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Range Anxiety

  1. H

    Knowing the Real World Driving Range of Your Tesla — No More ‘Range Anxiety’

    Knowing the Real World Driving Range of Your Tesla — No More ‘Range Anxiety’ After reading and writing about EVs with great interest and watching the evolution of sustainable mobility for years, I’m excited about joining the revolution. I finally took the delivery of my new 2023 Tesla Model...
  2. A

    Tow hitch, does it affect acceleration or range?

    I accidentally ordered a factory-installed tow hitch for my MYLR. The tow bar system weights around 30kg (65 lbs), according to some specs (not sure if that is accurate). Does the existence of the tow bar affect range, performance or acceleration, without towing and without having the trailer...
  3. D

    Model Y RWD Tesla App for travel

    Hi, Have ordered a Tesla Model Y RWD (didn’t need LR or performance although would have been cheaper on insurance) which arrives in February. Looking to drive to Ghent then Brussels pretty soon after but he be looking at Tesla app it doesn’t have the RWD as an option?! so isn’t giving me the...
  4. aricsautos

    First Tesla pick-up, road trip concerns

    Good Evening all! I am flying out to pick up a 2018 M3P Saturday morning from a private seller just outside of NYC. It’s about 650 miles to my home back in Michigan. I am extremely excited and somewhat anxious. I want to make sure that I’m prepared for everything that comes my way. This will...
  5. Exscite

    Charging in and around National Parks

    We are just back from a 2,000 mile trip which included several National Parks in Arizona. In fact, the plan was to also include visiting parks in Utah and California but we decided not to, as the Superchargers distribution leading to those parks was insufficient to build our confidence and...
  6. Neanor

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    I am planning a trip to my hometown. I need help with a 244 mile leg of my 600 mile trip comng up in May, from Ontario Oregon Supercharger to Lewiston Idaho On US95. Has anyone made this trip? The entire trip is Ogden to Lewiston. I’ve driven this US95 many times in my ice Prius, but am...
  7. N

    Close to buying M3 LR - Cold Weather Questions

    I am about to pull the trigger on a Model 3 Long Range, but I'm a little concerned about cold weather. I spend 4 nights/wk at home where I would have a charger installed, so I'm not concerned there. The other 3 nights I spend up in Northern New England at my ski place. The condo building I'm in...
  8. S

    used 2020 long range plus range

    Hi, I am considering purchasing a 2020 (March/April 2020 original purchase date) long range plus 6 seater, standard tires- from Carmax. While some sites have the long range plus range pegged at 351 miles, some state it is actually 371 miles. I have not seen the car physically yet as it is in...
  9. C

    2022 Model Y LR in -55c/-67f

    Have to drive home in a couple days and the forecast isn’t good. Looked for some info on how the range and efficiency of the battery is in arctic temps and couldn’t find much. Today I took the car for a quick drive to see how it will do when we have to drive home. Started the trip at 95% charge...
  10. Xambler

    Dealing with the Anti EV crowd on social media

    I used to just ignore the anti everything crowd, but in recent years realized that if they are the only ones plastering comments on social media sites with minimal efforts to correct their misinformation, well there is a good percentage of the people out there that believe whatever they read. I...
  11. C

    Long Distance Driving Range

    Hi everyone, I just had a general question. I recently ordered my Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus here in Montreal Quebec (taking advantages of those sweet government incentives). Expected delivery in Jan/Feb 2022. I work as a Field Service Engineer and this would become my daily driver. The...
  12. VivekDr

    What to do when battery is about to die in the middle of nowhere?!

