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  1. R

    Hardwired Dashcam

    Anyone done a hardwired installation of a Thinkware or Blackvue Dashcam with parking mode? Just wondering if Teslas still throw errors when there is battery drain due to these dashcams? Do you guys suggest using a separate battery like the Celink Neo and run the dashcam off that instead of...
  2. S

    FS: Blackvue DR750S-2ch + 128gb Blackvue SD card $350

    All - $350 for everything listed here. Selling my used, but in great working condition 2-channel (front and rear cam) Blackvue Dash Cam (DR750S-2CH retails for $370 on Amazon before taxes). This came out of my Model S so the connector is already pre-wired (pictured) to connect to the wiring...
  3. professortech

    FS: Blackvue 4K DR900S-2CH w/ 128GB SD Card $440

    I have a mint Blackvue 4K DR900S-2CH with a 128GB SD card for sale. Asking $440 shipped. It's in mint (used) condition with absolutely zero issues (the rear cam has never been used). I have a newer Model S, so I no longer have a need for it. This also includes a wire tap for the front camera...
  4. Fiver

    Looking for always on 12v in rear of Model X (late 2018 build)

    Short version: I know there are options in the back to tap into, but it seems like you need to be in the car/car powered on for them to get juice. Looking to avoid running a cable from front to back to get a dedicated always-on 12v line in the rear. I don't need a lot of power. Is there...
  5. rohan_aus

    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    Hey all, I did some searching and can't find a to-the-point post on getting a constant 12V feed that's easy to get to for a dashcam, so here it is. Remove the front domelight / hazard switch / microphone housing using plastic trim removal tools, it can be tricky to get out, be patient. The grey...
  6. EVS Motors


    BLACKVUE DASH CAM DR900S-2CH BLACK FRIDAY SALE *While SUPPLIES LAST!* MSRP: $529 BLACK FRIDAY PRESALE: $399 shipped any in the continental USA while supplies last and this will sell out quickly at this price! To order DM or call 888-878-2213 While supplies last we have a limited number of...
  7. SomeJoe7777

    FS: BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dashcam Used

    BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam. Used but works. Front camera 1080p, rear camera 720p. Includes power harness cable with integrated fuses, front/rear communication cable, 64GB SanDisk high-write-endurance SD card. You will need to purchase glass adhesive mounts for the cameras separately, they are...
  8. R

    Blackvue DR900s-2 Ch Installation Recommendations in Northern VA or DC Region

    Friends, I am trying to see if anybody here did professional installation. I am perfect up to 98% of my DIY stuff, and I do not want to take chances by breaking anything. Hence, I am lookin to install DR900S 2-Cameras in my Model S with professionals. If you come across anyone or used it...
  9. R

    This is why you need a dashcam...

    This happened to my wife and kids last Friday evening: Unbelievable, but glad everyone was okay. Glad we had the dashcam so didn't have to worry about who's fault this was. The other driver's insurance (American Family) has accepted liability. The appraiser has given a ~$12K...
  10. P

    DR650GW-2CH Blackvue dashcam for sale

    I'm selling my used DR650GW-2CH dashcam. Has served me well but a group buy came along for a newer model and I had to jump. Unit comes with everything shown in photo. I am including a never used cigarette lighter power adapter, never used rear camera coax cable, as well as all of the...
  11. aikisteve

    4-CH dashcam setup + coverage of footage around the car

    Yesterday, I installed another 4-channel dashcam in a #Tesla Model S, so I thought you might be interested in the way it is set up. And I've also included footage of the coverage around the car.
  12. rohan_aus

    WARNING: Huge Blackvue Cloud Privacy Issue

    Hey Guys, This has recently been published, there's a huge security problem that broadcasts your Blackvue GPS location and live feed of your front and rear cameras via Blackvue Cloud to the public (if you have that enabled). Please check your settings! This video is from a Model X owner.
  13. B

    Blackvue 900 dashcam video script

    I installed a pair of BlackVue 900s in my car and wrote a script to download the files and store them on my array. The script will download all files to a root directory, the date and finally front or rear. Note this script is for a quad channel set up aka 2 dual blackvue dash cams. Each...
  14. Corsair

