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  1. A

    Regular maintenance

    First of all, apologies as I’m sure this must have been discussed in the UK forum but I couldn’t find anything. I’m shortly going to take delivery of a Model 3 and have been perusing the manual. It’s suggested in the manual that the brake callipers need to be lubricated every year when road...
  2. P

    2021 Model 3 Performance - Warped Brake Discs

    2021 Model 3 Performance. 98% of all braking I do using regen braking only, however when I do need to use the brakes they judder badly. Booked into Tesla Service Centre and they have advised that both front brake discs are warped and need replacing, and they are not covered under warranty. They...
  3. ChooseFreedom

    Service Center Options

    Hey gang, Looking for help choosing a service center. The 2 SC's that are <2hrs from me are Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH. Has anyone used either/both and would you recommend it? I have a GTW_w026 service alert, which seems to be related to the battery coolant heater? I'm also probably...
  4. S

    Lift Options

    Hey All! Looking to take a more active approach to maintaining my 2015 Model S where lifting the vehicle is required (especially since Electrified Garage closed their West Palm Beach location and Tesla Service quality has been low while charging high prices in my experience here in South...
  5. Mikecm1

    Clicking noise when accelerating: repaired at SC, not covered under warranty?

    2020 LR with original drivetrain warranty still active. Had clicking when accelerating or decelerating. SC diagnosed and fixed – "Lubricate at Hub the Left and Right Rear Drive Unit Halfshaft". Was charged for service as employee said this was a maintenance item, not warranty, that this is a...
  6. L

    "officially recommended" tire rotation pattern?

    I've got a 2022 TM3 LR AWD, standard wheels that my wife has been driving, and she'd like to have the tires checked/rotated. After checking the owners manual, etc., we couldn't find anything about the recommended pattern when rotating the tires. We're used to seeing that information documented...
  7. R

    Tesla Maintenance Deployed Airbags During Inspections

    Hi everyone! Tesla service center deployed the passenger airbags during a check up and they have had the car for about 2 months. I am posting this question to see if anyone else has had similar experience or is well-versed with the Tesla Policy. Approximately 2 months ago I took my Model X...
  8. S

    Tire Rotation - Tesla Dealership or Local Auto Service Place

    I'm coming up on 6K miles on my 2023 MYLR. The Tesla dealership is 30 miles and takes about an hour each way with traffic. I was curious whether it's worth the trip or if the local tire and service shop can do an adequate job. My biggest concern is whether it will be obvious to the shop people...
  9. M

    Does the car notify you of maintenance intervals?

    I picked up a 2023 Model 3 RWD LFP and I've already put about 3k miles on it. Does the car notify you when maintenance is required like having a maintenance light like in a ICE car? I saw the owners manual recommends bringing it in at 6,250 miles for a tire rotation so that is the only thing I...
  10. D

    Alternative Jack Stand Point

    Hi, DIYer here. Is it okay to place a jack stand under as I have done here? Thanks.
  11. V

    Third party damage

    So i took my Model 3 into a local shop to get the state safety inspection done because the tesla dealership near me does not do them. The top portion of the dash when i got it back had a slit in it. I have never had an issue where a garage damaged my car before. I brought it back and they said...
  12. D

    Water discharge

    I own a 2021 model Y. I live in Richmond VA and garage the car. I have noticed that in the morning when I go out to the car there is usually a small pool of water in front of the driver’s side wheel. I’m assuming it is from a radiator but I can’t see anything under the car. Any thoughts or...
  13. P

    Model X Reliability

    Debates are raging about the accuracy of third-party assessments of the Model X's reliability. Please share your firsthand experience here. If you are not a current or prior Model X owner, please do not respond.
  14. MontyFloyd

    Tesla maintenance manuals to download where? Owner manual links posted.

    Looking if I can get a set of maintenance manuals (not user/owner manuals). Tesla has the typical Service Technical manual for shops via subscription (Roadster is free, but still need account). Is there a source that does not require a subscription? I found this that seems to point a way to...
  15. S

    Ceramic Coating After Care

    Hi all So I have had my new M3 LR ceramic coated and windows tinted. I had the Kubebond Diamond 9H and Nano X ceramic treatment. I have tried to search the forum and found a few posts re aftercare but all seem to be pretty generic. I have a Karcher K4 pressure washer and would like to purchase...
  16. L

    Alternative service shops - RI area

    Does anyone in RI or Southcoast MA take their Teslas for repairs/service other than a Tesla service center (not tires) TIA!
  17. K

    Sway Bar Links - Best $100 Spent

    Still new-to-me, late 2014 AP1 with about 107k miles now. I was experiencing clunking at low speeds (not related to turning) and did some research and figured replacing the Front Swap Bar Links would be good investment. It definitely appears to be and honestly, I think it probably should...
  18. ajbessinger

    New forum/sub-group for maintenance and repair?

