the speedometer screen. Has anyone experienced this? It’s growing larger by the hour. I’m about to take a 1000 mile road trip, what’s the likelihood of the screen completely failing? 2014 December build Model S60.
  37. Minecon_CA

    Holding down the Controls button makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster.

    Holding down the Controls button on the screen makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster. What does this do?
  38. D

    white screen

    Hi i just got my Tesla model 3 couple days ago and when I reverse the whole screen is white. Randomly it will go away but the it starts glitching and is barely visable. Have u guys had this problem how did you fix it. I tried to reboot it with the steering wheel and that didn't work.
  39. S

    Had a SR+ for 7 days, returned it!

    Yup, I had a SR+ for 7 days, and just returned it. Ok here’s the story (signed up just to post this): Ordered a black on black SR+ a week ago and took delivery last Friday Delivery wasn’t super smooth: was told to show up a Burbank at 11am, did the orientation with 7 other M3 owners and...
  40. B

    Yellow Border

    Still have that annoying yellow border around the screen. When I asked about 6 months ago I was told there was going to be a fix "soon." Anyone have any more information about this?
  41. T

    Disinfect the screen

    question, I know we should use the included microfiber cloth to wipe the screen but what does everyone use to Disinfect it? Like if someone coughs on it or sneezes and you want to clean it. Thoughts?
  42. S

    Increasing Font Size on Screen?

    Some of us need a larger font size on the screen, so we don't need to drive with reading glasses or bifocals. Is there a way to change the font size? Seems like an easy fix....or update..
  43. M

    Model S Reboot Loop?

    Hey folks, I have a new (~2k miles, but older firmware) Model S 75D loaner right now that seems to be stuck in an MCU reboot loop - the screen comes on for about long enough to load the maps (maybe 4-5 seconds), then goes black, kills audio/climate/etc, I see Tesla logo, then the screen loads...
  44. K

    Display screen delaminating?

    I just noticed this on the Model S screen above the steering wheel. Around the edges of the display you can see an irregular line. Is this delamination, normal wear and tear or has it always been there?
  45. P

    Miles per hour reading during charge

    I went to a supercharge station with my model 3 and the car readout showed a charge rate of miles per hour. But when I charge at home, I do not get the same read out. Am I imagining this? If not, how do I get the same home charger readout to be the same as at the supercharger station?
  46. T

    Screen in Direct Sunlight -- bad?

    Hi everyone, First post here! I park my Tesla outside, uncovered, in the direct sunlight. When I get into the car, the back of the screen is EXTREMELY hot. Meaning, I can't touch it any longer than 1 second it's so hot. Is this a bad thing that my screen is always in the sun like this? Should...
  47. strava

    Please replace the on-screen Volume Control with Mirror Fold/Unfold

    Since we can adjust the volume easily using left scroll button, the Volume Control on the touch screen is redundant. A Mirror Fold/Unfold control would be more helpful for those working with a tight garage door. Better yet, make it a custom control and the user can assign one of other...
  48. S

    Roof screen should be opaque.

    As we get into the hot part of the year, people are going to start seeing the effects of heat and a glass roof. I'm thinking of buying the roof screen, but it just seems so stupid that even that screen isn't totally opaque. It's semi transparent. So you're paying for an additional semi...
  49. C

    Main screen need reboot everytime

    My Model X updated the firmware last week, and from that moment, everytime when I start the car I have to push the two buttons to reboot the main screen, EVERYTIME, no except. does anyone has the same problem?
  50. MartyL

    Black screen

    I was driving today with navigation showing me the way, when suddenly the screen turned black. The spoken directions still continued (phew) and several minutes later the Tesla logo came back followed shortly by a normal screen. Why would that happen?