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  1. E

    Bolstered backseats as a clue to Plus (+) status? Also, do they fold flat?

    Ran into a curious car. It's a P85D (originally), and after getting acquatinted to TMC over the last few days, ran into the permutation of Model S known as a P85D+. 1. Would there have been a + badge on the trunk if the P85D came with the + suspension? 2. This back seat has a lot of...
  2. D

    Expired 2015 Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous. New Battery, Free Lifetime Supercharging, Autopilot [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2015 Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous. New Battery, Free Lifetime Supercharging, Autopilot. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. M

    Expired 2015 Model S P85D for sale [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2015 Model S P85D for sale. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. C

    Performance Package(X024)???

    Hi! Does anyone know what the Performance Package(X024) on 2014 Model S P85D is?
  5. D

    2015 P90D sells for $42.5k on cars & bids, time to sell my P85D?

    https://carsandbids.com/auctions/9aQ5Q1eD/2015-tesla-model-s-p90d How much difference is there between a 2015 P90D and a 2015 P85D? I've been contemplating selling my 2015 P85D with 17k miles to upgrade to Plaid but was hesitant due to the dropping prices of MS cars and figured it wasn't worth...
  6. SherSlick

    Sold 21" Grey Turbine Wheels - Staggered fitment Model S, TMPS included

    Good day and Thanks for looking. I have the set of 21" Grey Turbine wheels that were equipped on my P85D but in the rare staggered fitment with the wider rears. The wider rears were a staple of the P85 cars to help with traction, but shortly into the Dual-motor run they moved to matching the...
  7. R

    Model S "Plus" Air suspension worth swapping to "Standard" Air suspension car?

    Hello, I currently have a 2014.5 Model S P85D with the "Plus" Air suspension package. I am aware that this package means that I have slightly stiffer shocks, 2mm thicker anti-roll bars, and stiffer bushings (P85+ Package). There really isn't a lot of information on this package online in...
  8. J

    Why wont my 2015 stay powered on?

    Every time i get in my 2015 model S, i have to wait for the instrument cluster to turn on. Usually this shouldnt be the case for teslas, as they should already be powered on every time you enter the car and ready to drive. In my case, this happens every time i exit and enter the car. But my...
  9. M

    ‘14 P85D Buying Advice

    Hi All, new to the forum and soon to be a new Tesla owner. I’ve had my eye a P85D with 35k miles at a local luxury car dealership for the last few weeks. Test drove and everything looks good - one owner, only 1 mileage of battery degradation, 11 months left on battery/drive warranty (12/14...
  10. cpobuyer

    Supercharging taking more than hour

    Hello community, I have a 2015 Model S P85D. The expected range is 253 miles, but I am now getting 150miles or so. The charging speed at supercharger is really really slow. It takes more than an hour to fill 80% battery. I have collected a lot of data with pictures to prove the charging speed...
  11. M

    Buying P85D/P90D (2014-2016)

    Hey folks, Just got out of my C63 AMG and now in the market for a p85d model s. (Will also consider a model 3 performance) Im hoping to spend anywhere from 33k-37k. Reach me by email if you have something close! [email protected] Thanks, J
  12. P

    2015 Tesla P85D (Ludicrous+) w/Extras - 54k Miles - For Sale! $52k

    For sale is a 2015 Tesla Model S P85DL. This car has 53,700 miles. Miles will go up slightly as the car is driven. Fantastic Condition, I am the second owner. Clear title / accident free. Looks like a new car inside & out - very clean & well kept. This car has the Ludicrous+ upgrade, which...
  13. M

    2015 P85D (w/ Ludicrous P85DL), Tesla CPO, Rear Facing Seats, All Options!

    About This Vehicle: This 2015 Tesla Model S P85D With Ludicrous+ Speed Upgrade; a RARE performance upgrade performed by Tesla For $7,500, dropping the 0-60mph time to 2.8 seconds. The current owner had it for 2 years. The vehicle runs great, is smoke-free, and was used for commuting 242 miles...
  14. J

