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  1. helvio

    It's the Tuesday before Christmas!

    Today's release will be hot! Or will it? Let's gauge the public expectations with a Xmas Poll!
  2. eladts

    Model 3 Owner's Manual 2019.36.1 available

    https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_3_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf This version describes the new features such as HOLD mode.
  3. T

    V10, MCU1 and rear camera

    Is anyone else having trouble with their rear cameras since installing V10 on their S? Mine has been intermittently working (blacking out for the most part) since V10. This also has impacted Smart Summon (doesn't work) and causes crashes in the AutoPilot software such that I don't trust it...
  4. NoMoGas

    Not getting V10? This may be why, Tesla selecting cars for battery study

    So I have multiple cars and the 2014 is the one not getting V10. When I asked service what's up I was advised that Tesla Engineering has chosen a group of cars to study battery performance and that those cars have a "special" version 9 firmware to allow closer monitoring of the car. No word on...
  5. RB88

    Spotify v10 vs Bluetooth Quality

    There was a bunch of chat about this when v10 launched, but now we are a few weeks in, I’m curious for opinions (and facts). How is the quality of Spotify via the car UI vs tethered Bluetooth (assuming phone set to highest quality)? Not convinced I can tell a difference (when I read a post...
  6. T

    Regen braking dramatically reduced.

    Normally when I was able to drive almost completely with one pedal and only at stop lights would I have to add the brake when under 10 mph to come to a full stop, but lately after V10 my car's regen braking has gone to almost nothing until I get down to about 20 mph then it kicks in and I have...
  7. T

    V10 rear camera issues

    I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with their rear camera since V10? Since getting V10, when I put the car in reverse, the camera will be flaky - on, off, flicker, freeze, come back on. It also seems to be affecting AutoPilot and Smart Summon. I've had AutoPilot software...
  8. Tessaract

    Charging Equipment Fault

    During driving, my Tesla M3 produces a 3-beep warning chime with the message "Charging Equipment Fault. Try different charging equipment". I get multiple warnings, and then they will stop for while (sometimes for 100's of miles) and start up at seemingly random times. This are bizarre warnings...
  9. surrelmar

    Spotify Playlist voor in iedere Tesla

    Hey! Dit is mijn eerste post. Ben erg blij met mijn M3, en om software V10 te vieren heb ik een Spotify playlist gemaakt met (wat mijn betreft) goede muziek voor de gemiddelde Tesla rijder! Het is vooral meer lowkey tech, relaxed house .. etc. Doe er je voordeel mee! En ik hoor graag wat...
  10. SynapticAcid

    V10 Loss of Range: 5% Range Loss in 2019 Model 3 After Install of V10 Update

    Has anyone else experienced a sudden loss of range following installation of V10? My 2019 Model 3 LR+ RWD lost 5% of its maximum range after V10 was installed. I went from a maximum charge of 314 miles prior to V10 to a maximum charge of 300 miles after V10 install.
  11. T

    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    I got the v10 SW update on my LR3D on 10/2/19. I've been plagued with USB for TeslaCam issues since about August. I bought the Samsung BAR 128GB in June and partitioned/formatted it to work with TeslaCam, but after 3 months it gave the Write Speed Too Slow warning and won't work now for...
  12. B

    V10 download blocked at ~50%

    Hello everybody, I have a 3 SR+ in Canada with Advanced Software Update and I got the prompt to download V10 this week. I have super existed, parked my car at the nearest spot of my WiFi and waited. It downloaded about 50% before stopping. I thought that it was processing something, so I left...
  13. BHCLUC

    Tesla Theater / MCU1 / Sentry Playback

    Lots of conversation about MCU1 and the fact that many of the V10 features are simply not compatible. For me, the theater mode is not all that important. I can't see a lot of need to watch video on my screen. Perhaps in our 3, but I digress. My real concern here is that Tesla Theater will be...
  14. tfraley

    V10 Media : Wish

    Hey, guys Version 10 has dropped and finally got around to doing some testing. As expected you can not play any type of video while driving. I wish Tesla would re-think this and rather than block the who app/site they would just replace the video with a black screen I would love to still be...
  15. f205v

    [bug report] V10 car sprite

    My OCD is going out of scale! Since V10 came out, the sprite car visualisation on the Instrument Cluster has a bug related to the blinking turn light. On the car sprite it flashes the RED brake light (US style): but my car is an European one, and we have a separate yellow light for the turn...
  16. S

    Poor video playback experience on V10

    Just got the install notification today and was excited to start playing around with the theater mode but so far it hasn't been going so well. Has anyone else had the following issues with video on V10? NOTE: I tested all of these things in Netflix, YouTube, and Plex (purposefully selecting a...
  17. pyrwhite

