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Roadster 2020

  1. M

    Roadster Referral Discount

    Hello all, I have been keeping up with the NGR posts. If anyone is not planning on using their Roadster Referral Discount, instead of "leaving money on the table" maybe we can work something out so you get some cash and I can buy a NGR at under MSRP. We can use contact / escrow to facilitate...
  2. TimothyHW3

    Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Model 3 vs Roadster

    I did a Porsche Taycan Turbo run recently and made a kind of extended video comparing charging speed, efficiency, range and the charging infrastructure. In my oppinion, the Taycan can barely hold up to a Model 3 in terms of range (at higher capacity) and efficiency and once the Roadster comes...
  3. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Roadster Wheel and Tire Guide

    To all potential 2020 Tesla Roadster owners, we started a wheel and tire guide! Since the 2020 Tesla Roadster has not been released, this is a guide based on information to the best of our knowledge. The information in this guide is based on photos, insider data, and sightings of the Tesla...
  4. S

    Possibly how they are getting the Roadster to 620 mi range

    So I noticed in the demo they gave for the Roadster that the frunk and trunk were unaccessible. That leads me to believe that that is where they shoved all the extra batteries needed to get the roadster up to 620 miles of range. But that of course will not work for the production version, so...
  5. aikisteve

    Rimac Concept_two vs Tesla Next Gen Roadster

    Yesterday Rimac announced their latest full electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show and boy, does it have mighty impressive numbers. Now, the price tag of over €1 million sets it in a different league as the Tesla Roadster, but the performance figures are pretty similar. And maybe some...
  6. X

    Extended test drives?

    I’m currently in Georgia and am considering moving. So I called the local Tesla store about an overnight test drive with a AWD Model S. I’m scheduled Monday morning. I was curious has anyone received anything longer than a overnight test drive?
  7. Aussie Yank

    Roadster 2020

    The new baby gets an outing at the local post office (Palo Alto, Northern California) Tesla's Roadster prototype makes a rare outing in Palo Alto headquarters
  8. SteveG3

    Video of launch with "Sabotage" soundtrack (edited out of other videos)

    Thought maybe I wasn't the only one who really enjoyed the moment as it happened, including the audio at the event, but had trouble finding a recording of it,
  9. Stewie26

    My roadster's first car show. Lots of Love plus some animosity from a few.

    I took my newly purchased roaster to it's first car show this morning. Got lots of love plus some unexpected animosity from a few. It is a monthly show, called Coffee and Cars, just a couple miles from my residence. Probably more than 250 exotic plus many older restored cars showed up for the...
  10. H

    Needed to cancel on Roadster 2020 Founder's Edition.

    Although I had paid in 100% for the 2020 Roadster FE in the first few days of January 2018, I had to make the decision to cancel with Tesla, and request a return of my FE Reservation 250k. They were pleasant about it and stated they would arrange for it. My older sister 900 miles away has MS...
  11. Brightonuk

    Just for a laugh

    Will "The Grand Tour" test the new Roadster
  12. X

    Charging Etiquette?

    A random thought came in my mind. What is the community's opinion on asking to charge at a friend's or family member home? I personally think a lot of people would assume it would run their electric bill sky house (my parents thought so at first lol) So I wanted everyone else's opinion of it.
  13. Patrick0101

    What Surprises Will We See In 2018?

    Some things we'll likely see this year: Ramping Model 3 production to 5,000 per week Standard range Model 3 deliveries Dual motor Model 3 Announcing locations and perhaps even breaking ground on one or two new Gigafactory locations Coast to coast autonomous drive Solar roof tile deliveries...
  14. TMC Staff

    Tesla’s Roadster Prototype Seen Broken Down in Malibu

    Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen took the next-generation Tesla Roadster prototype out Friday for an “afternoon cruise,” but the car stalled on the side of the road. Von Holzhausen posted a photo Friday of himself behind the wheel of the car Tesla CEO Elon Musk says will “give a...
  15. incrediwoah

    Found the roadster in Malibu!...oh and it was BROKEN

    Not too sure what happened, but I assume there have to be kinks to fix due to it being 3 years out from production lol. Still a dang good lookin car!
  16. tstafford

    Founders Reservations

    Does anyone know how many Founder's Reservations Tesla has received so far? I'm guessing they'd report this for financial reasons, but maybe not.
  17. Jonathanm

    European Roadster 0-60 in 2.1 secs?

