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  1. O

    Air suspension Vancouver

    Hi. I’m considering air suspension for my 2022 M3LR for comfort. Does anybody in Vancouver area has air suspension installed on a model 3? I need feedback re: comfort level to see if it’s worth the investment. Any input is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. A

    Door ding with sentry mode evidence (Vancouver, BC)

    Hi all, I recently just noticed a door ding dent in my car and luckily thanks to sentry mode I have full video proof and the license plate of the driver. I'm not sure if this changes the situation at all but this happened in Seattle (ICBC's website states that coverage applies in America?). The...
  3. C

    Model Y reservation transfer, Vancouver BC, have not filled out registration, Nov 26 to Dec 31 delivery. Recover order fee only

    Delivery location was forced upon me otherwise reservation was cancelled, great northern way Vancouver BC Current pricing of 85k plus freight, estimated delivery Nov 26 to Dec 31 just looking to just recover my order fee of 250, have not filled in registration details yet Will transfer entire...
  4. C

    WTB: Model Y LR reservation Vancouver BC Canada

    Looking for a Model Y LR reservation in the Vancouver area. Preferably within the next month or two. Please DM your configuration and price if you're looking to give up your reservation. Thanks.
  5. I

    Reservation transfer Model Y Long Range 2022 - Vancouver, BC - Red / Black - 7 Seater

    Hi there, Brand new Tesla Model Y, ready for delivery directly from Tesla in Vancouver, BC as early as May 5. Build details- MY long range Red exterior Black seats interior 7 seat interior FSD included (can be removed for a saving of $10,600 if you don't want it) Wall connector charger...
  6. J

    Powder Coating 19 inch sport wheels

    Hello, i am looking for a place to powder coat my Model 3 OE 19” Sports wheel. I would love if you could recommend shop in Vancouver, BC who I can trust on the work (chemical strip, sand blasting, repair, powder coat). Also, l would appreciate if you could recommend a powder coat color code that...
  7. X

    Vancouver BC Estimated Delivery Dates

    There are numerous delivery threads by date, but I’m wondering how location factors in. If you’re in the Vancouver area, share your experience below so we can learn from one another. MYLR7, MSM/white, Gemini, FSD, no tow Location: Surrey, BC OD: 12/21/21 EDD1: July 2022 EDD2: May 12 - June...
  8. TheRFMan

    Canadian Model 3 delivery estimates for new orders are already into June.

    Just checked back on the Tesla site today, it is now showing June as the timeframe for delivery for new orders. I guess all the current production is spoken for. I guess I can place my order soon, I was targeting the May/June timeframe for delivery.
  9. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Vancouver ClearBra

    As always, hello fellow Tesla Vancouverites... Wanted to make a post about our Xpel STEALTH satin matte clear bra paint protection film PPF service offering through Vancouver ClearBra at 336 West 7th Ave Vancouver BC Canada. Xpel STEALTH is a translucent clear bra that will keep your Tesla the...
  10. J

    Vancouver, Canada: Rent your CHAdeMO adapter for one week?

    Hello fellow Vancouverites! I'm doing a road trip up to Smithers, BC around Canada Day this year (2021), and the new Tesla Superchargers don't seem like they'll be ready in time. It looks like there are a bunch of CHAdeMO 50kW chargers on the way up north but I can't buy an adapter anywhere...
  11. C

    Novice Driver Requirements/Rules for Model 3 in Vancouver, BC?

    Hey Vancouverites, We're currently looking to get an EV and I'm interested in the Tesla Model 3. However, we were wondering if Novice Licensed drivers are allowed to drive a Tesla Model 3? The reason we're asking is that there are lots of strict rules when comes to drivers in the N stage, such...
  12. S

    Model Y 7-seat Delivery Vancouver

    I just wanted to share what I found about the delivery of MY 7-seat in Vancouver. I ordered mine back in Jan 10th, estimated delivery back then was 2-5 weeks, showing Feb 14th on my account as estimated delivery date. I was so excited to get MY as Valentine's gift, but it's been extended to...
  13. M

    Trunk and Frunk modification garage in Vancouver BC.. Need Recommendations

    Hi, I will be getting my model Y in 2 weeks. Would like to know if anyone can suggest the following: - garage that will do windows tint - garage that will do the modification for trunk and frunk for the sensors Please provide recommendation garage name, address and approximate cost. Thanks!
  14. angus[Y]oung

    How is the Vancouver delivery & service experience?

    Hi folks, My better half and I are getting close to finally ordering our Model Y. I've been reading a ton in the TMC community and hearing of a wide range of delivery and post-delivery service experiences around the US and Canada. However, I haven't seen much written about the GVA. First...
  15. BC1Auto

    Vendor Hello! TMC Vancouver, Happy Tesla Deals, Car Protection & Detailing

    Hello Tesla Owners, We are new to the club, but not new to paint protection and detailing. We are Xpel headquarter trained and certified shop in Vancouver. We would like to offer an affordable/reasonable/happy deal for your beloved Tesla or other vehicles BC1 Works/Photos Detail oriented and...
  16. K

    Home EV Charger install Vancouver?

