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  1. S

    I upgraded to MCU 2 and I have a keyboard dilemma

    I just returned a Y loaner and finally received my 2017 Model S with all the latest updates. AP and MCU 2 all that crap, well… not really crap it was definitely worth the price ($2600.00) I have a major issue with a few apps, but most I don’t use. I do use Slacker Radio, (LiveOne) or Streaming...
  2. ucmndd

    Sold Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    For sale Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    Selling my December 2016 Model S 75. Original owner, picked up new from the Fremont factory on December 18, 2016. Asking $23,000. Could be eligible for used EV federal tax credit of $4,000 if we process the sale through Keysavvy, which would be my intention. You need to verify income...
  4. D

    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Just a post to give my experience upgrading from MCU1 to MCU2. My car prior to upgrade: 2017 Refresh Model S, MCU1, AP2.5, Sunroof, Sirius XM, AM/FM, LTE, FUSC, WiFi 2.4GHz, Free Premium Connectivity, EMMC Recall active, Autopilot (not FSD) My car Post Upgrade: Still 2017 Refresh Model S...
  5. canasion35


    2014 Model S85 (RWD) 103K miles, built March 2014 I believe. Total transparency: I am selling this car on behalf of my father-in-law. I have taken the car and completed a 2-stage paint correction, two coats of AMMO Reflex Pro coating on the paint, windows, wheels, shampooed all carpeted areas...
  6. Allx

    Anyone else with sluggish MCU2?

    It seems the UI frequently hangs these days. Seeing as V11 has been out for a while I’m assuming it’s not just a case of an unoptimized first release. Anyone with MCU2 starting to see performance issues ?
  7. C

    What should I do - 2012 Signature Red Model S

    I've happily owner a 2012 Model S Signature 132k miles for over 8 years. I've had some minor issues over the years but most were resolved under warranty or fixed for less than $1000. My recent problem started in August 2022 when my car was rear-ended while I was at a light. The damage to the...
  8. Jklunk

    Constant cracking sound in speakers; sporadic loss of audio

    2015 Model S, upgraded to MCU2 with SXM/AM/FM receiver. Since the upgrade, my SXM/AM/FM crackles anytime I turn volume up or down, and also at random/sporadically when listening to music. Now it also started cutting out for 1-2 seconds randomly when using Bluetooth for music or phone call, as...
  9. M

    Loud popping sound thru speakers when S wakes up after MCU2 upgrade

    Took my 2013 85D S in for the MCU2 upgrade last week. Had some problems- some that seem common- First theater mode was empty and voice command function had "Connection error". Tried soft/mid resets, the change language fix people have posted here, but it was finally a factory reset that fixed...
  10. Supratrboo

    FS: Tesla Model S 85 kw - FUSC - AP1 - MCU2 -97k Miles - Blk/Blk/Blk

    Recently changed to a model x for the family. 2014 Model S 85kw MCU2 AP1 Black / Black Panoramic Sunroof Premium interior package Alcantara headliner and dash 21” black powder coated turbines Ceramic coating July 2022 New tires New 12v battery HV battery and drive motor still under warranty...
  11. Sanderpman12

    Mcu 2 upgrade

    Hey all, if i get an mcu 2 upgrade on my model s 2013, will the software match the latest 2022 teslas? So the UI will look the same in the 2013 and 2022 teslas?
  12. 2

    MCU2 Upgrade Price Increase to $2250

    Scheduling my MCU2 upgrade on my 2016 MS w/ MCU1 & AP2 that failed based on an eMMC recall (failed exactly as the recall described). SC is now quoting a cost of $2250 from the previous reduction price of $1500. According to the SC this was a part of price/inflation increases across the board...
  13. B

    Touchscreen black but "functional"

    I saw a lot of threads on black screens or unresponsive touch screens but nothing on what I'm seeing. 2017 Model S 75D, just upgraded to MCU2 the weeks ago. Started driving yesterday and the center screen never turned on. I pressed the scroll wheels to restart it, the backlight came on but I...
  14. T

    2013 Tesla Model S 85kWh For Sale (MCU2 Upgrade, LTE)

    I’m selling my 2013 Tesla Model S 85. I just took delivery of a new 2022 Model Y Long Range! I originally purchased Certified Pre Owned (CPO) from Tesla in 2016 (second owner). Clean title in hand. No accidents. Still drives just like the day I bought it. Transferrable Free Unlimited...
  15. gaspi101

    Official Tesla USB Needed for Sentry Mode

    I've been using a Samsung USB drive for some time now on both my P3D+ and X. Amazon.com t/B0874YS2N7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie Over the past year, however, the X's dash screen and GPS would often not turn on at all, or crash mid-drive--It's been a pain in the tuckus. Tesla kept...
  16. J