    3g connection problematic since V10 release

    Since the V10 download on my MX this week, the audio streaming and the connection to the Tesla app is slow and/or buggy. Anyone else noticing this?
  18. xxxholic

    Easy Entry not working properly on v10

    Has anyone's Easy Entry stopped working since v10? My seat used to slide back when I exited the car and would go into my preferred saved setting when I entered the car. Now my seat just stays at the preferred setting. Even after going in settings and checking Easy Entry (this was not checked)...
  19. K

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    A few days ago this message showed up: “Dashcam: USB drive is too slow to save-please use a drive with higher write speed” Then I tried to format the usb stick but it still didn’t work. The worked flawlessly for months until now. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  20. S

    V10 for non FSD

    Just curious to how accurate Elons statement is regarding FSD will receive V10 First. Anyone here receive v10 who does not have FSD?
  21. billh13850

    Wifi not connecting for update download?

    Has anyone else had trouble with wifi connecting after the V10 download? There's a newer update trying to download now, but my M3 claims it can't connect - even though from the wifi screen, it successfully connects and I can verify in the web browser that it is. But the software update...
  22. S

    v10 TeslaCam rear camera added

    Received my 2019.32.11 update last night on my Model 3. Took the car this morning and pulled my card reader and microSD card after driving to see what the recorded rear camera view was like. I thought I had heard the rear camera was not the same quality as the other cameras around the perimeter...
  23. S

    V10 first impressions and bugs

    Hi, With my new P3- FSD upgraded to V10, I've now done a few short trips and have a few things to note: Bugs/Issues: * My USB music (.flac files) gave a loading error. They worked before the upgrade. (Haven't tried to diagnose/fix yet) * Summon refused to activate - said I needed to be...
  24. Bet TSLA

    Missing things in V10 for MCU1 cars

    I have a Model S and a Model 3, both of which are December, 2017 builds. The Model S has MCU1. They now both have 2019.32.11. Here's what's missing from the Model S release notes that's in the Model 3 release notes: - Cuphead - Tesla Theater - drag and pinch for driving visualization -...
  25. D

    Error [Car Name] (VIN) is no longer in your Tesla account.

    So, ever since I tried opening the Tesla App (version 3.10.0) on my phone while the V10 update was in process I've been getting this error: "Error [Car Name] (VIN) is no longer in your Tesla account. You have been signed out." Everything looks OK on the Tesla website. I can sign back in to...
  26. MadOverlord

    Smart Summon Home Screen “COME TO ME” Button?

    In the Tesla Smart Summon video, there is a quick shot of the app home screen in which there is both a "COME TO ME" button and what appears to be a visualization of what the car is sensing in terms of obstructions. However, this button does not appear on my app, though at least once while doing...
  27. Chris350

    SPOTIFY - Search and Podcasts Question

    Now that Spotify has been activated... I have the following questions (I am a Premium Subscriber) I can't seem to find anyway to access my Podcasts..... nor can I do any searches in Spotify. Am I missing something?
  28. T

    Firmware 10 is launched

    The highly anticipated firmware update 10 is now announced ready for wide release. List of features below. My only wonder is that there is a complete absence of improvements to auto pilot related stuff. My naive hope was that this upgrade would focus on making the driving experience with TACC...
  29. kylelerner

    AP2/MCU1 & V10 - German Model S Release Notes Found Online

    Edit: Yeah, I accidentally spelled "Summon" wrong in the poll. Oh well. I found the attached screenshots off of a Reddit post. Supposedly from a MCU1 Model S, no mention if AP1/AP2. Credit for these images goes to "failion_V2" from this Reddit post. "failion_V2" mentions that Smart Summon may...
  30. T

    V10 Build number?

    I'm curious as to what the build number is for the first iteration of V10? I'll be jealous as Canada won't be getting it (or full-functionality) any time soon. I'll live vicariously through those who get it. It would be nice to hear some feedback about how it works for you.
  31. T

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    So, given the news that V10 of the software is coming soon - some point this August - I'm wondering how much of the functionality will be there from the get-go in Canada? It's doubtful that any portion of FSD will be made available immediately because of regulatory approval, and that includes...
  32. M3BlueGeorgia

    POLL: When will V10 be in wide release (Elon says hopefully August)

    "Tesla’s Version 10 (V10) firmware is on the horizon and will be released to owners starting as early as August, according to CEO Elon Musk. After the company’s Early Access Program results from V10 are assessed and addressed, a wide release of the firmware will follow. “Depends on how release...

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