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  1. tomcat

    New feature identification / tracking

    I recently ordered my Y in the U.K. and am aware of a couple of new features or enhancements that are coming down the line and would like to know at what point these will be introduced. Tesla seems to be as tight-lipped as Apple when it comes to announcing new features or updates and, since...
  2. Jomak

    CY23 M3 leaks and updates

    This isn't about what you want to see (there's a thread for that). What have you heard or seen that's coming? I have seen new colors I suspect price changes to qualify for the EV tax credit and hit the $55k mark with the ability to buy add-on features after purchase. Battery pack updates I...
  3. R

    Model Y Fremont - Any updates expected

    Please share if you know any updates that will happen from Fremont.
  4. Jamezam

    What if…

    I’ve been thinking about ALL the complaints I constantly hear about Tesla, Elon, S, X, 3, Y’s, firmware updates, etc. And, it dawned on me “what if” Tesla didn’t exist, what if Elon was never born? Where oh where would we be today? I for one, am entirely appreciative of Elon and Tesla and...
  5. G

    Receiving updates

    I am not able to receive updates. It involves my connection to my router. I show 3 bars reception. When I search ,my router shows up. If I go to the router and enter the password it connects. On the line that shows my router there is a dim icon of a lock along with an icon I suppose is an...
  6. samuelffrancis

    Used Model S Updates

    I’ve been in the market for a used S (clean title and report of course) and with all the buzz around used ones right now I’m a bit lost. Anyways, if I purchased a used S from a third party and not tesla (let’s say it’s a 2013) is it still receiving the latest updates? And will I have to be...
  7. P

    Software update

    I've never had an easy software update. The 1st thing I do when the icon pops up is delete my Wifi network in the car then reconnect. This was suggested in a video I saw on YouTube about update troubleshooting. Then the update will begin- I get the green line- this usually takes 30 minutes...
  8. S

    I am posting this in every youtube Tesla topic I come across: Range loss, charge gate etc

    To get Tesla to notice and do something about the issue of Range Loss, Charge rate loss and Regen loss after recent update I am now posting short comment in each Youtube Tesla topic I see: Updates for many many Model S owners has capped over 10% of range and 50% of charging rate: Darn it...
  9. Adopado

    Size of Update Downloads

    I would like to have an idea of the size of the downloads when the car updates. I realise that there will be some variability but a general idea would be useful. Does anyone know? Our Wifi runs from a 4G router and we have a capped data limit. I usually monitor this but had not done so recently...
  10. P

    Deteriorating Range P90DL

    Range was about 255 miles in late August and several updates later I'm down to 236 miles. MX is 2016. Anyone else experience the same issue?
  11. nguyentoogood

    Tesla firmware 2019.32.12.4 includes power increase, one-pedal driving mode and departure charging s

    Google translate: In this version, the new function Stop Mode Stop Mode "Stop Mode" adds a new setting called "Keep", which is the same as the previously available "Slow" and "Rotate" (previously disabled "Vehicle" behavior) settings. After the vehicle is set to maintain the vehicle, the...
  12. Kevy Baby

    Updating without WiFi

    All I've done all sorts of searching, but I can't find a couple of details. I am unable to get WiFi service in my separated garage. I tried moving both the base and the satellite of my Orb mesh system yesterday to various places (including taking the satellite out to the garage with no luck...
  13. Haxster

    I bought a 6 digit car...not a video game.

    It seems that every other recent update has to do with some enhancement to games or other entertainment distractions. I'd really like Tesla to prioritize updates to vehicle operability...better navigation, autopilot, internet browser, or user interface (how about a trunk release button on the...
  14. T

    Autopilot worse after latest Update

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that with the latest update that was pushed through my AP2.0 has become much worse and erratic than it was before. I own a 2016 Model S with AP2.0 hardware. At first the AP was absolutely unusable. Then sometime in 2017 they pushed a major update that brought...

