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  1. E

    [FS] GTA - Order deposit for a Model 3 SR+ Red/White - Oct 19 - Nov 8 EDD

    Hey folks, So I originally had a red/white SR+ on order since August 1st, but I ended up grabbing an inventory model instead. My SA advised me that I should probably not cancel the original order and just transfer it to a lucky guy or gal who can save a bit of wait time. The EDD has been...
  2. N

    When do I get a delivery Date?

    So I filled out all my information and sent my insurance, but I haven't gotten an delivery date? Is that normal? And the button I need to click to review and sign my information is greyed out, so what to I do? Shouldn't I get a delivery date almost immediately?
  3. AthleticMonkey

    CHAdeMO Ordered - Still waiting....

    Good eve, everyone. I'm just wondering if anybody else is in the same boat as I am. I just recently ordered a CHAdeMO adapter when they came back in stock on the 5th of July. I've ordered mine on the 7th and haven't heard back at all from Tesla. It's been 14 business days since the order and...
  4. B

    VIN assigned and removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state in NY. Did agree to pay $1000 transportation cost as part of order. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with a delivery date from Tesla Advisor. Same vehicle and VIN showed up in Tesla account also. One day later...
  5. B

    VIN assigned with delivery confirmation then VIN removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state. Did agree to pay transportation costs too. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with order confirmation with delivery date from Tesla Advisor. One day later advisor sends text that my vehicle will not be delivered...
  6. simeriaionut

    Tesla - Extended Order Status v0.2 [user developed chrome extension]

    Hi all, I've ordered my M3 LR AWD for a couple of weeks now and I found myself refreshing the order page and looking in the source code for the VIN ever since. Given that I am a developer as my full time job, I thought about ways to automate it and make it easier to check for the VIN. I saw...
  7. D

    Changing Options After Ordering

    Hi all! I ordered a MYLR on April 10th but have yet to complete the whole process. Am I able to make changes later to it specifically with regards to trade ins? At this point I chose no trade in but if I change my mind , can I change it before I take delivery?
  8. Kirill

    Order Question

    Two weeks ago I was about to pick up a demo model 3 but Tesla did not approve the loan as I was not able to provide 3 months of personal income statements. I kept all my income in the business bank account. Which for some reason Tesla does not consider that as income and only provides consumer...
  9. X

    TRADE-IN and Down payment question

    Hello all! I ordered a 2021 SR MY and have the VIN # and the option to pay the downpayment. I wasn't going to trade-in my vehicle but I changed my mind. I got a quote from the Tesla site and it's good for 7 days. My questions is, can I apply that trade-in value after ordering? I don't see an...
  10. cfscott

    Placing an order that I don't want for 6 months

    I currently own a Model 3 with FSD. We have a second car that will be coming off lease in 6 months. We want to replace it with a Model Y. Question - with FSD going from 8k to 10k this next Thursday 10/29/2020 would this be ok to do. I would like to order the Y but then just push back the...
  11. D

    Serious ordering issues (4 months in, 1 car payment, no car)

    So, based on the title, you can tell I'm having a bit of trouble. What would you do if this were you? What should I do? WARNING: bit of a read May 7th: I first ordered my Model Y (this was shortly after the factory reopened). June 25: I was told it was almost ready and would be on it's way to...
  12. N

    Can I choose when I want to complete the configuration?

    Hello! I'm new here. I am considering placing an order for the dual motor Cybertruck. It says I will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in late 2021. My understanding is I am placed in a queue, and once it is my turn I can configure, and complete my order. I'm currently...
  13. J

    Buying Used 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD VS 2020 SR+

    Good evening! I am currently torn between buying a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and a used 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD. The specs of the 2018 Tesla: Red, $42k, 31500 miles, and FSD. It was manufactured 02/18 and I would be buying it from Tesla itself. I was thinking that the...
  14. tjmurphy79

    Model X postponed indefinitely?

    Hearing a lot of noise on twitter regarding having model s/x deliveries/orders indefinitely delayed. Has anyone heard about this? Not sure if its related to the update, NTSB investigation, or just trolls on twitter... I placed my order 2/22 and hope to have it by end of March. Thoughts?
  15. Spacep0d

    Model 3 Chrome Delete?

    Greetings Tesla fans and owners! When you ordered your Model 3, were you given an option to not have chrome but replace that with body-color matching hardware, namely for the door handles? I want to order a Model 3 Long Range in white (soon), but I prefer body-colored handles. Will this be an...
  16. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  17. T

    Can you order from Tesla Netherlands if you are not Dutch?

