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Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

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Writing on the wall...or a tactic to increase sales of new vehicles...
I'm waiting for highway level 3.

Hopefully the current cars can all reach level 4 for all routes eventually as Tesla has said, but there's a significant chance they won't - or at least they'll need new hardware or Tesla will discover that new hardware makes it much better and release an improvement right after releasing the firmware.

So I'm waiting for them to release firmware that offers a definite, measurable improvement in my life over what I have now - and I expect the first of those to be SAE Level 3 for freeway driving - drivers legally permitted not to pay attention on the freeway as long as they can respond within some time period (10 seconds?)

Of course, there are risks to waiting - Tesla might raise prices or have too much demand when they do release such a thing. And, of course, the cars that can do level 3 on the freeway aren't guaranteed to eventually reach full level 4 either, so I might end up replacing again when that happens in several more years.
Based upon my very short test with AP2 in my brand new Model 3 versus AP1 in my S, I'd say that AP2 is more solid when it comes to staying centered in the lane. I haven't had much time for an extensive comparison, but I'm impressed with AP2, which is a sharp contrast to my 24 hour test drive in an AP2 Model X last summer: Horrid experience with AP2.

That said, I love my S's AP1. It's an absolute life saver in rush hour traffic. Barring a catastrophic failure of the car (or my winning the lottery), I'm keeping my AP1 Model S for a very long time.
And L3 ain't coming to Teslas. The liability shift from L2 to L3 will keep all the manufacturers from offering it. Audi won't be turning it on.

The liability shift and the associated legal/regulatory adjustments are certainly one of the harder parts of autonomous driving, but Tesla isn't most car companies, and I'll be surprised if they don't find a way to make it happen in due time.

It may not happen right away, but until it does, I have the best car in the world (if not in the fastest and longest ranged form) while I wait - and I don't think AP2+ can offer me anything I really want that AP1 doesn't until they manage to bridge the liability divide.
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Why's that, you already bought the car, so they have your $$$, now they can buy it back and resell it again for a profit and they get your $$$ again for the next car. I'm curious as to the benefit of the business to tell them to hold vs sell.

...hold keeps it off the used market, more scarce, hold prices up... and may swing a different wannabe buyer to get new as well. Make more money on new cars.
Hell no, until they "actually" deliver some form of EAP functionality what's the point, unless you have wrecked your car or some other need arises. The hardware is changing every few months, the software is no where near delivered, just sit, wait and be patient.

My thoughts exactly. I’m still enjoying my 12/15 build — the old nose, AP1, and 80 amp home charging 61 mph — see pic). I can’t get the latter with a new Tesla.

I figure that by the time they deliver on EAP, there will also be an internal design change based on lessons learned from model 3 and a bigger or more efficient battery. A year ago, didn’t Elon mention faster charging tech coming?
I am loving the AP1 still and use it very frequently. Makes driving / life easier.
I wouldn't mind more power but find that the S85D is in reality everything i need.

What I do wish for was better range. Next in wants for me would be faster charging.

Im sure in the future, the cars will have 1000 mile range and be capable of charging in 10 minutes with stations all over the place.

That would be the death blow to gas cars.
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