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software update

  1. D

    Headlight flashing after update?!?

    My left headlight started flashing, I just updated my 2022 Model 3 LR to 2023.26.1 Anyone having a similar issue?
  2. R

    [Feature Request] - Wipers On : Lights On?

    It is law in many places to have your lights on when your wipers turn on. Unless I am missing something, I don’t see that as an option to happen automatically. This seems like a simple upgrade in software. Does anyone know anything about this feature? How do you make a suggestion to Tesla...
  3. Z

    Not getting Holiday Update 2023 Model X

    I purchased this car around 1.5 months ago. I see online that there is a holiday update but I still have not received it as of 12/18 11:22PM EST. Anyone know what may be wrong?
  4. NoGasNoBrakes

    Tesla Update 2022.36.1 Finally Lets You Track Your Energy Consumption

    For years, Tesla owners have wanted to have an exact breakdown of their energy consumption and they've had to go to external apps such as TeslaFi. However, Tesla has finally decided to bring these features directly to their vehicles in Software Update 2022.36.1. 1. Energy App Improvements Now...
  5. S

    Car dead after successful software update

    While the car was plugged in for routine charging overnight (battery was at ~30%), a software update occurred. In the morning I saw the 'software update completed' notification. When I pressed the handle of the passenger side door, it opened a crack, but after that the car went dead: didn't...
  6. R

    Birds eye visualizations after latest update?

    I recently updated my 2022 LR Model 3 (with basic autopilot) to 2022.16.1.2 and noticed something pretty interesting. When pulling up behind a vehicle, like at a red light, the vehicle would normally shift to the top-down visualization that displays the distance between the object in front of...
  7. MrWattson

    Tesla App Upgrades and Charging

    I am not sure if this is the best area to post this but here goes. I am finding a changed behavior in the app regarding charge limit. Not sure if this is a function of the recent software updates, the relatively cold weather or both. By cold overnight lows in the high-teens or low 20s. So not...
  8. jay__

    TESLA Model 3 Light Show video

  9. S

    Live Sentry Mode Camera Feature Missing

    Live Sentry Mode Camera Access feature suddenly disappeared after previously being installed.” Has this happened to anyone? Super strange. I navigated to “safety & security” and the option to turn on the sentry mode camera was gone when it was previously there. Any help would be great, thanks!
  10. E

    Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

    My model 3 long range was delivered last week. Since having the car I’ve noticed it’s due a software update, so I set about following the steps to upgrade. I initially connected to my home wifi router and tried to download the update, but noticed that the Wi-Fi signal was weak and kept dropping...
  11. N

    Latest Software Update?

    Hi all. Have had my 2022 MYP for a month now and it has never had a software update; right now I have 2021.35.102.2. Is this the latest? Seems odd that nothing updated in a month but maybe that’s normal, I just don’t know. Thank you!
  12. Transformer

    Tesla released an OTA software update to fix "unexpected activation of the emergency brake system"

    > Tesla Inc. TSLA, -2.57% is recalling about 11,700 2017 to 2021 Model S, Model 3 and Model X vehicles, and 2020 to 2021 Model Y vehicles, because a communication error with the software may cause unexpected activation of the emergency brake system, according to a notice filed with the National...
  13. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  14. T

    MX Window locked annoyance

    Somewhere before 2021.24.4 Tesla changed the Window behavior on my X. Really frustrating. While my X is unlocked, I would always be able to put Windows up or down from the driver and passenger Window door buttons. The new behavior locks out ALL windows about 20 seconds after exiting the...
  15. L

    2015 Model S 85 Software Update variation

    It is just me or all older Model S models with the MCU2 upgrade do not get the fully up software update? I still don't see any signs of the "Car Wash Mode" feature or "Disney Plus" and "Hulu" on my entertainment center.
  16. S

    SiriusXM Removed by Update

    Did anyone else have their entire SiriusXM interface removed through the most recent automatic software update - or have an idea on how to regain it? Following the update there is no longer any trace of SiriusXM or my paid subscription in the Radio, Entertainment or other interfaces. Any...
  17. JerryJaz

    Software update. Next day Power reduced with Dl_w126 error code

    Received the 2020.48.37.6 update and the next time I drove the car (returning from a short shopping trip) the car beeped at me and displayed the error. Prior to this I had no noises (milling). The error code clears after shut down. The error appears and reduces power after a city block of...
  18. T

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I'm asking here instead of directly to Tesla because their only Contact Us options were for solar roofs or calling a store and neither of them knows.... While test driving the Model Y I noticed the regenerative braking was pretty aggressive. I called the sales person from the car to ask if I...
  19. M

    Voice Commands After Update

    After the latest update redesigned the screen, I have been unable to find the microphone icon. How do we do voice commands now? Why do we have to sit in our car to read the release notes or wait for someone to post a video showing us what has changed? Why doesn’t Tesla make the release notes...
  20. rosegrif1

    New display HORRIBLE!