    Does anyone know why on the Tesla European sites the 0-60 times in the new roadster is 0.2 seconds slower?
  18. wayner

    Will this forum name have to change...

    Or is this like Microsoft naming their OS Windows 95 - put some pressure on the company to ship the product on time.
  19. Patrick W

    Record to fall in 2020?

    Can't help but wonder if the new Roadster will break this record: Swede speed: How 277.87 mph on a public road happened
  20. TEG

    WTF? Pre-Buy with Bitcoin on eBay? Scam?

    1920 Tesla Roadster Sports Car | eBay
  21. N

    Roadster 2020 Limited Production?

    Any idea if the Roadster will be a limited production car? Or will the only limit be how many Tesla can sell? Was the original roadster limited to a certain number? Given that this car is on the same level as some hypercars and those cars have very limited production numbers which drive up...
  22. avoigt

    The Fun Corner

    Thought we should open an area for all the funny things than are found......
  23. plug

    Guesstimated Headroom and Legroom

    I'm 6'4" so would like some kind of guesstimate of headroom with the top up. Maybe somebody at the reveal who took a ride might have some thoughts even though there was no top at the time. Getting in and out is rather a must. Legroom is probably not a problem as Franz von Holzhausen seemed ok...
  24. M

    Tesla Sales Vs Worldwide Electric Car Sales

    TSLA - Infographic Worldwide electric car sales are expected to reach 9-20MM by 2020 and 40-70MM by 2025, according to IEA. Tesla expects to deliver 100,000 Model S & X vehicles in 2017. A brief timeline of electric cars.
  25. TEG


    I think nearly everyone was caught by surprise at the 2020 Roadster prototype reveal at the end of the semi event. In some ways I want to say it seemed early (given 2020 is many years away), but looking back on Tesla history they have said that they intended to do another Roadster for a long...
  26. ValueAnalyst

    Customer Deposits Poll

    UPON POPULAR REQUEST!!! * Ladieeeeesssssss aaaaannnnndddd gentlemen.... I present to you.... the mother of all polls... the poll that polls the other polls (it's true; think about it) This is the day... we start... counting... ttthhheeeeeeeeee..... $$$ BILLIONS $$$ *one person requested it.
  27. ValueAnalyst

    Roadster Reservations Poll

    How many total Roadster reservations by December 31? Please feel free to share your reasoning below.
  28. ecarfan

    Reference for verified facts about the new Roadster

    The purpose of this post is to serve as a reference for verified facts about the 2020 Roadster, based on Tesla’s website at Roadster | Tesla , information made public by Tesla for example at the unveil event (no independent test results available yet), direct observations of the prototype cars...
  29. Doom

    Referral Link for New Roadster?

    This will be my first Tesla, and I've already paid the $50k depost, but I'm curious if Tesla is going to allow us to use a referral code from someone still (for the free supercharging), or is that not going to happen for the Roadsters?
  30. Farzinfar

    A New Telegram Group for Tesla Owners

    Hi Telegram is a group chat app on both Android and IOS and there is a new group Tesla Owners Discussion Group created for Tesla owners. Please feel free to join as the discussion is in real time and you can also post things that are easier to be posted or uploaded on the move and on your...
  31. KarenRei

    Handling: prepare to be surprised

    I've been thinking a bit about the Roadster. There seems to be a general consensus that the handling on it will be poor. After all, there's a more-than-a-tonne battery pack in that floor! While it's clear Tesla will do everything they can to keep it light (after all, the pack costs less than...
  32. divesturner


    Any detail available on the suspension setting. Assuming air but wonder if its the same flavor as MS/X.
  33. D

    Here's What A Battery Researcher Told Us About The Tesla Roadster's Crazy Performance Claims

    "To learn more about how the Roadster could reach rally car-like acceleration figures, I spoke with Carnegie Mellon’s Venkat Viswanathan, a mechanical engineering assistant professor who works at the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation and focuses on next-generation battery...
  34. S

    HVAC Question

    Did anyone who got a ride in the roadster notice if the slot that housed the speedo (and other info) doubled as the HVAC vent? Assuming that the prototype even had an HVAC system.
  35. A

    Let Tesla know what features or tech the Roadster should have to make it even more awesome?

