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  1. Ostrichsak

    For All of Those Who Challenged My Stance Over the Years on OHMMU Batteries

    This video does a GREAT job of summarizing the incredibly important reasons to NOT swap the OEM low-volt battery for one of these at any cost, let alone over 2.5x OEM replacement cost. Even if you subscribe to the "benefits" this touts, none of them apply to a Tesla given the relatively...
  2. D

    Guide to Install Secondary 12v Outlet Without Splicing or Cutting

    Hi all, I wanted to install a secondary 12v outlet in my 2019 Model 3 but wasn't content with other solutions, which included splicing the existing wiring or dragging a line to the battery. It was difficult to track down the parts list, but I managed to compile a list of connectors and terminals...
  3. L

    12 Li-ion battery dead [car bought at auction]

    I bought the car from the auction that was not drivable ( blown pyro fuse and airbags ) that's the reason probably why 12v li-ion battery is drained. I replaced profuse and with jump start connected car can turn on the screen , update software and I can hear CLICK on the high voltage battery...
  4. C

    How to add a 12v cigarette socket in frunk (Model Y 2022)?

    I have a 2022 Model Y (which has the 12v Li-Ion battery). I would like to add a 12v accessory (cigarette) socket in the frunk so I can use it to charge my OneWheel [an electric skateboard] which I store in my frunk. Can I simply connect a 12v accessory socket directly to the 12v battery...
  5. L

    12V battery

    I am seeing different dimensions for AGM 12V battery replacements.. I'l like to know what dimensions of AGM ( only ) batteries people are using for their Model X. and... Does the battery fit nicely, or, is one dimension too much and could be reduced a little.
  6. 907XCP

    AMD Ryzen & 12v Batteries now shipping in US Y & 3!!

    Per Teslascope on twitter, "The first Model 3 and Y vehicles with MCU3 (Infotainment Computer with AMD Ryzen) are now being produced and delivered in North America" Super exciting, we did not think US would get the Ryzen chips until later this year but it came sooner than expected. If someone...
  7. joexn

    Cable routing from cabin to frunk

    Hi all, I'm looking to route a cable from inside the cabin (ideally passenger footwell) to the 12V battery in the frunk. The cable needs to somehow get from inside the car to the frunk but I cant find any schematics online. I'm hoping there is a nice access grommet behind some of the carpet...
  8. 4SUPER9

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    I am creating this thread to discuss access to power for those who desire modifications to the 2021 refresh Model S, such as adding a radar detector, dashcams, additional LED lighting, etc. This is being already discussed in multiple different areas, but not consolidated anywhere. I...

    12V Backup Battery

    Here is one for the 12V battery gurus out there. What if a lead is run from the battery to the frunk storage area, like for those who connect a battery tender for long term storage. But in this case in the event of a 12V battery problem, could we connect a second 12V battery to the lead and...
  10. Z

    Teslab workaround for 12v charging

    I have a fridge that pulls 30 watts in my MYLR. It’s pretty awesome, always have cool beverages or frozen storage. I understand camp mode, neutral, and sentry mode are all ways to keep the 12v cigarette lighters hot. Sentry mode seems like the most viable solution because it’s a passive setting...
  11. A

    12V Battery Replacement Outside of Warranty

    This is my first warning of my 12V battery needing replacement after warranty ended. I have a few questions for those that have done it. Can this be done myself? Where do I buy the 12V battery if I can? How much does Tesla charge for this service? How long do I have from the first warning...
  12. N

    Planning for the future: 12V battery dies

    All, I've been reading that the M3 has tended to have 12V batteries that die all of a sudden. In an ICE vehicle you can get an indication that a battery is close to death, particularly in cold weather, by hearing the struggle of the starter. What warning signs are there in a Tesla of...
  13. G

    Permanent 12V Aux Battery connected to 12V car Battery. Will it work?

    So I forgot to plug in the car before applying a software update. 5 hours later, car was dead. Something wonky with the update (2020.20.17). This is a 2018 Model X, with 2.5 years and 70K km. Jump starting was effective, but not immediate. I had to "revive" the old battery for at least 20 min...
  14. corndog

    Stock amp power for aftermarket amp turn-on?

    Working through my Model 3 Premium audio upgrade. There is a lot of discussion/advice about where to get your turn-on signal for your after market amp, but I'm not sold on running a line all the way from the front of the car (VC left or cigarette socket). I haven't seen anyone mention using the...
  15. Fiver

    Looking for always on 12v in rear of Model X (late 2018 build)

    Short version: I know there are options in the back to tap into, but it seems like you need to be in the car/car powered on for them to get juice. Looking to avoid running a cable from front to back to get a dedicated always-on 12v line in the rear. I don't need a lot of power. Is there...
  16. T

    Battery draine to 0% at a body shop

    Hi, I think posts about drained battery might be aplenty but my experience seems little unusual based on my forum searches, so here it goes.. My Model 3 LR RWD got rear ended (other side admitted liability) and car was put into a body shop in San Jose, CA back in early December. My car's charge...
  17. rohan_aus

    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    Hey all, I did some searching and can't find a to-the-point post on getting a constant 12V feed that's easy to get to for a dashcam, so here it is. Remove the front domelight / hazard switch / microphone housing using plastic trim removal tools, it can be tricky to get out, be patient. The grey...
  18. DucaTinus

    Ampère op voorste USB poorten

    Heb een wireless charger aangesloten maar bemerk dat de doorgegeven Ampere's beperkt zijn op de voorste USB poorten.Lees dat het maximaal haalbare 2.1A per voorste USB poort is maar dat er eeen grote kans dat die 2.1A niet gehaald wordt in de praktijk. Mijn telefoon wordt niet bijgeladen tijdens...
  19. V

    12V battery replacement, whos had to do one?