    Hi everyone! I am planning to go camping soon in VA. The place is probably a worst possible location; the nearest supercharger is 100 mile away. Note, I will be camping out for 2 days. I might be car camping one night (so need to consider energy for climate controller as well). So back and...
  13. Sanderpman12

    500 mile road trip

    Hey yall, I am about to go on my first road trip with my 2013 tesla model S p85 I just bought. Its a 500 mile trip. I am still charging it to 90% because at 90% its at 222miles range where at 100% its at 245-250miles. Do yall think i should charge to 100%? Also, any other tips and tricks to...
  14. H

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    I just completed my first road trip from San Diego to Dallas and back again taking different routes. Each way the trip was done in 3 days with an average of 4-7 hours of driving a day. This drive occurred while temperatures in the Southwest soared to as high as 117. I found the supercharger...
  15. I

    First Desert Road Trip

    I am taking my first out-of-town trip since getting my 2021 Standard Range Plus in April, so of course I have range anxiety! It’s a just a short 140 mile trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona and according to ABRP, I should be able to do it without stopping to charge at all. However, I’m...
  16. P

    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy my very first car and looking at a 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid vs. a 2021 Model 3 SR+. The honda is costing me about 33k and I'd happily switch to the LR if I get approved for the CVAP 5k grant in CA state that will help me afford the LR. My biggest concern is range...
  17. O

    Over inflate for better milage on road trips?

    I am considering over inflating tires to 50lbs for an upcoming road trip from Austin to Denver. First, is there an advantage and will it get me better milage? Second, anyone done this road trip and had any issues with range etc? This will be my first long trip in the model 3.
  18. harlanlimpert

    Range of Model 3 less than expected on my first long-ish trip

    I was well aware that "your mileage will vary" due to speed, outdoor temp, etc., and that the 322 miles promised with a long-range, all-wheel-drive Model 3 would, especially in cold weather, be closer to 250 actual miles. But I was terribly disappointed by my experience of my first long-ish...
  19. C

    Seriously Considering Going Back to ICE

    I've owned a 2017 X90D since May of 2019. I bought it on 35k miles, it's now on about 41k. There is lots about the car I love. Free unlimited supercharging and being able to charge the car at home for next to no money is fantastic. I think I'm probably saving between £3-5k a year on running...
  20. P

    5% Battery Left and 1000 miles From Home: My Round-trip from Rochester, NY to Winnipeg

    Just got back from the longest road trip I've ever taken in my Model S and I decided to document my journey here. Love to hear everyone's thoughts! Overall Stats Total distance driven: 3,304 miles Total energy used: 1,027.8 kWh Average energy used per mile: 311 Wh Total Paid on charging...
  21. SanDiegoM3

    Why I stopped displaying remaining miles

    After having my Model 3 AWD for a few months and actually seeing how long the battery lasts, daily usage patterns, how fast I can supercharge, and that I can charge at 22 mi/hr at home make the range indicator pointless since I fill up when I sleep. Just displaying the percentage reduces my...
  22. gnuarm

    Range Failure

    I encountered a case of range failure. Now I get the issue of range anxiety. I left the last Supercharger with my destination set and the remaining charge at my destination at 5%. As often happens that number rose as I drove until it was about 11%, so I thought I didn't need to stop at any...
  23. Jamas

    10 graden onder 0 en vet wind tegen, in een X 75D

    Heren, Ik overweeg om mijn S 85 nog voor het einde van het jaar, wegens de bijtelling, om te wisselen voor een Model X 75D, maar ik heb een beetje Range Anxiety :(. Vooral voor de winter periode ben ik bang. Met de S kon je al op 20% minder range rekenen, maar hoe is dat met een X 75D? Een...
  24. Rossy

    Model X: Towing a White Water Retro 15.5

    Took delivery of a Red 100D 9/11/17. We have 10,500 miles on it ~5 months later. Love this car! And Tesla Red looks as good on Earth as it does in orbit. I have had a couple of DOH! User errors with the Bosal Hitch adaptor. Will probably do some you-tube videos to so people the gotchas so you...
  25. Beta V

    Power Consumption and Milage

    I've noticed that Angel (my Model X, 75D) "wakes up" as I walk around in the house near the door leading to the garage. I can tell because the DRLs are turned on and from the sound of it, it's pumping up the suspension (it parks in "high" mode). I can't help but think this wastes power. Is there...
  26. Vestniek