    There are lots of things I love about the Tesla Roadster. However what tech or features do you think would be awesome? Doesn't matter if it's for performence or comfort or looks or maybe something innovative. Any ideas what Tesla could do? As there is still time until pencils down. I...
  36. c615586

    Any pics of the new Roadster rear seats?

    I've seen tons of pics of the new Roadster, but I can't find any shots of the rear seats? Anyone got anything?
  37. alehbaba

    silly question maybe but....Isnt 1.9 sec kind of harmful?

    We just uncorked out 75d and the 0-60 takeoff can make us kind of queasy in the stomach. I cant imagine 1.9 or 1.5 and how that would make me feel. I mean its cool and all but even before uncorking the 75d was very fast to us and faster then the majority of cars on the roads...but after...
  38. S

    Roadster High Res Pictures

    HI, - does anyone know a link to High Res images of the new Roadster? I am thinking of getting a canvas wall art made up with one of the images but need 3800 resolution+. Thanks
  39. commasign

    For those of you that have both a financed Model S and a financed Model X...

    Assuming both your loans are low money down and you have mid-trim or higher versions of each ($100k+), you realize that once you finish paying off your Model S and Model X, you can then "afford" the monthly payment of a new Roadster? :cool: #mentalgymnastics
  40. I

    Gen 2: the development platform?

    High speed High capacity High voltage? High power charging? High gear? High range? There's a lot of discussion about the performance numbers and top speed, but I don't really care about that. The next key step for EVs is to push charging to its limits. Also, increasing the range to make it...
  41. A

    New Tesla Roadster...Stupid Inexpensive

    As there is absolutely nothing like it in the world, Tesla could have set the new Roadster price at 500k+ and pre sold those 1st 1000 founders units in a heartbeat. I wonder if those 1st 1000 units are going to be an introductory type offer with a more realistic price later on?
  42. alwaysru

    1.9 isn’t even the best???

    Elon says that 0-60 in 1.9 is the “base performance” model. Jesus. Elon Musk on Twitter
  43. Haxster

    Tough Purchase Decision: Roadster or Semi?

    What to buy. What to buy?? With so many similarities: like electric motors, steering wheels, displays, seats, windshield wipers, etc, it's tough to make a choice between the two. Here's my first effort to help anyone in the same dilemma: Some Pros and Cons, Roadster vs Semi: Room for four...
  44. gregd

    New Roadster license plate suggestions?

    Just thinking... A car this game changing needs a special license plate. Perhaps "SMACKDN", or variants thereof, might be appropriate? HARDCOR is likely already taken. Or banned. :)
  45. bonnie

    NextGen Roadster - Optional Accessory

    Some of you might need this ... just sayin'.
  46. ecarfan

    Comparing new Roadster exterior dimensions to original Roadster

    Of course we don’t have any numbers on the exterior dimensions of the new Roadster. Watching the various videos people have posted of the car viewed from the line waiting for a test drive, it appears to me that the length of the new Roadster is significantly longer. It pretty much has to be to...
  47. ecarfan

    Thoughts on the new Roadster’s “over 250mph” top speed claim by Elon

    A couple of issues came to mind when I heard Elon make that “over 250mph” top speed claim for the new Roadster: 1) I don’t see how that speed can be achieved without at least a 2-speed gearbox (or maybe 3-speed). Roadster fans know that way back in 2008 the Roadster debuted with a 2-speed Borg...
  48. S

    What comes with the Founders Edition that isn’t available in the standard production version?

    Soo, I‘m placing my order right now, but I‘m stuck at selection Founders Edition or not. There‘s no explanation what the FE is, if it comes out first, and why it‘s 50k more expensive. Well, actually a lot more than 50k when you calculate compounding interest on 200k for 3 years (or maybe, most...
  49. jackbowers

    200 kWh Roadster Pack: How is Tesla Pulling This Off?

    I'm guessing the New Roadster prototypes wern't possible until the Gigafactory's new 2170 cells were in production (for reasons of energy density and perhaps heat tolerance). So how are they pulling off 200kWh? Here are a few ideas: (1) Switching to air cooling? By pulling out the liquid...
  50. TEG

    2020 Roadster vs Fisker eMotion style

    Sorry about the comparison, but I did see a little similarity: