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  1. enolam

    Slacker buffering

    Hello, I've searched and see the past posts on Slacker buffering, stuttering, freezing, pausing, skipping songs etc. but they all seem to be from a couple of years ago. I've had my car for 3 years and had zero problems with Slacker until the last few months. In the middle of a song, the small...
  2. N

    Need help with music - think I may have a bug?

    Hi everyone. I need your help. I had a Tesla Model S from March 2018, which I returned in March 2021. I ordered a Plaid then, and just got it. I accepted delivery right away because I figured that it can't be that much different than my old car so I'll figure out all the interface stuff. But...
  3. D

    Streaming Playback Skips Songs

    I've noticed that sometimes the app will automatically skip a song, typically a song that I've either thumbs down or skipped consistently. Now, I can identify songs, and even when I search for them, the app won't play it and will automatically skip it. My question is, does anyone know how to...
  4. ybbor

    Spotify and car "favorites"?

    Has anyone figure out how to add anything from spotify to the cars quick favorites section? I'd never seen or been able to get anything in to that quick list until 2020.44, then my podcasts appeared in the favorites list, but nothing else from Spotify. Also, is there a voice search or...
  5. MartyL

    Slacker account not working

    I have a model S that isn't being used much now that I'm hiding at home and last week when I did use it I found that Slacker wasn't working. I used the "Use Tesla Account" button and that didn't seem to work so I rebooted and after a while Slacker worked again. Today the same thing happened. Is...
  6. Z

    Logged Out of Slacker on V10 - Can't Log Back In

    This may be similar to this post, but I noticed in V10, in my Model 3, that the "Streaming" section of the entertainment system now had a "Sign Out" button (this is related to the Slacker streaming, to be exact). I noticed, next to sign in, I was signed into some random number @tesla.com...
  7. Spelly88

    Slacker and Spotify Observations

    I've had a hard time finding Slacker and Spotify details so I'm going to post some observations I've made in the hopes that it might help someone. If anyone wants to add on to this list, please do so. To start, let me say that since v10, for me at least, voice commands will no longer directly...
  8. E

    Slacker doesn't play on demand music after V10

    Before V10, when I used a voice command such as "Play Tiny Dancer by Elton John", it would then play that song without any more intervention on my part. Now what it does is bring up the keyboard and behind that is a list of artists and albums that "match" that. Even then, there's no easy way to...
  9. A

    Streaming issues

    Anybody else having issues with the streaming from Slacker? In the last 4 months or so the same songs keep skipping part way through. One in particular always has the same problem every time that is very obvious and I'm hoping I can get some feedback on this. The song is Money by Pink Floyd...
  10. C

    Slacker songs restart upon entry into Model S

    Hello, First time post! I've had my model S since March 2018. Since delivery of the car, I've dealt with the nuisance of slacker audio songs restarting whenever I leave and return to the car. Even if the song is 99% complete when I leave the car, it will restart when I return to the car. For...
  11. H

    Slacker Radio on CPO/Used Tesla MS

    Just picked up a used 15 MS 85D a little over a month ago - through Tesla. Curious as my Slacker streaming service stopped working last week. I have tried both soft/hard resets without resolution as I continue to get the error of "Unable to log in. Please try again later" when trying to "Use...
  12. B

    Slacker streaming starts halfway into song

    From time to time there are a few songs in my owner favorites station that seem to start in the middle or the end of the song, it's always the same ones but the counter in the progress bar appears at the beginning. Does the Tesla cache the songs on some sort of internal storage that is starting...
  13. dark cloud

    Model X NA owners: would you pay for Spotify?

    I started this poll in the model S forum, but of course it applies to all North American Tesla owners. Please give your opinion. North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!
  14. dark cloud

    Model 3 owners: would you pay for Spotify?

    I started this in the model S forum, but of course this applies to all Tesla's (for North America) Please give your opinion. North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!
  15. dark cloud

    North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!

    I have been using Slacker for almost a year, and it is okay. I don't get too many issues; the odd frozen song, the odd unauthorized skip to the next song, but the biggest problem I have is the repetition of songs in the same "station". I now have a dozen stations and I am having to rotate...
  16. MartyL

    Slacker drops favorite stations

    We quite frequently find that overnight, Slacker which we access via our Tesla account) has removed 1 or more of our favorite stations. We can favorite them again from our Recent list but it's a pain. We've tried several things to prevent it from happening but have not been successful. Has...
  17. RedModel3

    Slacker plays Anderson Cooper 360 without request

    Does he get paid by Slacker or something? So often when I get in my car, no matter what I've been listening to previously, my radio has switched to "Anderson Cooper 360." Why is this happening? It's a minor, first-world problem at best, but it's annoying. At least it's not Fox news.
  18. B

    Question about Slacker Premium...