    Hello everyone, I am getting confusing information from Tesla Netherlands customer service whether I can really order and pickup the car if I am not Dutch. The representative I spoke with told me that: 1) I need to be a Dutch citizen 2) With a registered address in Netherlands, and 3) A Dutch...
  18. O

    Help me track down a stealth

    I was supposed to get a stinger gt1... That was the car. I watched hours of videos, read tons of articles, it was it! It was the one! Then, I drove the tesla. As an mx5 nd rf owner, an iron883 rider, I didn't expect the quiet gadget car to win me over. But it did. So, in a very...
  19. C

    Initial order to pick-up: 25 hours.

    Just to let the board know, my wife and I purchased a Model 3, LR, AWD, midnight silver metallic around 9am this morning and received a phone call at 1015 from the Tesla advisor and an additional phone call from the delivery agent at 1:30pm. We pick the car up tomorrow at 10am. I would have...
  20. D

    Model X Delivery time.... makes me sad

    Ordered my Model X in July still no VIN... Expected delivery was in August... Delivery service just keeps ignoring me. What on earth is going on?
  21. R

    Typical fees when closing a deal?

    What are typical fees for buying a used Model 3 vs a new Model 3? (I'm thinking destination fees, doc fees, etc) Also have people noticed differences depending on what state they're in? For example, in my area, MD has a doc fee cap, but VA doesn't.
  22. Timber71

    Are my expectations too high?

    Completed my order 12 days ago with the system telling me to expect 2 weeks for delivery. Since then crickets except for a salesperson at Lawrence Ave Toronto confirming that the promised delivery dates are accurate. Should I have been expecting some updates along the way in terms of a VIN...
  23. drewpost

    Model 3 - Upgrade to FSD AFTER Purchase

    Has anyone in a Model 3 who did not buy FSD at the point of purchase been able to upgrade after the fact? I asked in a Service Centre and they said that it's initiated from your Tesla account online however I do not have any option to do this (or even see the price of doing this). They are...
  24. rubberfish

    Account has stopped showing my order!

    Just now logged in and it's now showing my model 3 order, despite already having paid the deposit. It was showing fine a few hours ago but now the usual 'Myname's Tesla' page is now just showing Model S and Model X order page on my account page. I'm assuming it's a bug?
  25. P

    Tesla Online Shop Order Fulfillments

    Hello , this is my first entry in this forum and my very first EV! Took delivery of Model 3 couple weeks back. I wasn't aware it didn't come with Nema 14-50 anymore so ordered one ahead of time. I have been waiting 2 weeks and havent gotten it yet, although I received a tracking number for FexEx...
  26. G

    Help on order

    hi, I’m based in the UK and I've ordered a Tesla Model 3. I was part of the reservation and ordered early May. I ordered a Long Range Version with Full Autopilot and Grey Metallic Paint. Shortly after I ordered Musk changed the options and the long range is no longer on offer, but my order...
  27. ocEVguy

    Tesla online store sucks!

    Does anybody know what the heck is the matter with the Tesla Online Store? I ordered a J1772 to Tesla converter back on 5/25 for $95 and Tesla took my money right away of course! Then I received a email on 5/27 saying my order has shipped but when I click on the FedEx tracking # , it just...
  28. R

    Who is supposed to get Free Supercharging?

    I'm confused by the changes in prices and promos going on... I already own a Model S and ordered a Raven'X earlier this May, and still don't have a VIN (Estimate delivery was May when I ordered - so that did not happen). Since I ordered, the price dropped by $2K. Also, it seems like there is...
  29. Saxgod

    Used Delivery Experience

    Good afternoon. I wanted to start notating my Used experience to share amongst the hundreds of others who have already done the same. 5/2 1200 After searching on EV-CPO and finding exactly what I was looking for I placed the order and put down my 2500 dollars. I had already read the many...
  30. Leonard4

    Model 3 Order modified by Tesla without permission?

    I just got an email stating that my order was modified. I log in and check and now it has 19" Sport rims added to my Model 3 LR AWD for an extra $1500. I don't want those or to pay extra, is this a common thing they do to try to get rid of existing stock? I see that they say they may charge a...
  31. Ash23T

    Orders before 2/28, did you get promised AP?

    if you placed your model 3 order before the 2/28 price drop and have taken delivery, did you received the AP package or FSD upgrade that was promised to offset the price drop? I had to send someone a copy of my email from Tesla support to prove I should be getting it.
  32. S

    No Pictures Required for Trade-ins in 2019?

    I went through the trade-in process and never provided any pictures. I just provided a VIN and mileage, maybe a few other questions, but never asked for pics. I received and accepted the offer, but I'm concerned they could try and change it at the last minute because of some somewhat minor...
  33. Ash23T

    Jan/Feb orders?

    anyone order Model 3 in Jan/ Feb and still waiting? Happy for everyone receiving theirs so quickly but also having serious fomo :)
  34. A

    Differences between my change order page and new

    Hi All- Should I be concerned. I placed my order on june 27th. Somethings have come up and I was unable to take delivery of my car and have to wait for the standard range Model 3(M3). I have been contacted numerous times by multiple people at tesla saying my car is ready and have on multiple...
  35. T

    Am I the only one getting the car so quickly?

