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  1. J

    Minor accident using autopilot

    Hello, all. I'm new to the forum (and a relatively new Tesla owner). Was hoping to get some feedback from the forum regarding a recent disappointing incident. I was driving my car on some back roads and wanted to test out the Autopilot away from the highway. I was going around the speed...
  2. M

    Highland - “thermal image” sensors

    New model 3 Highland has a kind of thermal heat sensor image when reversing. Previous model 3 told you how many inches you were from the car in front / kerb. Is there an option to switch from thermal back to inches? Thank you!
  3. M

    Poll - When do you believe park assist will be available again?

    Very informal poll :-) "For a short period of time during this transition, Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily limited or inactive, including: Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is traveling <5 mph."...
  4. M

    Everything disabled, after bottoming out on a freeway transition

    Car bottom'd out on a really rough freeway road transition and almost everything sensor related turned off. Disabled regenerative braking, traction control, emergency braking, proximity sensors, etc. I pulled over and let the car shutdown and reset back to normal. Anyone familiar with this...
  5. M

    Driving model 3 without front passenger seat?

    Has anyone tried to drive a model 3 without a front passenger seat? I could use as much space in the car as I can get and removing the passenger seat would really help but I herd disconnecting the sensors would mess with the car and make it go into park when driving at very low speed. Is that true?
  6. D

    Any experience with 3M wraps and interruption of radar and sensors?

    Hi there, I will be purchasing my Model 3 in a few days and I would like to apply a 3M 1080 Wrap on it. I am however concerned about impact on performance of sensors such as the radar for emergency braking. Does anyone have a experience with these wraps and if they have any impact on the car’s...
  7. T

    Road Trip: Door Drama Galore

    just took a 400 mile road trip (CA --> AZ and back). Two major doors issues cropped up (we have 2017 100D) 1. Falcon doors (both) stopped opening in Arizona. We initially chalked up to 100 degree weather and the knowledge that direct sunlight sometimes tricks the doors (we live in San...
  8. BennyMountfort

    Neural Net Rain Drop Sensor??

    So, Is anyone else still having some troubles with their rain sensor? Mine will not turn on or be delayed for small / medium rain and sometimes when its not even raining I cant get it to turn off without manual settings. I just dont get why we need Neural Net learning machines as some...
  9. sweetneet

    suddenly refusing to change lanes while in Autopilot

    Today my Model 3 suddenly started refusing to change lanes while in Autopilot. When i make the signal, it shows the clear space, but just. refuses.to.go. It does it on NoA as well. I tried several times on both highway and regular roads..same thing. I rebooted, cleaned off the sensors a bit and...
  10. G

    Are we getting duped by repair shop?

    My wife had some minor front-end cosmetic damage to her SR+ and punctured a small part of the front bumper. The damage was isolated and did not appear to hit or affect any of the sensors. While we were getting the insurance and repair process figured out, we drove the car normally for about a...
  11. A

    Where to Buy Tesla Wheel Centre Caps and TPMS Sensors?

    I'm looking to replace my centre caps and TPMS sensors but looking for a reasonable price for a good product. I am sure I can get a better deal than through Tesla. Any Canadian friendly options? Thanks.
  12. J

    Model S Expansion Tank Level Sensor

    Hello Tesla lovers. I need to know about a smal lsensor. There is a sensor inside expansion tank which measures coolant level. So i need to know this sensor's code or datasheet information. If you know that and share with me could you let me know, please? Stay with love. Cheers
  13. pdamski

    Intermittent Sensor

    I receive an error message last week on my screen. "Surround vehicle display limited." I think I have an intermittent loss from a sensor on the right rear of the car. Tesla Service was great but a part is ordered and no indicated time of delivery so... I drove into L.A. yesterday and for much...
  14. S