    Illuminated Door Sills & BlackVue Rear Mirror Mount

    Took me a while to install these, replacing the original sills which felt flimsy. Broke a couple of trim panel clips but ordered some from Amazon on the way to make it more secure. Also installed Blackvue 750s directly behind rear view mirror. Fits quite well IMHO. The only thing left to do is...
  15. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: Blackvue Dash Cams - Surveillance for your Tesla *NEW*

    The BlackVue DR750S Series is the ultimate in Cloud dashcam technology, featuring remote Live View capability. The DR750S-2CH is a dual-channel (front + rear) dashcam that combines performance and elegance. Although including Wi-Fi, GPS, impact and motion detection as well as Cloud connectivity...
  16. J

    Blackvue 750S on sale for $275

    Disclaimer: I have no association with this website--saw this deal and thought that given the popularity of this camera, some here might like it. I also cannot speak to the reputation of the website since I've not yet used it to purchase anything. BlackVue DR750S 2-Channel Dash Camera...
  17. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Silver Tesla Model X: TOO MUCH FUN [video]

    We had a ton of fun with this visit over the summer and finally got around to making a video that shows off some of the process of our full-monty service. I hope you all find it as enjoyable to watch as it was for us to do! Join us on our journey to take a new Tesla Model X 100D from being...
  18. Qbenjamin

    Blackvue DR750S Dashcam on Massdrop - $275 Shipped!

    As the title states, Massdrop has the Blackvue DR750S 2 channel dashcam is on sale for $275 shipped to the U.S. (not sure if this applies to CONUS only). This is the latest dashcam from BV that has the IR feature included. To join the drop, click here or copy and paste the link into your web...
  19. Qbenjamin

    BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dashcam

    Bought 2 of these with a previous group buy, just looking to get basically what I paid for it, so $270 shipped (cash or PayPal friends and family). Only looking to sell one, as the other is installed already, but I'm upgrading to the DR750S. This one is BRAND NEW in the box. For full specs...
  20. Raincloud

    Orientation for rear Blackvue dash camera

    Just wondering if someone can give feedback on the rear dash camera. My install, for rear view camera, on the Blackvue app shows the left image as right and the right as left. In other words, it is exact opposite of what Tesla rearview camera shows. Before I take this up with the installer, I...
  21. Red_DS

    Blackvue DR650S-2CH available at Massdrop for $279

    Link: Massdrop: A Community For Your Interests It can drop to $259 if enough people commit. I already bought one so it's too late for me :(
  22. T

    Installation of BlackVue DR650S-2CH into a 2017 MS w/Glass Roof

    Was looking into getting a Dash Cam for my MS. I see a lot of people go with the BlackVue option however I can not find anyone that has installed this cam system inside a MS with the Glass Roof. Therefore, I'm thinking about just getting the single channel DR650S instead of the 2CH one cause I...
  23. T

    Where to put Blackvue cables on AP2 Model X

    I had a Blackvue DR650S-2CH installed in my AP2 2017 Model X. I wanted all the wires hidden in the center windshield conduit, but the installer said it can't be moved on new ModelX's and just used some cable clips to glue it to the windshield. From the driver's side it's harder to see but from...
  24. S

    Model X dashcam installers in Northern Virginia/DC Metro area?

    Just picked up my 75D and very interested in getting a multichannel dashcam like the popular Blackvue everyone seems to be talking about. Once upon a time I'd even look forward to doing the install myself, but this time I'll defer to a pro. Who in the D.C. Metro area (I'm in NoVA) has experience...
  25. S

    Blackvue dashcam software requiring sharing of location

    Hope current users of this camera can answer whether Blackvue has made it a requirement to share location information? I'm asking because we are in the market for a dashcam and the Blackvue DR650S-2ch has been a top consideration. While reviewing comments today on an Amazon listing page for the...
  26. malken00

    Blackvue 650GW Dual Power Draw

    Hey all, hoping someone here might have some more 'real world' information on the BlackVue 650GW Dual cam setup. I have a 60D on its way to me (Horray!) and would like to put a F/R Dash cam in. Of course in an ICE car connect, go, don't worry about it. In a Facelift 60D, I have the smallest...
  27. M

    Preferred Micro SD Card for BlackVue DashCam

    I went ahead and ordered the BlackVue DR650S 2-Channel from B&H Video for $269 on their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale since it seemed like a good price in anticipation of my Model S delivery in December. I assume today being Cyber Monday would be a good time to buy a larger memory card for the...
  28. T

    Windshield conduit

    I asked my Tesla service rep. if I could buy a new windshield conduit because I wanted to hide the cables for dashcam in it alongside the exsisting one. They asked me if I had the part number for the conduit!? Shouldn`t they be able to find this for me? Does anybody here have this?
  29. Theyeags

    Has anyone installed the Blackvue 650 in the new 2016 model S?