    Pano roof brackets broken! Tesla won't repair due to salvage vehicle

    Moderator note (bmah/efusco): 3 related threads now merged Hey guys my first post here , be gentle :) bought my first Tesla Model S 2017 and opened the roof only to realise the brackets on the roof are cracked!!!! is this something im missing or a common occurrence on the model S :'( I am so...
  16. T

    Is it possible to re-apply an update?

    I've only had my M3 for a few weeks. I got the 8.4 update about a week ago. Since then, my driver profile - seat position, etc... doesn't automatically set when I apply the brake. I've also seen some glitches with bt pairing with my phone, too. Can I try re-applying the update? If that's...
  17. B

    Poor Cousins in the Southern Hemisphere..

    Hi all, Firstly let me say I love my X, hate driving anything that can't drive itself, and love a company that innovates at the speed of Tesla... Having said that... I've owned my Model X since September last year and love reading about the changes and upcoming features. What bugs me is 'down...
  18. michidragon

    Really think I'm no longer getting updates...

    Quick background; December 12, 2018 delivery AP 2.5 MCU 2 Model S 75D. I've been on 2018.49.20 since I got it; the only update I ever received was when after reporting that I was having "Vehicle surround view limited" messages, a Mobile Ranger pushed a firmware update to my car, but it was...
  19. ModelNforNerd

    What could my car be up to??

    Checked my wifi router this morning, and my car has pulled 5.37GB of data in the last 48 hours. I'm on 2018.50.6 It's a P3D- Are we due for a Maps update? How big is 2019.5.x? Is it bigger because it's also being combined with Track Mode (FINALLY)? And why hasn't the car notified me it's...
  20. Chris350

    Update Withdrawal???

    WOW!..... Last Software build was way back in the 2nd week of Dec 18! Can't believe we haven't seen a 2019 build released to the wild! Going through update withdrawal.... I wonder what has been the longest time between updates... Anyone?
  21. Veritas1980

    Tesla/Elon announcement tracker

    So I been trying to search the forum for this, but unsuccessful, so if it is just my searching skills that is lacking I apologize. I've been a Tesla owner for a couple of years now, and gotten used to having most of my communication regarding upcoming features and new products from Elon's...
  22. shauna

    Software Updates without wi-fi?

    My car has been glitching big time lately. First when I make calls, I can hear the people but they can't hear me. Then one day my heat seatersand heat stayed on all day while I was at work which I think normally shuts off and then I was driving using the auto pilot and although the voice was...
  23. B

    Sitting in car during update.

    So. This last update was only about 25 minutes long. I had some time to kill before an appointment, so i started it while chilling in my car. There were a few times I thought someone was hitting my car with a hammer. Super uncomfortable, and don’t recommend it for anyone who freaks out easily...
  24. sanjeevh

    Order update issue

    Hi I placed an order my M3 AWD black exterior with black interior on 11/21 but after coming home we changed our mind and decided to go with white interior. I called my rep immediately, I was told he has submitted the case to update my order. It’s been 4-5 days and I am still seeing old info...
  25. torcator

    OS Downloading Status

    Does anyone know why Tesla doesn't have any way to check the status of the downloading process from the latest OS? I assume that there is a reason because this would be interesting to manage consumer expectation. Everyone who lives in a house probably is using their wifi on the car, however...
  26. M


    Has anyone else not received the version 9 update yet? I had my Model 3 taken to a service center about a month ago and I'm wondering if what they fixed is messing with the update or if I've been reading the wrong stuff and version 9 just isn't available to everyone yet
  27. enolam

    WiFi connection / Updates

    Hello, I have had my Model 3 for about 1 month. I was having WiFi issues in general in my home and Spectrum installed a new router and modem. I did (just in case) add a WiFi extender in my garage. My car sees the correct WiFi with "full rainbow" service (with or without the extender)...
  28. D

    Update went away, maps not updated notification

    So I'm on 2018.32.2, and earlier this week, I got a notification that an update was available. I chose not to install it and was planning on waiting until this weekend. Tonight, when I got home, I don't recall seeing the "install me" screen that pops up when an update is ready, but I was in a...
  29. S

    Why isn't there a section for all things software?

