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  1. K

    Trunk not walkup unlock

    Last week or 3, my trunk doesn't walk up unlock! Have to pull out the app, and tell the car to unlock the trunk (which works) - any clues? The doors DO walk up unlock
  2. P

    MY will not automatically unlock

    Our MY will sometimes not unlock automatically in the presence of our phones. We have to fire up the Tesla app and manually unlock the car. Anyone have ideas suggestions? Thanks.
  3. S

    Key fob Passive Entry Delay

    I'm having issues with the Model 3 key fob passive entry feature. When I walk up to my car with the key fob, I experience delays ranging from 2-15 seconds while pressing the door door handle, before the door opens. I also experience this issue when pressing the button on the charging cable. If...
  4. S

    How can I open doors of Model S from outside with no power (and presumed 12v unavailable)?

    Hi, Other than breaking the driver's window, reaching in, and pulling the door handle, is there a way to open my 2020 Tesla Model S driver-side door(s) if you assume there is absolutely no power? (I.e., I suspect the 12 V battery is disconnected). Background: a Honda t-boned into my passenger...
  5. G

    Hotspot unlock

    Hey guys, New to the forums and new Tesla owner. I got my Tesla about a week or two ago, and had to have some minor work done, and the Tesla mobile service guy came out. I asked him (because I bought used from 3rd party, and know very little about my car) what happens if I use my phone to...
  6. Ant M3

    NFC / Bluetooth issues

    After nearly 18 months of working absolutely fine my M3/ Phone has suddenly stopped allowing me to get in my car or even drive away without getting the key card out So to clarify : - Won’t allow me to open the car with the phone nfc - but will allow me to open the car with the app OR when I...
  7. K

    Correct iPhone settings for bluetooth unlock?

    Walk-up and unlock doesn't ever work when my phone is locked and in my pocket. I always have to physically remove my phone from my pocket and then either hold it horizontally or unlock the phone itself before pulling on door handle actually unlocks the car. My guess is that the gyroscope moving...
  8. B

    2016 Model S 60kw to 75kw upgrade

    So my wife and I will be buying at model X at years end. We currently own a Model S that has the 75kw pack that is software locked to 60. Anyone have any luck getting tesla to unlock it if you agree to buy a new car? It used to be about $2k in my tesla account log in to upgrade but I don’t see...
  9. M

    Unlock Tesla Model S/X without key

    Hi Since my car is often without GSM signal I would like to have a reliable local alternative to open my Tesla Model X without having to physically carry a key with me around (similar to the Bluetooth based connection for the Model 3). I read some threads of the diagnostic port (and the CAN...
  10. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I have tried a Note 8, S9, S10, and Note 10 with my Model 3. All have Bluetooth issues. They fail with proximity unlock leaving me standing in the rain. When on a call and entering the vehicle they fail to properly handoff audio (mainly mic transfer). However, two different Pixel 3 XLs and a...
  11. A

    stop charging and unlock charge port not working with iPhone app anymore

    I have 2019.36.2.1 FW ( I have 9/2017 build for the car) and after it got installed whenever I try to stop charging and unlock the port with iPhone app, it fails then continues to keep charging. Only after the charging is done (reaches to the limit) I'm able to unlock with the phone. If I go...
  12. N

    Car will only unlock or start when the app is up

    So, I went on vacation for two weeks and came back to my car (with new 2019.28.31 software installed) and my car will not unlock or go into gear unless I have my app up and running. I've tried turning on and off my bluetooth on my phone but that doesn't seem to work. The car will lock when I...
  13. W

    Charge Port will not unlock

    Hi everyone. I tried to charge my car but the charger would not go in no matter what I tried. I only charge at home, super charger or at work with my adaptor. The adaptor seems to go in when I tried it but of course I can’t use my home charger with it. I also can’t get the UI to unlock the...
  14. P

    Can't Lock Keys Inside Vehicle

    I used to be able to leave my keys in the vehicle and then lock it from the app. After locking the vehicle from the app, I wouldn't be able to unlock by tapping the door handles. I could only unlock from the app. I just noticed this is no longer the case. Anyone else notice this? Am I wrong...
  15. H

    car cannot be unlocked

    I got my brand new Model 3 for just one day. On second day, it locked me out completely. Phone key was disconnected and card key also not working. I can still use my phone app to make car honk and flash light. But, I just cannot get in. The car towed to service center on Thursday and they...
  16. GolanB