    P85DL+ for sale

    I have a pristine 2015 P85D+ offered for sale in Scottsdale AZ 2015 Tesla Model S P85D. This is not just any P85D. This is one of the few P85Ds that have been upgraded by Tesla to Ludacris (0-60 in 2.8 sec!!!). Additionally, it was manufactured in March of 2015, when Tesla was including the...
  15. J

    Hello I’m Jeremy Jones with EV Fleet

    Hi I am an avid Tesla fan . I have owned the Tesla Model S 85 and due to me becoming bored with the speed of that car I have, just yesterday got into the P85 Model S !!! I actually named my new car Jeremy’s Fighter Jet because that is exactly what It is . My pastimes include Hunting Hellcats ...
  16. T

    2015 P85D Needs Facelift!

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 P85D and want an OEM bumper refresh. I saw on a previous thread that an AZ local named Tyler has a shop and is able to perform the upgrade. Does anyone know how to contact him or does anyone else in Arizona perform this work? I’ve read on other posts ways to achieve...
  17. G

    2015 Model S P85D For Sale

    For Sale: 2015 Tesla Model S P85D Odometer: 33,XXX Price: $52,000 Exterior: Black Interior: Tan Purchased this car in June of 2018 as a CPO vehicle from Tesla with around 11,000 miles. Recently been driving a lot less and therefore I want to consolidate my garage. This car currently has 2...
  18. D

    2015 Repair Risks

    Moderator note: This thread is a combination of three threads started on the same topic. I am original owner of a P85D built in early 2015. While it is a fabulous car ,I am thinking about its future. What big repairs are likely? I have had all the handles replaced with an updated generation...
  19. L

    P85D Battery MAX Range Increase from 254 to 300 miles

    Hello Everyone, First time Post! Quick background, I have a 2015 P85DL with a little over 78,000 mile on it. The other day i noticed that while driving on the freeway, speed which averages between 78-80 mph, and the usual kwh is anywhere between 350-380. But on that day it was constantly at...
  20. Gurujeff03

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance P85 $35k

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance P85 56295mi · P85 performance model. This is a signature model #575 · 85kw battery, 240-250mi range when fully charged (I rarely charge it all the way up) · FREE SUPERCHARGING, FREE connectivity (they have a monthly charge now...
  21. S

    Buying used model S, 90D vs P85D

    Hi all. I currently have on order a used 2016 Model S 90D, 78k miles. Has the bells and whistles as far as upgrades go. But I saw a 2015 P85D with 32k miles, also has all the upgrades, but it’s $5k more. My questions for you are, is it worth the extra money for a performance S with far less...
  22. B

    Snow Chains 21 Turbines, Learn from my mistake

    Was invited to visit family up in Big Bear CA 12/23 -12/24 as my luck would have it snow was on forecast. As it was short notice I did not have time to research/order chains that have been verified by forum members. I headed down to the local parts store and provided them with my tire size and...
  23. P

    Abnormal consumption Model S P85D

    Hi there! This is my first post here as I’m a happy new owner of a second-hand Model S P85D from 2015. I have been using my Tesla for a month now, and I’m wondering if the energy consumption is « normal ». From the « Trip » screen in the car, I’m consuming on average 250Wh/km. That seems a...
  24. L

    2014 Tesla Model S P85D Grey For Sale

    Fantastic Condition '14 Tesla Model S P85D Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Marin) California car. No winters. - PERFORMANCE All-Wheel Drive - Tech Package with Standard Autopilot (v. 1.0) - Smart Air Suspension - Grey Metallic paint - Black Premium Interior - Obeche Wood Matte Décor -...
  25. bomquito

    2015 P85D $54,000

    asking $54,000 for my super clean 2015 P85D located in Riverside CA. Pm me for more info or pictures. Autopilot 1 (works flawlessly) Insane+ 0-60 in 3.1 sec Smart Air suspension 4 new tires on squared configuration with Michelin Pilot Super Sports (245) Arachnid rims on it currently from the...
  26. J

    For Sale: 2014 Tesla Model S P85D - mint condition - 34k miles

    I'm selling my 4.75 year old 2014 Model S P85D (bought late December 2014). Only 34k miles. Interior and exterior are in excellent condition. No accidents, no rim damage, garaged and well cared for (hand washes only). Includes unlimited supercharging. I'd like to get $55k that KBB says it's...
  27. mr_hrndz