    Periodic Loss of Sirius/XM After MCU2 Upgrade and 12V Replacement

    About six weeks ago I sprung for the MCU2 upgrade with the $500 FM/XM tuner option in my 2013 MS. Other than some initial challenges getting the new XM radio ID connected to my account, the system worked perfectly. Last week, the 12V battery gave notice that it was dying so I scheduled mobile...
  17. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85

    2013 Model S P85, 156k miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Caraoke, etc.) Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Removable Whisper bars on top 7 seater with the rear facing jump seats 3D floor mats...
  18. axalam

    Opinion needed - 2017 Model S 90D - 38K miles

    Hey everyone, I am currently in the process of buying a car with all features and options. The car is a 2017 Tesla Model S 90D with 38,000 miles. The features include: Free transferable supercharging (verified with option codes. Also car is a 12/2016 build but vin is 2017) Free premium...
  19. islandbayy

    HPWC Problem, Gen 1 not working on Late 2019-2021 S & X

    We were one of the FIRST Tesla Destination charging locations in Wisconsin(Before it was even a program!), and THE First Hotel/Motel/Resort in Wisconsin to have dedicated EV Charging (Early 2000's!). As such, we have/had some of the oldest (Early Production) HPWC's Tesla produced. They have...
  20. V

    Infotainment Upgrade

    I haven't seen a thread for this on the X side of the forums, so I thought I'd make one. 2016 MX P90DL, AP1, MCU1; completed the upgrade to MCU2 last week! so far, totally worth, and I'm hoping for some sort of credit as my MCU 1 was struggling and frequently restarting. FAQS mention things...
  21. markn455

    Upgraded MCU1 to MCU2 - Are you experiencing New Problems?

    I upgraded to MCU2 recently and now I am experiencing a whole new round of issues. Here is my list; What are your problems? WiFi: Sensitivity was poor with MCU1, is worse with MCU2 (upgrade) Cellular Coverage: If a new drive starts in a 3G area, it won't switch to LTE when driving into an LTE...
  22. L

    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    I've got an V1 HPWC that charges at 80 amps on my dual charger P85D. It worked in a bulletproof fashion for many years. I brought the car in to replace a leaky LCD screen and they convinced me that the Infotainment Upgrade made more sense, so I did it. However, ever since I brought it home...
  23. S

    Late 2017 Model S 100D, HW3/MCU2 $61,900

    I am selling my October 2017 Model S to replace with an X due to family needs. This is my 3rd Model S and has been treated with all the care that one would expect from a crazy Tesla fanboy. MCU2/HW3 upgrade of 2.5 original hardware, told by Tesla the free supercharging "goes with the title"...
  24. phillip.blaha

    Another Unfavorable Tesla Service Experience

    Another unfavorable Tesla Service story! First, please understand, I’m a Tesla early adopter and fan who owns a 2014 Model S. I love the technology, the idea that electric automobiles are better for the environment and believe Elon changed the automobile industry worldwide with the success of...
  25. C

    Mcu swap

    Has anyone in the uk had the Mcu1 switched to Mcu2 in their model s by Tesla. I have requested it on the app.
  26. J

    $5k MCU2 / HW3 Upgrade (MX) (Help!)

    Hey everyone so I'm not sure if you guys remember but about a month ago i made a post on reddit in regards to Tesla wanting to charge me a $2700 fee (On top of the $2500$) for my MCU2 Upgrade...SO I THOUGHT. I made an appointment June 27th and My service was scheduled for July 16th. They called...
  27. T

    Select Games in Arcade "waiting for update"

    I just took delivery of my M3 on last Friday. In the arcade there were 2 games that I was not able to play, Stardew Valley and Cuphead. Both games showed as "waiting for update." Yesterday I ran the latest update 2020.12. Now Fallout Shelter has appeared, but that game, along with the other two...
  28. L

    Does MCU2 fix bluetooth audio / video delay?

    One of the things I'd like to do is watch Netflix on a tablet or phone using the car's audio. Unfortunately, in my 2016 model S, there is a full second of bluetooth audio delay between the video on the device and the sound coming out of the speakers. My previous car, a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, had...
  29. B

    HELP! MCU1 died. Anyone know how I push to get MCU2?

