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used model s

  1. U

    Is this Model S a good deal or keep looking?

    Hey everyone, we’re hoping to join the Tesla club in the near future. I’ve been searching for awhile and I found a 2015 Model S 85D that is in great condition…excellent almost. It has 103k miles on it but had a new 85kwh 400VDC battery put in by Tesla back in May 2022. The previous battery...
  2. R

    Buying a refreshed 2021-2022 Model S 35k miles vs 45k miles or a 2024 Model 3

    Hi folks, looking for opinions on selecting between three cars w/FSD - buying all cash have money set aside for a car purchase (this would be a second car for my household): 2021 Model S 45K miles ~$63k all in with taxes + $3.1K for the extended limited warranty Vehicle report - link I know...
  3. D

    Repainted bumpers on 120k+ miles Model S...less than $35k

    Did a facetime with a local used car dealer about a car he had on the lot. Over 120k miles Model S with Raven update. But when I asked to focus on the bumpers and they showed me, he said they painted it and weren't going to tell me what paint they used (?). Everything else (lights, wheels...
  4. samuelffrancis

    Used Model S Repairs/Service History

    Hi, y'all! Considering (yet again) a used 2014 model S with around 150K miles. Pretty nervous I'll be hit with some heavy upgrades, as it is pretty much out of warranty and I'd be paying for any battery/drivetrain stuff outta pocket as it comes closer to a quarter million miles. Does anyone here...
  5. H

    Yes another newbie asking about older Model S and carfax info

    I convinced my wife to get a Bolt for her long commute. That was the gateway drug. Budget for another car is around $20K before the $4000 used EV credit. Based on threads i've read here from just a few months ago, prices are falling fast. I think in the dead of winter I might be able to...
  6. R

    Used Model S vs New Model Y

    I am looking to buy my first Tesla and have been struggling to wrap my head around the possible pros and cons between a used 2020 Long Range Model S and a new 2023 Long Range Model Y. The used Model S is currently on sale for $49,999 but has 80,000 Miles put in already. Considering the...
  7. A

    Buy Used 2019 vs 2021 Model S

    So I am in a dilemma, and I need a little help. I am looking to purchase a Used Model S. My choices are between: 2019 Long Range Raven Refresh (Adaptive Suspension with new stop hold motors) with FSD, 20k miles, for $55k or 2021 Long Range Current Refresh (with new screen and yolk...
  8. Brown1428

    2018 MS 100D No Warranty: Mistake?

    Contemplating the purchase of a 2018 Model S 100D with about 30K miles. Basic warranty is set to expire in 1-2 months. I had a terrible experience with a 2020 MY I bought new. Car & service were horrible.
  9. Brycesail

    Nine-year-old Tesla with the original battery, yes you should buy a used one

    128000 miles and the original battery. I can’t tell you how much I love this vehicle. I have convinced 14 people now to switch over to Tesla. Here’s my latest argument about why you should buy a used Tesla.
  10. B

    Used model s p85 2013

    Guys I have this model s p85 with drive unit and central display changed under warranty in 2019 and the car has 104k miles on it the second owner bought it used from tesla and put in 80k miles in 4 years... I took the test drive and the car runs smooth and the battery holds 245 miles as he...
  11. T

    Model S Ownership Transfer Process. Email has not been sent to recipient.

    Hello everyone, I just bought a used Model S 75 from a vendor and the original owner has offered to help transfer the car to my account. The car has had one account associated with it (original owner) and has not been sold or taken ownership of by a dealer through Tesla (no auction, used...
  12. Y

    Quick suggestions for buying used model S

    Hello everyone. Just sharing my experience reg. buying used Model S. I have been doing my research for a month or so understanding the nitty-gritty stuffs. There is a very wide spectrum in terms of the overall experience already shared online. Unfortunately, I also had bunch of hiccups along the...
  13. B

    What is my car worth? tesla low balling me

    Model S, 70D, AP1, pre refresh, 37K miles. Cod weather package, Leather , Free Unlimited supercharging and have Tesla 50K warranty ( bought it CPO from tesla @14k miles in 2018) Tesla trade in is offering me $33.5K. Good? Bad? or Ugly? Carmax $36K Havent tried doing private party as dont have...
  14. Jomak

    What options does a MS have?

