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  1. C

    Accident today - front left bumper

    Hi all. My model 3 was in a collision today which was front left of my car colliding with front right of the other drivers vehicle. This was a low speed crash at around 15mph. The front left bumper have been dented around the wheel and there are some scratches. It doesn’t seem too bad but the...
  2. T

    Used OEM 2018 Tesla Model 3 front bumper metallic black

    I have a 2018 Model 3 Dual Motor, metallic black. Just before Thanksgiving, 2020, a dude on a 10-speed decided to swipe my front bumper with his bike. There was no structural damage to the bumper, just a long scratch on the front left side of the bumper. The dude was cool and accepted...
  3. L

    Bumper / Reflex Light Damage - First time accident advice

    My valet damaged my car while parking it. It's the first accident on the car, not quite sure what to do. I immediately made an appointment at the tesla service center & got an appointment for next week. Does anyone have any idea the estimate I'll get from tesla? I think I'm most comfortable...
  4. A

    Model S Rear Bumper Reinforcement for Sale.

    I have installed a hitch on my 2017 Model S and no longer need the Rear Bumper Reinforcement (that comes for the rear facing 3rd row seats) and the bumper support cover. I am selling the bumper reinforcement and the bumper cover for $500. PM me if you are interested. No shipping. Local...
  5. J

    What are these metal things sticking out of the front bumper?!

    Don't mind the ridiculous amount of white overspray paint all over the brackets and the vent, do you guys have these protrusions from under your Model S bumper? This is a 2017 Model S P100D
  6. P

    Scrapped a little piece off underside of model 3 due to road debris

    Scrapped off a little piece on the underside of my model 3. Do you think this is a concern or just cosmetic damage that can be repaired with some glue? Suggestions?
  7. J

    2021 Model Y front bumper pearl white

    I have a nearly new model Y front bumper in pearl white. It was wrapped in satin Xpel stealth. The bumper was on the car for less than 1000 miles. It is currently located at the Carlesbad, CA location. I am looking for $400 as it costs $900+ (without install) and the PPF was another $850...
  8. R

    Bumper damage

    Got some serious scratching on my brand new Tesla Y rear bumper (see pics below) and am curious if anyone has any experience with repairing this sort of damage? Does one go to the tesla service or another shop? What is the estimated cost for this type of repair? Do you think I'll need to repair...
  9. maxshuty

    How can I fix my front bumper?

    Hi all, our new-to-us X had an imperfection from when we purchased it - the front bumper is popped out from one of the tabs. It doesn't appear that anything is broken in there, but I'm not sure how to put it back. Any advice on how to do this?
  10. BBrownUT

    Front Bumper Accident

    Only had my M3 SR+ for a little over a month and I had a guy back into my front bumper in the parking lot. Saved the dash cam. Got his info. All looks fine except a little bend in the front license plate (not the car just the plate). I want to get it checked out, but other than physical...
  11. lookatbowen

    Deep scratch/paint job repair advice needed after human forgot how to reverse.

    Today my soon to be ex-wife forgot how to reverse our 4-month-old Tesla Model 3 out the driveway. I have a 36-second video showing what happened and the photo of the damage below. My question for the forum is how much can I expect to pay to have this damage repaired and if anyone has any...
  12. R

    Model 3 Deep Blue Metallic Front Bumper Fascia Eugene, OR

    This bumper has very slight damage from a piece of road debris on the passenger side corner, but is in great condition other than that! The damage is minor enough that 95% of people would never notice it unless they already knew it was there. Pics coming soon! Located in Eugene, OR $600
  13. 2chands

    Tesla Model Y Bumper Protection

    I added on a bumper guard due to moving large items from UPS/Fedex to my warehouse/venue spaces & avoiding any scratches or PPF damage/preventing my pants from getting dirty. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077TH8253
  14. J

    2016 Nosecone Grill For Sale in GTA Canada - $200

    Hey everyone, I have my old nosecone for sale. I'm moving from Georgetown to London in a week and I'd love this gone. Missing the Tesla emblem sticker logo. I moved it over to my new bumper. Asking $200 OBO
  15. T

    2015 P85D Needs Facelift!

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 P85D and want an OEM bumper refresh. I saw on a previous thread that an AZ local named Tyler has a shop and is able to perform the upgrade. Does anyone know how to contact him or does anyone else in Arizona perform this work? I’ve read on other posts ways to achieve...
  16. U

    Rear Ended. Best Options on Repair?

    I was just rear-ended in San Francisco in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (trunk and rear bumper damage), and this is my first accident, so I'd appreciate any advice/help. Unfortunately, I only got the driver's license + insurance information from the driver and not the owner of the vehicle, so my...
  17. S

    Bumper alignment issue?

