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delivery date

  1. G

    2023 MYLR Inventory Vehicle Delivery Time

    We ordered a Model Y (LR) last Sunday (11/05/23). We were immediately assigned a VIN number since a vehicle matching our preferences is in the inventory. The original delivery date range was 11/19 - 11/28. Later, it changed to 11/15 - 11/24. We went to the showroom and an advisor there was able...
  2. W

    Used Model 3 Order - How long did shipping to your location take?

    Ordered a used Model 3 last week. Shipping from Lathrop to Chicago. Said 2-3 weeks for shipping. Has anyone else done this? How was your experience? I’m having trouble getting a hold of my sales rep. I’m hoping closer to 2 weeks since I think California to Chicago is basically 100% train.
  3. A

    Confirming Delivery Date

    I’m scheduled to take delivery on Monday. If I received a text message this morning asking me to confirm my delivery date does this mean my car has arrived and my appointment won’t be moved at this point?
  4. M

    2-week delivery window

    My delivery window changed on 7/28 from 8/14 - 9/22 to 9/25 - 11/5, then changed on 7/29 to 8/8 - 8/22, then changed yesterday to 8/25 - 9/8. My question is once I have a 2-week window, am I close to getting a VIN?
  5. M

    Tesla Delivery experience! [Video]

    Finally got my Tesla and luckily with 0 issues. I spent half an hr going back and forth before accepting delivery terms. I made a small video on my delivery day if anyone is interested! Make you INSPECT the VEHICLE before you accept delivery. Mods you can remove this If this is not...
  6. W

    Changing my order before VIN assigned

    Hey everybody, I originally ordered the M3LR on 5/10. I had a change of heart yesterday and decided to change my order to the M3P. I talked to my SA and they told me that switching to the M3P would bump my delivery time up. I looked on Tesla's website and the delivery time for the M3P was...
  7. B

    Colorado EDD MYLR ordered December 2021

    Purpose of thread: I would like to know if people are still waiting on their MYLR that had been ordered in December 2021 and they live in Colorado? ( geography might make a difference) Order date: 12/28 Latest EDD: July 18-end of August Make : MYLR Color: Blue FSD: no Tow hitch: no Seating: 5...
  8. K

    Oct 1st 2021, we ordered a Model Y White LR AWD 20”W. Now have a great August rough delivery date. Where are we in line? Anyone? We live in KCMO.

    Oct 1st 2021, we ordered a Model Y White LR AWD 20”W. We live in KC MO. Now have a great August rough delivery date. Is there a way to know where we are in line? We know we can get FSD or a paint color to get it sooner but we don’t want that.
  9. B

    Can I ignore messages about scheduling my delivery?

    I placed an order for a Model Y back in June 2020 and have been fortunate that I've been able to delay my order by completing the bare minimum of my delivery/order tasks. Back in Dec. 2021 when many with old orders were receiving notice that they had to accept delivery soon or their order would...
  10. W

    Ordered Model Y (did final paperwork) in Sept 2021, but still no delivery, date keeps extending

    Called Tesla, as per them, I completed the final form submission in September-2021, but I am still not getting the delivery. The expected delivery date gets extended by a month! The latest one now is March 18th to March 31st. But I am not able to believe that because the date has moved 3-4...
  11. mrpseudonym

    Global Model S & X orders now on hold

    Received the following from tesla overnight regarding my Model X order. Was scheduled for Nov 2022, now..who knows? Presumably more information on what the core supply issue is will surface shortly Hi We’re contacting you regarding your Model X order RNXXXX As we ramp...
  12. TheRFMan

    Canadian Model 3 delivery estimates for new orders are already into June.

    Just checked back on the Tesla site today, it is now showing June as the timeframe for delivery for new orders. I guess all the current production is spoken for. I guess I can place my order soon, I was targeting the May/June timeframe for delivery.
  13. K

    CH/DE/AU Waiting Room

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the forum and already love to read people's stories about their Tesla. To make it quick, I decided to open this thread to allow people to share their experience waiting for their car to be delivered. I've seen a similar but more general thread, and I thought it...
  14. Taym

    Model Y delivery to Europe in August/September 2021: Glovis Supreme, maybe?

    Hi Everyone! Tesla Store in Rome told me my Model Y is expected to be delivered in Zeebrugge, BE, in mid August, and in Rome, Italy, on August 26th, tentatively. I've been trying to locate the cargo ship on its way to Zeebrugge, and I was wondering if anyone had any info at this regard. Do...
  15. N

    When do I get a delivery Date?

    So I filled out all my information and sent my insurance, but I haven't gotten an delivery date? Is that normal? And the button I need to click to review and sign my information is greyed out, so what to I do? Shouldn't I get a delivery date almost immediately?
  16. R

    Considering changing my order but worried about delaying delivery

    We finally took the plunge and ordered a MYLR as our first EV. ~400 YouTube videos later, we are incredibly excited but wondering about making changes and we were hoping some people here would have some insight. We originally ordered a MYLR with FSD (white/white w/20" wheels) on June 29th and...
  17. Microfiche

    Delayed delivery in BC...