    2019.12.1.2 - Car failed to lock during walkaway + odd screen behavior

    The first time this happened to me that I can think of - Been using a software key on my mobile device and it has been reliable for both locking and unlocking the vehicle. Today, I parked on the street, enabled sentry mode, and walked away. I got a call about 40 minutes later from my son who...
  17. Tesl@ Bargain

    Appeal to Tesla to unlock all those software-limited High Amperage Chargers

    The 3-phase High Amperage Charger in all facelift Model S and all Model X ordered before July 1, 2017, was software limited to 11 kW although the hardware is capable of doing 16.5 kW, unless one chose the option to pay a fierce premium for those 5.5 kW more in AC charging rate, which is still...
  18. D

    What would you pay for more unlocked acceleration?

    Let's say Tesla can actually unlock more speed for the M3P, and likely the slower models as well. What would you pay for a .5 second faster 0-60 time? I would kill for more jerk off the line as well. Elon, are you there? Take my money! As a side note, would you give up even more range for...
  19. Sagedaddy

    Unlocking with other doors or trunk

    My phone used to reliably unlock all four doors and the trunk. Now it is often just the driver’s door and sometimes the front passenger door. What changed or am I missing something?
  20. IonEV

    Touchscreen wake up issue

    The Model 3 would wake up normally with my wife's iPhone. Meaning she walks up to the car, touches the door handle, the car and touchscreen wake up and are ready to go by the time she gets in. When I approach with my Samsung S8+ the car would open but even after buckling my seatbelt the...
  21. P

    Key Card Troubles

    Tapping the Key Card on the center of the pillar or on the cup holders works sometimes, but not every time. And it seems to be getting worse. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone need a replacement card? Is there a trick to make the RFID card more effective? I feel dumb trying to tap my...
  22. YusufT

    Car won't unlock by walking up to it

    Before the most recent update, I had an 100% success rate of unlocking the doors using my phone as a key. After this update however, it feels like 70% of the time it fails to unlock, and I turn my bluetooth off and on again and same thing, won't unlock even when under bluetooth it says it's...
  23. E

    Will Model S have same unlock/start features as Model 3 via Tesla App?

    Howdy! Purchased my mother a model 3 and looking at an S myself since m in the process of a lemon currently. Love that I can use my app to get into and drive my moms car. With the test drive in the S I noticed I needed a little mini S car fob to summon and drive. The phone was ideal because I...
  24. Electric Machete

    Model S and X unlock using phone

    The Model 3 is shipping with no fob. They are providing an RFID card instead. Most people will just use their phone, which when paired with the app, unlocks the vehicle as you approach. Does anyone know if this will be possible with existing S and X models? I obviously can unlock the car using...
  25. RossRAllen

    FOB dead after 1 week. Where is the RFID unlock actually located?

    My primary FOB is dead after one week. I may have left it overnight near the Model X, and (according to some) that drains the FOB battery with repeated interrogations between the FOB and the car. (I didn't know the FOB receives and responds, I though it was a transmit-only device.) My...
  26. Babylonfive

    Charge Port Characteristics - rare but possible concerns

    I wanted to share some recent esoterica about the charging port locking modes of Model S, and describe a very rare but possible situation and how to work around it. The summary is: if your charge port ever fails to unlock, make sure that the shore power level is reduced below ~5-7A. In nearly...
  27. liuping

    Interior dome lights not turning on when unlocking

    I noticed sometimes the interior dome lights come one when the door handles present (either by walking up, or with double clicking the fob) and sometimes they don't. They always seem to come on if I unlock the car via the phone app. Does anyone else have this issue, or should I have service...
  28. Miuaiga

    Driver Door Unlock, then Opens When Placed in Park

    New experience. Built in valet. Pulled into my garage, with only 17 rated miles left after a quick trip to Fredericksburg (round trip approx. 150 miles). 17 rated miles left. Put foot on brake, push end of gear handle to place in Park. Car unlocks itself and opens driver door. Hmmmmmmm...
  29. bonnie

    Anti-Tesla Gibberish

    I spent yesterday at the Roseville Earth Day. Lots of EVs and EV-ERs present. Everyone was great, lots of interest in EVs ... but the Coda salesperson seemed to have his sales pitch honed around 'Tesla is built for the elite, Coda has built for the masses'. He didn't let up. He didn't care...