    I've been looking around in the forums for any kind of section dedicated to performing maintenance and repairs to Teslas, but it appears the only thing that comes close are the threads for "techincal/mechanical issues". That's all fine and well, but in the case of the Model S version of said...
  19. M

    Multiple Early Issues with M3

    Hello, (X-Post from Reddit) First, Happy New Year! I'm sure this type of post has been created many times, but I'm looking for a little advice. Just to be clear, I still really love my car, but the number of issues my car is giving me and the severely limited time I have to deal with them is...
  20. tmxninja

    Annual maintenance.... mobile service

    I see Tesla's list of items for annual maintenance. It seems skimpy to me. Can I just change the filters? Can mobile service do annual maintenance? Can tire shops handle tire rotation/balance, or does Tesla have a monopoly on that?
  21. Targe

    Vendor Introducing Windshield Gard, now available for the Model Y

    Hi all! We have had lots of success with our Tesla Windshield Protection Film kits for the Model 3, X, and S. Our kits are preshaped and precut, so your detailer/installer doesn't need to heat or cut the film on your vehicle. Normally Windshield protection film is too difficult and risky to be...
  22. R

    Maintenance Cost

    I live in upstate NY and have to change to winter tires/wheels. How much does Tesla charge for the 6250 mile tire rotation, for summer to winter tire rotation and other services like brake inspection etc? Will the mobile unit come to your house and do it for you or you have to go to the SC? Thanks.
  23. R

    Maintenance questions and reminders

    1) Is there a way to set up reminders for maintenance items? Most cars now a days have a way to set this up, like for tire rotation (6250 miles), clean and lubricate brake calipers(12500 miles), brake fluid check (2 years), cabin air filter replacement (2 years), A/C bag replacement (6 years)...
  24. M

    Maintenance record X with >400K miles

    Very interesting article This Tesla Model X Has Driven Over 400,000 Miles. Here Are All The Parts That Had To Be Replaced
  25. R

    Choose my Tesla: Comparing True Cost of Ownership

    Looking for others opinions on depreciation. I see model S's now going just below the $30's. Thinking about a used and face lifted 2016 model S 75D vs a model 3 performance. Thinking about total cost of ownership over say 5 years, even with another update to the S I'm thinking it shouldn't...
  26. S

    Tesla's Model 3 Do It Yourself Maintenance Guide

    In case you haven't located this on the Tesla website yet and have some maintenance items you want to do yourself, here's the link to the "Do It Yourself - Model 3" info: Do It Yourself - Model 3
  27. R

    Need feedback on Roadster for daily driver

    Hello Roadster owners and fans. I am ready to purchase either the roadster (1st choice) or a used Model S. I am looking for advice from the people that drive these awesome vehicles. My biggest concern: is the roadster going to be reliable for a daily driver? I am coming from a Leaf so range...
  28. Marmac

    Use Rainex on Model 3 windshield?

    According to Model 3 owner’s manual, “Do not use windshield treatment fluids. Doing so can interfere with wiper friction and cause a chattering sound.” I am having my car ceramic coated which includes 2 layers of “Rain” on the windshield. Wondering if I should decline this service?
  29. G

    Battery coolant does not need to be replaced for the life of your vehicle

    This was posted in the Model 3 forum (and I mistakenly replied to it), so I thought I'd post it here for Model S owners to see. The new MODEL S OWNER'S MANUAL (2019.16.1.1 dated May 16, 2019) states that "Your Battery coolant does not need to be replaced for the life of your vehicle under most...
  30. D

    Less than 1,200 miles, A/C sounds like Lawnmower

    I just took delivery of my model 3 less than 2 weeks ago, and I just noticed the A/C compressor was making a loud fluttering sound as I was pulling into my garage yesterday. It quite literally sounds like either an industry air compressor kicking on or a lawnmower. To be clear, this isn't like...
  31. P

    How to remove bed / trunk liner in Model 3

    I usually put my groceries in the sub-trunk in the back of my Model 3, because it does a great job of keeping them from rattling around. However, I recently put a gallon of milk back there that leaked. The leak was quite extensive, probably a cup or more of liquid. My god! It's awful! I...
  32. F

    Vervallen jaarlijks onderhoud

    Kwartje is eindelijk gevallen. Tesla vindt nu ook zelf dat het jaarlijks onderhoud kan komen te vervallen en nu op basis van wanneer de eigenaar het nodig vindt het onderhoud gaat uitvoeren. Wellicht komt er dan ook meer rust in de keet van de SeC’s Tesla Says Owners Can Skip Yearly Service Plan...
  33. N

    Tire rotation interval contradiction

    Model S manual says to rotate every 6250 miles. New Car Maintenance recommendations say every 10,000-12,000 miles. Which one should we do?
  34. XCare EV

    Vendor Tesla Kills Yearly Service Program

    Tesla kills yearly service program, focuses on EV requiring less maintenance Interesting news was released today. Tesla has decided to stop the sale of their pre-paid maintenance plans and now tells customers that these components need to be done "as needed". We agree with Tesla on this...
  35. StealthP3D

