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  1. C

    Tesla collision repair - Need your input

    Hello, My ‘21 Tesla got rear ended and needs repair. I am trying to choose between a Tesla collision center and a 3rd party Tesla authorized shop. There is not much difference in the appointment availability between these two. I will be going ahead with my Tesla insurance for repairs. I would...
  2. J

    Is my 2022 model 3 performance totaled or would it be repairable?

    Sunday night I was involved in a 4 vehicle accident. A Durango SRT driving and speeding in front of me caused the entire accident. As he was speeding he crashed into 2 more vehicles and I, successfully avoiding the 3 car collision (all were totaled btw), hit the divider in the middle of the road...
  3. G

    Head on collision repair

    I got into an head on collision at 15ml/hr. Amazing the car can get this damaged ! Anyway, I got an estimate for $19K. Is this normal? Does anyone have any experience? I went to a Tesla recommended repair, I haven't heard from the insurance adjuster, but I am afraid they will have objections...
  4. M

    Is it totaled 22 MYP? Passenger front tire/fender collision

    Driving in Downtown LA sucks, underage and unlicensed driver hit me at night when she was pulling out from an entrance only driveway. Fortunately no one was injured. No airbags deployed. Moved the car to the median and heard cracking noises but the car did drive onto the flatbed tow truck...
  5. Z

    Tesla Collision Center refused to take other insurance than AAA and Tesla?

    Hi guys, I was rear-ended two weeks ago and the damage is really bad so I contacted several Tesla collision centers including Santa Monica, San Juan Capistrano, and Las Vegas (where the accident happened). They all refused to take my model Y since I am with Farmers insurance. They explained that...
  6. Hurricane4911

    3rd Party Collision Centers - Tampa Bay

    A tree ambushed my 2021 MYLR placing a notable "V" into the the bumper. The frunk? It just folded. Radiator damage and coolant leak. 😎 Anyhow, I'm asking if anyone can speak to high-quality collisions centers in the Tampa Bay area. One's that put the car back in spec. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    My parked Tesla Model 3 has bin hit badly by another driver who got charged under DUI. His insurance gave an initial estimate of $10k and provided me a Camry as rental car from enterprise. I have an appointment with the body shop next week to get the final estimate of the repairs. Is there a way...
  8. M

    21 M3 LR - Is my car a total loss?

    Was at the wrong place at the right time yesterday afternoon. My car got hit when this 17 year old kid took this corner at a high rate of speed. I got sandwiched between the culprit and a second victim on my passenger side. Been having issues with my usb drive and sentry mode has been glitchy...
  9. H

    Tesla asking $300 for a repair estimate (ran over road debris)

    A few nights ago someone dropped a full tire (no wheel) on the US-101 SB and I ran over it with the left-hand side of my car at around 65. The car continues to drive fine with only rips in the aeroshield and no real observable other damage (knock-on-wood), including brief looking-over the...
  10. S

    Right side front wing collision

    Is there a market for Tesla body parts? I want to repair this without going directly to Tesla. I’m in the UK and I’m looking for third party methods for this repair can anyone help??? Can you purchase the body part easily and fit it through a garage or is that not viable? Is there a market for...
  11. E

    Questions about repair quality from a Tesla certified shop.

    I was involved in a minor fender bender (just some scratches, no structural deformity) earlier this month (first image). When I tried to make an appointment with shops near my area, all of them were pretty busy and told me that their next available spot was not until January next year. But one...
  12. H

    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    Every so often a family friend will send me a link about Tesla crashes on autopilot and how dangerous my new car can be. I've always thought that these must be people who are doing really crazy things, until I took a road trip from San Diego to Dallas that took me through some curvy mountain...
  13. M

    Model S Battery Failure - Achilles Heel

    My 2017 Model S 100D with 40,000 miles suddenly started flashing warnings last week and had towed to Tesla Service Center. Diagnosis was battery failure due to water seepage under a fuse cover which Tesla attributes to an impact to this fuse cover which cracked the plastic below. While there...
  14. RiatGray

    Model S Accident TOTAL THE CAR or REPAIR?

    Tesla Fam I’m heartbroken. Never ever in my life I thought I’d be writing this, but I got into a car accident. Last Sunday morning, a lady failed to stop at the Stop at the Stop Sign and wrecked my baby. In 12 years of driving I’ve never had a ticket, never ran a red light, not even a single...
  15. A

    Loaners at Houston SC

    I got hit by a driver making an illegal turn today and the bumper, fog light, headlight, wheel well, parking sensor and some other things need to get replaced. Currently thinking about getting it done at the Houston-North Service Center but I’m worried about not having a vehicle to drive. Does...
  16. J

    Video recording of Rear end collision - Why not?

