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  1. gamesyns

    Unable to Set Glovebox Pin

    So this is odd; when I set a glovebox pin, it opens the prompt per usual. When I entered the desired pin, it sat for about a second, cleared the entry field, and kept the set glovebox pin prompt up. It never actually commits the pin I am requesting to commit. Does anyone know why this may be the...
  2. M

    Tesla App is not showing any information

    First of all Hello, I am new in this forum. I have some problem with my Tesla App. I updated the Tesla App from App Store but after updated the informations disappeared like the screenshot. I reinstalled the app also I signed out and signed in back but nothing has changed anything. Tesla app...
  3. C

    Putting car in park does not fully transition to parked state

    For at least a couple weeks now I've been having a chronic issue with my M3 not fully transitioning to "parked state" when I put it in park. The display still shows the car in "drive mode" with sensor warnings present rather than the buttons to pop the drunk, trunk or charger. Anyone else...
  4. B

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    I just received my new MY LR currently running software 2022.8.2, aka V11 last week. Today sitting in my garage with the car at 80% charge, I was practicing with the navigation and planning a day trip. Navigation said I would arrive at my destination with 38% remaining, and the round trip would...
  5. A

    Program Audio Cutoff Early By Advertising Audio on TuneIn Channels?

    All: For about a year, I've noticed that the audio on cable news shows such as those on MSNBC and CNN are consistently cut off a few seconds early by advertising when using the Tune In versions of these? Typically, it's enough to cut off the final sentence of the speaker or program host before...
  6. T

    Model 3 Dome and Visor Lights on and off every few seconds?

    I've been looking all over the internet, on forums and Twitter, with no luck even finding anyone with my problem. I am looking for any tips or suggestions. Ever since v11 all my dome and visor lights turn on and off over and over every few seconds until I put the car in drive. It get really...
  7. hmmm

    Bug Report for 2021.24.28: Odometer Stuck. Anyone else?

    So, I received that build last night (2016 AP1, MS75) and there is something very wrong (or very right if you're a scammer...). Basically, the odometer (as well as trip 1 and 2, miles since last charge etc) was stuck. Meaning you could potentially drive 100,000 extra miles and resell the car...
  8. A

    Constant Emergency Light False Alarms

    All: My Model Y *repeatedly* gets tricked into activating the "slow for emergency lights" band-aid that Tesla threw in the software a few updates ago...despite there being zero emergency lights of any kind. In my case, there's a periodic series of equally-spaced blue lights along the Metro...
  9. RNHurt

    V11 Bug - Notification area is inaccessible when playing games

    I've been hit by this bug twice since the V11 update. I'm waiting for my wife to come out of the store, so I start a game of Sudoku to pass the time. She texts me so I reduce the full screen game to see what she said. The text notification window is half hidden below the bottom of the screen...
  10. C

    New Model S (LR) Rear screen bricked!!!

    I am on FSD Beta and installed 2021.44.25.6 last Friday. Didn’t drive for a couple of days and found out yesterday that the rear screen is completely dark. I rebooted the car a few times with no luck. I scheduled a service appointment and this morning the screen turned on with just white light...
  11. I

    App climate control bugs

    I have iOS app version 4.3.0. There are two bugs that I’ve noticed…one visual and one functional. The visual bug: when I turn on climate control manually it initially shows the vents blowing air but then after a few seconds will switch to showing front and back windows defrosting and no more...
  12. C

    Sentry Mode Triggering every minutes

    Hey guys, my 2021 MYP is acting up as Sentry Mode keeps triggering every minute after my latest update v10.2 (2021.36.5.5). Every recording is about a minute long also and then it will just trigger again thus recording for another minute. This has never happened before and just started happening...
  13. Stream

    Bug: navigatie presentatie doet vreemd

    Misschien al eens opgevallen dat je voor een stoplicht met 6 banen staat, maar dat er maar 4 worden weergegeven. Of dat het aantal banen wel klopt, maar aangegeven wordt dat je de andere kant moet voorsorteren. Voor wie voor hun rijgebied geografisch sterk onderlegd is en de navigatie niet...
  14. S

    Potential Sentry Bug 2021.24.5

    Hey guys, I think I've found a bug with sentry mode related to the new dashcam improvements. Would appreciate it if someone else could test this out for me to confirm. This occurs for me on both 2021.24.4 and 2021.24.5 with a 2018 lr rwd model 3. When you enable the new dashcam improvements...
  15. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  16. B

    App displaying incorrect model

    Hi, This is my first post. I just read the rules and I’ll do my best to follow them so I hope I’m posting in the correct place. I just noticed my app is displaying my vehicle as a 100D. I own a 2020 Long Range Plus Model X. I couldn’t find anything online of anyone else mentioning this...
  17. Z

    YouTube account login

    Have any of you figured out a way to login to your YouTube account in the car? I have YouTube premium and would like to be able to enjoy YouTube without ads and with my subscriptions and watch lists handy, but get a message from google to the effect of the browser not being secure/supported
  18. Y

    Unknown characters in Google Map address causing Tesla to crash infinitely (WARNING: don't try this)

    WARNING: This may put your car in infinite crash->reboot cycle and requires a factory reset. Proceed at your own risk. If Tesla can not display certain characters (perhaps due to font not available) it will crash. This happens in Google Map navigation as well as contact names in the Phonebook...
  19. sdrevik

    Strange visualization tonight.