    These things are always subjective - for me i really like the new display. Easier to see critical information and i like the sizing... Giving a choice maybe is just too hard for them whilst they are doing all the other software features..but lets see what comes in the next few releases.
  21. F

    12/26/2020 Update changed the owners console

    the latest software update has changed the look of the drivers console. The one biggest issue is that they removed the voice activation button and burried it in the navigation screen. Now the driver will have to search the navigation panel for the voice activation button taking thier eyes off...
  22. J

    Complete Reset after Software Update

    My 2013 MS picked up the latest software update earlier this week. The update itself went fine - the app even notified me of the successful completion. Today when I went to use the car, I found that the app no longer connected and everything had reset. I had to rename the car, recreate driver...
  23. Kianaf808


    How do I tell if I need a software update? I can't see it on my app nor in my car's screen. Does that mean i have the latest software update? Does it say, "Your software is up to date?" Advanced thanks!!
  24. M

    NHTSA says 2,500 Tesla Model Y SUVs Recalled in the U.S., but software update fixes brake light bug

    anyone affected by this? so cool that a software update over the air can fix this!! #thefuture Over 2,500 Tesla Model Y SUVs Recalled in the U.S., But Software Update Fixes Bug [u] - TeslaNorth.com
  25. M

    Speed limit sign recognition coming in next update to Canada

    Looks like canada is gonna get speed limit sign recognition in the next update! along with australia and new zealand Tesla Speed Limit Sign Support Coming to Canada, Australia, New Zealand - TeslaNorth.com also read model 3/y gonna get heated charge port too
  26. A

    Software versions

    Apologies if this question exists, I checked but didn't find the answer so I am posting..... I have a P100D 2018 now with HW3 (FSD). My software was at 2020.20.1 and after they installed the HW3 I got an update to 2020.20.17. I have traffic lights and stop signs and all work well, yet I am...
  27. S

    Listening to podcasts with the latest SW upgrade

    Lots of new features in 2020.24.6.4 update. You can listen at greater than 1x speed (1.25, 1.5 and 2) Side view backup cameras are nice too. But when I first started my car all my podcast favorites were missing. Only my FM radio and music favorites showed up. A bit upset that Tesla could mess...
  28. P

    Wh/km readings dropped after recent software update

    Tesla is Model 3 SR+ 2019. My average energy consumption per km used to be ~155Wh/km. Our office moved us to telecommute for COVID-19 closure so I rarely drove since mid-March. I resumed driving lately and noticed my average Wh/km is ~115Wh/km now on the same routes. Projected Range in the...
  29. A

    Jun 6th 2020 Software Update Bricked my 2014 Model S P85

    Parked my Car in garage plugged in at midnight and woke up Saturday to a non-responsive car. Handles won't present, power cord won't disengage, trunk won't pop. Nothing. At the advise of roadside assistance, I tried taking off the nose cone and jumpstarting with a car battery jumper with no...
  30. apples

    All Performance Model 3 Currently Being Held on 2020.8.3?

    Has anyone with a Performance Model 3 received an update beyond 2020.8.3 since Wednesday April 29th? I was previously on 2020.12.5 but had my computer replaced April 29th due to an LTE issue. Immediately was upgraded to 8.3 but it currently says software is up to date and have received no...
  31. B

    Software version still on 2019.35.109

    My M3 got delivered today and it says it is on the latest software 2019.35.109. I checked and see the 2020.8.2 has been out. How do I request a push of the update.
  32. N

    2020.4.1 trying to contact an IP address in Germany ?

    Just noticed this morning that our Tesla Model X running 2020.4.1 is frantically trying to contact (apparently a web hosting company called Hetzner Online GmbH). Has anyone seen this before and knows why? I am assuming it's the latest firmware update but that's just a guess...
  33. T

    Face Recognition would be cool

    I have not forgotten to take my face with me since a day in 1978 upstate NY. but that's another story Multiple drivers, settings. Could gage driver attention and abnormal situations; medical etc. IOS does this effortlessly.
  34. G

    Horn honks if I try to drive my M3

    Just got my M3 and decided to update to 40.50.1. I had some issues with the update but now the software is installed according to the car and the Tesla app. However, if I try to drive it, while all is fine as long as I don't turn the wheel, if I do, the horn blows as long as I'm turning. The...
  35. T


    Since there are so many fixes to this particular release, does anyone have a clue what the fixes actually fix? I just got an update 2019.32.12.7 but cannot find anything in details about what is being fixed, but that my main concern - the rear camera, is still a problem.
  36. David29

    What to do when a software update stalls or fails?