    In November I was the vicim of a hit and run rear end collision causing significant damage to my 2019 Model 3. The driver sped off turning right before I could identify him through a license number, etc. It was a block from my house and I was able to creep home. I was completely covered...
  17. Aphinity

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    My 5 week old Model 3 pearl white multicoat just got rear-ended by my neighbour while backing up his truck-bed camper truck. I had just finished washing it, too. Thankfully, it missed the headlights and fenders, but put multiple deep scratches lengthwise on the hood and wrecked the emblem (and...
  18. P

    Model Y: Safety Features

    Tesla is one of the safest cars in the world. However, there may be safety features that may not work as expected or do not exist yet. Please post your comments.
  19. T

    Backing up protection

    Does tesla provide a feature i can turn on to prevent backing up collision protection? I cant find anything that talks about that after searching and searching. this morning i backed into a car as i pulled out of my drive way. There was no beep or alert whatsoever. Completely my fault. Im...
  20. Diamond Hills

    Vendor Diamond Hills Collision Center

    Diamond Hills Collision Center Tesla Approved Body Shop https://www.diamondhillscollision.com/ Who We Are: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our thread, everyone! We're excited to become a vendor on TMC and are looking forward to interacting with the community. We are Diamond...
  21. S

    Dealing With Insurance After a Crash

    I was rear-ended on the freeway back in early November and the defendant accepted full liability for the accident. An insurance adjuster from Geico came out to assess the damage and wrote a check for around $800 to have the bumper repaired and a section of the underbody cover replaced. Last...
  22. L

    Smart Summon Collision - Any Advice?

    Hello, I'm usually very careful with my FSD Model 3. Recently during a test of Smart Summon, the car was supposed to make a turn, but then changed it's mind and went to full speed (about 10km/h) towards a gate. I released the button but with the speed the car was travelling it still collided...
  23. Artax

    Artax hits a Black Bear

    Was heading home from Salmon Arm, BC... driving West on the Trans-Canada Hwy 1. ~ 8.5km West of Sorrento, BC, at about 6:40 a.m., a Black Bear made a dash from the ditch on the right side... unfortunately, it's dash was right in front of me. It got about 1/3 of the way when we hit it. Hit it...
  24. RedModel3

    Side mirror fix or replace?

    I've searched the forums and couldn't find an answer, so I'll ask. l had a small run-in with a tree (no smart a** remarks please) that forced my driver's side mirror backwards as well as left my car with a few small scrapes on the door. I got a couple of outrageously high estimates from the...
  25. M

    Best Body Shop in Colorado?

    I sent my Model 3 to Stuttgart Auto Body in Englewood CO for collision repair. It has been two weeks since my insurance did their initial estimate and the body shop has not yet started the teardown of the vehicle for their assessment. Every week they tell me they would start the teardown next...
  26. X

    Model 3 collision in autopilot

    We had a collision with our new Model 3 last week, the car hit another car in front with autopilot turned on. Sadly, the autopilot didn't brake in time for the hard brake from the car in front us. We had large damage and sent to Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan for estimate with Insurance Appraiser...
  27. V

    My TeslaCam video in Electrek article

    I've posted this video of a collision that caught on my Model 3's TeslaCam was featured in Electrek.co 's post. Here's the article: Tesla's millions of cameras are capturing some crazy things - videos - Electrek
  28. MikeM3D

    Collision Damage & Tesla Service Center

    My lovely wife took my M3D out for the 3rd time ever, she likes it, so I was happy for both of us... Unfortunately she backed it into a stationary object. It needs a new rear bumper and a rear quarter panel. I don't know if anyone would repair the damage on the quarter panel or if that's a...
  29. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  30. AutobahnEV

    Vendor 2012-2016 Model S Pre-Facelift Complete Front Ends ALL COLORS

    These are complete front end collision repair kits, includes entire core support, bumpers, fenders, hood etc. The kit in the photos give you and idea of what these kits are! I have 10-12 kits available in a variety of colors! Message me with any questions about pricing or availability! I of...
  31. T

    NJ recommended body shop

    Can anyone recommend a good Tesla approved body shop in NJ? While at a stop, another driver reversed her car and hit the front of my Model 3. Light bumper damage, got it on the dash cam (woohoo!). Anyway, I need to get an estimate for the repair so I can make a claim to her insurance company. I...
  32. A

    Can I drive my Models while it says coolant low?

    Hello, Had a front light collision with a WALL couple days before, the front bumper cover is off, and the bumper looks ok, but I do experience the front trunk cant properly open, i have to manually push down the button to release the front trunk. Let it sit for a couple days while I get my work...
  33. T

    (i) Driver Assistance features unavailable & DEER

    Last week a deer jumped out in front of my X 100D and it got bounced off the hood but ran off, hope it’s OK. The hood, front parts, and the shape of the frunk are damaged and numerous plastic pieces broken. Some sensors just inside the front are hanging by their wires. Since then I get the...
  34. J

    Is this is a case for an autopilot failure?

