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  1. S

    Cracked Windshield From Defrost [after it was repaired previously]

    I purchased a 2021 Model 3 Performance New with 950 miles from a service center in Chicago in Dec 2020, the car had a few cosmetic issues that I noticed upon my walk around when seeing the car in person. One of the issues was a small chip on the windshield, it was fixed by the service center by...
  2. Littlefinger9

    Defroster cracked windshield on ‘19 model S

    Cold day- preheated car and came out to a cracked windshield low on the glass where the heat comes out of the dash. Wasn’t cracked when parked night before. Is this a common risk when preheating a cold car? Will Tesla cover it under warranty? Thanks
  3. D

    Weak Windshield Fluid & Clunking Sound

    I just got the 21 LR back in July and since day 1 or 2, the windshield wiper fluid barely came out. I pretty much topped it off and tried again with no change whatsoever. Is it normal for the fluid to not shoot out like it does in virtually every single car out there? It looks like a little...
  4. LeeStafford11

    Strange HVAC issue since windshield replacement

    Here's a new one for me. I had my MY windshield replaced this past Tuesday (OEM glass, 3rd party installer) and when I was driving to work on Wednesday morning the AC, which I always keep on "auto" at 68°, decided that it only wanted the air to come out of the windshield and foot vents. It...
  5. T

    Model S Windshield - AP1 (1061565-01-D)

    For sale is a windshield from a 2016 Model S with AP1, part number 1061565-01-D. The windshield had a scratch on the driver's side that was repaired, and has a slight visual distortion. There are a 2-3 small chips, but otherwise in excellent condition. The windshield is located in Palm Bay...
  6. B

    Repeated Stress Fracture on Front Windshield and Next Steps

    Long story short, very early stealth performance model 3 with numerous issues (15 items fixed by Tesla), trying to get some advice on my latest issue with the front windshield. Front windshield was replaced by Tesla due to stress fracture in December 2019. Almost in the same spot, stress...
  7. H

    Windshield Streak

    Hey all hope it's okay to post this but I have been trying to get rid of this streak with no outcome. Tried to clay it , IPA wipe down , and clay towel can't get anything to work. Would anyone have a recommendation. Don't have a DA Also this area always causes my windshield wipers to chatter...
  8. Z

    Tesla S windshield noise fix DIY

    Hey guys, I thought I would share my mod with you. I was experiencing some windshield noise with speeds over 50mph. I did some research and experimented with putting tape over windshield holes around. It fixed it so I came up with solution that you might find interesting. It completely fixes...
  9. plasmo

    Anyone fix a rock chip on windshield?

    Came back from a short trip and during the ride on the highway a small rock hit our windshield on our Model X, causing a small oval chip a little less than a centimeter. Pic attached. Who have people used to fix this, or is this something people have done fixed themselves?
  10. Vawlkus

    So that happened..... somehow

    Kinda annoyed, and seriously puzzled. Saturday we had a bit of snow overnight. Sunday morning I defrost my X, move it so the plow truck can clear my spot, and when I go back out a couple hours later, I find a giant crack in the base of my windshield. Starts below the hood and comes up on both...
  11. K

    Glare + Streaking after new wipers + windshield. Dangerous! Any ideas?

    Hi guys, hoping to get your held and opinion regarding poor visibility in my Model 3 during wet weather. *** There are videos below of the issue. Please watch it and if you want to know more about what my thoughts are read below, especially last bolded paragraphs *** My original windshield came...
  12. Targe

    Vendor Introducing Windshield Gard, now available for the Model Y

    Hi all! We have had lots of success with our Tesla Windshield Protection Film kits for the Model 3, X, and S. Our kits are preshaped and precut, so your detailer/installer doesn't need to heat or cut the film on your vehicle. Normally Windshield protection film is too difficult and risky to be...
  13. adayley

    Windshield sun shade size same as Model 3?

    We are looking for a windshield sun shade for our Model Y. It appears from product listings on Amazon that the shades for a Model 3 also fit a Model Y. Is that to be believed or, to ensure a good fit, should I be seeking a product that is specific to the Model Y?
  14. Jimt29

    Lets Talk Windshield Washer Fluid, eh?

    Below is the excerpt from the Model Y manual: Topping Up Windshield Washer Fluid The only reservoir into which you can add fluid is the windshield washer fluid reservoir, which is located behind the front trunk. When the level is low, a message displays on the touchscreen. To top up the...
  15. T

    Eye strain in Y, horrible glare front windshield at night?

    So I was really excited for my Y performance. My pick up date was the 1st or September. But I cancelled my order! It’s strange to say it was hard to actually cancel it too! I have wanted a Tesla since they first hit the market. So a few weeks ago I made the jump and said screw it’s sight...
  16. N

    Distorted windshield

    Straight from the factory, why no one from Tesla decided to correct this before giving out to a customer is beyond me. Of all the cars that I have ordered used and new, I've never seen anything like this before. looks like the glass was not cooled correctly and now there's a difference in...
  17. S

    Spontaneous windshield crack?