    Is it normal for the older MS to have a gap between the bumper and the headlights. It doesn’t really show well on photos but you can that I can push the bumper to align it with the headlight. It’s not that bad on the facelifted s. I can’t really see any damage under the bumper either.
  18. jobiggs24

    Model S Nose Cone Bumper (Metallic Blue)(Albany NY)

    Local Pickup. Reasonable offer takes it. Emblem and Chrome trim plastidipped, can be easily removed if desired.
  19. jobiggs24

    FS: Model S "Gap Filler" by Charles Gap Filler

    For use in the front bumper refresh of older Teslas to minimize/eliminate the gap under the hood. Make me an offer. I'll cover shipping
  20. S

    Refresh Grille Removal

    I need to remove my 2017 grille and can't find anything on how to remove or install it. Anyone know how to remove it?
  21. _richard

    Ft Bumper Looking HOT AF - Splitter review..

    Ok, so I've been wanting a lower splitter for a while now just to bring the nose down and get a bit more aggressive, and finally found something I like. I was VERY dubious, since its one of like 3 i've found out there, and I wasnt completely sold on the 3 piece situation (it comes in 3 pieces...
  22. M

    Model 3 - Black bumper cover & trunk lid for sale - minor damage

    Had a minor rear end collision and the body shop decided to replace my rear bumper cover and trunk lid instead of fixing (the local shop here does only high end cars and states they that is their preference). The damage is really fairly minor so I thought someone might want to purchase? I'm...
  23. Wnix05

    2015 Tesla Model S Bumper and Under Shield

    Hey all, I have a Model S Bumper, Fascia, Grille, Under Shield Valence (2pc), Under Bracket, and L&R Facia Support Brackets. These are from a 2015 Model S 85D with AP1. The part numbers are 1045120-00-A, 1058200-00-A, 1017414-00-D, 1038211-00-A, 1068759-00-A, 6008160-00-D, 1055537-00-A...
  24. BZM3

    Small Damage to Bumper - Turning in at end of Lease

    Hello Someone bumped into my rear bumper causing a small scratch, literally smaller than a dime. I am curious if when turning in my car at the end of the lease Tesla will give me a hard time? In my lease agreement there is of course the provision that I am responsible for the cost of "repairing...
  25. jat255

    Experience with ultrasonic sensor repairs?

    On my way back on a road trip this weekend, a truck in front of me kicked up (I think) a mudflap that was lying on the road. It smacked full on into the left side of my bumper and went under the left front tire at least. Upon inspecting the damage (pics attached), it looks mostly cosmetic...
  26. G

    Are we getting duped by repair shop?

    My wife had some minor front-end cosmetic damage to her SR+ and punctured a small part of the front bumper. The damage was isolated and did not appear to hit or affect any of the sensors. While we were getting the insurance and repair process figured out, we drove the car normally for about a...
  27. 3peat

    Model 3 Front Bumper in Midnight Silver (Used)

    I have a used Model 3 Front Bumper cover in midnight silver. It was pulled from my car (OEM) after someone backed into my car attempting to parallel park. Structurally the thing is great. There are thin cracks in the paint from where the bumper flexed. Also there is a scratch (on the underside...
  28. K

    Hitch Cutout

    I took delivery of my Model 3 SR+ on June 8 and have been thinking about buying an aftermarket hitch. A friend of mine took delivery of exactly the same car three days later from the same location (Vancouver) and decided to install a custom home-made hitch. She sent me pics of the install and I...
  29. R

    Model X Bumper For Sale Cheap

    Bad news: Someone backed into my wife's Model X a few weeks ago and damaged the rear bumper. Good news: She called Tesla and they ordered the part and less than a week later they put on the new bumper in less than a day and the price seemed reasonable. Now: We have the damaged bumper and...
  30. Reeler

    SR+ Delivery with Scratch | Tesla would not fix | Poll Q

    I went to pickup my black Model 3 this morning and there were a few swirls, a rub mark from shipping, a dust spot on the trunk lid, and a couple of deeper scratches visible in the cleanly detailed car. Most paint damage was on the bumper. They said they could swap out the bumper with a painted...
  31. M

    Front a Bumper Lip Protection

    I have a 2018 MS 100D and I’m concerned about damaging the bottom of the front bumper lip. I know PPF will protect the front-end, but pulling up against curbing will tear right through that film. Can anyone recommend a product that will protect the bottom of the lip?? Thanks!
  32. RoninAMG

    WTB: Refresh Front Fascia Bumper

    I've officially decided to keep the Beast for a few more years. So now I'm in the market for a refresh front bumper either painted or not. My first choice would be the one built by Unplugged Performance. Second would be the one by TSportline. Having a Pearl White P85D it would be nice if it was...
  33. RoninAMG

    WTB: Refresh Front Fascia Bumper

    I'm in the market for a refresh front bumper either painted or not. My first choice would be the one built by Unplugged Performance. Second would be the one by T-Sportline. Having a Pearl White P85D it would be nice if this was painted that color, and of course hopefully match well. But not...
  34. glusc2002

