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model s 60

  1. F

    Warranty on a remanufactured battery?

    I bought a used 2014 model S. The battery died and was replaced by Tesla under warranty with a remanufactured battery. Now that remanufactured battery has died. I'm wondering if there is a warranty on the remanufactured replacement battery from 3 years ago?
  2. N

    2013 Tesla Model S - install basic Autopilot

    Hello All, I finally purchased my first tesla. I got a 2013 Tesla Model S (60Kwh). I was wondering if anyone can clarify one thing for me. 1) Can I install basic Autopilot on this vehicle? Right now it doesn't come with autopilot. 2) Is there a way I can add 2 additional battery modules...
  3. S

    1st gen model s air suspension failure

    2013 model S 60 with tech pkg and air suspension. I recently had the 12v battery service performed by a mobile tech, on the same visit they replaced the washer fluid nozzles and a tpms sensor. After the service was performed it was a few days later that the air suspension started warning us...
  4. N

    High maintenance car ever I owned

    I owned Model S 2013. In my knowledge, it has following items replaced during warranty period: Entire 60KW battery MCU Drive unit After warranty period, MCU screen (air bubble issue) replaced: Costing $1000 Passanger side door handle stop working: Costing $350 Driver window open/close motor...
  5. S


    Hi, I am fairly new to Tesla world and if someone could help me to understand few technical bits. I’m planning to buy second hand MS60 which I believe have 75kW battery. I was told by seller that it could be converted to to MS75 which would add about 40 miles which will take car to...
  6. R

    2014 S60 Charging Decisions

    Hello! I'm an almost owner of a pre-owned 2014 MS 60 that I've purchase and will be picking up in Orlando soon. It has 41k on it and as I have not spoken with a Delivery Advisor yet, I have no idea whether or not the UMC is in the car and will be included. So I have questions that maybe some...
  7. J

    For Sale: 2013 Model S

    I have decided it's time for me to upgrade to a model with autopilot and am selling my 2013 Model S (signature). It has around 70,200 miles on it and is located in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm asking $38k. More pictures upon request. Peace, Love, and Tesla.
  8. F

    For Sale: CPO S60 (w/autopilot)

    Hi gang, Looking to sell my model S60 due to moving to NYC. Stats: CPO, late 2014 Options: autopilot, premium sound, black textile interior, sunroof Color: White (the discontinued kind, not pearl white) Mileage: ~43,000 Completely clean history. ‘Reconditioned’ by Tesla. Still has 3 yrs...
  9. B

    Quick Story on a 2013 CPO MS60

    This all occurred late July. Thought I'd share my experience after getting my CPO MS60. I live in Vegas, and found a 60 for $39.8K out of LA with ~90K miles. It's equipped with the sound upgrade (which I can differentiate the quality between the Ultra and standard options; there's definitely...
  10. I

    False Advertising - 2014 S60

    Specs - ‘14 Model S 60 / 54K miles Issue - Car charges to 172 miles at max. setting Question - Where did the 36 miles go? 208-172=36 17% battery degradation? I can understand ~5% ...for a max charge @ ~195 Tesla tells me “It charges based on your habits...it’s a really smart car”. Really...
  11. H

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    Hi, I'm feeling kinda disappointed at this moment with the whole thing - I've ordered an MS 60 in the last weeks to avoid the potential common-sense price hike that would come from having the MS 60 going away, having my hand pretty much forced by the fact that such hike would make the Model S...
  12. V

    Model S 60 and 60D to be removed

    Just got a email from Tesla that said that they will remove 60 and 60D for Model S because of that it was to few that order it and that they want to simplify the process. Could it be that to many order it without update it to 75 wish made them deliver a lot of batteries that was never paid or...
  13. C

    POLL : Did you buy a Model S 60 or a 75?

    In light of the cancellation of the Model S 60 and 60D, and Tesla's explanation of why it was cancelled (low 60&60D sales), I thought it would be good to take a poll. So... of the buyers of Model S 60s and 75s, which one did you purchase? Full disclosure, I bought a 60D :)
  14. fallen888

    How to disable 100% charging warning message?

    So for the past week I've been charging my software-limited 60 MS to 100% on daily basis, since it shouldn't be hurting the battery pack. In that time, twice I've received a warning message about the 100% daily charging, which I just dismiss without changing my charging limit. How often and long...
  15. M

    2013 Model S 60, Excellent Condition, 39K Miles

    Ordered a new X yesterday. The car is in great shape and we'll miss it, but need something a bit bigger. $50,000 obo Located in AZ 39,000 miles 60 kWh battery Solid white paint All glass panoramic roof Tan napa leather interior Obeche matte wood decor Tech package Power rear lift gate...
  16. A

    First Long(ish) Trip In MS60. Accident Avoided!

    Note: Also posted on Reddit Drove from Cape Cod to Raleigh(600+ miles, overnight) straight thru in my MS60. I've done this trip many times before in my ICE and OMG the Tesla rules on road trips!!! Used AP1 for 99.9% of the trip...sooo game changing on long trips. AP1 Accident prevention...
  17. J

    Just in time for the holidays...

    Thought I'd share this Tesla Christmas video with you: Happy holidays!
  18. W

    2013 42,xxx mile S60 Black on Black

    19" Wheels 60 kWh Battery All Glass Panoramic Roof Black Leather Interior Black Solid Paint Obeche Wood Gloss Décor Standard Suspension Tech Package Brand New Tires (2 weeks old) $43k
  19. BEEZR

    Car defect: How long to expect "fix" under warranty?