    My 2018 Model X windshield cracked today, without any sign of physical impact. I am wondering how. We went to a local county park. The windshield was fine when I parked and put up the sunlight shield (from inside). I found the crack 1.5 hours later when pulled down the sunlight shield to go...
  18. H

    Tinting Front Windshield

    Has anyone put clear tint film on the front windshield? History is I live in Las Vegas and we need to protect from the summer heat and sun. There are almost no sun screens yet for the MY but several places here in town are putting clear tint on the front windshield to reduce heat transmission...
  19. W

    Windshield tint prevented camera calibration [fixed]

    Repeat thread: Posted in other forums Since end Nov/Dec, I've experienced issues related to autopilot and sentry mode. 1) Auto Pilot constantly not available. It started intermittently but after about 2 months it's now completely unavailable. 2) Sentry Mode constantly turned off due to Sentry...
  20. Targe

    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    At Targe Industries, we focus on helping Tesla car owners protect their investment. Living in the SF Bay Area, many of you have reported on these forums the epidemic of smash n grab Tesla break-ins, a trend that has spread to the rest of the country. Thieves break the small side “wing” window...
  21. E

    Wiper Blades for M3?

    I'm struggling to find wiper blades, available in the Great White North, that will work in the M3 and not interfere with the spray module. Do we buy them at the SC or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
  22. N

    Windshield colour tint

    The top of the windshield of my 2019 Model X has an orange tint any time it's wet. Do they all look like this? And it's not just the way the light is showing. It's like this during the daytime also.
  23. D

    Recalibration after windshield replacement

    Hi All! Had a rock chip crack my windshield in April, couple weeks after getting my TM3, today it finally spidered and got a pretty lengthy crack. I already found a Tesla certified Glass guy in the Bay Area to do the replacement, he actually advised me to wait for it to crack more to replace...
  24. B

    Input on Huge Crack in Windshield - Model 3 Delivery Day

    Well I went to Tesla today to take delivery of my new Model 3 SR+ Black/Black 18” Aero wheels w/ FSD. First thing I noticed was a huge crack in the windshield, unable to take delivery of the car. Huge disappointment but glad we noticed it before leaving the lot. There were some minor panel gaps...
  25. X

    Fit & Finish Issues - Windshield + Passenger Door

    Hi All, I just received delivery of my Model 3 last week (last week of June 2019) and I had heard about the numerous quality issues with paint, build, etc. After inspecting the car, there were few minor things such as the R tail light looking a bit chipped but otherwise, ok. However, when I...
  26. T

    Roof - Windshield glass surface mismatch?

    I've had my Model 3 LR AWD only 10 days. While washing it this weekend, I noticed a bit of mismatch from windshield to roof glass. It's fine at Driver's side, but a bit pronounced at Passenger side. both images included. Anyone hear of or see something like this? i'm wondering if Tesla...
  27. G

    Best Issue Escalation Path?

    What have M3 owners found most effective in escalation an issue that your local service center declines? I’ve emailed Customer Service, Musk’s Office, [email protected], and also [email protected] - to no avail. In addition to Tweeting Musk, Tesla and Support. My windshield (at 10 days old when I...
  28. G

    Stress crack in rear windshield?

    Hi all, I took delivery of my Model 3 in late December 2018. Recently just washing my car, I noticed a crack in the back of the windshield. (Pics here: Imgur) What would be the best process to fix this? I talked to my local Tesla advisor and he said that if the crack wasn't noted during...
  29. VistaM3B

    Scratches on Windshield Caused by M3 Wipers

    Hi, I lately noticed scratches on my Model 3 windshield. They are very fine hair like scratches and could be seen at night or during bright, cloudless days with the sun. It is clear that all scratches ran tangential to the path of the windshield wipers. Have you noticed this on yours? Any...
  30. T

    Heated windshield wipers

    2017 75D without wiper blade defrosters and heated washer nozzles. In Finland. Eh. That said, has anybody installed aftermarket solutions like Heated Windshield Wiper Kit Crystal Clear Blades: Automatic Heated Windshield Wiper Blades Do these work? Cheers, --T
  31. S

    Cleaning the windshield

    When I picked up my car the windshield seemed clean. However, maybe a few weeks later I noticed what look like suction cup marks...a couple of squares about 2"x 2" and a round one. At least one on the back as well. These only show up when there is some condensation or odd low sun in the...
  32. TjckTock

    Safe to tint windshield yet?