    When we got our Model 3, we decided to subscribe to Slacker Premium for playlist support. Everything works perfectly, except for one odd quirk. The playlists show up in a random order. On the website, they are in alphabetical order, but not in the car. I don't even believe they are in the...
  19. edgar_T

    Does each driver profile get custom settings and Slacker login?

    For example, if my partner uses his phone which is linked to his own keycard to use the car... would it load his own driver profile and then allow him to log in to his own Slacker account?
  20. ev4thewin

    Intune radio skips/Slacker radio does not

    Has anyone else had this problem? I searched multiple forums, Google, and opened a ticket with Tesla and not much luck. So what happens is anything I play on Intune radio skips horribly. Plays for a few seconds, skips, and repeats constantly. I know its not a connection issue as Slacker will...
  21. selfbp

    Odd connection issues? Anyone else 5/15/18

    Past day or so I’ve noticed the car isn’t always connecting through the application on my phone. I got in it today and the touchscreen wasn’t turned on and I got the ‘Powering up systems’ HUD message we all know of. Then the Center screen still never turned on?? So I did the restart procedure...
  22. David29

    Yet another post about audio player problems

    I thought I had seen everything in terms of audio glitches. But yesterday I experienced one I had not seen before: The audio application displayed information (channel name, song title, artist, album name, and album art) for a different song from the one that I was hearing. Everything was...
  23. Mknac

    Slacker same songs - can you reset your likes

    So for the year I've had my MS I've been giving thumbs up to songs I like. Now Slacker hardly ever plays any new songs. Is there a way to wipe out all my thumbs up and start over? Also I thought the Slacker play lists were supposed to change weekly or monthly etc. That doesn't seem to be the...
  24. Windy City S

    Streaming Issues

    I have recently had issues with streaming, anywhere from Slacker to TuneIn barely work all of a sudden. Constant loading errors, cutting out, and album covers not showing up the little time it does work. Has anyone experienced this lately or have any advice on how to correct? Assume this...
  25. ToddRLockwood

    Inferior Slacker Reception When Using Your Own Slacker Account

    I noticed that one of the recent firmware updates eliminated the checkbox which allows high resolution audio when using your own paid Slacker account. (The checkbox used to appear next to the sign-in button at the bottom of the Slacker window.) It seems that this high resolution setting is now...
  26. F

    Slacker picking up where it left off?

    Since we got our X (AP2) in December whenever we would get in to the car the Slacker station would start from the beginning the same song that was playing when we last drove. It's funny because I have several trips a day that are less than 3 minutes so the same song would restart each time. Two...
  27. plasmo

    Slacker radio has not been working well lately

    For some reason my Slacker radio has not been working well lately, and have been having hangs and spinning circles a lot. I know it is not my LTE connection because Podcasts and other Internet radio works fine. The only way that I have been able to fix this is by doing a reset of the center...
  28. plasmo

    Slacker radio has not been working well lately

    sorry posted in wrong section - please delete
  29. B

    Things I learned about Slacker Streaming

    Recently I did a deeper dive into how Slacker streaming works by doing research on this board, other discussion groups, emailing Tesla, and RTFM. Since I came across a lot of conflicting information out there, I thought I'd write what I found down all in one place. It may be common knowledge to...
  30. elreydetodo

    Where are my Slacker custom stations?

    One of the less awesome changes in the 8.0 firmware was that we seem to have lost support for Slacker custom stations. I've been patiently waiting for them to come back, but seeing as no one else has posted on the forum asking about them I'm forced to wonder.. am I just doing something wrong...
  31. Mknac

    Slacker Error "Captcha required to log in."

    So Slacker just stopped with the attached error message. I hit the "use Tesla account" button and nothing happens. Anybody know how to fix this error?
  32. fallen888

    What's your favorite live channel/station?