    Question for the group: How long should I (or anyone) expect to wait for a repair to a car under warranty? Tesla or otherwise, the manufacturer has an obligation to fulfill under the warranty -- how long before I need to take legal action or seek another remedy? I purchased CPO in June 2016...
  20. Az_Rael

    Grey seats going away...

    From a insider/leaker Reddit account: Bye bye grey seats • /r/teslamotors That is really too bad. The grey seats are what I would have picked if buying new.
  21. C

    Is the consensus that Tesla is likely to suddenly stop selling the 60's at any moment?

    What's the crowd wisdom here? Do we think the 60 is here 'til the end of December at least - or do we think it is likely to disappear at any moment?
  22. AssortedBread

    Aerowheel 2.0 Design (concept)

    Hello, So you may remember Tesla's ill-fated Aerowheels, as seen below, which added an additional 10 miles of aerodynamic range. (becoming increasingly beneficial the faster you go) I personally believe the biggest hindrance to aero wheel design is that it looks inherently fake. Its a...
  23. B

    Upgradeable 60kw Battery

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this question, but how can you tell if a Model S w/ 60kw battery OS one that can be upgraded to 75kw? Is there a VIN number or production date that lets you know if it's possible or not?
  24. B

    Buying Models S that has 60K mileage

    I am considering a pre-owned (clean title & no accident) 2013 Model S - 60 that already has 60K mileage. I am wondering what are the consideration I should be considered in terms of maintenance and such for buying high mileage car? Or should I consider to pay for 4K more for like 30K less...
  25. Tesl@ Bargain

    Regenerative Braking with 100% Charged Software-Limited 60 kWh Battery

    In this video I am demonstrating regenerative braking with a 100% charged battery in our new Tesla Model S 60 (applies to a Tesla Model X 60D as well), which is one of the advantages of having a 75 kWh battery software-limited to 60 kWh. This clearly confirms that regular charging and...
  26. fallen888

    AP following the idiot in front

    So this happened to me yesterday (thankfully heavy traffic meant slow speed). For some reason AP started following the idiot in front, who was not staying in the lane. Why would AP so that? Why not just stay in the middle of the lane? On a side note, is there a way to tell AP I prefer to hug...
  27. fallen888

    Model S RWD 60 0-60 in 5.5? Or less?

    Tesla says I should be able to go 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. But I just did it in less. In fact, I was a little early to hit start in the beginning and didn't hit stop until I clearly saw the 60 pop up on the instrument panel. So I believe it's even less. Anyone get it lower? What's the lowest...
  28. J

    2014 S60 in Upstate of So Carolina

    My well-cared for (always garaged, paint correction and Opti-Coat Plus applied upon delivery, non-smokers) Pearl white S with rare painted black roof, needs to find new owner so that I can pick up my Model X!! -39,000 miles -Tech package -Navigation -Heated seats -Classic nose -Supercharger...
  29. fallen888

    XM without premium audio?

    I miss my satellite radio being integrated into the vehicle interface (not just on the phone via bluetooth). I did not opt for the premium audio package, but I do have the pano roof. Has anyone figured out a way to enable XM without the premium audio? The assumption here being that pretty much...
  30. fallen888

    All-Season Tires for Model S

    What are some of the best rated, highly recommended all-season tires for a Model S with the basic 19" rims? I'm not looking to race, but I'd like quiet tires with good traction which can handle Philly winters. I've searched around and see a lot of content on winter, summer tires, but not...
  31. fallen888

    Fob issues after Blackvue installation

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. I had the Blackvue 2-channel dash cam installed yesterday by a shop in my area. And it seems ever since then the key fob doesn't communicate well with my MS. I press it to lock and unlock, and it works 1/5 times. I get in the car...
  32. andrewschuyler

    Considering a CPO

    Well, I never thought I'd be asking this question, but as time has gone by it seems that the CPO prices are getting better. Im a model 3 reservation holder. I'm doing some evaluation math and wanted to ask current model s owners a few things. I live in the Midwest and am considering a straight...
  33. J

    I Want A Tesla Model S For Christmas- Video

    This is a sing along video I made that professes my love for the Model S: Enjoy!
  34. Master One

    What's the current period between delivery confirmed and production started?

    I've ordered on 6h July in our local Tesla Store, confirmed that order on 8th July in MY TESLA, but now (13 days after order confirmation) the current state in MY TESLA still shows Your estimated delivery window is September - Early October. Your Tesla has entered the factory production queue...
  35. Master One

    So has anyone already received a new S 60 with software-limited 75 kWh battery?

    Is it still speculation, that the battery of the new S 60 can be charged till full (=80% of real capacity) at all times without downside? the software-limitation is implemented in a way, that the charge slider does not allow to be moved beyond 80% (capping capacity only from the top end)...
  36. Master One

    Our Model S Bargain - Our Experience With Tesla So Far

    Latest since our our first test drive with a Model S it was clear, that there is no way around it. Previously out of range, because the vehicle is destined to become a company car, for which input tax reduction is not possible if the costs of purchase are above 80.000,- EUR including sales tax...
  37. Mknac

    Model S 60 on a Road Trip

    i just ordered a model S 60. I have one concern and that's the range. I am 95 percent a local driver where range will not be an issue. I'm concerned and think maybe I should modify to a 75 before my week runs out though. I live in DC. I recently drove my Taurus Sho to Louisville to visit my...
  38. emir-t

    60kWh Usable Energy

    Hey everyone; Whilst calculating how much I can drive on a single charge I am used to taking note of how much usable energy I have vs. what consumption I'm averaging. For example with my Corolla convert Turkish EV I have 36kWh available to use. I usually average 155Wh/km(250Wh/mi) so 36000/155...