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  1. T

    Notes from a Small Roadtrip - UK to Norway via Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden

    2022 Model 3 Long Range. 3,800 Miles 866kWh 236 Wh/Mi 3 weeks Charging In general I plan in advance and try to organise AC charging - my preference is just to plug in overnight rather than have to spend time sat at a supercharger. German Used AC on the outward leg Public Chargers were...
  2. H

    Next ship to Stavanger from Zeeburgge?

    Does anyone know when next ship to Stavanger arrives. Last known location is Zeeburgge. Estimated delivery 10. July Tesla Haugesund said.
  3. F

    Car Restoration

    Hello Guys, I'm not sure if anyone can help, but I still thought I would post a question. In January, my new Model Y met with an accident, the front bumper and headlights got damaged. So the Insurance company sent the car to a restoration facility here in Norway. The restoration company...
  4. E

    Tesla Model 3 from Norway to Netherlands

    Hi eveyone, As of today, 22 August 2021, I am registered & living in Norway and my company is transferring me to Netherlands for 4 year period under 30% rule. I am planning to buy "second hand - used Tesla Model 3 - LR" before moving to Netherlands on 1st November 2021. The Tesla is 2019 model...
  5. TMC Staff

    Musk Says Canada And Norway Are Next To Get Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta

    FSD will be rolled out in the two countries after the necessary approvals are given, possibly in February or March. Tesla says its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software is in an early beta stage, which is apparent if you watch people trying to use it. Once it moves into actual beta, and all necessary...
  6. TMC Staff

    More And More Tesla Model 3 Reach Norway: Sales Imminent

    Model 3 is coming! Sales to start imminently. The first big batch of Tesla Model 3 (of roughly 1,400 cars) delivered to Europe spreads through to Tesla‘s biggest markets. Yesterday, we noticed the first new Model 3 registrations in Norway, since late January when 17 were registered. Now, it...
  7. TMC Staff

    Elon Musk Tours Operations in Europe

    Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk examined the company’s operations in Europe as the first Model 3 deliveries arrive. Musk tweeted Saturday that he was visiting Tilburg in the Netherlands, the Belgian port city of Zeebrugge, and both Tesla’s headquarters in Amsterdam and Oslo. While...
  8. nasatech

    Vendor 30k Milestone in Norway :)

    Today, December 12th 2018, Tesla number 30.000 was registered in Norway. Will be very interesting to see the numbers 1 year from now. After the delivery of Model 3 starts in February/March. Tesla Registration Stats You can also look at the total number of EVs (not plug-ins) registered in...
  9. TMC Staff

    Norway: 6.5% Of All Registered Cars Are Now Electric

    We strongly discourage the opening of a new fuel station in Norway. Long-standing ultra-high levels of all-electric car sales in Norway finally begin to translate into not negligible shares of the total car fleet in the country. According to official data, as of the end of September 2018...
  10. aikisteve

    Found out how much energy you gain by driving down a mountain road

    How much energy do you gain from driving down Eagle Road, a steep mountain road descending into Geiranger, Norway, in a #Tesla Model S?
  11. aikisteve

    Driving down one of the steepest roads in Norway

    Going down Stalheimskleiva, near Gudvangen. This is one of the steepest roads in Norway, with an 18% downgrade and dropping 218m!
  12. aikisteve

    Video of our 2018 family road trip to Norway

    First part of our 2018 #Tesla family road trip to and through Norway. This part takes us from home to the natural beauty of Preikestolen. Stay tuned (and subscribe to the channel ;-)) for the rest of the series with even more natural beauty.
  13. Chuq

    Supercharger - Lillesand

    I don't normally make threads about European superchargers but I have heard that this station is not only going to have 24 supercharger stalls but it will also have 24 Ionity CCS stalls! Link to news article (paywalled, not much content): Gravingen i gang på Sørlandets største ladestasjon...
  14. thewallaby

    New Norwegian Tesla Service center 2018

    Long story short Tesla is expanding to a much needed large service center in the Oslo area. Old, new and potentially new owners can take a deep breath now. (Text google translated from Norwegian). It is amazing to see the growing interest in whole-electric family cars, which has led to a...
  15. R

    Mobile eye CES2017 presentation and Teslas Autopilot future?

    Hey guys, So, I was watching the Mobile eye CES2017 presentation, and I'm starting to get a little worried about the state of Teslas level 3 & 4 autopilot progress. In the presentation, it was made very clear that it's important to have a front and rear lidar systems and we all know Elon...
  16. mspohr

    Norway to make all short-haul flights electric (by 2040)

    Norway will make all short-haul flights electric by 2040 Interesting news item that Norway is going to try to use electric planes (not in production yet) to make all short-haul flights by 2040. They mention a few potential manufacturers Wright Electric, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens.
  17. R

    Buying Model X, Need some Advice please.