    I live in the Phoenix valley so not tinting the windshield (will go with minimum - just want the IR) is really not an option but I am willing to wait until a solution is found. Earlier this year, when the issue first arose, Tesla said they would implement a fix in future manufactured cars (but...
  33. Daniellane

    HELP! Windshield Replacement Advice Needed

    HELP! Any advice on what to require or beware of/avoid in this process would be greatly appreciated. The Windshield on my 2018 Model S 100D was just hit hard by what I assume was a rock while driving ~70 mph. It damaged it right in front of my sight line. (See pics) I just got off the phone...
  34. A

    Windshield Replacement

    A rock chipped the windshield on my Model X last week. I took the car to Safelite and was told that because the chip was so close to the edge of the windshield that they couldn't patch it and I would need a new windshield. Safelite said that they do not replace Tesla windshields because they...
  35. scotty2541

    Service failed me AGAIN - ISO a windshield for Roadster 2.5

    So, this happened the other day, right in the driver side. My insurance filled out the claim, and connected me with one of their "approved" repair companies. They put in a call and email to Tesla. Over a week later, no one has responded. This is typical of the horrible service that Tesla...
  36. M

    Windshield and Rear view mirrors defrost time

    I know other cars have this issue too but it seems to be worse on the Model 3. Now that it's minus 10 Celsius or colder, when I pull into a parking garage, the windshield and rear view mirrors frost up upon pulling into the underground parking garage. For the windshield, I can get it...
  37. S

    Danger - Falling Rocks! I'll say!

    Saw this Model 3 owner's story this morning of a 37 pound rock that fell on to his car while driving in WA. He got damn lucky, and interesting to see how the Model 3 took the hit. That Center screen mount is pretty rock solid and likely this rock put it to the test although it looks like the...
  38. T

    Model 3 wipers do a neat trick!

    I discovered a pretty neat little thing that our Model 3s do with the wipers. They actually retract down below the windshield line when not in use or when a bit of time has passed between intermittent wipes while on auto. I tested it while on the highway and the only reason I can find for this...
  39. V

    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    A couple weeks ago, I was driving on freeway with no one near me, and I suddenly start to hear what sort of sounds like micro gravel pelting my windshield or even as if there were cracks appearing all over the windshield. I can’t see anything hitting it, nothings actually cracking, and again no...
  40. fallen888

    Windshield Damage

    So this just happened. :( Have you ever had to replace a windshield? Did you go to Tesla service center or a 3rd party shop? Did you file an insurance claim? If so, did your premium go up afterwards? I have Geico.
  41. M

    Windshield replacement cost

    Model 3 reservation holder here and just trying to estimate the costs of owning one. A cost I assume that will be significant for me will be the windshield since the car will be used for highway travel 90% of the time (40k km annually), in Edmonton, AB, where a bunch of sand (and rocks) are...
  42. Veritas1980

    Headlights always on after windshield replacement

    After a couple of months of waiting to get my cracked windshield replaced at Teslas recommended local carglass shop, I finally got it replaced last Monday. It would also need a AP calibration for which I made a appointment with the SC about today. While driving this past week, the line...
  43. P

    Windshield Replacement

    I've now been waiting 8 weeks to get my windshield replaced on a Model S due to a 6 foot long "smiley face" crack. Every time I call the service center (Denver), I'm told it's on back order with no estimate of when it will come in. Tried Safelite and my local glass guy - neither of them can get...
  44. ishareit

    Wind noise after windshield replacement

    Tesla replaced my windshield because of an issue with spots on the glass yesterday. However since the replacement I’m noticing an increased level of windnoise inside the cabin. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an easy fix that the SC can apply to make it better? Thanks.
  45. cookpwr

    Windshield Wiper - Fluid - Discovery

    Used the Model 3 windshield wipers for the first time today and was surprised to find the windshield fluid is built into the wipers themselves and not "spray nozzles mounted on/under the hood" as in most every other car I've owned. Very cool innovation.
  46. O

    2015 s70 part out

    rear ended car with salvage repairable title 17000 miles folding mirrors black leather seats panoramic roof white color no premium sound base wheels all airbags are good sold the following items DU and subframe pack charger hood pass fender front bumper cover everything else is for...
  47. selfbp

    Wiper Chattering/ skipping

    I’m so frustrated. I put some RainX on the windshield about an month ago and it hasn’t rained much since, yet I drove recently in the rain and noticed my blades chatter/skip/hop a little bit. So I thought. Hmm maybe just needs some more RainX around that area. So I recoated it all. HELL NO...
  48. B

    Replaced windshield and EAP

    Just had cracked windshield replaced at S Florida SC and was told cameras were calibrated. On relatively short drive home received the “autopilot temporarily not available” and no lane markers visible at all on display. Next day wavy lines displayed and when available, eap would abruptly try...
  49. E

    Cracked windshield after annual service

    Hi, Well... the windshield of my S has a large crack on the passenger side. I picked up the car from the SF service center this afternoon. It didn't notice anything wrong. I drove home to Berkeley and parked the car, didn't notice anything either. My wife and I took the car for a ride a few...
  50. O

    Harmful UV Rays and Model X ?

    Hello, Looking to buy a Model X in the next month or so but have a question about the UV rays. A little more sensitive about the situation since we actually have people we know who passed away from skin cancer recently. I know the rating on the windshield is about as high as you get on a...

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