    New Model S, Bad Charge Port

    I took delivery of my new 75D on December 22, at which point I did not have a home charger set up. For a three weeks I was using SemaConnect stations (J1772) and a couple of SuperChargers. Every time, connecting was fifteen or twenty minutes of frustration, jiggling the handle, plugging in...
  27. NiallDarwin

    Epic Journeys, Risky Roadtrips

    Hi all, I'm soon to be getting my hands on a S90D of my own. Currently I have a 2011 Leaf with about 18kWh of useful energy. To me an epic journey is heading out 100kms past the last certain charger and hoping I find a friendly cafe owner who'll let me plug in. The best one so far was heading...
  28. A

    Remotely activate Energy Saving mode

    Was thinking about vampire drain (M3OC has a topic about excessive drain, also reports from Norway). And I came up with just a software update. Tesla could add power saving (with connection drop) mode selection in the app (to all models, S, X and 3) So if vehicle is left alone for long, owner...
  29. Missile Toad

    From charge anxious to charge awesome

    My story I started 2017 with a (pre-owned) 70D Model S having 12,000 miles and only 3 months of experience driving it. Houston lags many other municipalities in local charging. The year started with one L2 charger at 8 miles from my house and one Supercharger at 23 miles from my house. The...
  30. R

    Buying Model X, Need some Advice please.

    Hello All, I'm planning on buying a Tesla Model X to replace our Audi Q5 family car in 2018 Q1. I have some concerns and questions, and I hope some of you can help me with making a decision. My wife owns a VW eGolf, and I absolutely love this car along with my Q5. The plan is to replace both...
  31. tslalrry

    One year in, still in love (with the X)?

    Tomorrow, I go to my one-year appointment to plunk down $625 to keep my X running. But it gives me a reason to reflect on the past year, given all the discussion. Am I still in love? With my wife, yes. Also with my AP2 75D Model X, although not as much. Here are my categories for this decision...
  32. kiwiguy

    Tesla Semi as mobile SuperCharger?

    How about the Semi becoming a mobile SuperCharger? Just the cab or with a few additional battery packs? Say it could provide an emergency 10kW charge in 5 mins to get you 25+ miles to get home or to a charger. Also could provide valet opportunity charging when you park your car. Could easily...
  33. ishareit

    My recent road trip from Bay Area to Vancouver, BC and back

    I took a road trip from Bay Area to Vancouver BC (and Whistler) and back during Thanksgiving week and here are some notes from the trip. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully someone will find something useful from these notes for their trip. Trip stats: Model S75RWD Sept 2017 build with 19...
  34. S

    Peer to Peer Tesla charge assist

    Range anxiety is a concern for new or would be EV drivers. A friend of my though of an idea that could help and it is allowing Tesla to Tesla jump charges. The car already has ability to charge using DC at up to Supercharger rates, so it may be possible to have a direct Tesla to Tesla battery...
  35. Superendo

    Beginner wil met MS 75D op wintersport( Zwitserland)

    Goedemorgen, Gisteren hebben wij onze eerste en nieuwe MS 75D opgehaald uit Tilburg. Mooie belevenis zoals jullie al weten. In februari gaan wij voor het eerst op een lange trip. Wij gaan naar Grindelwald. In beide opzichten spannend. Lang geleden op de ski’s gestaan. Wij rijden midden...
  36. Gunfus_r

    Canadian range thread

    I saw a range discussion on the general Model X and where people post their range. Haven't found a chart yet, but I think someone with good charting abilities can create a chart that shows average temp (of the day like -1), type of driving (highway/city), average speed, tesla model, wheels size...
  37. K

    Saw the New Nissan Leaf 2nd Gen - Not a bad car at all...