    15 Model S P85D Pearl white 4Sale

    2015 Tesla Model S P85D. Excellent condition. All Wheel Drive Free UNLIMITED superchargering for the life of the vehicle Insane Mode, 0-60 3.2 seconds with the even faster (Insane +) Performance Dual Motor Smart Air Suspension 21” Grey Wheels Pearl White Paint Body Color Roof Black...
  28. danbur

    Multi-Coat Red P85D Ludicrous w/ many extras! (Greater Denver Area)

    Great car, great condition, no accidents! - Late 2014 VIN, January 2015 delivery - Lots of extra (see below) - 58,600 miles - Asking $55,000 Factory Configuration Red Multi-Coat Paint 85 kWh Performance Model S Dual Motor AWD All Glass Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbine Wheels (powder coated...
  29. S

    Model S 2015 P85D 21" wheels - set of 4

    I have 4 OEM 21" wheels (no tires) from a 2015 P85D. 2 are like new and 2 are lightly used. Would prefer to do an exchange in the Philadelphia area (Zip code 19047). These go for $1210 each at the Tesla store. I am offering $1500 for the set!
  30. The T-man

    WTB- P85D/P90D, P85/P90 In CALIFORNIA

    Looking to buy a well cared for, clean, 2014/15/16/17 Tesla P85D / P90D or P85/85+ / P90 Options preferred in order of importance- Color- Titanium, Grey, Silver, Green, Red or Blue AP1 or 2 Black or Tan interior Carbon accents or matte wood Suede Dash / Headliner High amp charging / dual...
  31. T

    Low/No speed suspension noise normal?

    I've noticed that when I turn the wheel at low or no speed, as seen/heard in this video, I get a creaking/ticking noise. Sometimes it's just one or two sounds, but usually always when I have to crank the wheel for slow turns or pulling/backing into parking spots. It's normally not as bad as the...
  32. S

    "Insane +" mode

    Hi guys, I just got a 2015 P85D, I've only had it about a week but... so far... VERY impressed. I've not even used "Insane mode" yet, but noticed on the screen there is now "Insane +" mode showing... Can anyone tell me the difference? I am assuming it is NOT the "ludicrous upgrade" for a P85D...
  33. VelociRabbitt

    Questions on Efficiency

    Hello friends!! About a month ago, i purchased a CPO 2015 P85D. It's been a wild ride (Pun intended) but ultimately an enjoyable one. When i accepted delivery, there were a number of things that i had found, and was scheduled to have the car repaired at my local SC. It's important to...
  34. ebirck

    Gray Late 2014 P85D with AP - 20 Month Warranty - Loaded - 60k Miles - $52K

    Hi! I'm looking to sell my Gray 2014 P85D, in the Annapolis MD area. I am the second owner (I believe, bought it CPO and they don't talk much of previous ownership) and the car currently has just under 60k miles. I bought the car in December of 2018 with Tesla's CPO 2 year or 100,000 mile...
  35. S

    Apples vs Apples - Questions about buying a P85D

    Hi guys, Im new, and this is my first post here. I had a look around but couldnt really find a post that covers info that I am hoping to find out, So, I apologize upfront if I am asking about a topic covered somewhere already. I had been thinking of buying a P85+ but after reading a fair amount...
  36. J

    Insane+ on P85D

    First time poster, but big fan :) I just noticed that Insane+ was added to my MS P85D. I have not been able to find any information online about it so I reaching out the the experts here. What does Insane+ add over Insane? More power? Lower 0-60? Any specs? Thanks in advance!
  37. T

    Rental Replacement P85D - Turo?