    While driving, my car showed three thick red semicircles on three of the four corners (two red, one yellow), not at all like the short range parking/distance visualization. No other traffic or road showing- I’ve never seen this visualization. At low speed/stopped, it just showed the car. When...
  20. O

    Storm Watch not charging!

    My Powerwall 2 entered Storm Watch mode last night due to a High Wind Warning in SoCal (interestingly, the prior Fire Weather Watch did not trigger it). The app displays "Storm Watch" in yellow under "Powerwall" and "Active" in the customize settings. However, it is not charging from the...
  21. M

    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    Starting about a month ago I started having this bug where when I make a call through Bluetooth the system freezes up a bit and then crashes. Once this happens the audio system will not play any sounds, music, blinker, Autopilot start/stop, Early warning collision, or beeping when parking. The...
  22. J

    New Easter Egg or Glitch M3

    I’m worried that Tesla or even Elon are trying to avoid having me listen to Shirley Bassey’s “let’s get this party started” using a voice command. Or maybe they want me to go camping? Then the screen shuts down but is reactivated with just a touch. Very strange!! Just watch - two separate...
  23. irelandm

    Bug in "dumb" cruise control

    I've owned my M3 LR AWD now for over a year and love it, but I've finally worked out a strange (minor but potentially unsafe) bug with the non-AP cruise control. I've been able to replicate this behaviour several times now. When I am travelling up a hill (around 5% incline) at around 50-60...
  24. D

    2019.40.50.7 Strange bug: need card next to cup holder

    My phone is registered with the car. Car lets me unlock it and get in, pressing break. I enter my pin code and click allow. All check lights come up and turn off. I press the right stock down and instead of D I get a message on screen to put the card in front of the cup holder and press break.
  25. Ostrichsak

    Anyone Else Have Bluetooth Issues on the Newest Model S Update?

    I should be more specific because there's been a few different Bluetooth issues introduced recently. The latest update (2019.40.2.3) on both of our MCU1 Model S has a bug now where it will cause the volume on our phones (Pixel 3 on latest firmware update version) to decrease whenever we're...
  26. A

    Known Bug?: Model 3 Autopilot Targets Incorrect Car

    As many of you know, when driving in Autopilot mode, the car will target the car in front of you in the current lane that you are in to stay behind it. You will see this on the visualization - the targeted car will be highlighted in a dark color during the day time and a lighter color during the...
  27. fasteddie7

    Accelerator pressed : cruise will not brake when pedal isn’t pressed

    So here’s a new one. 2019.36.2.1 AP1 last few days has popped up a message “accelerator pressed, cruise will not brake”, which I’m used to seeing if I actually accelerate on autopilot, but this time I’m not pressing either pedal. The first time it happened, I instinctively pressed the...
  28. maxshuty

    Model S randomly starts blaring music in the middle of the night...

    Hey all, We've got a '15 Model S and a '19 P3D. In the last month the S has randomly started blaring radio music right at about 3am each time. It's loud enough to wake both my wife and I up... I contacted Tesla and they sent an update to the car hoping it would resolve itself but now it is...
  29. B

    Moth in tail light strip

    I just discovered this today. Looking inside the car, there doesn't appear to be any obvious way to access that area. Any ideas? Anybody have this happen before?
  30. drewpost

    Stuttering Audio/Low FPS Rear Camera/Stuttering Alert Tones

    Hey - New M3 SR+ owner here in the UK. I am on 2019.28.3 fd63a5e. I'm having a lot of trouble with my the infotainment system right now and the issues all seem to be interconnected. It feels like when you're running an iPhone on beta software and it just gets too overloaded or an old computer...
  31. Vawlkus

    Sentry mode crashed my AP - here’s the fix

    So yesterday when I began my drive home, I quickly noticed something strange: none of my AP systems were functioning. I had no TACC, no AP, and none of the other stuff was showing on my dash. No lane lines, no nearby traffic, nothing. Did some calling to service and to a Tesla Ranger. What...
  32. E

    Tap on POI doesn’t work?

    The manual says that if you drop the pin or touch an existing pin on the map you can see info about the place, the phone number and working hours. When I tap on the existing POI pins, it doesn’t show anything. If I drop the pin on top of the existing POI, it will sometimes show working hours...
  33. J

    Cruise control broken by 2019.16.2 software bug

    My car suddenly refused to use cruise control, or any other autopilot features today. When I called support they said that this is currently their number 1 reason for calls, 5:1 over all other calls. The support person said that a bug in the most recent software is the reason, and that there is...
  34. GolanB

    Audio and Camera Prioritzation Delays in 2019.12.x?