    First time buyer here, have been getting pretty frustrated with the process here in BC lately. We ordered a base white Model 3 on April 10 and arranged to pick it up at Richmond after we were told there was no way to have it shipped to Kelowna (person on the phone said it "was against the law?")...
  18. Skyeforge

    In production date ranges

    I received my VIN last week after accepting the Vision only switch notice. Then my delivery time went from specific date ranges (ie, 6/5-6/25) to more generic 2-9 weeks. And today, my VIN is gone. what gives? Anyone else? im checking with my SA, but she’s off today.
  19. B

    TEXAS - MY - 7 seater waiting room

    Hello, Will keep this thread to discuss anyone waiting for Model Y from Texas, specifically 7 seater. I ordered Model 7 7 seater Midnight silver Date ordered: Feb 8th
  20. S

    VIN Search and Chrome Extension?

    I'm curious as to how long before folks were notified "officially" of their VIN, that the search techniques through Chrome actually revealed their VIN? I have the Chrome extension installed and have tried the manual search process...ofc ourse I'm still waiting...3 weeks and counting...
  21. N

    How does Tesla handle getting payment from a third party lender?

    Hi there! Long time Tesla fan, first time buyer and poster here. I am supposed to pick up my Model Y Performance in SF tomorrow and have the down payment in my bank account, ready to pull the trigger. I've been approved for a loan from a credit union (they offered a great rate) and they said...
  22. G

    Help! Unannounced (and early) Tesla Delivery - I don't know what to do

    Quick backstory here -- I put down a deposit for a model y soon after it was announced, and after I drove a friends' Model 3. I've been incredibly excited, well up until today... My family is moving to Maine on the 2nd of July. I told our Delivery Support Specialist that fact a couple of...
  23. J

    Time from VIN to delivery?

    I ordered a MSM, PUP, no FSD mid-May. Source code revealed VIN about a week ago. Called service center and they couldn’t find the VIN. Ping’d again yesterday and said I have a VIN (same as in source code) but no delivery date available. Said via text “please be patient as we get your Model Y...
  24. P

    Y - LR - AWD - 19" - FSD

    Hi All, Please update here if you have opted for the Y - LR - AWD - 19" - FSD config. Ordered Date - Status - Confirmed Date - Scheduled Date? 02/25/2020 - x - x - x
  25. G

    Ordered Model 3 - will I get FTC if it is delivered after 12/31?

    Hi there! I ordered my Model 3 on Saturday. So excited! I received the approval today and waiting for the delivery specialist to contact me. Since it is starting to get close to the 12/31 deadline, will I still be eligible for the FTC if it is delivered AFTER 12/31 (even if the order...
  26. skydreamerjae

    Selling current car before or after delivery?

    I noticed a lot of people are selling their cars before taking delivery of a Tesla or whenever they've been scheduled a delivery date (which tends to backfire because Tesla is being a douche about delivery time frames and people end up car-less for 2-5 weeks+). But my plan is to take delivery...
  27. S

    M3P UK Deliveries - any idea?

    Hey guys, finally did it... After reserving in Jan 2017 and subsequently cancelling the reservation in 2018, This week I've actually ordered the Model 3 Performance :D. Had a call from Tesla yesterday about the process from here on in, but they were relatively vague with delivery dates. I'm yet...
  28. F

    Ordered Model 3

    Ordered Model 3 on July 20th@ Tesla Sunnyvale Double Coat Red Black Int LRAW FSD No Vin's assigned or delivery dates specified. Would like to close it by 31st to avail the locked in int rates. What's the likelihood to get the vin assigned and contracts ready by then?
  29. LukeT

    Order to delivery times

    Hi All, What are total order to delivery times really like in your experience? I had read in the Tesla FAQs that 3-4 months to the UK was the norm, yet the order website currently has estimated delivery in June. And I think I saw c. 60 days on here but I can't find it now. Model S if that makes...
  30. F

    Order Issue w/ LR RWD w/ new FSD chipset HW 3.0

    Through my local dealership, I had placed an order for a 2019 Model 3 Long Range with single motor RWD. I ordered through them based on the pretense that one was going to be newly built (May 2019) with the upgraded FSD chip (hw 3.0). I was excited as I would have a newly built May 2019 Rwd With...
  31. M

    M3 AWD delivery date expectation (ordered on April 10th)

    Hi everyone, I ordered the model 3 AWD black on black with 18" wheels and autopilot, on the 10th of April from Oakville Ontario Canada and I'm checking with Tesla's employee everyday to see if he can give me an expected date, but he keep checking their inventory and can't find any similar or if...
  32. Celledral

    Can I Extend My Delivery Date

    So I'm looking to lock in the price for a model 3 in the next 24hours before the price hike. I'll be traveling out of the country for over a month and won't be able to handle any of the transaction until then. Does Tesla allow delivery dates to be pushed back until mid April? Curious if anyone...
  33. Colgate2004

    Tesla's Delivery Difficulties Nov-Dec 2018; or, The Odyssey of My Model 3 Delivery

    Hi all, I'm writing this just for the sake of letting others know what I've experienced re: the delivery of my Model 3. TL;DR: it appears Tesla is moving an enormous number of cars, and is struggling a bit with the volume and some unexpected hiccups, and is working hard to get people their cars...
  34. M

    Canadian AWD delivered in 13 days!