    Hello All, I'm planning on buying a Tesla Model X to replace our Audi Q5 family car in 2018 Q1. I have some concerns and questions, and I hope some of you can help me with making a decision. My wife owns a VW eGolf, and I absolutely love this car along with my Q5. The plan is to replace both...
  18. S

    Next boat load to Europe

    Hi, Does anyone know when the next ship will be loaded for Europe/Bremerhaven? I’m in Norway waiting for my X, which is probably complete, but I cannot find any information on sailing schedules. How often do Tesla ship to Bremerhaven...? I think that is the intermediate port before onward...
  19. Superendo

    Beginner wil met MS 75D op wintersport( Zwitserland)

    Goedemorgen, Gisteren hebben wij onze eerste en nieuwe MS 75D opgehaald uit Tilburg. Mooie belevenis zoals jullie al weten. In februari gaan wij voor het eerst op een lange trip. Wij gaan naar Grindelwald. In beide opzichten spannend. Lang geleden op de ski’s gestaan. Wij rijden midden...
  20. A

    Tesla deemed as the worst warranty deal in Norway

    The Norwegian Consumer Council did a big comparative test, and deemed Tesla to have the worst battery capacity warranty/ and the worst total score.. There are articles in Norwegian media about "no battery capacity warranty" Here is the test, (in Norwegian only )...
  21. pjw65

    North Cape in Winter

    Is it safe and possible to drive in December from Skellefteå, Schweden to Alta, Norway and use 2 CHAdeMOs in Finland? A Better Routeplanner This looks much faster than using Supercharger in Norway to drive up to Alta.
  22. M

    Rent model S in Oslo not from nabobil

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself at first. I cannot officially register to nabobil because of my age (20). So I have decided to try this way and maybe it will work out. I am 20 years old (have driver license since I was 18) student and programmer and a huge fan of Tesla (I have already...
  23. M

    Quick Survey

    Hi, I'm a student researching Tesla as a subject for the Extended Essay and to conduct some primary research, I'd extremely appreciate it if you could answer my survey. It won't take long and will go a long way for me to be successful in my Essay. Here is the link: Quick Survey about Tesla...
  24. Chuq

    Supercharger - Rygge, Norway (40 stalls)

    Hi everyone, Just popping in from the opposite side of the world! I noticed in the Electrek article which reported this site - 40-stall Supercharger planned for Kettleman City .. there was a comment saying the same was planned in Norway. I've Google-translated the relevant article, done some...
  25. M

    Norway road trip

    Dear all, I am planning a road trip from Oslo to the Northcape. Looking around for rental options with not a lot of success. Any ideas? Also what would you suggest logistically once we arrive up north for returning the car, without having to drive back all the way to the south (or even many...
  26. S

    Why people from Norway is not active here in this forum

    To people from Norway, my friends Arvid (he has a model S 85D) from Norway told me that, there are over 70000 Tesla in Norway(can someone tell me the number is correct or incorrect?Thanks!), which is ten times more than in China, but people from Norway is not active here in this forum, i just...
  27. M

    Looking to rent Model S from Oslo, return in Bergen

    I'm taking a vacation to Norway in July and am flying into Oslo and out of Bergen. I was all set to rent a Model S from Sixt but suddenly they contacted me and said I must rent and return the car in Oslo. They won't allow me to rent one way to Bergen, even though the online reservation allowed...
  28. hiroshiy

    53% of EV owners in Norway will buy EV again?

    Hi, I found a Japanese article written by a Japanese journalist living in Oslo, about something called Climate Change Barometer. While I don't know what kind of event / conference is the Barometer, who was speaking there etc, but the journalist said that from a research done in Norway, 53% of...
  29. satheesh.net

    Norway club is visiting Fremont!

    Hi all, So we are a big group of 30 people from Tesla Owners Club Norway (TOCN) to visit the factory in Fremont on friday the 6th. of May. (We have over a 1000 members and over 6000 followers and are recognized as the biggest club world wide by Tesla.) Most of us are staying in San Francisco...
  30. B

    Kjøpt Brukt Tesla

    Kjøpt meg en brukt S85+ idag som jeg får imorra , gleder meg , noe spesielt jeg må gjøre for å få registrert bilen på meg oss Tesla , tenkte angående spotify konto + sikkert litt mere jeg ikke vet om enda :)
  31. DITB

    Tesla Supercharger status "IM Tesla" - Now arrived in Denmark (Norway next)

    IM Tesla has just been launched for the Danish Superchargers. Norway is next! If you are in Denmark, or driving through Denmark, visit 1) tinyurl . com / sucdk 2) Register (get a user name) 3) Done The browser will remember you (in that particular browser), so you only need to log in once...
  32. B

    EV-friendly hotels google maps

    Hi, I came across a Norwegian crowd-sourced map of EV-friendly hotels and accommodation. The UK owners group would love to add to it, but it is not clear how it can be edited. We can clone it and create a UK version, but that does not add to the core crowd sourced info. Does anyone here remember...
  33. Whitmarsh

    Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker

    People might like to record their cars and software level etc on the Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker at Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker Web App . You have to log in with a TMC forum handle.
  34. O

    Tesla service center meltdown?