    Im waiting for the delivery of my Model 3 SR+. Im planning on upgrading to a 240V outlet in my garage to charge the car at home. Who in the Vancouver area do you guys recommend to get the job done? I got a quote from EV Tec BC Pros, it wasn't too bad, just shy of $1000. Curious to see if there's...
  17. C

    Waiting for pick up

    Was wondering how were others experience when picking up their vehicle? Did someone contact you a couple days before picking up or mostly were contacted the day before picking up? I had a very short time frame to pick up the vehicle and its kind of frustrating how they couldn’t contact me a...
  18. M109Rider

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    wondering what others have done for winter wheel and tire packages. Tesla’s wheel and tire package includes install and is $2,000 US or $2,400 CAD. I’ve priced it out separately and it seems that’s a pretty good deal. Anyone else gone a different route, and found a better deal ?
  19. N

    WTB: Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package

    I'm happy to take just the rims if you don't have any tires on them. If you have these rims with all-season or summer tires on them, i'd be happy to take that as well. I'm basically trying to fit my Model X with winter tires, and I want to do it on separate rims. So if you have other rims, which...
  20. Brutalee

    FS: ONE Model S Key Fob

    US$75 shipped...
  21. Brutalee

    For TRADE: my 19” for your 18” Aero+cash

    Brand new 0 KM set (taking delivery soon) genuine 19” sport rims Will trade your 18” Aero+hubcap + cash. Guess this has to be done with tires in set. Let me know your offer. Cheers!
  22. Brutalee

    2013 Model S P85+ - CAD$55,000

    Unlimited Supercharging Red on black 77,000KM Freshly serviced with brand new front aft-links & sway bar links replacement All recall work done, latest software Black roofrack + rear sunshade Vehicle will be thoroughly detailed & rims fully restored Super reasonably priced, pls no lowballing -...
  23. A

    BC and Federal incentive for 3 SR+

    With the federal and provincial credit for BC being $8000 off the SR+ I'm wondering if people are still ordering the long range model. With the credit it looks like it's $22,000 more to add a few more kms, get a premium stereo and internet/map upgrades. The LR is my preference for that little...
  24. S

    Where to get model 3 wrapped in Vancouver Canada?

    Hi, I'm buying a model 3 soon and I want to protect the paint of my car. Can someone suggest a shop and a product to go to in Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Area) Canada?
  25. A

    Vancouver Delivery Experience

    Despite many on-line forum posts claiming that paint defects and bad panel alignments on the model 3, mine was perfect. I have to say that the gaps and alignments are not as perfect as Honda or Toyota (I only owned these two brands before), but they are acceptable. The only thing was that they...
  26. L

    Installing Charger in BC, Canada

    I'll be taking delivery of my Model 3 (hopefully) soon and I was wondering how much did it cost you to install your charger in your garage? I did some calling around and most electricians gave me a quote of $400-$500 to install a charger inside a garage. This is assuming my circuit could handle...
  27. iMoe

    Vancouver strata charger installation

    Hello fellow Coulomb powered riders. I live in a strata building and looking to install either a NEMA 14-50 or a Tesla Wall Charger and so far the online research seems to cover the option of shared chargers in a strata type building. Does anyone have experience with a private installation from...
  28. N

    Non Tesla Trade-In Value

    Hey Tesla Motors Club members, I'm Nagendra from Vancouver, Canada and i'm looking to trade-in my 2015 Land Rover Range Rover 4DR Dynamic Premium @73650km (1 Rear side collision with insurance claim of $3827). When I went to order Tesla Model 3 at Tesla Vancouver, my current car was valued at...
  29. fidodido

    Vancouver (GVRD) - Ceramic Coat & Tint

    Hey Tesla owners in Vancouver, lower mainland area, Do you guys have a recommendation for shops doing ceramic coating & tint? Thanks,
  30. aslam

    CHAdeMO Adapter for Sale in Vancouver, BC Canada

    I have a brand new CHAdeMO adapter for sale. I got two from Tesla by mistake. Before I call to process the return with Tesla, I thought I would see if someone wants to buy it from me. You can pay me the same that I paid Tesla which was CAD 674.24 incl tax. This has never been used and is still...
  31. J

    WTB: Tesla Model X winter tires - Vancouver, Canada area

    Hi there, X75D owner here. The 19" winter tires are $3700 CAD. I'm hoping to find a set, ideally tires and wheels, that I can get locally or delivered to Vancouver, Canada for a lot cheaper. I'm open to new or used offers. Failing that, I'd love to hear what options other owners went with. By...
  32. Canuck

    Luxury condos for Vancouver’s supercars? ‘Why not?’ people say

    Interesting article about what's going on here... Luxury condos for Vancouver’s supercars? ‘Why not?’ people say
  33. playoutside

    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheels + Center Caps (Staggered) - Seattle or Vancouver BC

    I have a set of 21" silver turbine wheels and tires for sale. They are staggered setup. The wheels and tires are from my 2013 certified pre-owned P85+ purchased two months ago. I would rate the condition of the wheels 9.5 out of 10. The two rear wheels and one of the front wheels look perfect...
  34. ztaylor

    am730 Traffic Vancouver

    I cant seem to get this station to show up on Tunein in my favourites. I can play it from my phone in the TuneIn app. Am I missing something?
  35. richrootes

    Vancouver Service Centre - top notch as usual

    Just had an issue with my S and received sterling service from the 4th street Service Centre in Vancouver - always professional and thorough Katrina on the service desk has left some big shoes to fill, but the new guys took care of everything for me It always pains me when I see some of the...
  36. Freedom101

    Picked up our new 90D yesterday!