    Non-owner and non-day1(day 2...), received the invite on 06/27 and configured the same day, received an email from sales on 06/29, VIN assigned and delivery scheduled on 07/02 and I got my car on 07/08 in Fremont, CA. Although I'm very happy about the quick process, I felt this is a little bit...
  36. J

    What will be the actual wait time for the 6/31 order?

    What was the latest delivery waiting time? The manager told me end of Aug delivery, but not sure if I can really trust that. Ordered June 31 and just confirmed the design. 75D with white ex/creme interior. I saw Tesla making 1000 of X + S models per month.
  37. T

    Will I lose free premium connectivity if I edit my order now?

    I ordered on 6/27 and am now thinking I want to switch colors from midnight to silver. Does anyone know if I'll lose the free premium connectivity if I do that?
  38. L

    Order placed, wait to register?

    Hey everyone, Just received the configuration invite and placed my order yesterday. Exciting times. Had a question for you fine folk. My situation is that I'm buying the car to share with a friend. I'm resident in Quebec and my friend is resident in Ontario. Both provinces have a rebate...
  39. J

    Auto loan should be ready when you order a Tesla? What is the current best rate?

    Hi, I may order model X today or tomorrow. I am not sure when I should prepare the auto loan? Probably not needed until the delivery of the vehicle but not sure. Another question is what is the best loan rate and where I can get the best one? My quick check up was around 3~3.5%. But I heard...
  40. D

    Order changed and apparently no recourse

    Hi All, New to the forum but I did search for a thread prior to posting. I ordered a new Model S (Blue with the then Cream and Dark Ash interior). I was made aware I had been UPGRADED to a Light Oak instead (with Carbon Fiber). I get that this is an aesthetic thing, but I hate that. I...
  41. J

    Got my Model 3 order invite, decided to wait

    Hi all, Wanted to post this for a couple reasons. First, to let people know where the orders are. I'm a first day online order in Denver. Got my order invite 2 weeks ago. I'm sure that will go into someone's spreadsheet. Second, I wanted to explain why I'm waiting, as hard as it is...
  42. P

    Model S or Model X?

    I'm trying to decide between ordering a model s or a model x - what are some pros and cons for both? Which one do you like better and why? I'm leaning towards a Model X since I'm pretty tall and would like to have the extra cabin space for traveling. I've heard some opinions in favor of both...
  43. SeaDoc

    Record here when you receive your invite to build your Model 3...

    Leave your city, last 3 digits of your invite, and your configuration, if you'd like to share... Expected delivery date, etc.
  44. H

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    Hi, I'm feeling kinda disappointed at this moment with the whole thing - I've ordered an MS 60 in the last weeks to avoid the potential common-sense price hike that would come from having the MS 60 going away, having my hand pretty much forced by the fact that such hike would make the Model S...
  45. IGotEastBay

    Just Ordered 60D...Do I Upgrade to 75D?

    Hi all, Placed an order for my first Tesla, a 60D, yesterday just before the options change. After placing the order, I noticed that the base price was dropped for the 75D and the power lift gate was added as standard. It was a bummer because I got the premium upgrades package primarily for the...
  46. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicle Program

    Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicle Program THE UNLIKELY INTERSECTION OF MASS PRODUCTION AND “ONE-OF-KIND” A return back to the point of origin. All Teslas begin their life drawn on a piece of paper in Hawthorne, California at the Tesla Design Studio. A select few of those Teslas return...
  47. Haxster

    Order, Cancel, Repeat

    When you place an order, there's a $2,500 deposit that locks you into a price and configuration. But you can change your order or back out within a week if you change your mind or, this is key, Tesla makes changes on their Design Studio that would be desirable. Here's one scenario (as of...
  48. J

    Something strange regarding my Model X order

    I ordered my Model X 90D on Labor day, confirmed it on the 12th of September, and got my VIN on the same day. I just got an email from Tesla today (Sept 17th) stating that I need schedule an appointment for delivery because my car will be arriving within a week. Im kind of panicking because I...
  49. fasteddie7

    That was fast! Is this typical?

    Received an email at 3:54 am that my car entered production, then at 6:11 pm I got an email that my vehicle was complete. 14 hours from build to complete? Is my door going to fall off when I open it? Lol
  50. M

    Finally took the plunge

    I swore I'd never register on these forums and post until I ordered my own Model S, so I've been lurking for about a year now... Thanks to my house (finally!) coming within 6 months of finishing construction combined with the unbelievable financing options Tesla has now made available through...

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