    I can't seem to figure out how to gain access to the plastic hub behind the rearview mirror. There is a plastic piece below the autopilot camera housing that comes off into two pieces easy enough, but the main housing seems to be more difficult. I can pry a little on it and have found seems...
  30. Nerdy_Engineer

    Blackvue Dash Cam - Step by Step Installation

    I had trouble finding full step by step instructions for the installation of the Blackvue Dash Cam so I made a video while installing mine. I thought it might help others out. Overall, the installation is pretty easy. I wired into the 12 volt plug under the carpet, but in hindsight, I think...
  31. fallen888

    Fob issues after Blackvue installation

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. I had the Blackvue 2-channel dash cam installed yesterday by a shop in my area. And it seems ever since then the key fob doesn't communicate well with my MS. I press it to lock and unlock, and it works 1/5 times. I get in the car...
  32. S

    Review of Prodashcam.com's Blackvue Install in SoCal

    Here's a quick recap of my experience with Prodashcam.com: Ordering, Scheduling, and Costs Super easy. I called and reached Aaron (the proprietor of Prodashcam.com) right away. I explained what I needed, negotiated some discounts for two cars and cash payment, and scheduled a time for the...
  33. N

    LTE CarFi / Mifi / Hotspot talk

    Hi everyone! Before beginning, just wanted to state; I did a search before posting, but found no relevant hits. I'm from and in the UK, but thought the technology being discussed was fairly global so put it in this section. Feel free to move this thread if it offends the forum police. So, in...
  34. Mknac

    Blackview dash cam

    i'm planning on purchasing a blackvue dash cam and just plugging into the power port with the adapter. Is buying the black view battery pack to power it in parking mode worthwhile or ridiculous considering it is running off the Model S battery? Does the blackvue two channel use enough...
  35. Premier Mobile

    Vendor Blackvue 650 Installation to Model X

    As many are aware, we specialize in custom paint protection film (Clearguard Nano SR), Spectra Photosync, Ceraluxe Nano ceramic tint, 9500ci laser jamming systems. All of our services are performed in-house. We would like to highlight our Blackvue installations on the Tesla Model X here. The...
  36. T

    Vendor We're Now Offering Dual Dash Cam Installation

    After many requests from Tesla owners. We are now offering the BlackVue Dual Dash Cams. This cameras have many different settings. You can leave them to record 24/7, to record by motion sensors and also to just record when the car is on. This carmeras also record sound. The front camera records...
  37. mjcostajr

    Blackvue 650 dash cam settings (Security LED)

    I was curious as to whether people leave the "Security LED" on during parking/normal mode. I've read that a lot of people disable the blinking lights to make it more obscure. However, since having a dash cam is about increased security, wouldn't a blinking light deter people even further from...
  38. S

    Greetings! BlackVue Install...best way to DIY?

    Hi All, New to the forum, first post, please be easy on me! I plan to install the BlackVue 650 2-channel cameras to my pano roof 2016 Model S. Ideally I'd like constant power so the front and back cameras can also be on/activate even when the car is not being driven. But if it's too much...
  39. wk057

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    So, I *finally* got around to finishing my install of my dash cam on my P85D. At delivery, before driving off from the service center, I stuck the front cam up on the windshield and have been running with the front cam using the 12V power outlet since then........ that was in December. lol...
  40. P

    Blackviue 650 and "Key not in Car"

    I have a Blackvue 650 with the front and rear cameras and it seems to interfere with my Keyfob. If I just have the front camera on there is no problem, however if I have the rear rear camera connected to the power in the front camera then sometimes the "Key not in car" message pops up. It...