    So, i had a VW e-golf i purchased 6 months ago, used, at a very good price (got it in ontario and they still had the 14.5k$ rebate!). it was my dream car. Then came winter, and having owned a subaru AWD for 6 years, the golf’s ‘massive’ torque combined with the FWD just didn’t do it for me in...
  35. A

    Frustrated with repeated reschedule, need to take action.. Please suggest

    Hi, Today is my fourth rescheduling with Tesla for my model 3 and I do not have any delivery date as of now. My suspicion is, Tesla is just assigning a VIN just to remove the 'cancellation' option and to make some money out of customer's financing amount. My bank already paid money to Tesla...
  36. SRLMD

    Delivery Hell equals poor Customer Service

    Yesterday, in a 15 minute span of time, I had two different friends I referred to Telsa report to me about how they had been given inexcusably poor customer service. Last week both were traveling and had made arrangements to take delivery of their Model 3's in SLC upon their return. Yet they...
  37. R

    Marina del Rey CA-Delivery Location - QC wait times - Aug 2018

    Hey guys! I wanted to check in with folks who have picked up their cars at Marina del Rey in the last couple of weeks. I received my MSM AWD VIN on Monday 8/13/2018 and that my car had arrived at the devilry location. By Tuesday morning (8/14/2018) I had everything in order financially and was...
  38. ctn531

    6 weeks since MX confirmation - account page still says "scheduled for production in our factory"

    Uggghhhh ... This wait is killing me. Originally quoted 6-8 weeks. That ain't gonna happen - I live in Denver and the car hasn't started production yet. Once scheduled for production, will this page update to show the actual production date(s) ??? I've called my delivery specialist (Doug -...
  39. Abnoidz

    Palm Springs service center delivery

    Hi! has anyone here taken delivery at Palm Springs Tesla service center? I am debating whether to change my delivery location to Palm springs. I originally decided on Costa Mesa because it was the highlighted one during my configuration and I didn't want to change it because I was afraid it...
  40. ModelNforNerd

    P3D VIN!!!!

    First day line waiter. Current S Owner. Changed order from AWD to P on Monday........ VIN : 0629XX MSM/P-non-upgrade/18s/black interior/EAP Delivery: August 10th!!
  41. T

    Fremont Delivery Center "Unscheduled Maintentence" on Monday 7/16

    Got a voicemail and an email from the Fremont Delivery Center yesterday afternoon that my delivery which was initially scheduled for Monday needed to be pushed back due to "Unscheduled Maintenence" to help them prepare for the high volume of deliveries that are going to be taking place. On one...
  42. P

    Delivery date slipped

    I ordered on the first day, spring of 2016. I was notified a few weeks ago that I could order but was not quite ready. I understood my priority in line would be held but now my wait time as changed from 4-5 week to 3-5 MONTHS. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks.
  43. J

    How long After signing Final Dely Docs

    Folks, I wanted to know the possibility of having the delivery rescheduled to earlier (Currently at 2 weeks from Today). I just received and signed Final Dely docs does this mean Car has reached the deliver Center? Any inputs/experiences with people who recently got theirs picked up.
  44. W

    Water Repair Checklist?

    So this was sitting on the dashboard of my Model 3. Took a picture of it on the Tesla lot. Was told of a delivery delay pertaining to some “minor cosmetic” issues. Delivery specialist says paint chip on trunk and it needs to go to body shop. But this water repair checklist has got me nervous...
  45. J

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading FUD Around The Tax Credit?

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Around The $7500 Tax Credit? A few weeks ago, I went into the Tesla Dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona and spoke with a Customer Experience Specialist who was very knowledgeable. I mentioned that I'm looking at a Model S and my...
  46. grayguy

    Tesla's detailed production schedule (with timeline)

    I'm trying to get a better feel for how the production process works at Tesla, and how long each step usually takes in that process. I've read through here and haven't found a detailed production schedule timeline. I'm hoping to develop a more real-time barometer of predicting when a car will...
  47. J

    Model S unavailable for delivery before mid 2017

    Whoa, I just configured a Model S and noticed the estimated delivery date was mid 2017! I messed around with the options to figure out what option made it jump from late September to mid 2017 and it look like it was the grey leather seats. Tan and Black leather seats don't affect the delivery...
  48. Mknac

    Delivery Date is .,,

    August 17!!
  49. J

    Delay your request?

    I noticed that some people mention, in this forum, that they delayed their delivery dates. Once you place your order, how would you request a delivery delay--is this even a thing you can do with Tesla?
  50. Beene41

    How accurate is MVPA date?

    For those fortunate to have received their cars, how accurate is the estimated date found on page 2 of the MVPA vs the actual?