    An installation of V10 firmware (2019.32.12.1 per the phone) has apparently stalled on my car. It was set to begin the install at 2 AM, the phone reported it was 60% complete at 7 AM, and it is still at 60% nearly 4 hours later. I need to use the car so I tried a manual reboot to no effect...
  37. I

    Car does software update in the middle of nowhere

    So I set my software update for 3am thinking that was safe but I didn't make it home at 3am. So I was parked and sure enough the software update starts happening in the middle of nowhere. I know I set it for 3am but doesn't it give you any warning that is going to do an update LMAO. So I am...
  38. jamaro

    Can't update SW?

    Hiya all My one-month old Model 3 LR suddenly decided to stop offering up AC on its first roadtrip. This was suboptimal given that it was 105°F out and it was a few hundred miles back to home in what is now a mobile greenhouse. TSLA Roadside assistance had me go through a few reboots...
  39. G

    Issues with updating 2019.28.1

    the progress bar was gone after finished downloading the software with my MiFi. Its been 2day, and the yellow clock is still NOT shown on the screen! SC replied: the car is uncompressing the package since 2 days ago, it needs more time. That looks weird to me as we all know the yellow clock...
  40. W

    Software update looks to have been downloaded, but no option to install

    Not sure if this question has been answered before, did not see anything after a few searches. Anyway, our Model S running on 2019.20.4.3 has been downloading an update over the course of a few days last week (we have no WiFi in our car park and poor mobile reception, so we have to use a mobile...
  41. S

    On WiFi but update not downloading

    The car says update is available (I'm currently on 2019.20.2.1) and that I should get on WiFi to download new update. So I get on wifi and...it does nothing. Here is what I have tried: 1. Steering wheel reset 2. Power cycle the car 3. Forget the WiFi network and add it again Any ideas? Sorry...
  42. nbergma

    What extra range?

    We took delivery of our Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with EAP the first week of August 2018. We were excited about the articles and forum threads we had been reading that a software update was going to increase the range of our car 5% (from 310 miles to 325 miles) and also increase peak power...
  43. Tech_Guy

    Does Airbag Recall / Replacement require software update?

    Like the subject says.... Does Airbag Recall / Replacement require software update? I've been holding on to 8.1 and would rather not be forced to 9.0 Hoping someone who's had this replacement done can answer this question from their experience...
  44. D

    Model X endless problems, 60 days to fix latest

    So, I was dumb enough to be an early adopter. Got a 2016 Model X. Was in the shop for a month when first purchased. Continued problems since. In the last six months, motor blew out and was replaced, front door hinge failed (again) and was replaced, storage compartment sliding door failed and...
  45. H

    Took delivery this Friday! - Question about my software version.

    Hi everyone, first post here but I've been lurking around for a few months already! Just wanted to share my new car, and also see if you guys can answer a question I have about it... So I took delivery of the car Friday evening, and I'm quite familiar with most of the new features and...
  46. puritan

    I was working on the car when the software installation started

    Hey! So I was prepping the car for a road trip and I completely forgot that I'd scheduled the latest software installation. All the doors were open when the music suddenly stopped. I got into the car thinking the screen froze and attempted a few scroll resets before the gears in my brain...
  47. milleron

    Software update interrupted -- now nothing

    My AP2 S75D is on 2019.12.1.1. After pulling out of the garage at home today, I noticed that 2019.16.2 had downloaded about 45%. I assumed that it would resume when I got back on Wi-Fi, and it did. It downloaded about another 5-10% and then stopped completely. I verified that home Wi-Fi was...
  48. YusufT

    Update 2019.16 Release Notes and Discussion

    2019.16 has been spotted by a user on Reddit. Here are the list of new features it includes: - Driving Visualization: Will zoom out if on highway or vehicle nearby. Will Zoom in otherwise - Sentry Mode Improvements: Can toggle it to always activate on park excluding favourite places like home...
  49. Minecon_CA

    Can the "Fusée Gelée" exploit be used to downgrade software?

    Can the "Fusée Gelée" exploit be used to downgrade software? This exploit can let you downgrade and upgrade software on a Nintendo Switch, can this be used on a Tesla? I would love to go back to version 8.
  50. Minecon_CA

    Can the "Fusée Gelée" exploit be used to downgrade software?

    Can the "Fusée Gelée" exploit be used to downgrade software? This exploit can let you downgrade and upgrade software on a Nintendo Switch, can this be used on a Tesla? I would love to go back to version 8.