    1st gen Model S OEM Black Bumper

    rear OEM new bumper and new black paint from dealer. Never installed. Wrapped in bubble wrap. Doesn’t come w sensors or lower diffuser piece. $500
  35. Triumphz28

    OEM Tesla Model S Front Bumper Cover For Sale - 2014/2015 w/AP1 - Factory Midnight Silver Metallic

    Excellent Condition OEM Tesla Model S Front Bumper Cover For Sale - 2014/2015 with AP1 - Original Factory Painted Midnight Silver Metallic - aka Dark Metallic Grey NO damage All tabs in perfect condition AP1 ultrasonic sensor holes and brackets, sensors not included No nosecone, no chrome...
  36. T

    Front Bumper Issue After Sensor "Recalibration"

    A week or so ago, I had the autopilot engaged while in stop and go traffic on an interstate. While stopped, the warning chimes suddenly kicked in along with the flashers and the car did not start moving again with traffic. I was able to take manual control after a few panicky seconds but I was...
  37. plasmo

    Has anyone scratched their front bumper on a parking lot curb or parking block?

    This is my Silver AWD Model 3 front bumper in the parking lot at my work. As you can see there is very little clearance and if I moved in just a little further the front bumper would have been scraped by the curb. The height seems to be higher in my Model S, as I never have issues with...
  38. G

    Has anyone had their Model 3 damaged at Burbank Service Center? What happened?

    I recently took my M3 for service at the Burbank SC, and when I picked it up, it had damage (curb rash) on the passenger rear rim, and a scratches on the rear bumper. Now the bumper on my 1900 mile Model 3 has to be repainted. Very frustrating, but has anyone had to deal with something similar...
  39. T

    P85D Nose Cone and Bumper for Sale

    Black Nose Cone and Front White Bumper (paint code PBCW), both in great shape, From a Tesla S Dec 2014 P85D with Autopilot $1,500
  40. fasteddie7

    Autopilot at 50% due to accident

    after a year of babying my car, it finally took its first whack in a parking lot. The hit, although seemingly far away from the sensor, made parking assist disabled. Certified Tesla body shop says 6 months to fix, and Tesla can’t look at it without double dipping insurance. So as a PSA here’s...
  41. fasteddie7

    Does this hole in bumper need covered?

    Recently had a fender bender. Small hole in my bumper and seems like park assist is out, even though it doesn't seem to be too close to the sensor. (Pic attached) do I need to cover this with electrical tape until repair or is it best to leave it be?
  42. R

    I need a Front Bumper

    Hello is anyone selling a facelift tesla model s pearl white front bumper?
  43. B

    Used 2013 Tesla Model S P85 Front Bumper $499.00

    Used 2013 Tesla Model S P85 Front Bumper $499.00 General Condition: Like New (no scratches, no dents, no paint chips, etc.) Silver Metallic Paint without parking sensors NO Tesla emblem Located in Southern California
  44. N

    2012 model S P85+ for PARTS

    Hello everyone, I have decided to parts out my black model s p85+ after purchasing over $7000 in parts and completing the majority of repairs. Tesla refused to sell any more parts and shut off updates for the car as well as refusing any service including programing a new key fob (the original...
  45. Woody17

    Design question: 2nd time in 5 months that someone has hit bumper

    TMC, I hope everyone here is doing well. I'm curious...has there been any discussion of a higher prevalence of other drivers misjudging the distance between their car and the Model S due to its sleak, down-sloping body design? Or am I just an unlucky victim of bad drivers in Southern...
  46. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance: Flagship Fascia System

    Stand apart at the Supercharger with this complete redesign of the front fascia of your Model S! The Unplugged Performance Flagship Front Fascia (Front Bumper) is designed a complete replacement for the entire front bumper assembly on your 2012-2016.5 Tesla Model S. Included in this system are...
  47. Airhawker

    Less Than 2wks Old And Scratched. What can I do?

    Received my car a few weeks back and a buddy of mine dropped his baseball bag while removing it from my trunk. I originally thought it was just some dirt, but after cleaning it is a much more noticeable scratch. Is there something I can do that would make it dissappear? Or do I need to repaint...
  48. J

    How to repair a ripped out front bumper

    I had one of those "I am a complete idiot" days. Many times when I parked I did hear a very light scratching noise when coming to the "park stopper" indicating that the stopper was a little higher then my car. Usually no big deal and with another tiny noise one can back out. But this time it...
  49. Pinarello

    Just got rear ended

    I was driving to work today and was rear ended while sitting at a red light (@#$%^&!). I'm guessing the kid that hit me was going no faster than 5 mph because there was no visible damage to my 3 month old 70D other than dents in the rear bumper from his front license plate screws. The damage to...

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