    Autopilot was active while I was driving I-5 in LA. The truck was changing lanes to mine but autopilot didn't take action, so I took the control of the car. I have applied brake first (ABS was engaged), then steered to the left lane. Did I take the action too early, or autopilot has failed to...
  35. selfbp

    Some woman hit my car. Anyone experienced in the rack and pinion?

    Well a woman hit my parked car- front left wheel Saturday and I came back to some damage to my XPEL wrap but thankfully no permanent visible damage. I'm almost 100% that it was just her SUV's tire that smacked me. My concern is that I was not there to view the incident and now my alignment is...
  36. M

    My Worst Nightmare

    On June 13 my pristine 2016 MX with 18,000 mi, was rear ended on the GG Bridge. I braked for slow moving traffic, was hit by a pos pickup truck pushing me into the van in front of me. Six vehicles involved, fortunately no injuries and all were able to drive off the bridge. I got Blu back from...
  37. T

    Insurance Fraud

    So I had a minor (and when I say minor....almost unnoticeable) collision with my Tesla S. Was simultaneously backing while another vehicle was backing in a parking lot (subway and no cameras, facing collision area). I stopped just in time and unfortunately he did not. The impact was so soft I...
  38. fasteddie7

    Autopilot at 50% due to accident

    after a year of babying my car, it finally took its first whack in a parking lot. The hit, although seemingly far away from the sensor, made parking assist disabled. Certified Tesla body shop says 6 months to fix, and Tesla can’t look at it without double dipping insurance. So as a PSA here’s...
  39. fasteddie7

    Body shop help!

    Hello all, I need some help! I got a whack on my bumper in a parking lot. Called my insurance and they have me a body shop to get an estimate and get it repaired. The closest Tesla certified shop is about an hour or so away. Service king I believe. What do I do? Do I go with who insurance...
  40. GasKilla

    Any recommendations for body shops in LA area (valley)?

    A 16 year old driver decided to cause a wreck on the freeway and did this damage to my MS. Looking for recommendations on a Tesla approved body shop in the LA area, I live in the valley but I'm willing to drive to a highly recommended shop.
  41. Jett Black

    Real Time Chronicle of my Body Shop Experience

    There has been brooding buzz on the web of late regarding Tesla and what seems to be their biggest weakness: body repair. Here are is some of what I've seen: Jalopnik - Tesla's Potential Body Shop Backlog Nightmare Motley Fool - Repairing My Tesla Model S Has Been an Utter Nightmare -- and...
  42. privater

    Saved from a side collision today with Autopilot on

    I just want to thank the Model S help me avoid a side collision today: Driving with moderate traffic, speed limited to 65 mph, the left side car didn't notice me on his blind spot when he wants to shift right. I'm still in shock about this, so I can't remember if I steered right, or Model S...
  43. R

    On fence choosing between Model X and Mercedes GLS

    HI, I am new to this thread. I am in market for 7 seater SUV and my initial choice was GLS until a friend introduced me to Model X. I am in awe of Model X driving (test drove it in NYC). To close the deal I have few questions . Appreciate TMC members time and effort 1. How are Model X active...
  44. N

    Tesla got rear ended, still driveable

    I was stopped in traffic behind a line of cars waiting for the car in front to make a left turn. All of a sudden BOOM. The rear bumper flew right off and landed on top of the vehicle that hit me, which was this one: Yep, that's right. A squad car complete with steel cattle pusher thing...
  45. R

    Dumb collision in my garage

    Today is not a good day for me (and my P85D!)... I had a collision in my garage that I don't actually understand the details of yet. I pulled into my garage as usual, and slowed down as I got close to the "end wall" (where a door into the house is too). I have a laser pointing down from the...
  46. ChiltonAutoBody

    Vendor Tesla Approved Body Shop - Chilton Auto Body

    Since 2007, Chilton Auto Body has been a Tesla Approved Body Shop in the San Francisco Bay Area and repaired over 3,500 Tesla vehicles. We know in order to sustain the high level of quality of your vehicle, it is imperative to have a qualified and authorized repair facility to handle all body...
  47. S

    Minor Damage to Tailgate

    I backed into a parked car last week at a low rate of speed simply trying to park the car. I was trying to get out of the way of another car and hit the "gas" a bit too hard. Anyway, the damage is really minimal, just a ding really. Estimates are coming in around $2200-$3000, apparently...
  48. jbadger

    Unfortunate outcome for my three week old Roadster

    Hey guys, I picked up roadster #506 about three weeks ago. Last week, it was involved in an unfortunate accident with a motorcycle. Best news is the motorcyclist had absolutely no injuries. A car can be replaced, but a person can not. Basically, I was making a left turn out of a parking lot...

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