    Ordered this amazing machine on July 15th and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Apparently Teslas don't often ship across the country from East to West. To literally everyones surprise, the X arrived on August 2nd and we took delivery yesterday after work. This must be some type of...
  37. R

    Recommended Paintless Dent Repair shops in Vancouver or Burnaby

    Sigh. A rubber maid tote fell on our MS roof and a small but visible dent is there between the glass roof and passenger window. No scratches and it looks repairable, so was wondering if anyone here has recommendations for PDR. I've seen someone has used Dent King in Vancouver but wondering if...
  38. A

    Xpel stealth Vancouver

    I'm looking for a vote of confidence from someone in the Vancouver, BC, area that has had their Tesla wrapped in my area. I see there are a few different choices and would live to hear from someone that's had it done. I'm looking for a full wrap including seatbacks. If you can include what...
  39. f-stop

    Vancouver to set fees for city-owned & operated EV charging locations

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/electric-car-drivers-fees-charge-stations-1.4178795 FYI - City of Vancouver proposes fees at 16 existing city-owned and operated EV charging locations, starting some time summer 2017. These stations are all currently no-cost to charge (as are most...
  40. O

    Vancouver to Toronto Delivery Time

    Hi all, I just bought an inventory car from Vancouver and I am located in Toronto. Do you guys have any experience how long it will take to transport to Toronto? Thanks!
  41. N

    2016 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous 35kms Black on Black - Vancouver

    I am selling another Tesla - Model S - P90D with Ludicrous This car is in Vancouver, BC - It was tesla lease vehicle that has been repossessed. It has approximately 35k kms 21 grey turbine Autopilot obsidian black paint pano roof black 2nd gen seats ludicrous mod ultra high fi audio range...
  42. S

    Vancouver Island

    Does anyone have experience with location charging from Victoria to Tofino? There seems to be a variety of J1772 installs in Port Alberini and Nanaimo but the comments on Plug Share are depressing. I have only ever had to use superchargers or home charging so I have no experience using these...
  43. richrootes

    Park Royal, West Vancouver Store

    There's a Store Opening event this week, and the new chargers out the back are coming along a treat.....
  44. J

    Tesla Gathering @ Vancouver, BC

    There will be a gathering for Tesla owners on Saturday May 6th, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Illumination Vancouver International Summer Night Market in Richmond. 10 VIP Free Parking spots will be reserved for Tesla. In addition to that, free administration for everyone attending this event. $100,000...
  45. wayner

    There is a Yellow Roadster for Sale in Vancouver

    I just happened to do a search on AutoTrader for Roadsters and I happened to see that there is one for sale in Vancouver for about $100k. It looks in very good shape with only 12,000km. I don't know how long it has been up for sale. Anyone know how many there would be in Canada these days...
  46. Canuck

    Vancouver and area Tesla approved body shops?

    I was driving home from work, minding my own business, when a lady decided to get out of the left turning lane, and go into my lane, while I was still in it, damaging the left rear fender, and wheel, of my beloved Tesla... :( Does anyone know the names of Tesla approved body shops in the lower...
  47. K

    FS: 19" factory rims + tires 8000km in Vancouver

    I have a set of 4 for sale. Had less than 8000km on it. Rim has been plastic dipped in Matte Black. CDN$1800
  48. P

    City of Vancouver EV Strategy November 15, 2017 Council Meeting

    The Strategy will be presented to council on November 15. I'm wondering if anyone is wanting to meet up for it and perhaps have a debrief coffee nearby afterwards. You can sign up to speak at the council meeting as well, but you must do that prior to the meeting starting. Then after the...
  49. K

    Tesla P85D for sale in Vancouver

    Fully Loaded, with additional protection and esthetic accessories including: • Vossen 22" concave wheels • 22" Toyo Proxes4 all season performance tires w/15,000 KM • Ceramic Coating to whole car, easy wash and water slides off • Paint Shield wrap for whole car front • Exclusive Lighted T logo...
  50. P

    Metro Vancouver Resources for EVs in Stratas

    Rights for EV Charging in registered Stratas for Condos, Apartments and duplexes/townhouses is not yet mandatory. Metro Vancouver has created a new website – EVCondo.ca – dedicated to making the process of EV charging in stratified buildings an easier process. In addition to a number of...