    1st post! Unfortunately it’s because my 2015 P85D was rear ended on 3/27/19. Low speed, stop and go... they were probably texting. Their insurance has already contacted me and claimed 100% liability - which is great news but only the beginning of making the situation right. I’m wondering if...
  38. cpobuyer

    Effect of cold on range

    I have recently bought a 2015 P85D with 43k miles on it. During my commute this morning (6am), when the outside temperature was 39F, the watt per mile was about 140 higher than the usual. Normally, on the same commute the car takes 350w/mi but today it took 490w/mi. Is this normal or should I...
  39. M

    2014 P85D+ Silver with Black $54,000 Autopilot 49K Miles Loaded

    $54,000, 49,100 miles Located in South Atlanta. 2014 P85D+ Silver Exterior with Black Interior. Light Headliner. PLUS SUSPENSION Extras: Weather Tech floor liners. Custom cubbie drawer. Every option except cold weather, third row seats, and ludi. No accidents, small chip on lower rear...
  40. H

    P85D 2014 - Houston - $50K

    Asking $50K Located in Houston, Texas 38K miles Four year service completed Red Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof Black Next Generation Seats Piano Black Décor Black Next Generation Seats Tech Package with Autopilot 19” Winter Wheels 21" Summer Wheels Smart Air Suspension Subzero...
  41. cpobuyer

    Pulled the trigger on 2015 P85D CPO

    Just ordered the beast through Tesla used website. Pictures here: Dropbox - 5YJSA1E43FF103088 - Simplify your life I will keep the thread updated with my buying experience. The car was located in San Diego, and I am in Bay Area. Hoping to have a smooth process, however, I am mentally prepared...
  42. cpobuyer

    CPO buyers with > 40k miles, any concerns?

    Tempted to go for a P85D which has ~44k miles on it. However, I am concerned with high miles that the car has. Interested to hear thought form people who also bought CPO at similar miles.
  43. KeeBee

    Batterij oplaadniveau zal beperkt zijn

    Drie dagen geleden kreeg ik de melding “batterij oplaadniveau zal beperkt zijn” te zien. Met een range van nog 55km naar de SuC in Breukelen gereden. Bij aankomst nog 4% over. Het laden kwam niet echt op gang en na een half uurtje stopte het laden en was de range weer 55km. Tesla gebeld, auto...
  44. Rdr4evr69

    WTB ASAP...RED or Gray 75D or P85D 90D Loaded

    Must have leather pano roof that opens, Subzero, air suspension… All the goodies. Sold mine!
  45. vespax

    2015 P85D with Insane mode, new tires, very fun to drive

    2015 P85D with everything including AutoPilot 1 EXCEPT winter package and rear facing seats. Smart Air Suspension, Premium interior, tech package update, premium audio, etc. Note, this has Insane mode and not Ludicrous. I put new all season Pirelli tires on it two weeks ago. Car has tan seats...
  46. P

    2014 Model S P85D w/ plus suspension, Ludicrous Mode, LTE upgrade, extended service agreement

    The impending expiration of the white CA carpool stickers has me in need of a new car by the end of the year, unfortunately. So, for sale is my December 2014 Model S P85D w/ plus suspension (sometimes referred to as a P85D+, P85DL, or P85DL+). One owner, title in hand. Fully loaded minus the...
  47. S

    Help! Newbie WTB 2015 P85D

    Hey guys, I've been considering a Tesla for quite some time. My Lexus lease is up this month and I believe I'm about ready to pull the trigger. After searching all the available years and models, it seems to me one of the best values for the money is a 2015 P85D. I'm looking at a couple...
  48. MIDImunk

    Fully loaded 2015 Model S P85D

    Hi everyone, I'm helping my Dad sell his 2015 P85D Model S (he just got a new P100D!). I have the car posted on Autotrader, Cars.com and Craigslist Los Angeles area but just found this forum and wanted to share the listing and ask if people thought the price was fair/low/high. Here's the CL...
  49. M

    Pre-facelift model S center console

    Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a center console for a 2015 P85D. I would like it to be with the carbon fiber trim. Thank you!
  50. R

    Used P85D - What Should I Make Sure to Inspect Prior to Accepting Delivery?

    First, thanks to the posters here for all the useful information I've read in preparation for purchasing a used MS from Tesla. I finally pulled the trigger and paid the $1k deposit on a used 2015 P85D. Here are some details on the vehicle: 2015 P85D produced May '15 Price - $66,900 (financed...