    So I was wondering around Ginza the other day and walked into the Nissan Building and wow, I didn't know the 2018 Nissan Leaf redesign was out! I know comparing the Leaf to Model 3 is like, comparing an apple with uh... cantaloupe, but... The styling was not bad (compared to the previous...
  38. selfbp

    Charging Percentage Poll

    Just wanted to get some numbers to see what everyone charges to! Vote to see what everyone is doing! My bets are on the widely 'unofficial' recommended 50-70% range, yet regardless not all feel this way, so let's see! Personally, I charge to 70% every night so I'll be at about 40-50% when I...
  39. cbutters

    Range Anxiety vs. Charging Speed for those prepping for Model 3

    I started a reply in another thread regarding home charging, but I put so much detail into my post I decided it maybe deserved its own thread. Basically I wanted to let people know what it "feels" like to have a car that can charge at different charging speeds since I've lived through almost...
  40. Langhorne

    Winter range anxiety

    This will be my first winter with my S75 and I must admit I am starting to develop a bit of preemptive range anxiety! - I live outside the Philadelphia PA area, so we will see a decent winter/cold spell. - I charge my S75 to ~80% and start everyday with about 210 rated miles - i drive about 130...
  41. Phil V

    Range Anxiety... is voor niks nodig

    Eigenlijk verbaasd dat hier nog geen draadje voor is (denk niet dat ik met de zoekterm 'Range Anxiety' verkeerd kan zoeken). Dit blijkt 1 van de voornaamste hordes te zijn voor de switch naar EV...
  42. Rossy

    Range Anxiety: Anyone recall the '70's gas crisis?

    Google '70's gas crisis. When you see the image of a man standing with his gas lawn mower in a sea of steel cars wonder what that must have been like. Waiting hours for ~2 gallons of fuel. Contrast that with solar powered free supercharging. I think about this when I consider why I'm not...
  43. Rossy

    Range Anxiety? Anyone remember the '70's

    Deleted --off topic.
  44. K

    Range anxiety on loaner P90X loaner

    Hi, I'm new to Tesla overall, and my model s is getting work done at the service center and I got a signature P90X loaner. It sure is an upgrade. However, I've been quite anxious about the range on this car since I got it about a month ago. We live in tha Bay Area and we took a day trip...
  45. Missile Toad

    Tesla Charger Network is Resilient

    I saw this post, where one of the Tesla owners had extremely bad luck at two Superchargers. Since I've been studying this issue for the last 6 months, I have a rough estimate of the probabilities that a SuperCharger site experiences problems on any given day. I have been daily checking/logging...
  46. Peteybabes

    I Ran My MXP90D Down to 0%!! (or negative?)

    With the help of www.evtripping.com I planned my route from Columbus OH to Lebanon IN and only allowed for a 5% buffer in my settings/preferences on their route planner, (not for the faint of heart!). The following video shows how it went when I left Columbus with 100% SOC...
  47. EVie'sDad

    This Infographic Reveals How Tesla Model S Beats Range Anxiety

    This Infographic Reveals How Tesla's Cars Beats Range Anxiety | Inverse
  48. R

    X60D Range Anxiety

    I will be going on my first road trip this summer in Canada, and have never used superchargers before. The longest gap between superchargers on my trip is 200km, or 125 miles (Kelowna to Revelstoke). Even though the X60D is rated for 320km (200 miles), I'm never able to get even close to this...
  49. gavine

    Range Anxiety Boils-Down to a Tow

    I was thinking about the idea of range anxiety and that it really just boils down to a tow. Why do people consider it such a big deal? Any car can break-down at any time and require a tow. Is that a huge deal, especially nowadays when everyone has a phone? So, people panic about running out of...
  50. A

    2700 mi trip in Model S 60...range anxiety NOT

    Just completed round trip from Cape Cod to Orlando and back in my Model S with 60 kw battery pack. Used AP1 99% of trip. So many superchargers along the way never needed to drop under 15% before another SC was available. ICE never again.

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