    If I wanted to buy a MS from a dealer or PP, how can I tell what options it has? I like the ev-cpo site as you can see all the options, but since Tesla has done away with the 4 yr warranty...it makes sense to shop around. So how do I tell if it has all the options I want online (without...
  15. Jomak

    Used LR MS 17 or LR M3 21?

    Looking at prob a 17 used MS from Tesla with FSD. If I go new 21 M3 prob wouldn't get FSD unless I got a used M3. My question is what would the 17 MS be missing? If it had HW 2/2.5 it would be on the list to get upgraded right? The MCU? I still get 335 miles range vs 322/353...I mean the MS...
  16. L

    Used Tesla S pickup checklist

    Hi everyone. I recently made the leap and put a deposit on a used 2017 90D through the Tesla website with 30k miles on it (thank you ev-cpo for the searching help!!!) I’ve never bought a car like this and could use some suggestions. I don’t expect a new car but don’t want to be stuck w...
  17. T

    Calculating battery degradation on buying used S 85

    Can anybody help me check the math on the following, Considering buying a nicely spec'ed RWD 2015 S 85, but wonder weather the battery was abused or not, - Car run 129,000 kms (80,000mi) since 2015 - In showroom currently showing 32% residual on battery - With 282w/km (454w/mi) , the car...
  18. D

    Purchasing Advice For Used Model S

    Hi All, I'm looking at a few used model S options here in NZ from the local Tesla showroom. Haven't physically seen any of them because we are in lockdown with Corona virus prevention - it's nice to dream though! Essentially I've got it down to three options and would appreciate opinions. Tesla...
  19. Oscurrred

    Selling Tesla in this time of need...

    So i bought a tesla last year, and now with all of what's going on, not sure i'll be able to afford it. I am self employed and was thinking it would be best to probably let it go, with insurance and loan payment, its hight.... any referrals on the best way to move a used Tesla?
  20. Jomak

    All used 75D uncorked?

    When I look at all the used MS 75D all of them report 4.2 sec 0-60. Does that mean all of them are uncorked even the 2016 models which are the ones I am looking at? I know I saw a thread about misleading info and one even said 2016 75Ds can't get the upgrade. Can you please explain the...
  21. C

    Waffling on used 2016 P100D through Tesla (long, but pics!)

    Hey All! I need some opinions. Long post but I'm really waffling on this, so I appreciate you reading. In October of last year, we bought my wife a 2016 X through Tesla with 16k miles (90D, Deep Blue Metallic, 6 seats, tan interior) and everything about the experience was great. The only...
  22. antdun

    Family of 5 Trip Report | 5,883 Mile Adventure From Utah to Florida in a 2015 S85D

    My family of 5 went on an epic road trip in our Tesla over the Christmas break and I got a lot of questions from friends and family about it because there are some elements that are a significant paradigm shift from driving a gasoline vehicle. The #1 question I get asked is “How long does it...
  23. 1051

    December 2013 Model S with Lots of Upgrades

    December 2013 build Tesla ModelS (Same as Jan 2014 S’s Build) The Car Does NOT Have Autopilot hardware. Free premium connectivity for life (3G). Current v10 software and FREE supercharging for life. The car is in excellent condition, garaged its whole life, with some minor scrapes and parking...
  24. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    I thought I'd start a thread to discuss new and used (mostly used) prices of Teslas. My interest is in Model S's, but any type could be discussed here, of course. I've been watching the woeful prices that most sellers have been asking for their used S's, and noticed this (imho) incredible deal...
  25. J

    Questions about purchasing a used model s

    So I have been looking at tesla’s For a long time and they have finally become affordable for me. I’m looking at a used 2014 P85. It’s at a local car lot where I live. So the obvious questions I have are warranty, does the manufacturer warranty transfer to a new owner? I’m told the vehicle...
  26. G

