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Delayed software check

After not having a software update since probably a month I looked into the software menu and realised that the last check for new software was on the 7th of Aug.
I remember times when the car checked for new software every time you brought up the menu. Then it went to once a day. But now 4 days???
If you are on 2023.20.9, you are not being left behind. Happy to be notified when it’s our turn. Seems to occur when last minor version is released for that major version.

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I think the oddity is that previously, you could check for new updates daily, and get a confirmation that the car was up to date as per the day you checked.

Just looked at mine and it says it's up to date as of 30 July, 11 days ago.

Not an issue, just a change in behaviour

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I just noticed this and came to the forum to check.

I have noticed you have upgraded navigation data. I’m still on EU-2022.40-14215!!!
Perhaps the more relevant question is, does it really matter?

Quite. But I think "Definitely" : overloading the mothership servers with requests and downloads as soon as a release is available is not sustainable as the fleet grows.

Tesla should introduce a premium subscription to get early update downloads ...

... my FSD car, which also has infotainment subscription etc. etc., always downloads updates anything up to a week later than my run-around car that has no extras at all. Surprised that they haven't prioritised FSD to be earlier in the queue for updates so it had some value!
Yes it does, because the app won't necessarily notify or present you with an update when one is available and the only way to induce an update is to check for it in the car itself.
I'd agree with this. My car has been sitting at 2023.20.9 with screen saying up to date as of 30 July. Did a reset just now and lo and behold it starts looking for and downloading 2023.26.7
I'm not sure when the car would have notified me...