    I have a Feb 2017 Model S 90D. My MCU1 completely died. I dropped it off at service center and asked if I can pay the difference in price to upgrade given the car is under warranty. Might as well, right? But, he said only Tesla owner's who have been given the offer can upgrade. Is that true...
  30. Trebek1762

    WTB: MCU2 & IC2

    Looking to buy a MCU2 and IC2 combo from a wrecked 2018 or 2019 X or S to do the infotainment upgrade myself. thanks for looking!
  31. DVSensei

    MCU2 in 2016 MS

    Hi, Vorig jaar is (onder garantie) mijn MCU vervangen voor een MCU2. Hier zou ik de nieuwe software op kunnen draaien met de nieuwe Multimedia-opties zoals Netflix, YouTube en games. Maar mijn auto krijgt de software gepusht die hoort bij het bouwjaar, ongeacht de MCU. Is er een andere manier...
  32. iamvince

    Tesla Charging $2200 for MCU1 replacement

    My 2013 Model S VIN 13xxx MCU went dead. I was hoping to purchase MCU2, but Tesla Service Center Santa Clara is saying my VIN is too old to take MCU2 replacement, so they're charging $2200 for MCU1. Anyone know about the VIN cut off for MCU2? According to the article, they said: "All remaining...
  33. Trebek1762

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    Ok, so I think it's in the best interest of the community to have a sticky on what is and is NOT included with the Infotainment (aka MCU) upgrade, and to further clarify that it is separate from FSD (also referenced by APE/AP/HW3) Descriptions of MCUs and HWs below questions (via TeslaTap) Q...
  34. houstonian

    MCU1 S Owners: Logic FOR/AGAINST Tesla's $2,500 "Infotainment Upgrade"? (Not required for FSD)

    @viper2ko caught official confirmation from TSLA earlier today that @Krash source was correct: Tesla is offering an upgrade for owners with an MCU1. Official announcement: Infotainment Upgrade | Tesla Notable notes: Infotainment Upgrade is $2,500; access is prioritized based on existing...
  35. G

    Does FSD Computer Upgrade also Upgrade the MCU?

    I'm on an MCU1 with Autopilot 2.5. Does anyone know if the Full Self Driving computer upgrade is the same as upgrading the MCU? Right now on V10 Cuphead, Tesla Theater & Caraoke aren't enabled. After a fsd computer upgrade should I expect that anything changes?
  36. M

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    So my 2017 S is showing the dreaded yellow frame on the center screen. I obviously need to get the screen replaced and in reading through the threads on here it appears Tesla is now just swapping screens when possible and not touching the MCU. Since these two are so closely married and I have...
  37. arubinst

    Reboot loop

    I've had my X100D for 5 days. Since then, I have rebooted the car 4 times. Three of those 4, the car went into a loop where the IC screen would flash the Tesla logo and then come up for maybe 5 seconds and then reboot again. The MCU remained black the whole time. I made a small video today...
  38. Cripps

    Browser won’t load any websites after car wakes up

    For a Canadian delivery, March 2018 build, new MCU, 2018.18 software, I find that if the car has been left idle for a while (over an hour say), on return to the car, it is not possible to load any sites in the web browser. Pick a favourite, type in A URL, the browser does nothing. The other...
  39. Daniellane

    Immersive Sound on New MCU?

    Sound on my March 2018 Build Model S 100D seems significantly better than it was on my 2017 March Build Model S 90D. It’s actually amazing! Is it possible that this is a carryover from the Model 3 which shares a similar if not the same MCU? Is the Immersive New sound option a firmware thing...
  40. fasteddie7

    Yup! Better touchscreen and browser is here!

    What a huge improvement! This is the update we have been waiting for. Wonder how this compares to mcu2?
  41. FamilyT3sla

    2018 Model X New MCU LTE Failure

    Woke up Sunday and did not have LTE/3G or wifi internet access. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  42. K

    iPhone X and Bluetooth connectivity issues

    I just took delivery of a new Model S last week but have been having all sorts of issues connecting my iPhone X with Bluetooth. The phone will pair but the bluetooth connectivity keeps dropping every 10-15 seconds and I can't load any of my contacts or calendar. Forgetting the device doesn't...
  43. Saimaannorppa

    How Much Would You Pay for MCU2 Retrofit?

    With the potential MCU retrofit announced, how much are you budgeting for it? Arguments for and against, and for your vote, appreciated.
  44. F

    New MCU AND 10.4?

    ok, I couldn’t find an answer, so starting fresh. I picked-up my S75D Saturday (and love it, obviously). Question: it has software 10.2 and though I have the trunk open feature on my app, the AP doesn’t appear to have the update (the auto-lane changing is abrupt, to say the least). Has...
  45. Sandollars

    New MCU model issues, anyone?

    I Thought I would start a thread to see if anyone else is having similar issues with MSs built after the March 4th changes. Most notable of those changes is the MCU2. So far. 1. Unable to connect to WiFi 2. Will not Summon 3. GPS screen would not render twice on a road trip for about an hour...
  46. B

    Central Virginia - MCU2 owner wanted

    If your a proud owner of a new MCU2 Tesla, and you like to experiment / help aid the community. Please DM me. Don't respond with your interest in this thread, as Tesla monitors these things. I promise no risk for your car.