    2015 Model S 70D for sale

    Selling my 2015 Model S 70D for $43 .5k. Car is located in Greenwich, CT Solid Black Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof Black Next Generation Seats Obeche Wood Gloss Decor Accents Premium Interior Lighting Manufactured 07/2015 New Tires (less than 1000 miles ago)
  27. N

    Older Model S Single or Dual Charger

    I'm contemplating purchasing an older Model S or a newer Model3. Ideally this is an easy question,... go with the 3 but it really comes down to cost for me. I know that with overnight charging I can get a full charge with either a single or dual charger in the car but I'm more or less...
  28. C

    What are my options after paying in-full but failed delivery of used S?

    I purchased a 2015 85D, which they requested I take delivery of in Paramus, NJ instead of Dedham, MA where the car was located. After a minor shipping delay, they confirmed it arrived, had no damage mechanical needs, and was ready for delivery. They requested I ACH the funds, which I did, and...
  29. L

    WTB Used Tesla Model S for trip around the US 10/1/19 - 4/30/20

    Hi everyone We (my girlfriend and I) are from Switzerland and we will be on a 7 month trip around the US from Oct 1st 2019 till Apr 30th 2020, start and end in Miami, FL, and we would be interested in buying a used Tesla as cheap as possible (probably high milage, older model). We already have...
  30. ShearModXY

    2013 S 29k/63,794 miles Pitfalls and Possibilities?

    Used Tesla Model S For Sale - CarGurus So, I think a conventional, premium ICE car with a price like this would be really good if one was in the market for such a ride. Just over 10k a year is low mileage per year! What are the Pitfalls and Possibilities of buying a 2013 60D? I'm not really...
  31. F

    My trade-in battery being depleted to 0!

    I traded in my August 2016 90D about 10 days ago and the car still showing up in my App. Got a scary alert yesterday that my car (new100D parked at the airport with 180 miles of range) was down to 17 miles of charge. Uh oh. But it turns out the alert was for my trade-in, which the app now tells...
  32. D

    Considering used S 90D, but battery concerns

    Hey all, I've been lurking here for years, and have finally decided to jump in to the pool. For my family's needs, a Model S 90D (no "P", even though the CPO folks seem to be over-flowing with them - I've got two teenagers - too hard to insure). A local car in beautiful condition is sitting on...
  33. robertmanning

    CPO Experience/Process December 2018

    Put down my deposit on a CPO Model S on Wednesday December 12th. I wanted to detail my experience for anyone else going through the process or thinking of going through the process in the near future. First, if you are located in NY state, Tesla will not honor a deposit you put down on a CPO...
  34. 100%power

    Model S 75D build date 12/16

    Tesla Model S newer style front built date 12/2016 Vin #5YJSA1E27GF168087 Pickup Model 2016 on 4/17/2017 Selling for $ 67,500.00 net. Firm ,no bargaining or haggling Clean title. Mileage 11,500 Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Pearl...
  35. T

    WTB used 2018 model X or S test driving car

    I’m looking to purchase a model x or s that has been used for a test drive car. Low miles preferred, good condition. Have called around to several dealerships, no help. Any ideas?
  36. cpobuyer

    Tesla no longer sells CPO, they sell "used cars"

    Just spoke with the sales representative from Tesla, and he informed me that they (sales team) has been instructed to use the word "used car" and not "certified pre-owned". The cars are NOT CERTIFIED. They are ONLY INSPECTED for mechanical issues. The buyers should not expect any kind of...
  37. F

    Your opinion regarding my CPO experience

    Hi gents and ladies, I would like to get your opinion regarding my CPO experience at Chicago. I'm a first time Tesla owner and the following issues aside I'm absolutely stoked with my car. 1. With CPO cars your delivery advisor sends you pictures which have the visual inspector's notes...
  38. P