    I see driving Dynamics, purchasing, handling, UI but I don't see software section. I mean really?!? The only area of the car s/x/3 that gets updated every two weeks and there is no section for the. Mods? I see autopilot, UI, maps/GPS, fsd all part of this section. Is anyone listening?
  30. S

    Firmware update not available

    Hi All, I’m aware there have been other threads about not receiving updates, but most have been linked to failed downloads, no WiFi, etc. I purchased my new Model S 75D this December 2017. Since then I’ve only received one update In January that initially failed and had to be done at the...
  31. Beta V

    Update 2018.12 -- So where's the Navigation Update?

    Elon tweeted that the much-awaited nav update would be coming out "this weekend." That was two weeks ago, so when I was notified that a new update was ready, I ran down and told Angel to update immediately. She did. The result? I found that I can now remotely open my frunk. Swell. No nav update...
  32. C

    any others still trapped in 2018.4.9?

    About 3 weeks ago I got the notification for the update. I was arriving at work, so i said to install in 2 hours. The update never installed, and here it is 3 weeks later and still no update. The continuous waking, adjusting vents, flashing lights 24x7 drives me kinda nuts. And it sure would be...
  33. V

    Over the air updates...Blacklisted???

    Has anyone else been blacklist d from over the air updates? My MS 75 has been added to a list by the engineering division and over the air updates are no longer allowed on my car. Updates have to be performed by the engineering team themselves or at a service center. I am told that it has...
  34. Haxster

    Update Withdrawal...a WiFi issue?

    I've not gotten my update fix in nearly two months. Not since 17.17.4. I can't take it much longer. Where's my silky smooth? I'm tired of being jerked around on the highway and have my mediocre parking skills challenged every time I back in to a parking spot. And the latest and greatest is...
  35. psgabin

    any rhyme or reason

    Is there any known algorithm for when your car is chosen to get update?
  36. grayguy

    HW2 Failed Updates and Driver Assistance Features Unavailable

    My Model S with Hardware 2 has consistently failed with Tesla OTA updates. Each time this happens I also get a Driver Assistance Features Unavailable. If issue persists contact Tesla Service error message that persists on the instrument panel. A couple of times, the attempted update actually...
  37. xkwizit

    2.26.150 upgrade- what's new?

    Got .150 upgrade today. The release notes don't seem to carry anything newer than what .86 had. Does anyone know what changed or improved?
  38. GasKilla

    What exactly is in the latest software/firmware update?

    I checked the wiki and all it has is the version number. I've seen the posts about the Easter egg for the rainbow road and other posts about bugs but what I'd really like to know is what are the improvements/ fixes in this update. I'm scheduled to update tonight. I was out of town for a week so...
  39. MTOman

    Software updates and VisibleTesla

    Has anybody noticed a correlation between running VisibleTesla, or otherwise keeping their MS awake, and receiving software updates early? I was at the Raleigh service center a few weeks ago talking to the people there while having some routine service done on my MS (#26157) and we got talking...
  40. H

    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - Tesla Design Center (CLOSED TO PUBLIC 19 Jul 2021, 8 V2 + 2 V3 stalls)

    Look at this picture, is this new construction battery swap?
  41. E

    How do updates to programs in Slacker occur? Talk radio in particular.

    I can’t find any documentation as to how the internet radiostations are updated. I used TED, Freakanomics, IDEA andmany of the radio talks that are updated on Slacker on a regular basis in other formats. They all seemed to be last updated aroundApril 19 or so. I keep looking for them to...
  42. Zapped

    NAVIGATION: Google Maps OK, Nav needs update

    2 years ago a new freeway opened in our area. I thought I'd try the navigation today. The Navigation directions did not show the freeway even though the Google maps displayed the road. Repeatedly told me to take another route. Anyone update the navigation maps system ?. Not sure if this is...