    Just curious, who all has had a 12V failure on your MX? Did you have any other electronics installed? Dashcam? Ive got a blackvue DR900 installed with the trailer hitch method. Just curious how common of a problem is this
  20. R

    12V Battery warning just came up with very bad timing - how long do I have?

    Hi, I'm up in Tahoe (Incline Village, NV actually, walking distance from Diamond Peak's resort) and we got a good snow storm that made things very difficult around the area. That part is not that bad, except that the 12V warning just came up this morning, and I can't figure out the level of...
  21. M

    M3 - Nothing turning on

    So I've had the Model 3 since the middle of July and haven't had any issues besides some crazy battery draining. Anyway, this past Sunday (September 23) I got in the car with my keycard (my phone doesnt have the best service at my apartment) and once I got in NOTHING was turning on. The app...
  22. C

    a Tesla that makes coffee

    hi folks, here is my stupid but yet fun summer project: find how to attach a coffee brewer machine to my french Tesla Model S. using capsules in a machine plugged to my 12 Volts plug would be rad. So when people ask me "yes, nice, but does it makes coffee" i could anwser YES! i just don't know...
  23. D

    12V Accessory Power

    Anyone know the specs on the 12V power port in the M3 center console. Is it 12 Amps, 15 Amps max? Also, assuming it switches off when the vehicle is off, yes? Is there another 12V power source anywhere else in the M3?
  24. sgblank

    My 5-year Model S Maintenance/Service History

    My Five-Year Model S Service History 2013 – Model S P85 - delivered in March HPWC (Tesla Wall Charger) in my home garage failed ranger came and replaced the HPWC fuses Pano roof chewed up its rails and would no longer open Service replaced the Pano roof Replacement Pano roof had wind noise...
  25. MarkS22

    Video: Standard 9V Battery vs Model 3 Frunk

    So, with all the discussions about the Model 3's 12V frunk opening system, I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if you didn't use a 12V portable jumpstarter... but rather a standard 9V alkaline battery.
  26. MarkS22

    Video Demo: Opening The Model 3 Frunk Using Jumper Cables

    Hey, I made a quick video giving a demo of how you can open the frunk on a Model 3 if the 12V battery goes dead:
  27. widodh

    12V batterij ineens dood en dode Model S

    Mijn Model S stopte er in Maastricht ineens mee, volgens Tesla een kapotte 12V accu. In het internationale deel een post: Immediate and fatal 12V battery failure De ANWB brengt mijn auto morgen naar Tilburg en dan gaan we het zien. 12V accu is paar maanden auto. We gaan het zien. Is is uit...
  28. T

    Model X: Help! Returned from Vacation, can't get in.

    I returned from 3 week vacation and can't get in to my Model X. Neither key fob works. Both were stored in the house far from the car and the car is only 9 months old. Tried holding the fob down below the driver's side x-wing door; nothing. Even if the problem is the 12v battery under the...
  29. tornado

    Fuse Box on 2016 S

    Hello, I have a late-2016 Model S (and a 2013 S which is not pertinent to the current question) that I'm trying to tap into a 12v switched feed. There are no diagrams at all for the fuse boxes in the new Tesla. Don't ask me to check the manual as they haven't included the word fuse at all in the...
  30. VerityZooms

    High-performance aftermarket audio in a Tesla

    So, my Model X is shaping up in to the beautifully customized beast I've envisioned; the next step is audio. I drove an old antique Mercedes drop-top for many years; and I had her fitted with a … frankly unnecessary quantity of bass-in-the-trunk: a pair of JL's 13.5" W7AEs (theoretically maxing...
  31. J

    Manual - Dashcam with constant 12v power

    I worked out an manual on how to install dashcam on the Roadster. The information could be useful for those who want to learn. :smile: See the attachment. PDF file
  32. NigelM

    Alpine unit freeze after 12v battery change

    Just posting this so that someone may find it if the same bug pops up again.... Had my annual service done on Wednesday and went to collect the car on Thursday. Service included swapping out for a new 12v but when I went to drive home I noticed that the Alpine NAV-10 didn't power up at all...
  33. K

    Low 12v battery, wat andere problemen en rare service

    Ik heb ondertussen al vaker meegemaakt dat hij (P85D van begin maart met 5000km op teller) zei dat de blindspot warning sensoren het niet deden, even later geeft hij dan de melding dat alle veiligheidssystemen het niet meer doen en dan kan ik ook TACC niet meer gebruiken. Dit is dan bij volgende...
  34. A

    Better 12v battery tech exists: LiFePO4

    I love how Tesla is innovating in their cars; not just with batteries and drivetrains, but with their display, the door handles, the GPS enabled air suspension, etc., Just curious if anyone has insight into why Tesla sticks with lead acid or gel batteries instead of a newer technology...
  35. S

    12V battery issues (error messages/car charging problems)

    We got our Model S exactly four weeks ago to the day. Today we got a warning signal that read "12V battery needs servicing" and below that "Replace 12V battery soon". Has anyone else gotten this warning? Can I drive the car with this warning on? I'm not sure what even runs on the 12V...
  36. Z

    12V battery trouble

    My girlfriend and I took my Roadster out for its first 2012 drive, and after eating some lovely ribs we returned to the car and it wouldn't unlock. I walked around to the driver's side to see if the antenna was simply not picking up signal, and I could hear the two beeps normally associated...