    Loss of all sensors

    On a trip from Boston area to Vertmont yesterday in my S, a lost all sensors. No traffic, road lines, even the rain sensor. Re booted both computers, stopped briefly. No improvement. So, I had to drive manually towards Vt. Not even cruise control!! Stopped after a couple of hundred for...
  15. ModlS3XY

    FWD put a hole in my garage drywall after upgrading to V9

    I had a feeling that the FWD sensors either stopped working (a bug in V9) or were made more “confident” with V9. The FWD never opened to full height previously since it would sense the garage motor (although it could). After v9, I saw that it started opening with full speed and to the full...
  16. Penfold

    Roads and roundabouts missing from main dash screen

    Hi all, my S has been in for minor bumper and wing repair and since having it back (2nd rejection) while driving around my neighbourhood I have no roads on the main screen. Sat Nav is fine and showing roads correctly but I just have my car with a grey background and no roads until I get onto a...
  17. P

    Sensors on Model X Picking up non-existent objects?

    I was pulling out of a parallel parking spot today and my Model X started chiming like crazy, warning me that I was about to hit something. I got out of the car and didn't see anything that I was close to hitting. I got back in the car and started again and the same thing happened. I got out...
  18. B

    2014 MS 85 Upgrading to 2017 100D

    So I pulled the trigger last weekend and bought a new MS. For those of you who have upgraded from older models, I have a few questions: 1. Since I have never had autopilot anything, what would be your top tips on properly using AP 2.5? 2. How would you compare the sensor configuration with...
  19. T

    Model S 2016 Autopilot Sensors

    Hey everyone, we just got a 2016 Model S (with Full Self-Driving Capability) for our university and I need to research a bit about the used sensors for the Autopilot. Unluckily it is very difficult to find any reliable sources. The owner's Manual shows an old version with only one camera. The...
  20. Buckeye2320

    TPMS Sensors - 2013 Model S Retrofit?

    So I am looking for Winter tires for my wife and I noticed that the sites all have TPMS sensor, but my wife's 2013 CPO Model S P85 does not currently have TPMS Sensors. Can these be retrofitted to her 2013 Model S P 85? Thanks for the help
  21. P

    Sensor interactions with wraps such as Xpel?

    A birdie hinted that wrapping my upcoming S in Xpel is NOT recommended because it would somehow interfere with the sensor suite. And here I am planning to do a full body wrap on my new S in December, plus tinting on all glass -- sunroof, rear window, side windows and, if Maryland will allow it...
  22. R

    Backup Sonar Sensors Update Slowly

    When backing up in my garage, I use the rear camera to judge when to stop, which is fine. However, I've noticed that the distance warning color arcs are a substantial fraction of a second delayed. They update the distance with a delay that is too long to be of much practical use. After stopping...
  23. CTemp222

    What Can Model X FWD's Detect?

    I've been curious as to what extent the Model X doors can detect objects. There is this thread Chicago-Parking the X in a Garage, tight space (Video) where Dalia scratches the door on a concrete post (not to single you out Dalia :smile:). Also, I have rails for my garage door that protrude from...
  24. C

    Parking sensor going haywire - anybody else have the same problem?

    I've been having front parking sensors going off at slow speeds when there are no objects nearby. It seems to happen when its hot (CA hot - 90f or so) after being parked. It's kind of embarrassing when guests are in the vehicle. A visit to SC updated the latest firmware, but the problem...
  25. Gabzqc

    List of Sensors in a Model S

    Hi All, I have searched for a thread on this topic but have not found anything. Only links to Parking Sensor problems! Admin please move thread if you feel it should be in a different area. Has anyone seen a list of Sensors that must be built into the Model S? There must be some simple sensors...
  26. J

    Who wants Park Distance Control - Call to all Model S Reservation Holders

    Who wants, or Not, Park Distance Control - Call to all Model S Reservation Holders Please cast your vote here if you want Park Distance Control (aka Parking Sensors). The goal of this Poll is to record what percentage of reservation holders in EU would really like this feature added - and who...