    Perhaps I'm a bit old school, but I'm not a huge fan of podcasts. I prefer live broadcasts of talk radio, be it news or entertainment. I've found that CNN is live. Sadly, I don't have XM in my S60 (stupid premium package). So I'm just limited to whatever is on Slacker and TuneIn. What are...
  33. ldgrmnmc

    Slacker App question

    I'm struggling a bit with the Slacker app.....I have a good bit of experience with Pandora and Spotify, but I'm trying to learn Slacker.....and I paid for a "private" account through iTunes instead of the general one through Tesla. BUT, below the album cover photo is a musical note with a +...
  34. XHokie

    No Preset Stations or Album Covers on Slacker Radio

    Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me or has run into this issue before. Since the the most recent Tesla software update last week, my Slacker Radio does not display any "preset stations" or any album covers anymore. I'm not sure why or what would have caused this, and maybe it's coincidental...
  35. hacer

    Slacker: No more songs available

    So I created a couple of custom stations in slacker (on my PC using my Tesla account) each of which had about 50 artists. My son also created one with only 4 artists. They were all working great until a few days ago. Then my two stations started showing: while my son's station continued to work...
  36. JC86

    Slacker Radio connection/next track problem

    Just took delivery yesterday. S90D MC Red. As I was sitting in the car in the garage configuring the profiles and settings etc, Slacker started acting funny. I would select a playlist, it would load the track meta data and album art but not play yet. then after 5 seconds it would skip track to...
  37. Softwizard

    Turn off Explicit Lyrics in Slacker

    My 8 year-old daughter LOVES my new MX. She is growing up in an era where linear radio just won't do. Our previous car had XM and normal FM, but when we would listen to those channels, she was constantly asking me to "skip to the next track". She doesn't understand that I can only change...
  38. B

    Can't play Slacker Radio Marketplace channel...

    ... when I try, it says "no more tracks". This channel used to work fine, but has been dead to me for the past 2 months or so. At first, i figured that APM just stopped publishing Marketplace to Slacker, but this isn't the case - I can play it just fine from the website. Anyone else see this?
  39. Kipernicus

    Slacker explicit content setting

    I wish the Model S Slacker interface had the setting to enable/disable explicit content. The Slacker website and mobile app have this capability, and it would be nice to not have to worry about inappropriate songs popping up when the kids are in the car. The other day we were talking about...
  40. MBS

    SLACKER Favorites

    There are a lot of things to love about my Tesla Model S - Just one of them is Slacker Radio. While I am far from being a seasoned veteran, having owned the car since November 30, 2014, I am loving Slacker. Recently I have been binging on Miles Davis radio. Joni Mitchell, Bach, and Led Zeppelin...
  41. ColinM

    Slacker just stopped working

    Two days ago, slacker just stopped working on my MS. I went into settings and reconnected the account - it made no difference. Tune-in radio is working fine. Anyone else had any problems?
  42. jcadman22

    Connectivity Issues?

    After updating to firmware v5.9 I have had several instances where the car is loosing its network connection. In all cases, the center screen displayed at least one bar of 3G service, but album art, maps, Slacker, anything requiring data, ceased functioning. I have noticed that the issue...
  43. tliving

    Slacker confusion?

    Using song search it correctly finds songs matching the title I chose. For example search for "Cold Spring Harbor". It pops up several results, I select the one from Billy Joel and it starts playing a completely different song (title and artist). Like an Elton John song. Anyone else have that...
  44. R

    Slacker Issue - Resolved

    With Slacker and the Model S, there's a problem with music search not finding a song--believe it or not--where there are apostrophes. If the song you want has an apostrophe in the title (e.g., "Don't Stop Believing") Slacker search will swear it doesn't exist. Simply delete the apostrophe...
  45. ElSupreme

    Questionable Slacker Songs

    So I often times question if Slacker playlists are really done by a human. For about 3 months it would play a terrible remix of Sail by AWOLNATION instead of the actual song. But today I got photo proof of a highly questionable song selection. Frank Zappa doesn't really convey Miley Cyrus...
  46. E

    How do updates to programs in Slacker occur? Talk radio in particular.

    I can’t find any documentation as to how the internet radiostations are updated. I used TED, Freakanomics, IDEA andmany of the radio talks that are updated on Slacker on a regular basis in other formats. They all seemed to be last updated aroundApril 19 or so. I keep looking for them to...
  47. lolachampcar

    Slacker Any Song only worked in the beginning [Confirmed - pending resolution]

    My DS suggested I do a screen reboot to get favorites to show. When I did, I lost my Slacker ID and Password. I was already hooked so I just bought a subscription knowing I was going to do it anyway when the trial ran out. What I have noticed is that Slacker would play any song I mentioned...

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