    I`m starting to see signs of a total breakdown of the Norwegian service centers. No drive units available (for other than breakdowns maybe?), half a year+ wait for semi-serious issues, repairs being done over and over again. A year and a half ago Tesla flew in mechanics to Norway to help cope...
  35. satheesh.net

    Tesla Owners Club Norway - GRAND OPENING!

    I just wanted to let everbody in on a little secret: Our new web site is finally live! :smile: So come check us out at: TOCN - Tesla Owners Club Norway
  36. Bigbit

    Charge needed near Kolvereid or Rørvik. Help!

    Fellow Tesla enthousiast, i'm staying in Hofles, Næroy, for a week. And since my UMC was working perfectly in Trondheim i thought i'd give it a go and risk going to Hofles without a special norwegian UMC. But no go ... my UMC doesn't work here. So is anyone in Næroy willing to give me a charge...
  37. ATC@LWSK

    From Oslo to Amsterdam during the European Supercharger Rally.

    Tesla Motors just posted a great video on their YouTube account: Customer video: From Oslo to Amsterdam during the European Supercharger Rally. - YouTube Awesome.
  38. Zee

    Blue adaptor near Voss

    Hi, I'm in Voss right now (from The Netherlands) and I need a blue UMC adaptor to charge at my hotel tomorrow. I'm staying at the Store Ringheim Hotel in Vossevangen and the owner has a blue socket available, but I don't have a blue adaptor. Can I borrow it from someone?
  39. slcuervo

    Access to bus lanes in Norway - still legal?

    There's been many posts on the topic of EV incentives in Norway, and doing some reading around I've managed to get answers to all my questions. Still, there is one that remains unanswered. This is probably because, although I live in Norway, I don't speak Norwegian and hence don't read Norwegian...
  40. S

    Is "Tesla Jens" on TMC?

    I'm attempting to drive up to the Arctic Circle next week, and thought it would be nice to pop in and say hi to Jens: A Tesla Superowner in the Arctic Circle | Tesla Motors Unfortunately I won't be taking my Model S (Let's call this trip a reconnaissance mission) but as long as he doesn't mind...
  41. K

    Model X in Norway

    Hi there. Anybody know when the type X-Performance have an ETA for Norway ?? Anyone ????
  42. slyastro

    Question for Norwegian: Total price of a base 85D.

    Hello! For a study I'm doing, I would like to know the REAL price (in USD if possible) you pay for a base 85D (no options, black), including all rebates and or taxes. On Tesla Motors Norway design studio, I get kr. 629 100. That would be 97 957$ USD. Is that right or it does not take into...
  43. slcuervo

    Amazing proactive service from Tesla Motors (who read this forum) in Oslo, Norway

    Today I received an email from my local Service Center in Oslo, Norway, saying that they had seen in a Forum that I have a corrosion problem in my car, and that they will replace the part causing this during my scheduled service in a couple of weeks. They are referring to my post here on this...
  44. MikeInFL

    US Spec Car in Norway

    Very curious as to what is required to bring a US Spec car into Norway. What sort of Duties/Taxes would be applicable? Lighting modifications? Most importantly is it feasible to even charge the car in Norway with the US Spec charge port? Is J1772 an option? (My apologies for all of the...
  45. refjamie

    Tesla rental in Norway

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but wasnt sure where to post. I've searched high and low for a company that offers Model S rental in Norway - does anyone know of anywhere? Thanks! Jamie
  46. DjiM

    UMC trouble on Norwegian electricity network

    I live in Belgium (quite a long way from Norway). However, where I live, the electricity network is 230V phase-to-phase and without neuter (so-called 230V "delta"). If I am not mistaken, this is the same setup as most of Norway (the standard almost everywhere else in Europe being 400V...
  47. K

    Holiday in Norway with a german Model S and Family

    Dear Model S Colleagues, I plan a trip to Norway in August 2014 with my Model S and my family. Can I get to the North Cape with my Model S? Which other quick chargers do you have in Norway beside the SC? Is there a private charging community already existing with kWh = bottle of wine?:-)...
  48. 2

    Meeting avec le patron a Oslo

    Ce matin, après un bon petit dej’, direction l’amphi a Oslo pour échanger pendant 2h00 avec « the boss ». Si vous n’avez pas pu suivre les annonces d’Elon Musk a Amsterdam, Munich et Oslo, voici un récapitulatif: Software 6.0 : · Navigation avec trafic routier en temps réel. ·...
  49. N

    Elon in Oslo

    See video at Teslas Norwegian site: http://www.teslamotors.com/no_NO/ or http://bcove.me/8drqwgp8
  50. Discoducky

    Elon and JB speak in Oslo Feb 1st 2014 1000 CET (4AM EST)

    Thanks for Johan for posting this pic in the investor chat thread and noting that there should be a feed from www.teslamotors.com