    Model 3 tops CR list of cars that bring most "Joy" to owners

    Finally, some Tesla news that actually fits with what I know about the Model 3: https://electrek.co/2019/02/01/tesla-model-3-tops-satisfaction-brings-joy/ And it was not done by sampling online auto forums, it was done with an actual survey of actual owners.
  36. riskdirector

    Ordered CPO 2015 Model S 90D

    Last week I placed the order for used Tesla 2015 Model S 90D for $51,000 with 45000 miles. The order was placed by calling the sales agent who I am working with. $2500 deposit was charged right away to my card. So far I got 1. Car Fax report 2. Website description page of the car 3. Dropbox...
  37. T

    Maintenance mode - tire change mode gone in V9?

    So, I'm about to get winter tires put on my S, so in preparation I usually raise the suspension to the highest level as well as go into settings and set it into "Maintenance Mode". However, in V9 it's not there. Has it "disappeared"/"accidentally forgotten" or is it no longer necessary? I'm on...
  38. tmxninja


    How often do you take your Tesla in for inspections/checkups and how long does the appointment take? I take in my gas car after 3 years. Would this apply for the Tesla too?
  39. tmxninja

    Pre-roadtrip checks and Maintenance

    I have had my Model X for almost a year now without any problems. I am about to go on a long roadtrip. Does anything needing lubing, topping off, checking? What components can I check on my own? I am an engineer, so details would be great! Tire tread is fine, and windshield fluid is full :)...
  40. fasteddie7

    Can you purchase 2 extended warranties?

    I'm approaching 50k on my 2016.5 model s and am looking into the extended warranty options. I was thinking of only buying the 2 year 25k option in case I trade in. If I don’t, does anyone know if I can purchase another 2 years after that one or do you have to buy the 4myear all at once?
  41. D

    How reliable is your Model S?

    Hi, I've never owned a Tesla before. I've been leasing BMWs for the past 10+ years and just recently, became interested in purchasing a used/CPO Tesla Model S. Before I even think about purchasing a Model S, I wanted to get some real feedback on the reliability of this car. So, to you MS...
  42. S

    How do you rotate tires on tesla?

    Serious question. Based on the fact there is little to no maintenance, I don't expect to be going to change oil and rotate tires at the dealer or a shop. So what now? How does a person ensure proper tire maintenance on tesla and specifically m3?
  43. sgblank

    My 5-year Model S Maintenance/Service History

    My Five-Year Model S Service History 2013 – Model S P85 - delivered in March HPWC (Tesla Wall Charger) in my home garage failed ranger came and replaced the HPWC fuses Pano roof chewed up its rails and would no longer open Service replaced the Pano roof Replacement Pano roof had wind noise...
  44. K

    Frais de maintenance Tesla

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je suis entrain de faire mes petits calculs avant de me lancer dans l'achat d'un modele S 100D avec jentes 19 pouces. avec les options suivantes : -Pilotage automatique amélioré -Pack d'extensions Premium Le commercial Tesla m'indique qu'il y a une visite de 700 €...
  45. T

    Tesla owners living on Dirt Roads, Your Thoughts?

    Hey Tesla owners I live on a dirt road. Yeah yeah I know in reading through some older forums how some people almost compare driving a Tesla on an unpaved road to committing some sort of suicide or like living in a haunted house or something. Anyway, so yeah I live on a dirt road, I own a...
  46. I

    Tesla Air Conditioning

    Had anyone experienced the follows (I've booked to be checked up next month when I'm out of town, but anyways) on a 1-2 yrs MS. 1) Ventilation is open between level 5 and like 10 (I thought they updated the software so its open =<4). I normally like to run the AC at 6-7 but in and near tunnels...
  47. C

    Tesla Service Advise

    My Tesla fellows, my car is approaching 40k miles (2 years old) and I've been taking my car to Tesla to fix problems (all small issues except one time for a drive unit replacement due to a whining noise). I've been rotating my tires, but never took the car in for service. Is taking the car in...
  48. igotzzoom

    Tesla Self-Maintenance Policy?

    This is directed more toward current Model S and Model X owners, but I'm posting it in the Model 3 forum, since I'm a potential future Model 3 owner. I know Tesla has some "annual checkups" and other sort of recommended minor maintenance. Obviously, the cars will require much less maintenance...
  49. U

    Ceramic pro glass and plastic results / reviews

    Can anyone that has used Ceramic pro seen any problems using it on the plastic and glass? Is there any discoloration in the plastic or glass? How long have you had it since applied? What kind of maintenance do you do? I've seen people use pressure washer in videos. Do you know do that on...
  50. databen

    Tesla vs Competitors: Maintenance Costs

    I recently did some analysis on the cost of maintenance for a Tesla Model S and comparable ICE cars. No surprise to the crew here but thought I would share in case you like looking at charts about Teslas like I do :) More details + Charts here -> Tesla Model S vs Competitors: Cost of...