    2016 Model S 70D For Sale in Las Vegas - $58,000 O.B.O.

    2016 Tesla Model S 70D with Autopilot and Summon Features. Metallic Silver Exterior, Premium Black “Next Generation” Leather Seats, Black Alcantara Headliner, Carbon Fiber Décor, Premium 19” Cyclone Wheels, Premium Interior and Lighting, Premium Black Center Console, *FREE SUPERCHARGING*...
  39. C

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 vs. 2015 Model S 85D

    HI All, I am currently in a market for a used tesla model S. My main preference for the car is how it drives, the look, and mile range. I really do not care too much about the upgrade sound feature nor the autopilot feature because with a car like this, I want to enjoy every minute driving it...
  40. Warm

    Hulp bij beoordeling van technische staat van occasie Model S

    Dag allemaal. Aangezien mijn budget me geen door Tesla aangeboden occasion toelaat (laat staan een nieuwe), heb ik het voorbije jaar regelmatig tweedehands sites in de gaten gehouden. De vraagprijzen van particuliere verkopers komen steeds meer in de buurt van het mogelijke. Ondanks ik redelijk...
  41. ckoval7

    Used Car - New Owner

    TL;DR, I just bought a used Model S from Tesla. It went well and I'm very happy with the car. So for the past 5 or 6 years I've been drooling over Tesla vehicles. I recently started a job that put me in a position to afford a car in the $60k-ish range. For a while I had intended to spring for a...
  42. R

    Servicing my Used Tesla Model S

    I recently purchased a used Model S and I wanted to know if I'm able to take it to a service center even though I'm still in the process of transferring ownership through Tesla. Or Is that a requirement before I can take it to a service center?
  43. B

    Used Model S or New Chevy Bolt

    Hi everyone, Read a few posts on here about this question, and learned some stuff, but had a few other questions. I'm looking to enter the EV world. I'm leaning towards the Bolt, but thought I'd see what others here think about it. Living in Texas, I can get $10k in rebates or tax credits on a...
  44. ChooseGreen

    How long until used Model S hits base Model 3 prices

    Unfortunately, I had to cancel my Model 3 reservation. I REALLY didn't want to. Funny to think of that evening almost 2.5 years ago stressing out that I couldn't get the website to work for 5 minutes when it first opened. All for not now! Admittedly I was fence-sitting already only because...
  45. D

    Used Model S - Depreciation estimate?

    I'm looking to buy a used Tesla Model S 2014 or 2015 for about $50,000. How much would I be able to sell the car for in 3 years? Let's say the car would be 6-7 years old when I sell it, with less than 90,000 miles and in very good condition. My personal estimate is $25,000. [The reason I...
  46. youngjoseph

    Extended Warranty Worth it for Model S

    Hi All, Do you think it's worthwhile to get the extended warranty on a used Model S with 50k miles? I believe you can add it after the sale as long as you do before 30 days or 1,000 miles after hitting 50,000 miles. Correct? The options I see online are: 2 years / 25,000 miles for $2,600 4...
  47. youngjoseph

    WTB: Model S with Autopilot <$50k

    Hi All, Looking to get a used Model S with Autopilot. Located in San Diego and willing to travel to pick it up or pay to have it shipped out. Please DM me. Thanks!
  48. S

    CPO Inventory pricing and model years

    I have been keeping tabs on the CPOs as I am in the market for a used Model S. Just a few months ago there were several Model S cars in the $40,000s and were 2013s and 2014s. The last several weeks now they are starting at the high $50,000s and are more 2015s. Do we think Tesla will get more...
  49. M

    2013 Model S 85 - 110k miles $36,500

    Selling my reliable 2013 Model S85 because I received my new Model 3 Very clean 2013 Model S85 with sunroof and adjustable suspension. 3 years remaining on the 8 year, infinite mile factory warranty on both the battery pack and the drive unit. Supercharger free for life. (of course) I'm the...
  50. I

    My Very Detailed CPO Buying Experience

    So I just got my 2014 CPO Model S and I thought I'd share my experience on the CPO process and even some of my thoughts before taking the plunge. I’ll give you a warning right now, this is a very long post. During my wait I never really felt like I ever had a good understanding of how the...