    Since updating to 2019.12.x I've noted delays in both the rear camera display and interestingly in the audio volume adjustments. I plan on testing this next with the HVAC (specifically with fan speed) next. Today during my ride home, I noticed a delay of 10 seconds or more between setting the...
  35. chudiddy

    Navigation frozen and autosteer limited to 45mph. 2019.12.1.1

    Received latest update on 4/29. Everything working great up until this morning. My navigation map is frozen and the red arrow is just stuck at home. Even the map in the smaller screen is stuck as well. I've tried deleting destinations and even chose a destination in my history but the map just...
  36. B

    Yellow Border

    Still have that annoying yellow border around the screen. When I asked about 6 months ago I was told there was going to be a fix "soon." Anyone have any more information about this?
  37. gnuarm

    Ludicrous Mode from Easter Egg Screen

    I was showing the car to a friend the other day and to illustrate Musk's playfulness I showed him the Easter Egg screen and touched the Ludicrous Mode icon. It brought up the star field and then prompted for something like, "Bring it on" and "I want my mommy". Not wanting to turn on Ludicrous...
  38. R

    Console freezes when switching from radio

    So I got my model 3 two days ago and noticed today that when I switch from the radio to streaming on slacker (I select "Todays hits") the entire console freezes and becomes unresponsive and after a couple of seconds the music will also stop playing, the only way to fix it is by restarting the...
  39. TomdH

    Parkeer piepjes telkens uit: kras....

    Het is me opgevallen dat in 1 van de laatste updates de "park assist chimes" standaard uit staan.... Aangezien ik hierop helemaal vaar in het achteruit rijden, inparkeren etc deed me dat tegen mijn brievenbus aanrijden waardoor een kras. Jammer om hier zo achter te komen. Ik zie nu ook geregeld...
  40. C

    V9 audio glitches

    I'm on V9 (2018.39.7 9736c9b) and I've been experiencing intermittent audio glitches ever since. The entire audio stack cut out (usually with some static distortion as it cuts out -- think of someone pulling a 3.5mm out of a jack while actively playing off that input, that's sort of what it...
  41. fasteddie7

    3 apps open at once! Bug or feature?

    Bug or feature, I love it. Hopefully if it is a bug, Tesla thinks about implementing a purposely working verision of this in the future. Just spreading the word we can do this (have 3 apps open at once)
  42. M

    Work around for albums being Split on USB Flash Drive Music

    This isn't the first time I've had to "tweak" my music library for a new car or Radio. I have about 10,000 songs 600 albums on a 128gb USB 3.0 Drive. There is a "bug" in Tesla Model 3 that splits Albums if the Artist Tag is different between tracks within an Album. I have lots of "compilation"...
  43. Reeler

    How much would you pay for new fobs so your car cannot be easily stolen?

    Your Model S can be stolen with a few hundred dollars of off-the-shelf equipment if you didn't buy in the last few months. Cars sold before June 2018 have this vulnerability, but not any Model X so Tesla has had the solution available for a few years without bothering to update things on the...
  44. A

    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    Today, I noticed that my Autopark feature did not seem to be working, so I thought, maybe I didn't do something right, so decided to look at the owner's manual. No dice on that....the whole thing is blank... seems to be a table of contents, but no text. The latest Release Notes page is also...
  45. zosoisnotaword

    Auto and Remote Climate Control Bug - Floor Vent Hurricane

    tl;dr: No matter the conditions, climate control starts at full speed on floor vents when started in auto mode or when started remotely from app. Excessive details: For the past two weeks (since July 18) I have had a consistent issue with my HVAC in auto mode and with remote pre-conditioning...
  46. N

    HomeLink dropping garagedoor code after latest update

    Has anyone else experienced the HomeLink no longer being able to activate the garage door? I had to reset it last night and this morning it no longer activated the garage door. Keeping the normal opener in the car now...
  47. J

    What could we do against Tesla?

    I often saw we all have the similar issue for the features for example, auto pilot or falcon wing door. For example, auto pilot, we know Auto pilot has some issue to detect the car in front of the front car stopped and the car in front of my car suddenly change the lane, my car accelerate and...
  48. R

    Static Sound over Streaming

    I am occasionally hearing a static crackling sound when playing streaming music. I heard the sound when I first picked up my model 3. Myself and the delivery specialist tried to duplicate the sound but couldn't. I thought it might be the immersive sound option so I turned that sound off. I have...
  49. N

    New AP Behaviour: autopilot canceled itself. Safety issue? Normal?

    So I have driven my 2017 AP2.5 75D for more than half a year. It's the first time I saw this behaviour (and I updated to 2018.21.9 only a couple days ago): I was driving on a stop-n-go expressway in the morning with good weather conditions with autopilot engaged (following distance 3). The car...
  50. CUBldr97

    MODEL S false warning for service

    Two days ago my Model S chimed and said car needs service notify TESLA. it did this on more than one occasion, so I took it to Tesla. no other message as to what the issue was. after a day and a half at the service center they couldn't find an issue, but here is the report. Concern...

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